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A small child sits in the dark and watchs as the shadows creep over him. #So Dark. So Pretty. Sodark sopretty. Sodarksopretty. sodarksoprettysodarksopretty# All his terified muttering drawls together, their echos bouncing of the walls and rebounding screaming at him, attacking like a hungrey beast, knawing away, cutting hacking at his skin.
#Cry for us.# They say #ScreamandbegandCrycrycry# The word chases him #crycrycrycrycry# And so he does. He cries and wimpers, his voice thrown out into the shadows. As it fades he thinks himself silly they cant hurt him, he has his Yami #Yamiyamiyamiyami# His Yami wouldn't let them hurt him. No he wouldn't # He wouldn't, he wouldn't# his cracked voice mocks the singsong as it tries to form the words.
Sometimes he sees white. Blinding white and it hurts. #Whitewhitewhite# They mock him, there voices drowning out his thoughts. #WHITEWHITEWHITEWHITE# They scream at him. His Yami says it's because hes pure. White is pure, it makes sense to him. But it hurts, especailly his eyes, he doesn't like the white. Not like his Yami his Yami is dark. Dark like the night. #Nightnightnightnightnight# They keep mocking him. His Yami should be here to chase them away.
A giggle escapes his lips, dragging out, escaping before he can reclaime it. And it bounces, They repeat it, making it echo, dragging it out. But it make his Yami come #Yamiyamiyamiyami# even the name is mocked how dear They mock that name. But his Yami is here and he can fight Them later. Then the dark changes, it always changes when his Yami comes, he likes to think it runs from him. They are in a park now, He likes that park. Then he sees a swing, a gurgling gigle escapes and he runs to sit on the swing. #Push me.# he emplores # Pushmepushmepushmepushme#
He giggles as his Yami pushes him. #higherhigherhigherhigher# still They mock him but his Yami pushes him. He swings through the air and waits for his yamis hand to push him, but it doesnt come. So he twists to look. His Yami smiles, he doesn't like that smile, it mocks him like They do. As he twists he smashes through some glass and it hurts #hurtshurtshurtshurtshurtshurts# he screams it as his Yami laughs. The sounds mix together and twists as They mock him. They always mock him.
Two men in white coats stare through the viewing window into a small white room with padded walls and floor. They watch the small boy curled in the corner as he laughs and screams, as he begs and scratchs at his arms. He scratchs deep drawing blood as his screams fade and his moking laughter dominates. The men scrible on the sheets of paper they hold.

"Name: Yugi Motou. Age: Sixteen. Diagnosed with: Halluniations, Schizophrenia and Depression" stated one as he sliped a piece of paper into a holder. Then they both left the room.
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