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The forest was dark and still damp from the storm that hit the previous night. Bella was perched up on an old tree some twenty feet from the ground surveying three unsuspecting targets as they laughed and played below. Just as they were beginning to leave she leaped from her hiding spot with a playful yell and landed on top of her victims. Loud joyful screams filled the air as mother began to tickle her two eldest children as Jake watched from the side.

"Mommy stop I can't breathe!" shrieked Alex as his long bronze hair fell in his face. His small body wiggled as he struggled to leave his mother's grop as she continued her assult on his stimach. His older brother, Niklaus had fought his way free and was currently attempting to pry long pale fingers from his brother's flailing body.

"I'll protect you brother!" he declared before doing his best to throw Bella off and she played along falling dramatically on the forest ground, the smell of soil and pine invading her nose.

"Okay you got me I give up." she sighed and released Alex. They cheered happily as Bella slowly stood up and began dusting off the black jeans that loosely clung to her now shapely legs.

"Is it time to go home now? My tummy is hungry." asked Niklaus as Alex was picked up and placed of his ma's back. Nik was already waiting with open arms and Bella bent down to carry him on her front.

" Yes we're heading home, I'm sure papa and Aunty Tori miss us." Bella answered before making sure the boys were settled, glancing at Jacob and blurring off towars Forks. When they arrived at the house Valeria was in the living reading a book aloud about oceans while Charlie sat next to her. Upon hearing the front door open however she rushed towards her ma and wrapped her small limbs around her legs and squeezed.

"Mommy's home mommy's home!" she screamed and Bella couldn't help the the wide smile that graced her red lips. Alex and Nik had each jumped down and were now greeting Charlie while Jacob closed and locked the door. While picking up her daughter Bella took notice to the two heat beats upstairs and the one in the kitchen along with two distinct vampire scents. Leah and Seth must still be here after patrolling Froks earlier while Nahuel, Huilen and Victoria made dinner.

"How was your day baby?" the newborn inquired while pressing her forehead on her youngest child's head and closed her eyes as images filled her head. Val rolling over as she woke up to the sound her brother's synchronized snoring in the beds underneath hers made Bella chuckle. She flashed forward after breakfast with Hulien and Nahuel where Seth and Nahuel were playing with all three triplets in the backyard as Leah stared on from the roof of the house. Fastforwarding again was Charlie coming home from visiting Sue, while Leah and Seth left for patrol and Jacob arriving thirty minutes later. Jacob had decided to go for a run and brought the boys with him while Val stayed home with she was done, Val pulled us towards the couch and hopped in Bella's lap giggling as she got comfortable.

"I missed you while you were gone momma. Did you have a good trip?" as Val asked this everyone entered the now crowded living room which reminded Bella of their need to move out. Although Val had asked the question Bella looked around and answered "Everything went great, The Volturi send their love."

When Victoria found out the human was pregnant she didn't believe Bella at first but when she came to terms with it she was immediately worried and rightfully so about others finding out, The Volturi to be exact. She insisted that of they did not go to them now and found out later they would believe we chose to withhold this information from them and then kill us all but Leah suggested we do our own research before hand and led us to discovering Nahuel and Hulien. Caius believed that it wound be better to kill us, fearing the unborn children because they had no record of hybrids but Leah and Tori had found Nahuel and after Aro heard and saw their story, they were convinced that we were not a threat. They allowed us to stay until the birth but in the end stayed a year. Before leaving the three kings had bestowed a gift to our family before having us promise Bella would visit so they can be aware of her family's progress. Victoria had chosen to accompany her friend for the week long visit in Italy and while there they had spent time shopping unfortunately, catching up with the three kings as well as members of the guard and hunting.

"Is everyone ready for dinner? We're having stuffed manicotti rolls." Hulien announced and everyone eating raced to the kitchen.

It's been five months since the Cullens decided to leave Forks, five months since that night, since I found out I was pregnant with his child. I didn't believe it at first considering it was my first time and it had happened less than a handful of times but as time passed I began to notice the signs. Jake was the first person I told and after shifting for the first wasn't the only one to be aware. Jake had come through my window one night after weeks of ignoring me to tell me that Sam along with most of the pack were planning on taking matters into their own hands because "what's inside of me is an abomination and a threat to everyone in Forks as well as the reservation.

" Bella I don't know what that thing is capable of or what could happen if its born but its still part human, half of you and I promise I won't let anything hurt you." Jake had said this and hugged me afterwards as tears rolled down my face.

After that night Jake had told me why he had stopped visiting for all those weeks before.

" A month ago while on patrol Jared and Leah smelled a vampire on this side of the area and instead of alerting Sam they decided to follow its trail to see who it was. At first they thought it was one the Cullens, maybe they had decided to come back after only being gone for a few months but they were wrong. It turned out to be a red headed bloodsucker with red eyes and Jared being the hot head is decided to attack but the moment she turned around to retaliate he couldn't. Leah had imprinted on her." As the words left Jacob's mouth my heart speed up because I knew who it was. Victoria. She had come back, probably looking for me to finish me off but as he finished I realized what he had said.

" Leah imprinted on Victoria? That couldn't have gone well at all. How did she react? How did Sam react?" I asked suddenly feeling better with this knowledge, she wouldn't attack me knowing Leah was part of a pack that protected humans would she?

"She was surprised, I mean I wasn't there but when I shifted I was able to take it all in but she was hopeful and even happy which is good considering her bad luck in love. Sam was of course livid he tried reasoning with her that it must be a mistake but after showing him what happened he was able to settle down enough to admit it was a natural imprint but is still sceptical about it. Last night I left the pack and with Leah spending more time in Forks to see her imprint and now you having a vampire baby things are going to more tense in the pack. Leah opened her big mouth and told the red head about you so I figured they could be of some help since Leah Seth left the pack too. We're going to start patrolling Forks and Charlie's house until we know its safe for you and the..baby. They should be here any minute actually to introduce themselves."

I let out a long breathe as I slowly tried to digest what he had just said. He left Sam's pack and is now leading his own and is working with Victoria to protect me. Did they know that Victoria and James tried to kill me and went as far as hunting me down in Phenix to do so? Why would she agree to help protect me? Before I could voice this to Jacob I heard a tap at my window and knew they were already here.

"Bella are you okay?" Huilen was now sitting next to her, her long dark hair framing her face and had a hand on the younger vampire's shoulder. Bella smiled at her and nodded.

"I was just remembering the night Jake told me Tori was going to be working with him to protect me. I was terrified of seeing her again after what had happened the year before." she said with a small on her face. She had apologized for what happened and came clean to everyone on our past. Jacob had been livid and tried to kill her but Leah and Seth had managed to calm him down enough for everyone to talk.

"Ah yes I remember Victoria telling me this story and if I remember correctly, Jake had tried to decapitate her in your bedroom and would have but Leah told him that he would 'die before she let him hurt her'. Everything worked out in the end though, you leaned to work together and even became a family in the process." She answered and smiled at me. Huilen was right of course, after spending countless nights with Victoria, we slowly became a family. They had become her closest friends in a time when Bella had no one to turn too. Victoria actually proved to be extremely useful in her knowledge in old vampire legends concerning hybrid babies as she had known Nauel and his story.

Just as Bella was beginning to reply the triplets came into the room and from the way they were rubbing their eyes it was bedtime. While a full eight to ten hours of sleep wasn't necessary for them every night, they had just experienced another sudden growth which tends to leave them tired and sore afterwards. Even though they had only been born a year and a half ago they looked about three years old or a little older in Nik's case. The growth spurts have been sporadic and more inconsistent than Nauel's but Hiluen believes it's nothing to serious to worry about.

" Let's head upstairs for bed babies you've been up all day and must be tired. Tomorrow's a big day!" After saying goodnight to everyone and brushing their teeth Bella pulled out Alex's trundle bed and tucked them all in.

"This is your last night sleeping here, are you sad to leave?" she asked them after giving them kisses."No! We'll finally have our own rooms and papa said we can visit anytime we want." Nik sleepily whispered and his mother smiled. Alex was already sleeping on the bottom bunk and the sound of Val's breathing evening out could be heard as well.

"That's right we're moving but papa will always be here if you want to visit. Now get some rest Niklaus. Sweet dreams, I love you always." Bella whispered and ran her cold fingers over his eyelids as they closed, across his small button nose and down his bright pink lips.

Bella waited until Nik and Alex began to snore until making her way back downstairs where everyone was waiting. Leah now stood near the the hallway leading to the living room with Victoria while Seth, Nahuel, and Huilen sat on the sofa, Charlie on the lazyboy and Jacob sat on the stairs.

"We'll have to meet with Sam and his pack soon to go over the treaty due to us moving and the upcoming school year. Is everyone just about packed for the move tomorrow?" Bella asked and received many nods and 'yes' from around the room.

" Do I really need to finish school? I can stay home with the pups or get a job even!" Since finding out that Seth and Jacob had not in fact graduated high school Bella told them both they had to finish their last years. Jacob was reluctant at first but eventually agreed Seth however was having a harder time.

" Seth you need to graduate from high school that's not up for discussion. Mom would kill me then you if you don't. Besides it won't be terrible, Jake and Nahuel will be there." Leah replied and smirked afterwards. She was obviously enjoying witnessing Seth's meltdown.

"But it's Forks High School! It'll be weird and everyone will be talking about 'the rez kids who joined their high school'. It's embarrassing." He huffed and everyone groaned.

" Seth I'm sorry if you don't like this but you're not getting out of this. I can't think of anything else of importance so you're free to go." After announcing this Bella headed upstairs to shower and smiled as she saw Nahuel pat Seth on the shoulder and whisper something in his ear that made his face light up.

When in the bathroom upstairs Bella looked at herself in the mirror and began to reflect on the last year and a half. The Cullens had left only two days after her birthday and she had been a mess afterwards. She suffered from terrible migraines, loss of appetite and nausea and at the time and didn't think too much about it. Bella had thought she finally found a family, her family only for them to abandon her. Two weeks later she discovered the real reason behind the physical changes her body was experiencing. While undressing in the bathroom she had noticed at prominent bump on her stomach and knew it couldn't have been weight gain because of how much her eating habits had decreased but as she looked in the mirror and inspected her body she knew she was with child. The following weeks after that night had been chaotic. She told Jacob who left Sam's pack and made his own including Seth and Leah, who had imprinted on Victoria and she had found out as well. Bella was unsure if going to the Volturi was the right choice but Victoria seemed sure and in the end it had been the best decision. When telling Charlie where she was heading he was understandably upset and confused but she couldn't tell him what her babies were and needed to meet with the Vampire rulers so we won't die. Instead the excuse used was being in Forks was too painful to be in and that taking a trip was what Bella needed. The only reason he let her go was because she had already fulfilled the graduation requirements for school and promised to get all assignments for the elective classes done along with the fact that Jacob was accompanying Bella.

Things were tense during the first meeting with the Volturi and if Aro hadn't instantly taken an interest in the human they would have ended up dead. They were appalled by the presence of Jake and his pack, Caius especially, but after Aro read them as well as Victoria he managed to calm his brother down. Being unable to read the object of his interest Aro, Marcus and Caius had no choice but to hear her story and trust what was said was true. The months leading up to the birth were some of the most painful but happiest times in Bella's life, human and vampire. Her body began to weaken and it showed as her face grew thin and ribs more visible but she also made many friends. Not all of the guard were aware of why they were staying in Volterra and so the few that did know became almost like family. Felix, Demetri, Jane, Alec and Raul were at first only curious as to what the babies would be like and stuck around just to see what would what happen but overtime began to take interest in the human and everyone who came with her. By then it had been four months since we moved in and Bella was ready to pop. Huilen, Victoria and the three kings were the only ones present during the birth thankfully because had Jake seen the way they came out and Niklaus biting me afterwards he would have fainted. It took seven days for the change to be completed and Valeria refused to leave her mother's side. When she had woken up the first thing Bella noticed was the smell. Her sheets and clothes must have been changed but the smell of blood, her blood from the week before was still in the air and she suddenly understood what the big fuss about her blood was because it smelled divine. The second thing Bella noticed was the other presence on the bed as well as across the room. Victoria sat on the bed with Valeria in front of her while Sulpicia held Alex and Niklaus by the door. Leah and Jacob were in front of them for their protection she assumed in case anything drastice happened. The newborns heartbeats were all lighter but faster than that of a normal human and thankfully their blood did not make the newly turned vampire's throat burn as she had feared but would still need to hunt soon. Caius was the one who took Bella hunting for the first time which surprised everyone and had enjoyed it. He was slightly annoyed with the decision to only hunt those in society who would not be missed but after wandering around for some time he relaxed and began to discuss mundane things with her as they tracked down their prey. The following months flew by with her training sessions lead by Caius and the guard, finishing school work and getting used to being a mother and before she knew it, it had been a year.

As Bella finished undressing and turned on the shower, her thoughts begin to drift to the Cullens. She had missed them terribly during her pregnancy and had debated on whether or not to contract them but ultimately decided against it. Edward had said they didn't want me to come with them along with other hurtful things that she had hoped were untrue so why would they want to know about the triplets? Leah had been someone Bella could talk to about them and had listened and offered the advice she could which was What they did was cruel and not your fault. You can be mad if you need to be or even sad or disappointed but the moment those babies come, they along with everyone here are your new family Bells and we're not going anywhere. She was right of course and after having the kids Bella had slowly stopped thinking about where the Cullens could be today but it's hard to let go of all the good memories that came with being with them. Bella just hope one day she'll be able to move on and find the strength to forgive them.