Hi guys! If you have been following my story "Inevitably ours", thank you! But I feel like it is coming to a close and as I continue to write the last few chapters, I have decided that I wanted to get out my next idea. It is a bit similar to "Inevitably Ours" but it has the Bella's following more of "Full House" kind of theme (for those of you who have seen Full House and know what I'm talking about) Anyways, please enjoy this new story about the Bella family coming together to support each other once again, because I had no doubt in my mind while writing this that if this actually had happened that Chloe and the Bella's would want to help her. Please enjoy and feel free to leave some suggetions, reviews, or constructive critism. Or leave me a PM. Thank you! ~Elle

Three Years Earlier...

Beca Mitchell had always heard the saying "It takes a village" growing up whenever she and her brother were being a handful, but she hadn't registered or had any first hand experience in what it actually translated to until she had three of her own. She thought she was prepared, having the Bella's in her life proved that she had an excellent support system and an amazingly loving husband, Jesse.

She and Jesse had wanted to wait until their careers took off and life was more certain in the sense that they knew what they wanted and knew that they were stable. Of course life (and God) laughed right in their faces when the inevitable little family that Jesse had wanted came sooner than they had planned. But God had a plan. That's what Jesse would always remind her.

As Beca stared down at the two pink lines on the stick, she felt her heart palpitate in her chest and was certain she was going to vomit. Like full on, "Aubrey during ICCA finals" puke picnic, but she was sure that Jesse was going to be excited, and she was right. Well, after the initial shock, then he became optimistic.

After her first was born, Beca had sworn that she would go on birth control as soon as they'd let her. Not like the mini-pill, Beca knew that was virtually a joke. She wanted an IUD and prayed that they could hold off on any more children for at least three years. But yet again, as if she was the most fertile person in the village, she became pregnant nine months after her first, and boy was she furious.

Life had thrown a curveball at those two, but they still considered their children blessing despite not being planned. At least whatever was thrown at them they felt they could deal with, as long as they had each other (as corny as that sounded). However, one brisk winter afternoon, as Beca was driving home from the store, it happened.

She was listening as she heard eleven month old Rosie crying in her carrier, , as her brother Teddy, hummed along to the breakfast club soundtrack. Beca laughed as she remembered telling Jesse that they were not going to show the 'Breakfast Club' to their kids as long as they lived, and if they wanted to see it, they could find out about it themselves.

They compromised, Beca could name the kids as long as Jesse could give them "Breakfast Club" middle names, and show them the movie. And as charming as Jesse was she couldn't say no when she saw his eyes light up and his mouth lip the words everytime he watched it. And she adored the way he would recite it to the kids when they were babies. He still did and though she knew she wouldn't miss the movie if it disappeared in a house fire, she knew it never got old the way he adored their children.

Her phone began to rapidly buzz in the cup holder it sat in, the screen lighting up as a new number appeared on the screen. She was driving so all she could do is glance down and wonder who it was. She figured if it was important that they'd leave a message.

"All right kiddos, we're going to take a nap so mommy can clean before daddy gets home." She chirps, realizing how the old her would have never been this chipper.

"Boy, how kids have changed me. I guess I'm cliché house wife and mom, now." She thought to herself, cringing a little bit. as she chuckled.

"I should probably wash his clothes for him, or it will never get done. But I could also work on my track and if he runs out of clean clothes that could be his fault…" She mussed as she unbuckled Teddy from his seat, helping him out of the car before grabbing Rosie's carrier.

Beca hadn't even made it to the front door before she saw a car with lights pull up alongside the curb of their driveway, and a man got out of the car. Her heart raced faster, wondering if the phone call earlier had anything to do with the police man's presence.

"Ma'am." He greeted, the congenial tone in his voice mismatching his blase expression.

"I'm officer Patella. re you Mrs. Beca Swanson?"

"Y….yes…" Her voice wavered nervously, looking down to her two clueless children.

His face was now apologetic, and she could see that a calamitous event that pertained to her must have happened. She felt bombarded by emotions suddenly, and she tightened her grip on Rosie's carrier. She wasn't sure if it was nerves or if she was afraid she might actually drop the carrier on the concrete.

"I'm so very sorry, Mrs. Swanson."

He apologized to her again, this time his voice was empty and meaningless, as if it was an automatic response that he used every time he delivered bad news. She hadn't clearly heard a word he had said after he had started speaking, she was too busy feeling as if she had left her body and was now looking down on herself from a whole new perspective. She had lost all feeling and senses, the only thing she had left was the sound of her children, wondering their mother hadn't answered them.

"Mrs. Swanson? Can we escort you to the hospital, or call anyone for you?"

"Y..yeah. Chloe Beale. Please, call Chloe." She finally breathed, swallowing sharply. "Call Chloe, and tell her… tell her, that Jesse is dead." Her voice shook unsteadily.

She broke down in tears when she had finally said the words out loud and that's when everything, every feeling had left her body. She was shutting down and she swore she saw the curveball coming, this time at her chest, because all the wind was knocked out of her. She couldn't understand why these things happened but now not only was she a widow, but her children were fatherless. And she didn't have time to mourn on that fact because she had to stay strong for the rest of their little lives.