Long ago, during the days of the Thirteen there was an Order called the Four Guardians. The Guardians guarded the Sacred Treasures of Primus. These Treasures were more or less the Secrets of all Cybertronian life.

The first was called the Secret of Energon. This Secret was one of the creation of Energon. It was guarded day-cycle and night-cycle by the femme warrior/daughter of Solus Prime, Jinx. Jinx was a smooth femme who took her job very seriously. This Secret was guarded within the Temple of Creation in the City of Polyhex.

The second was the Secret of Transformation. This Secret was one that showed how Cybertronians could transform. This Secret was guarded by Silverstreak, the young scion of Alpha Trion. Silverstreak spoke often and quickly and moved swiftly to stop threats. The Secret of Transformation was guarded within what is now known as the Crystal Gardens in the City of Praxus.

The third Secret was the Secret of Emotion. This Secret showed the creation of the emotional spectrum of all Cybertronians. The Secret of Emotion was guarded by the warrior/apprentice of Megatronus Prime, Rampage. Rampage was quick to anger and even quicker to pass judgements on others. This Secret was guarded within what is now the run-down Temple of Kaon in the City of Kaon.

The fourth and final Secret was the Secret of the Spark. This Secret showed the creation of the sparks of Cybertronians themselves. This Secret was guarded by Bloodhound, one of the twin sons of Prima. Bloodhound was wise and calm without fear in his spark. This final Secret was guarded within the City of Tyger Pax in a special chamber.

Today these secrets are called by different names; the Secret of Energon is called the Plasma Energy Chamber, the Secret of Transformation is called the Cog of Transformation, the Secret of Emotion is called the Enigma of Emotion, and finally and most importantly the Secret of the Spark is called the Allspark.

In the creation of these items Primus gave us, his children a way to live and become sentient.

But the Four Guardians loyalty to the Thirteen and Primus would not last. Early in the war, Megatronus Prime, the deceiver, decided to take the grandest warriors of the Thirteens army and make them his. First, he spoke to his former apprentice Rampage attempting to get him alone and then he poisoned Rampage's body with Darkness.

From there, Megatronus, with Rampage's help, poisoned the other three Guardians and they all became shadows of their former selfs. And instead of guarding the Sacred Treasures of Primus they became the antithesis of the Sacred Treasures.

Where Jinx had once given Energon freely, now she drank it from other Cybertronians. Where Silverstreak had once taught the art of transforming with kindness, now he used transformation against others. Where Rampage had once taught the gentler emotions, now he manipulated the emotions of others. And where Bloodhound had once nurtured and loved each spark, now he enslaved them through consuming them.

It was what he had done to the four that Megatronus believed that he now could win the war and overtake the other Thirteen. In this he was gravely mistaken. Instead of falling beneath the four in shock, the Thirteen became enraged by what he had done and captured him and the former Four Guardians.

Megatronus was chained by his brothers and tossed into the Pit. Meanwhile the remainder of the Thirteen attempted to do what they could to help the four. But they soon realized that there was nothing they could do.

And so, the remainder of Thirteen decided to lock them away in prisons that would prevent them from ever escaping and walking on Cybertron again. They were taken to another planet, one far away from Cybertron and there they were left in their prisons.

Jinx was placed in a large coffin, locked inside with the hardest sets of enchanted blessed locks and buried deep into the ground.

Silverstreak was chained into a box and hidden inside a cave on the planets moon. Then the cave was covered by a rock.

Rampage was placed into an iron pod and then lowered in an active pit of fire. Then the opening to the pit was buried by thousands of pounds of rock and metal.

Bloodhound was placed inside a coffin but before this a thousand iron beetles were stuffed down his throat into his belly and then once inside the coffin he was covered in them. Then his prison was dropped into a body of hydrogen oxide.

And with this the Four Guardians were sealed away forever.

-Excerpt from "The History of the Thirteen"