- - CHAPTER 25: Hanging Out To Die - -


Dr. Grant and the others climb down out of the air duct and onto a platform of the scaffolding that stands alongside the skeletons. They continue down to the second platform, then the third. They suddenly see - -

The Big One, standing to the side by the second floor railing.

It's much too far to jump to the lobby floor, so Dr. Grant climbs gingerly onto the nearest skeleton, the towering Alamosaurus.

They climb down as fast as they can. Dr. Grant helps Tim down, Lex, Dr. Sattler, Joey, Blaine, Robby, Dr. Swartz, Dr. Ayala and John follow. Dr. Sattler, Dr. Ayala and Dr. Swartz go to the tail. Lex, John and Joey move to the front. Dr. Grant lands on the main body in the middle with Tim, Blaine, and Robby. And the Big One watches them.

Up in the ceiling, the skeleton's anchor bolts GROAN in the plaster, starting to pull free. But for now, they hold.

The Big One flies out and lands on the back of the middle section of the skeleton. SNAP! It CRACKS apart with the weight, sending the sections spinning in all different directions.

Dr. Grant, Blaine, Robby, and Tim twirl on the middle section. Tim begins to slide down. Dr. Grant tries to hold on to him - - but Tim loses his grip and falls to the ground right underneath the swinging, large middle section of the dinosaur skeleton.

Meanwhile, Lex, John and Joey spin on the front section. They slip - - and try to keep from falling as they hang by their legs.

The anchor bolts in the ceiling RIP free, ZINGING past them like bullets. The entire Alamosaurus skeleton collapses like a house of cards sending Dr. Sattler, Dr Ayala and Dr. Swartz to the ground. They cover themselves with their arms, trying to protect their heads from the shower of falling bones.

Lex, John and Joey fall, landing on the ground with bones falling on top of them. Lex SCREAMS.

Dr. Grant, Blaine and Robby in the middle section, look up and see the cable about to SNAP - - they fall! The large section of the skeleton comes careening down, heading straight for Tim, who lays where he fell on the ground. It comes SMASHING down…with just enough space for him to be safe.

The Big One tumbles to the floor in a cascade of splintering bone. It lands on its back a few yards away and staggers for a moment, the wind knocked out of it.

Dr. Grant lands in front of Tim. He stands, and goes to Tim, they're joined by Robby and Blaine. Lex sits up and sees the raptor regain its feet. She SCREAMS.

Dr. Sattler stands. She notices the shadows of a second raptor, from the Maintenance Shed, standing behind the visqueen. She stops dead in her tracks. She backs up towards Dr. Grant and Tim as does Dr. Swartz and Dr. Ayala.

The raptor comes out from under the plastic and looks around. Dr. Grant gets Tim out from under the skeleton. Lex, John and Joey join Dr. Grants group. They back away from the raptor, approaching from the left side. They back up towards the large rock in the middle of the room holding the other skeleton. Joey and Dr. Grant, both in front, push the group behind them.

The raptors crouch in their pre-attack stance - -

The group is caught in the middle of the two approaching raptors.

Well, it's been nice working with you guys. Joey said.

Then, knowing they were in for certain death, Joey gives in to his emotions - - pulls Dr. Ayala close and kisses her. He breaks the kiss - -

Erica I love you and I have since we met!

She is shocked - - what a worse time to reveal emotions.

Lex looks back and SCREAMS. Dr. Grant and the others continue to back up. Joey gets in front of Dr. Ayala, he and Blaine raise their 1992 M24 Sniper Rifles, ready to fire. The left raptor pounces - -

- - but gets CLAMPED between a set of six-foot jaws belonging to - -

- - REXY! Eighteen-inch teeth sink into the raptors side, and the helpless animal HOWLS in agony as its lifted up, up, up above the floor of the lobby. Rexy stands in the entrance to the lobby in front of the massive hole it ripped through the Visqueen wall. It SHAKES its enormous head once, BREAKING the neck of the Velociraptor, then drops it, dead, to the floor at its feet.

Dr. Grant and the others look up in stunned amazement. They step back behind the rock for safety and look to the right. They see the Big One approaching.

Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, and the kids skirt the battle royale on the lobby floor and DASH out the doors of the Visitor Center.

The Big One turns from the humans, lets out a MENACINGLY ANGRY HISS, and lunges at Rexy's side, leaping twelve feet into the air and rending Rexy's neck as it comes down, slashing it open with its six-inch claw.


Hammond SQUEALS the 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Sahara, JP07, to a halt in front of the steps. Dr. Malcolm is lying in the back.

Dr. Grant and the others, except the Emergency Response Unit, practically fall into the Jeep.

Mr. Hammond, After careful consideration, I've decided not to endorse your Park. Dr. Grant said

So have I. Hammond agreed.

Blaine, Helicopter! Joey said.

He and Blaine SPRINT around to the back of the left side arm of the Visitor Center. A few minutes later, JP08 came with JP001 in tow.

Hammond and Joey hit the gas and the Jeeps take off.


Rexy BELLOWS in pain, and turns on the Big One, eyes raging, and SHAKES, just once, quickly, as fast as the head of a serpent. The Big Ones grip loosens and the Tyrannosaurus Rex catches the raptor by thick back end, SNAPS its head the other way, and throws the Big One right through the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, killing it.

The skeleton collapses in an explosion of bones, falling to pieces around the living Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Rexy stands majestically in the middle of the lobby, both skeletons swept away, SNAPPING like matchsticks as they settle around the animal.

The Tyrannosaur draws itself up to its full height - -

- - and ROARS!

The sound is deafening, and the vibrations rattle the entire Visitor Center. The sign which dangles over the lobby by its one remaining wire finally falls, CLATTERING to the floor at Rexy's feet, face up.


-CHAPTER 26: The Dream Left Behind-


The two Jeeps come to the enormous, double-gated portal designed to allow vehicles to enter and exit the area safely. They open the doors and Hammond's Jeep continues on.

The team all help in UNLATCHING the belts that hold the helicopter to the trailer. Then they all get in, John and Robby start it up, and they take off.


The Agusta A-109A Helicopter rotor WHIRLS to life as the helicopter waits on the landing cross. A 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Sahara ROARS up next to it, driven by Hammond.


One by one, they climb aboard, their faces white from their ordeal.

Dr. Sattler comes on first, holding Lex. Then Hammond, carrying Tim. Dr. Grant, helping Dr. Malcolm limp forward.

No one speaks. Hammond comes back to the edge of the Helipad and takes another look at his dream. In the distance, a Brachiosaurus BELLOWS, as if it is saying "farewell" to him. Hammond, deep in thought, is saddened that his dream is gone. Dr. Grant comes over and places an arm on him, it makes him jump. Dr. Grant takes him back to the helicopter.

The helicopter takes off immediately. As they rise into the air, they stare out the windows, looking down on the park as it spreads out below.


the helicopter SOARS over the Visitor Center. The Tyrannosaurus exits the building and looks up.

It throws its head back and ROARS, waving its little forelimbs at the strange thing in frustration. As the helicopter moves off, the Tyrannosaurus Rex just stares, silently, with huge, yellowing eyes. It's a moment of utter bewilderment for Rexy, and we almost feel - -

- - sad for her.


Hammond looks down at the park below, then to the amber on his cane, his eyes full. He looks over at the kids.

They're in the helicopter, with Dr. Grant. As they look out the window, Dr. Grant almost absently has his arms around both kids.

Now Dr. Sattler looks at him. Both he and the kids seem so natural, so obviously comfortable and trusting with each other. She smiles.

The six of them sit that way, in the back of the helicopter, huddled together. Survivors.

Dr. Grant looks out the window.

The helicopter exits the north of the island, over the North Dock.

The helicopter swoops low over a huge flock of seabirds that's feeding on a school of fish. As the helicopter ROARS near, it kicks up the flock. Hundreds of birds sail off in all directions, powerful and graceful.

Dr. Grant looks at the birds and breaks into a wide grin. He realizes that over the course of the weekend he has "evolved" in a way from his former self. The birds reform as a flock again and fly straight into the sun.


The Emergency Response Unit helicopter circles lower and lower as it finds the C-3208, slowly drifting across the moonlit water.

The aft section of the boat is loaded with equipment, separated from the rest of the ship by big cargo containers. We NOTICE movement there, small dinosaurs, darting and playing among the silhouetted stern structures - -

Hey guys, roll credits and start the music please. I'll see you next time in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. I'll probably also come back in and update this story as well. Maybe add in Jurassic Park: The Game.