Living in the new world while everyone didn't know about them was hurt. Banjou Ryuuga probably too dumb to live at times, but Sento knows that looking at his black-haired look-alike walking with his now-living girlfriend is hurting his heart.

Sento may say that as long as those two together, they will be okay. But their memories of Nascita was hurting them, so the two of them decided to move on. They remember the good memories in the old world, a world where mars alien named Evolt wrecking havoc, changing their life. But only Banjou and Sento remember the old world.

They met their dead friends, once. The self-proclaimed Kazumin was happy with his three stooges, and Gentoku did his best for Japan. They met, they didn't remember who are they (Except mistaking Sento for Taro Satou).

So they moved to other city called Hagukumi City. It was a nice place, no one probably remember them and a right place to start a new life.

"Well, It's time to begin our experiment?" Sentou looked at Banjou.

Banjou smiled brightly and then opened their new home, new life. This will be interesting.

[L'Avenir Academy , early morning with Nono Hana]

Nono Hana, 14 years old, a pink haired girl with so much energy. But no matter how much energy she currently has, she is still late anyway. It wasn't that Hana regretted helping that grandma, but she hoped that her day starts better. The girl can't grow her bang that quickly after all. Opened the door to her class, her eyes met a confident man with a white lab coat.

"You are Nono Hana I presume?"

Nono Hana suddenly feels weak. The teacher was handsome, he looks like a singer she barely remembers. But no doubt the teacher wouldn't out of place playing a band. But here he is, becoming a young teacher.

"Eh, Ah, yes."

Is this love? Hana laughed in her heart. No way! Nay, Nein!

"Something happened in your way to school?" The teacher asked.

"Ah, I helped a grandma carrying her stuff," Hana answered.

"Well, you did a good job to keep peace and love in this country," the teacher smiled brightly, "Now, class, thankfully our stars today finally arrive. I start to think I need to create a teleportation device to pick you up."

The classes laughed at his joke, but Hana felt that this teacher probably can do it if he wanted to.

"Now, introduce yourself, please?"

"Ah, My name is Nono Hana," Hana started. The girl took a deep breath and gathered her energy again, "My name is Nono Hana. My dream is to be a super cool adult-like lady!" She declared.

The classes laughed again, but looking at the teacher, he just smiled warmly.

"That was a good dream. Of course, I don't know what super cool adult lady you will be in the future. But your dream wasn't math or physics, and I only know things about them," The teacher patted her head, "You still have time to think what kind of adult you want to be or maybe you will grow into them without realising them."

These sentence was inspiring, Hana smiled brightly and nodded.

"Ah, Teacher, I don't know your name yet," Hana asked.

"Me? I am..."

"...the handsome and brilliant physic teacher Sento Kiryu!" The classes suddenly answered.

"You guys didn't even let me finish my catchphrase!" The teacher feigned anger, but the classes laughed. This time, Hana was also laughing.

Hopefully, today will be better.

Prolog End

The crossover between Kamen Rider Build and Huggto Precure started! Now, since it takes place in the new world, the only Kamen Rider involved in this fanfiction is only Banjou Ryuuga and Kiryuu Sentou since everyone else forgot about the old world. I probably won't include other Kamen Rider since this fanfic will focus on Precure side. I also ignored Zi-O's that are currently airing because I have no idea how it will fit the continuity. So let's just say: This new world completely cut off from Kamen Rider universe.

However, I may use the Sclash Driver with a different user. Who knows! Sentou is the handsome and brilliant physicist after all! He probably can recreate several devices.

Now, talking about the device, The full bottles is probably unusable because it disappeared and used as a material for the new world along with Evolt's energy. So the only usable form for Sento and Banjou are : Golden Rabbit Fullbottle (It was modified with Sentou's personal Hazard level), Dragon Fullbottle (Same reason), Sparkling Fullbottle, FullFull RabbitTank Bottle alongside the Hazard Trigger, Great Dragon Fullbottle (Again, Banjou's personal FB) and Burned Bottle with Magma fist. You may protest, it doesn't make sense because of this and that (mostly because all Fullbottles and Lostbottles should lose their power without Pandora Boxes), but I will ignore that for now because I think I have a good plan for this. I hope? I am not sure yet. So any opinion is welcome actually.

Now, let's hope I can continue this.

See ya~

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