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Tails knew he had to go to knux engagement party. I mean he was one of his best friends he couldn't just not. as tails clinched his eyes and let it all out he knew he was not gonna be out of his house for any other reason, and if he just sucks it up and as long as him being homosexual was kept a secret everything was going to be fine. But sonic how he felt around him tails knew he'd find out something was up and cream. He decided to just tell cream that he felt too young to have a girlfriend. Though he knew how much of that was lie. Tails relived the tension on his eyes and and his heart slowed. calming down as breathed. He was going to apologize to cream, Amy, and sonic for being what looked like a jerk. He didn't what to tell a joke or say "I'm on my man period". Actually if he said that cream or Amy especially Amy oh god he'd probably get killed. He decided that he go with the excuse that he was mad because X tornado had broken down again. It wasn't too far from the truth anyway, because that morning when tails wanted to want to hang out with sonic (and all the events of the last chapter) the X tornado actually had broken down.

With that he ease the tension in his eyes and his fists, and took a breath as he calmed down which was surprisingly easy, and he got up and he went into his bathroom to take a shower. *turns on hot water* kept his eyes rather close as the water dropped on him as if it was hard rain, then he got the shampoo and moved it through a slick fur. And then as he rinsed and went across his tales. And had remembered all that happened in his life just because of them.

*flashback* "You think you can be mechanic? Or a pilot? You? You Can't a fly plain! You two tailed freak!" "That was my model airplane! I got that with my own rings!" "Freak." Tails ran and found a log/tree as far as his legs and tails would take him. and then squeeze his whole body into the tightest ball he could mister. Meanwhile a certain cobalt blue hedgehog was running around the forest picking up rings and such, Heard a very faint noise. The kind of noise That can be heard but it's not very noisy, just noisy enough to be noisy but kind of is noisy at the same time kind of noisy noise that's…. noisy. "Is that crying?" The speed demon wondered walking now to better heard the noise. It grew louder but still nearly audible. Is…..the log crying? He then saw yellow ball with two tails. He saw the crying fox and a broken little plain and the stuff around the fox made sonic think this fox was smart. And right he was. Sonic took a deep breath and said "hey buddy! Something wrong?" Tails looked up to see sonic! He was the one stopped dr. robotnik before he was eggman. "H-hhe-ey" Tails slowed down and pulled himself together "I'm miles but the bully's call me two tails." "Well then I'll just call ya tails. So tails what happened?" "They took my plane and broke it." "Well that's not nice." Sonic immediately felt empathy for the fox for when he was little having blue quills wasn't exactly the coolest thing to have but he did win all the races(obviously) "hey buddy I don't many rings but I do have a real plane. I mean I could use a mechanic and friend, and besides you look pretty smart." Tails eyes lit up and rest was history.*end flashback* "I guess these two tails wasn't the worst thing that happen and then the water when deadly cold tails stood straight up and shivered and his face looked blue and with his teeth clattering. Tails turned the water off and realized it was about time to go to bed so he laid down and fell asleep.

He woke to Music that sounds like the opening of sonic 2. He sprayed cologne and got his tux. The only thing that he hated about it was mainly the tie, it was really hard for him to make it like a bow. But he managed. He picked up his phone and called sonic saying he was sorry, And that he was still a bit bitter about the X tornado breaking down again. Now that thought about it he should just make a new one scratch the parts we're really old even when he first met sonic. He also called vanilla telling her that he was sorry. Now that he had everything patched up he was going to help knuckles with the party.

Once he was there he exclaimed "hey knux! How's rouge?" "She's good" " so knuckles how does it feel to have someone that wanted steal the master emerald but know wants a different "Master emerald" hehe" "very funny tails, were almost done." "Woooow!" Tails was so amazed by the sight. "Hey what time is it?" "10pm everyone should be here in a moment" "I slept the whole day?" "I guess" then rouge in a beautiful red dress that was the definition of luscious, came in "hey boys how do I look?" "I think you look beautiful mrs. echidna" "oh why thank you tails. Look at that the young boy that more gentlemen then yoooou." She said teasing the echidna then a big crown with everyone he knew and some people he never met or seen before. And of course cream. Oh God cream probably still had feelings for him anyway. He didn't know how to tell her off because he could not tell her that he was gay. She'd probably everyone so he kept his cool, besides he didn't want to lose cream as a friend. I mean she was a good friend always there for was music, food and some games so tails would just tell cream that he felt too young to have a girlfriend. "Hey cream, I'm sorry about treating you like that yesterday." Cream with her head slightly tilted down and tried her best not to tear up said "oh it okay tails you have the right of your personal space. I shouldn't have done that it was my fault." Tails took a long second and said "c'mon let's have some fun!"

Next was a blur all he knew is he and cream abused their power of wine tails being 17 and cream being 15 they both knew the were drunk. they drank so damn much. But cream was at least 30 times drinker then tails that woman took 67 glasses of wine! Well tell Tails had like five at most. Cream got a bit too close to tails and it felt uncomfortable tails sat down at bench right outside "hey he hey taith" "what do you want creeaam?" "T-t-tals fuck me" "watch the swears" "fuck that." "Don't swear on knuckles Christian Minecraft server." She pulled tails in side again and she was trying to make out with him and then he just snapped! "CREAM I'M GAY!" The whole party had stopped the music, games knuckles stoped drinking for a minute "tails you c-can't-" she then interrupted by sonic "buddy why didn't you tell us?" Tails started to cry knowing that he was being judged by everyone there he was only scared of what sonic would say tails clinched his eyes and ran out pass the street, past the park, past sonics house and finally found his he unlocked the door then locked it when he got inside and started crying on the couch. Everyone know knew and he was being judged. And tails could hold it anymore he cried his heart out as it hurt to move or breath and felt betrayed. Though no one did anything did to him really cream did just have make out with him. What was he going to do?

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