Taste of victory

Warnings/notes : Wufei/Treize, Treize pov

Disclaimer : I don't own Gundam Wing. Wufei especially does not belong to me.

written at 9th march 2003, by Misura

written after watching the episode called 'Going after Treize'.


I beat him.

He came, determined to end my life.

Confident that he could, simply because he was Good.

Because Justice was on his side, not mine.

Such an innocent faith, especially for a killer.

He did not succeed in killing me.

In fact his blade did not even touch me.

Instead, I put mine to his throat, almost feeling the warmth of his life to my hands.

Imagining pressing it closer, to feel it flowing over me.

To see the redness of his blood, proclaiming his defeat at my hands.

I beat him.

According to all codes of honor he could possibly invoke.

I think that bothered him most of all.

He'd liked it much better if I'd won by some trick, some cheating.

Do not mistake me ; I am not above using such methods to ensure my victory.

Ends justify the means after all.

Yet, somehow it felt wrong to try such with him.

If he had been the better swordsman of us, I'd be dead now.

He wasn't.

He chose the honorable way to face me, by leaving his Gundam to do battle with me and he lost. I wonder if he'll be less innocent when we meet next.

'When', yes, not 'if'.

I know he will come to me again.

Or maybe I will come to him.

I beat him.

I did so easily, without even getting nipped.

Why then, does the prospect of meeting him again make me so uncertain?

Why do I fear it, fear him, fear what I'll see in his eyes?

Why can't I bear the thought that he'll hate me?

I never cared about anyone's feelings before.

Of course, I care for those who serve me.

Those whose loyalty I wish to keep.

But he is my enemy, trying to destroy what I'm trying to build, killing those who are mine.

I should not care about what he thinks of me.

It should not be important.

I think of him, his face, his eyes far too often.

What few words he spoke to me keep running through my head.

I beat him.

And yet the victory was his.

~OWARI [I think it is anyway]~