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This short story and the others in "The Big Brother Chronicles" are a sort of interstitial series to exhibit some of the important and cute moments that happen in Finn's infancy and early years. The stories will also serve as a vague prologue to the new series of fics I will be working on this month.

Keep in mind: This story skips ahead by a significant amount of time.

Nine-year-old Greg grunted as he stared at an algebra problem in his textbook. He was in his living room, sitting on the couch. Nearby on the carpeted floor sat ten-year-old Connor. He was laying on his stomach, looking at the same question. Connor said, "Greg?"

Greg glanced up from the sheet of paper he was using to work out the homework problem. "Hmm?"

"What did you get for number three? I got w equals seven"

Greg glanced up at number three on his sheet. "Uh, I didn't get that. I got w equals five halves. So, that's, uhhhhhh, three and a half."

Connor sighed and dropped his pencil. "Ugh! I hate this stuff!" He rolled over on his back and rubbed his eyes dejectedly.

Greg kept working on the problem he was just working with. He said, "Don't be dramatic, Connor."

Connor laughed. "Sorry, just practicing my acting. Did it work?"

Greg snickered. "Sure it did." He finished the problem he was working on as he finished his sentence, and once he was done writing, he said, "Want some help?"

Connor nodded and stood up with his textbook just as Greg's little brother, Finn, crawled into the room. Connor smiled and said, "Look who woke up from his nap!"

Greg snapped his book closed and said, "Finny!" The little one had recently turned one year old.

The little boy squealed at the sound of his big brother's voice. Finn said, "buh buh buh buh!" Greg has come to realize that is Finn's way of saying bubba, so he quickly hopped down to the floor and crossed his legs next to Finn.

Greg happily said, "Can I have love?" Finn grunted happily and lifted himself up on Greg's knee, standing and hugging Greg's torso. Greg lifted him up and hugged him tightly. "There's Finnyfinn. I love you, buddy."

Connor sat his own textbook down on the coffee table nearby and then sat down several feet away from them. Once Finn wiggled his way free from Greg's embrace, Connor said, "Finn!"

Finn turned and looked at him with his curious blue eyes. "Goo?"

Connor had grown very fond of the infant over the last year. He studied Finn's eyes for a moment. Over the last year, Finn's eyes had gone from baby blue like Connor's own eyes to a unique blue hue that was both icy and electric blue. Looking into Finn's eyes, Connor sometimes felt like he was staring deeply into a glacier; the infant's eyes held hints of an intelligence and curiosity that were almost too far along for a child of his age. Sometimes, the intelligence and curiosity shone brightly in Finn's eyes.

After a few seconds of them staring at each other's eyes, Connor said, "Can I have love, too, Finny boy?"

Finn giggled excitedly, and Greg stood him up. "Go give Connor hugs too, Finn!"

Finn shakily took a step toward Connor… And then another. And a few more. Connor encouraged him to keep going. Greg didn't even realize what was happening until Finn was almost all the way over to Connor; normally the infant had fallen and resorted to crawling the rest of the way by now. Greg elatedly said, "Connor, holy crap! He's walking!"

Connor nodded and then made a silly face for Finn that caused the boy to laugh during his last few steps. Once Finn made it to Connor, the older boy scooped him up and gave him a big hug and some tickles, causing him to squeal excitedly. "Look who just walked!"

Greg got up and ran off. He excitedly said, "Mom! Momma!"

Finn looked up excitedly. Connor said, "You wanna show your mom that you can walk?"

Finn gazed into Connor's eyes briefly; the intelligent look in Finn's eyes was obvious, now. He reached his little hand out toward the direction Greg had run. He confusedly babbled, "buh buh?"

Connor took his hand and said, "Greg went to get your mom." Connor sat Finn down next to him and the little one stood up, using Connor as a prop. "I guess this means the algebra homework is being put on hold, then." Finn squealed and flailed his arms excitedly. Connor smiled and said, "You said it, kid. Algebra stinks!" Connor played with Finn for a few more seconds before Greg and his mom, Linda, returned.

Greg said, "Look!" He pointed to Finn standing next to Connor.

Linda raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah, we definitely need to recheck our baby proofing of the house." She smiled, letting Greg have his daily dose of sarcasm.

Greg rolled his eyes and said, "Mom."

Linda laughed at the tone Greg used and said, "Fine, fine, show me then!" She pulled out her phone and started recording video.

Greg sat down on the floor several feet away from Connor and said, "Finn! Come here, buddy!"

Connor said, "Go get him, Finn!" He let the little one go and watched as Finn struggled with the first step. Once Finn got started though, he had very little trouble waddling over to Greg.

Linda put a hand over her mouth excitedly. "Look! He walked to big bubba! Yay!"

Connor clapped and Finn followed suit once he got himself balanced properly. He cooed happily, unsure what the big kids and mom were so happy about. Greg said, "Good job, Finn!"

Finn looked around the room and smiled. Connor said, "Hey, for the record, he took his first steps on his own to get to me."

Greg and Linda laughed, and Finn turned toward Connor. Unfortunately, he didn't have this whole motor control thing totally under control yet; he fell down on his bottom and made an "ouch" sound.

As Greg helped the little one stand back up, Linda stopped recording and said, "Oh, this is so great! I've got to call Alan!"

Linda dialed the phone as Greg scooped the infant up and stood up tall with him. Finn squealed happily as Greg held him up high. "Good job, Super Finn! You can walk! What a big boy!" Finn screeched loudly, excited because his big brother was playing with him.