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Ash stirred. He rubbed his eyes and opened them, instinctively looking at the space next to him. A tinge of sadness and guilt hit him as he did so.

He jumped out of bed and walked into the bathroom where he found Serena crouched next to the toilet, leaning over it.

"Are you okay?" He asked as he leaned next to her, placing a hand on her back to rub it.

Serena nodded weakly, trying to muster a smile but unable to do so.

Two years had passed since Ash became the new Kalos Champion. He had returned to Kanto and done as he said before returning to find that Serena hadn't managed to win the Master Showcase. She had been saddened by her loss but was overjoyed when she saw Ash enough that she forgot she had lost.

The two of them proceeded to stay with Grace for a few more days while Ash filled out documents that he was legally required to fill out before becoming Champion. He made a speech to the nation, becoming acknowledged as the Kalos Champion and was given money for a house as he needed to live in Kalos.

Serena had decided that she didn't want an oversized house when Ash told her, and so they settled with a four-bedroom, two-storey house in an estate in Vaniville. The house was decent, four bathrooms, two of them being en-suite, a large kitchen and lounge with a dining room, study and a converted attic that could serve as an extra bedroom if needed.

Not long after moving in, Ash and Serena ran out of things to do. They went on dates over the year and, at the end of a romantic one which included a river cruise around Lumiose city, Ash proposed to her.

Serena was overjoyed by the proposal, frantically screaming "yes" multiple times while jumping up and down, but overdid the celebration. They arrived home and, after a while of mediocre intimacy, mutually and silently decided to make love.

The next morning, Serena had woken up and started her day but was interrupted halfway through when she spontaneously vomited on the kitchen floor while getting a glass of water. After a few days of morning sickness, Serena decided to take a pregnancy test and found that she was, indeed, pregnant.

Now nearing seventeen weeks pregnant, Serena knew that she was close to the end of her morning sickness but was also heading for worse morning sickness until the twentieth week.

Serena stood up, the feeling starting to leave as she closed the toilet and flushed it before turning around to hug Ash.

"How are you feeling?" Ash asked her, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"A bit better," Serena mumbled before letting go of him and leading him out of the bathroom. "There's no point in going back to bed, is there?"

"We can if you like," Ash responded, making Serena think for a few seconds.

"Okay," she said, sliding back in and pulling the covers over her.

Ash got in from the other side and let Serena grab onto him, pulling him closer to her as she wanted to cuddle.

They laid on the bed for a few minutes before Serena grabbed her phone and started to text her mother.

"Are we still going to see mum today?" Serena asked him, to which Ash nodded, struggling to keep himself awake as he had fallen asleep late the night before.

Grace had invited Ash and Serena around to her house to help to plan the wedding. Being that Serena was nearly seventeen weeks pregnant, Ash and Serena had decided to get married before they had the baby as to avoid waiting while the baby matured enough to be babysat.

Serena sent a text, put her phone to sleep and nuzzled into the crook of Ash's neck.

Ash planted a kiss on Serena's forehead and closed his eyes again.

Half an hour later, Serena shook Ash awake and dragged him out of bed, saying that they had to get up.

"Why?" Ash asked, rubbing his eyes as he slid off the bed, catching the clothes that Serena threw at him.

"It's time for breakfast," she replied, starting to get dressed while being careful as to not hit her stomach by accident. She hadn't gotten used to having a larger stomach yet and almost bumped it on the table a few times.

They left the room and walked downstairs, entering the open-plan area and heading over to the cupboard that housed the cereal.

"Is there anything we're doing today?" Ash asked Serena, who sighed as she poured a bowl of cereal.

"We're meeting mum later," she reminded him, to which Ash laughed.

"I know we are!" Ash replied, getting a glass of water. "Is there anything else, I mean?"

Serena took a moment to think before shaking her head. "I don't think there's anything else we're supposed to do."

"Want to go out somewhere?" Ash asked, to which Serena shook her head.

"We shouldn't," she replied, smiling a little. "In case I start to get ill again."

Ash agreed, putting his now empty glass into the sink, deciding not to eat but to leave it with a glass of water.

"What should we do?" Ash asked, to which Serena shrugged as she tucked into her cereal.

"We could watch a film?" Serena suggested, to which Ash agreed.

"Okay," he said. "I'll feed the Pokémon while you finish eating," he told her, taking her Pokéballs before leaving the kitchen and heading into the garden.

He walked over to the garden shed where he and Serena kept their Pokémon food in bulk before he released his and Serena's Pokémon.

"Hey, guys," Ash said, smiling before he opened the shed, grabbed the food and twelve bowls before filling them with food.

Charizard, Greninja, Sceptile, Krookodile, Glalie, Sylveon, Delphox, Absol, Milotic, Roserade and Froslass waited patiently for Ash to give them their food before he did so.

Ash watched the Pokémon tuck into their food before noticed that a particular yellow rodent was missing.

"Where's Pikachu?" Ash asked the Pokémon, only for them to ignore him.

Ash walked inside to see Serena placing her empty bowl in the sink. "Have you seen Pikachu?" He asked her, to which she shook her head.

"Why?" She asked, a little confused. "Now that I think about it, I haven't seen him today," she said, walking out up the stairs with Ash to look for him.

They peeked into each room to look for him before they found Pikachu curled up at the end of their bed.

"He's safe," Ash said to Serena as he walked over to his best friend and shook him awake. "Buddy, it's time for food."

Pikachu woke up and looked at Ash before jumping onto his shoulder.

"Let's take you to get some food," Ash said, going back downstairs with Serena and taking Pikachu into the garden.

While the Pokémon finished eating, Ash put the food away while Serena set a film up in the lounge.

Three hours later, Ash and Serena had finished their film and were ready to head over to Grace.

They left the house, Ash releasing Charizard before he and Serena hopped onto his back and told him to fly into the air and head over to Grace's house.

Charizard did so, Serena being careful not to be sick as they travelled fast.

After a few moments, Ash told Charizard to land, pointing at the road outside of Grace's house.

Charizard swept to the ground, letting Ash and Serena hop off before Ash returned him, thanking him for the transport.

They walked to the front door and knocked, waiting for a few seconds before Grace answered, giving Ash and Serena a hug as soon as she saw them.

"Hello!" Grace exclaimed, letting them enter the house. Over the past two years, Grace had introduced Ash and Serena to the man she was dating and they were happily married, hence why Grace was keen to help Ash and Serena with their planning.

The wedding had been a small one, neither Grace nor her partner wishing for a grand, expensive celebration. Ash and Serena, however, were almost legally required to have a grand celebration, Ash being the Kalos Champion.

They sat down and started to plan the wedding, taking a few hours as Grace insisted that Ash and Serena stayed for dinner so they could take their time while planning.

By the time that six o'clock rolled around, Ash and Serena decided to head home. They bid farewell to Grace and her partner before clambering onto Charizard's back for the second time.

They flew home and, after getting off, Ash returned Charizard. They walked into the house and, without anything better to do, they walked into the lounge, flopped onto the couch and turned the TV on.

They spent three hours watching television before they decided to get ready for bed.

They turned the TV off and headed upstairs, Ash taking a shower first while Serena brushed her teeth.

Once he finished, Ash brushed his teeth as Serena climbed into the shower before he left the bathroom and slid into bed. He started to think about the journey again. He thought about how he and Serena had met as children in the forest outside of Pallet Town in Kanto. He thought about his victory in the Kalos league, the failures of previous leagues, his travelling companions and the Pokémon he had befriended on the way.

It was only when Serena came out of the bathroom and got into bed next to him that Ash snapped out of his trance and closed his eyes.

Serena wrapped her arms around him and gave him a quick kiss before she closed her eyes as well, letting them both drift off to sleep.

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