Confused with my sexuality a sontails fanfic ch.1 warning: yaoi so I promised this and It took awhile but I did it and I hope you like it without anymore b.s let's get to the fic

A blue covet hedgehog known as sonic was today as with every day or anyday or Any day of the week that does it end with the letter Y. Amy rose of which sonic just adores soooo much was nagging him like it was her job and she was confident about "sonic won't you plz go out with me. We can go friends! Or maybe very close friends of the opposite gender!" Sonic never liked most of the girls he was friends with he didn't think he was gay he thought he just didn't meet the "girl".

Tails had left sonic's house a little before Amy got there not because he didn't what to see sonic suffer but because he was jealous. He was crying in his room knowing sonic was straight, and he was gay, he don't want to come out he thought they would be disgusted and disowned. he got up and he slowly walked outside and miserably walked to the coffee shop "hey can I get a decaf" he got his coffee and started to walk back home and cream walked by "oh hey tails!" "Hey cream…" "hey tails you look horrible, what happened?" "I don't want to talk about it" "oh tails come home with me I'll make you some tea" "cream I have coffee" " oh please tails you can tell me please come home with me." He wasn't about to fight about it "fine…"

they went in creams house they came in to vanilla and shadow who were good friends they were talking about life and stuff nothing to pay attention to. vanilla said "tails sweetheart are you okay you look horrible!" "He says he doesn't want to talk about it" they went upstairs and tails sat on a chair and cream was asking questions like " what happend? Did you sleep? Did someone say something to you?" It's friggin annoyed him. Then "was it something to do with sonic?" Tails started ever so slightly crying "what happened? Did he bully you? Did something to sonic? Did you two fight?" "Y-You wouldn't g-g-get it." "Tails I'm here for you" she held his hand and leaned in for a kiss "N-NO!" "What's the matter don't you like me?" She started to tear up "NO BECAUSE I'm….. i'm..-" he ran out of her house as fast as he could and didn't look back he ran by sonic and Amy. He was so pissed. She made sonic go to the park she was dragging sonic across the park "Amy please leave me alone" "sonic you know I just loooooove you!" "O MY FUCKING CHAOS he doesn't like you! You clingy manipulating stupid bitch!" He ran home crying Amy was being bitch and sonic said "tails jeeze. I gotta see if he's okay" "what about me!" "Gotta speed by!" "That son of a bitch!" Everyone there was staring at her

Sonic had made it back to tails house "buddy what was that about?" "Go away!" "Okay I'll go away I'll see you at knux engagement party." "Omc I forgot about that that's tomorrow! Back at creams house "-then he practically rejected me right then and there!" "Oh honey he probably is shy" "that two tailed freak" "shadow!" Sonic got in the house "hey do you know what's the matter with tails?" "Idk but he just rejected cream." "Poor cream"

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