This one is vegetacide 's fault. It is 2.30am here and I have no brain after a day of exhaustion thanks to a 4.30am start and a crash on the couch when I got home (yeah, my sleep cycle is a mess). So I had time, but no brain. Veggie requested a little Virgil/Kayo fluff which is all my brain is really capable at the moment, so yeah, prompts are still on the list, I am just out of juice at the moment. I hope you enjoy this little scribble anyway. I've stopped it where I have due to the need to investigate bed, but I'm sure you'll let me know if you would like me to continue ::hugs you all::

It was idyllic, if a little annoying.

Thunderbird Two stood up on her struts on a deserted beach in Southern Australia. The sun was out, the sky the blue of late afternoon dusted with a handful of wispy clouds. It was spring, so there were wildflowers in the sand dunes and the temperature was mild. So yes, idyllic.

Except for the fact that Thunderbird Two wasn't going anywhere anytime soon because she had blown a fuel intake gasket, which he couldn't fly without and he didn't have a replacement. So dressed in a grimy uniform he sat on the beach in the shadow of his 'bird, staring out at the ocean, enjoying what little he could for the moment, waiting for one of his brothers to drop by with the spare part.

It was beautiful though.

A pair of oystercatchers waddled past wary of his presence.

Virgil just sighed and flopped onto his back, too damned tired to care.

"You know most people sit out in the sun to sunbathe."

He jumped out of his skin, scrabbling to sit up.

Kayo, long legs, slim waist and smirking smile stood above him.

"How the hell?" But then he could just see the ripples in the water where her cloaked 'bird was hiding.

She crouched down beside him. "Did you miss the stealth part of my resume."

"You have a resume?"

She gently clapped him upside the head.


"Wuss." But she was smiling. She held up a tiny circle of heat resistant polynanocarb. "Looking for one of these?"

He grinned. "So you're roadside assistance?"

"At your service."

The grin turned a little suggestive and he got clapped around the ears again for his efforts.

"More ow."

She eyed him, a frown suddenly crumpling her brow. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." But, of course, she obviously didn't believe him. "Hey, the rescue was successful. They all got off the cliff safely. I just got myself stranded on a beach on the way back. I could think of worse places." And he stared out towards the horizon. The water was amazingly calm, sheltered by a headland to the south. It was cooler than the Island and far from tropical, but the water was crystal clear and inviting.

"Have you eaten?

"I ate breakfast."

She clapped him upside the head again.

"Ow, aw, c'mon, Kay."

"You are getting predictable." She dumped a bag beside him on the sand and pulled out two ice cold sodas and something wrapped in butcher's paper.

Something that smelled divine.

"Oh, you didn't?"

"Oh, yes, I did. Fish and chips on the beach." And she unwrapped the hot steaming chips. His stomach rumbled and reminded him that, yes, he was stupid, and lack of food was probably why he was so tired.

She chucked him a hand wipe before he could poison himself with Thunderbird lubricant, and once his hands were clean, he dove in with gusto.

Oh, nothing like a hot crispy chip with a soft centre. He groaned with pleasure.

"Should I leave you two alone?" She was grinning.

He downed the chip and grabbed her around the waist. "Not on your life." He kissed her hair and held her close for a moment. "Thanks, love."

"No problem. Now eat. Get distracted later."

Now that sounded promising. He kissed her once more, before letting her go and grabbing some more deep fried potato.

They spent a good while just sitting there in TB2's shadow, munching on junk food and enjoying the scenery. A couple of very interested pelicans arrived, with an attending flock of seagulls, and eyeballed the both of them, but Kay glared them down.

The birds backed off warily.

This, of course, set Virgil laughing. Kay's response was to throw a chip at him, which in turn excited the seagulls who moved in again, which in turn had Kay glaring at them, which again had Virgil cackling in the sand.

It was a hilarious cycle that basically ended up with him being clapped around the head once more.

But this time he grabbed her hand and used the one little advantage he had - his strength - and held her there for a moment. She glared at him, but it was half-hearted, and by the time he drew her to him, she was smiling.

He kissed her and she tasted of salt and soda.

Her hands were in his hair, her tongue in his mouth, and their uniforms in the way.

Eventually they came up for air, her eyes soft, her lips parted. "You smell."

He blinked. "Well, that killed the moment."

She shrugged. "And here I was thinking we have this entire beach full of crystal clear water, lovely weather and no-one to bother us." Her smile was more than suggestive.

"Hmm, moment rebooted."

He kissed her on the nose before stepping back and unclipping his baldric and harness, shedding uniform onto the sand.

"Thunderbird Five to Thunderbird Two. Virgil, are you okay? I've lost your vitals."

"H'im fine." Kay's lips were very soft, and her hands distracting.


He sighed and broke off. "John, I'm fine. Just taking a moment. Thought I would go for a swim, bit of downtime before I head back."

There was a smirk in his brother's voice. "So you and Kay are going skinny dipping?"

That froze him for a moment.

Kay rolled her eyes. "John, remember last time?"

"Oh, sorry, Kayo. Umm, I'll make sure you are both undisturbed."

"You do that, thank you, John. Thunderbirds Two and Shadow out." She smiled up at him. "Now where were we?"