Hi, folks! Long time no publish! The following is an excerpt from Grow, which will be available in the Babies At The Border compilation, featuring original and fanfiction works from 125 of your favorite authors. Funds raised will benefit several charities working to reunite and provide legal aid to children and families that have been separated at the U.S. Border. For more information, please visit babiesattheborder . blogspot . com. Thank you so much for reading.

Turning on the tap and letting it run for a moment, cold gets colder against my warm skin. Both hands cupped under the stream, I lean down and sip from the pool in my palm. It's so sweet, so cold and clean-tasting, and I can't get enough. It runs through my fingers and kisses my face. It slides down my throat and I drink and drink until I feel it in my belly.

A koi fish swims over my head, silent and pale.

"Mugs are up here," Edward's voice is breezy soft as he hands me one. It's deep green-brown, with a thick, bubbly glaze, and looks hand-thrown. "I don't really have glasses."

I wipe the water from my chin and turn my eyes down, intensely shy. I must look so ridiculous, gulping water from his sink.

"Thank you," I say, filling the heavy mug and setting it down on the counter.

I'm not thirsty anymore.