These hands...........

These bloodstained hands.......

Are with the blood of innocents

Marks that will never go away...



That is what I am.

My soul is soiled and my conscience

Will never be clean again

Forever I am unclean...


Forgive me Father..

I have sinned...

Forgive me Father..

For I have killed..


I do not sleep at night

For in my dreams, I hear them...

I hear their cries, their screams..

I hear their pleas for mercy,

But I showed them none...


I do not sleep at night

For they haunt me,

Even in the waking hours

And their cries ring in my ears


I pray for forgiveness

But I receive none

I do not deserve forgiveness

And it cannot be given to me


The sins I've committed

Would make the Devil shy away

And the agony that was my only reward

Is purest Hell itself


There will be no angel greeting me

When this life is over

I will be cast out into the darkness

That surrounds my soul


All those that I have killed

And those I have watched die

Without reacting at all

Without trying to stop this madness


Their faces are imprinted on my mind

And they will never go away

I will see them

And the blood I spilled


Yes, the blood that was spilled

Stain my eyes the same red

As they stain my hands.

These hands....

These bloodstained hands....