Dying is easy, Living is harder by PseudonymousEntity

Summary: What if Harry saw coming to Hogwarts less as an escape and more as an opportunity to change his life? What if he chose Greatness?

Character/s: Harry Potter. (main POV)

Warnings: I laugh in the face of canon...

AN: This story is almost all the way drafted for first year, and I've outlined 2nd year. Its sorta been on the back burner for a bit. I'll warn you now, it will be different than my usual. Will be posting the first few chapters over the next couple days. Then it'll probably have a break while I edit and post chapters for Adventures in Magick, Dark Water, Friend or Foe, and Unintentional Consequences.

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· Ever Yours, Pseu [The Clever, Magnificent, and Ridiculously good looking]

"I did my best to try and be a mirror of society

but we both know the mirror's cracked and everybody's in the act

Faking what they cannot feel, hoping they can make it real

Stuck like flies on sticky tongues, chewed up before their life is done

I'm not here to compromise or apologize…"

-So What I Lied: Sick Puppies

You could be great you know.

Harry Potter sat motionless on a small stool in a room full of people he didn't know. A large talking hat rested on his head and over his eyes, blocking the room from view. Even in the sudden darkness the magical artefact provided Harry did not forget the room and the eyes surrounding him outside of it.

For a child who'd been trained all his life to remain unnoticed, to be invisible, the demanding and curious stares felts like heat from a fire's flames licking along his skin. He was keenly aware in that moment that every single person watching cared what would happen next. Every single person.

Harry's knees did not shake nor did his small hands. The nails of those fingers dug into the flesh of his palms, unseen by the eyes watching him. He may not know much of anything about magic or wizards or the world he was entering, but Harry knew from experience that showing weakness was just asking for any predator looking to start chewing on your neck. Harry had enough of being a chew toy in the real world. The muggle world, he corrected himself. And he had no desire to be one here.

You could be great…

Up until this moment Harry had viewed the magical world and everything in it as an escape from his life at the Dursleys. He didn't have to be the mistake under the stairs here. But…that was a mistake. He shouldn't have been thinking that way, he knew that now. Harry had not been blinded the majesty of Hogwarts upon seeing it. He was not distracted by the amazing ceiling of the Great Hall. They were great, wonderful things. Displays of magic and the might of the magical world.

Instead, Harry had been listening. He'd been listening and analyzing the words of the strange talking hat which now rested over his brow. This thing, this artefact, would decide where he would go and the people he would be associated with for the rest of his school career. The hat would decide what sort of person Harry was and give him a label for the rest of the world to see and judge him by.

Harry's fingers flexed, digging deeper into his palm. This was no vacation. An escape from the Dursleys? Yes, but only a temporary one. This was an opportunity to make more of himself than he had been. More than Aunt Petunia would have him believe or think. A chance to prove himself. Harry wanted that chance more than anything. This was the world he was always meant to be in, and the people living in it expected much from him.

Where would suit him best? Harry didn't think of himself as particularly clever or friendly or noble or cunning. What if he didn't belong in any of the houses? What if none of their qualities described him? Would he be turned away then, made to walk out past all of the children who did belong here, back into the boat and back across the lake. Would he return to the Dursleys and forever be the boy under the stairs until they saw fit to kick him out?

No. That wouldn't be him. That was not his story, not his fate.

Outside of the hat students caught one another's eyes and whispered to nearby ears. Even the staff sat up a little straighter. All of them much interested in the boy who took so long to be sorted. All at once the whispering trailed off and a thick silence weighed down upon the hall of students. Many jumped nearly out of their skin when, finally, the Sorting Hat declared: SLYTHERIN.

No one clapped. No one dared whisper.

Shock. Surprise. Suspicion. Their eyes followed the small boy with messy ink coloured hair as he removed the hat from his head and handed it to the tall strict witch standing beside him. His footsteps became the only sound breaking the silence as they made their way across the room. Left. Right. Left. Bringing their owner to the table decorated in silver and green. Without a word the boy took a seat on the bench and turned his head politely to the front to continue watching the sorting.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Someone's goblet slipped from their grasp and shattered on the floor. Time sped up. The next new student was introduced, the mess cleaned up, and the sorting continued. During it the occupants of the room couldn't help but keep peering over at the smallest boy in Slytherin, sitting at the far end of one of the benches. He acted is if he hadn't a clue he was the object of so much attention. And even the headmaster's twinkling eyes behind golden spectacles found their way to the house of green and silver during his welcoming speech. The food appeared, the feast began. Talking resumed.

At the table, on the bench, eyes were subtler in their seeking. Conversation artfully skipped around the subject of everyone's curiosity. One Harry Potter sat straight in his seat, eating slowly and carefully. One of his hands lay on his lap hidden beneath the table, fingers curled into his palm. He sat beside the blonde-haired boy he had alienated earlier in the day. He sat on the opposite side of the hall from the boy he would have liked to be friends with.

He was alone in a strange new world.

Harry raised his eyes -the exactly colour of the green on the banners on the wall behind him- and met the eyes of every single person at his table who happened to be looking at him at that moment. Most of them quickly looked away. Some of them sneered first or briefly held the contact, challengingly. Harry kept his chin up and ate his meal with as much grace as he could muster. He focused on every business or social meal he watched the Dursley's eat from the shadows of his cupboard or outside the window. He mimicked every move his Aunt Petunia made or attempted to make.

He didn't know a whole lot about the wizarding world yet but he knew these looks and he knew these faces. And he was a very quick learner. Harry might be a little behind everyone else right now but with some effort on his part that would change. He would watch. He would pay attention. He would learn. And one day, many years from now, he would be great.

The feast finished and they were dismissed to their dormitories. Older students called prefects led them in a line from the Great Hall out into the corridor. Harry followed along trying to keep track of the way. Out into the corridor, Harry thought, then a left in the main hall and down straight to the end. Take a right and go down the stairs to the next floor. Down to the end of that hall, another right and stop halfway. Go down the stairs to the dungeon level…

The temperature began to drop the lower they went and the number of students and staff had depleted as well as they entered into Slytherin territory. A slight chill brushed along Harry which he ignored. He'd been cold before after all. To his left Draco Malfoy shuddered and pulled his thick cloak tight around his throat, pale cheeks glowing pink. Harry had not thought to buy a warm cloak or even an actual coat. He had a slightly thicker school cloak in his trunk somewhere. It was not the nice fur-lined comforter in disguise that Draco had with him. He didn't dare to be too obvious about but as he examined the students closest to him he noted several had planned ahead to where long-sleeved shirts or jumpers under their school cloaks and nearly all of them had their scarves out and around their necks to keep them warm.

Harry tried to remember if Ron had had a scarf. He thought maybe he did though he couldn't be sure if that was genuine planning on the redhead's part or simply his mother's overprotectiveness coming into play. Harry been regaled with stories of Ronald's mother for a good portion of the trip and was inclined to believe from what he knew of Ron that his mother had forced him to have it. Still, even now he could spot how he was less prepared than his peers. If anyone wondered why on earth he hadn't worn a scarf or a cloak they did not voice it aloud.

Fine by me, Harry thought. Gives me more time to come up with an excuse.

Eventually they stopped in gleaming torchlight by a bit of blank wall with no tapestry or portrait adorning it. The prefect who appeared most in charge, a wizard, gave them a sly smile. A word whispered in Latin caused the wall to sort of wake up and slide to the side revealing the Slytherin common room within. Harry's shoes sunk deep in the carpeting as they entered. It wasn't too bright or loud here. A comforting hum of low voices buzzed about him along with crackling from two very large fireplaces.

He could see a group of older boys talking near one and moving their hands excitedly through the air and amused himself with guessing what they might be talking about. Look how clean the air is I can swipe my hand and no pollution poofs up! or, I use an expensive lotion, see how my skin glows? Or even, did you see how fast my owl flies?

The older students not given a prefect's badge -or considering the luminosity of their skin- were either gathered together in various groups greeting one another or already in their dorms. Harry could see a few seated at a dark wooden desk to the left far wall near a book case with the bookbags beside their feet and quills scribbling away. What could they possibly be working on? Harry frowned. Or perhaps they were writing home. He realized belatedly that that was probably a common thing for people with families that didn't despise them. You write to them to let them know you arrived safely.

Ron and his brothers were probably doing the same.

He was aware of the conversations going on around him in an underwater, blurry way. Like he was walking through it but not a part of it. Eyes flickered in his direction occasionally but most people seemed fully set on their own business now. Whether the novelty of his appearance at their table had worn off or if they simply forgot he was there he did not know. Harry puffed a bit of air through his lips, ruffling his messy fringe. One more thing to add to the list of things he did not know.

They were led to four short stairs going up to an archway which gave them view of a long hallway. Harry could see other students turning either way at the end and so suspected there were additional hallways. He turned out to be correct. The prefects led them to the end of the hallway.

The wizard prefect turned to them once again with a wide smile that curled along the edges. "Alright you lot. Down to my left you have the witches' hall. Just walk down until you see your year above the tunnel leading off the main hall. Down it you'll see a row of doors on either side. The doors that have surnames on plaques beside them are the dorms. Finding your dorm is self-explanatory I should think. The door on the other side is the bathroom. Don't get excited ladies." He said, lines creased along the edges of his dark eyes which glinted. He had an Irish accent and a low voice with a bit of gravel in it. "There's just the one toilet and a double sink with mirror, and a shower. Same as the boys."

He waited for two of the girls to look disappointed. "Never fear. Make it to third year and you'll get a bigger one like the rest of us. Until then there's the big community shower room off the entry hall. If you're brave that is." His female counterpart, who had the same dark eyes and heavy brows, scowled at his before ushering the less enthusiastic girls down the witches' hallway.

"Same with you. This way lads." He nodded to his right and lead them down the hall. Just as he had explained to the girls there were tunnels leading off the main hallway with a number over each one. They walked until they reached the number one tunnel, which was also the farthest from the main hall. The prefect turned to them again. He surveyed them.

"Alright, go ahead and find your dorms. Your trunks and belongings ought to have made their way to your dorms by now. If anything is missing catch me or another prefect and we'll see to figuring out what has gone wrong. If your parents are sending it along after you it should be in the entry hall on the main floor of the castle near the visitor's floo. We have a list of names and will be calling them out in the morning to take you so be listening if that'll be you. Hopefully you remembered your overnight kit." He waved at them.

"Go on then, I have more to do then talk with you all night you know."

Harry turned with the other boys.

"Just a minute Potter." Harry paused, confused and turned back around.

"Er, yes? Sir?" Harry gathered there was some sort of hierarchy in effect he simply didn't know it or how he was meant to address anyone. Being polite ought to help him skate by until he did know at least.

The prefect's lips twitched. "Kelly. Faelan Kelly. That's prefect Kelly to you."

Harry nodded.

Prefect Kelly looked Harry up and down for a minute. "Alright look. No one else is going to tell you so I'm going to go out on a limb here and give you a heads up. So listen and don't make this a waste of my time." It wasn't phrased like a question but Harry nodded again anyway. "No one knows what to make of you right now. There have been whispers of course, that you might be like him. Other people look at you or hear your name and they see the person responsible for their family member's imprisonment or the loss of their family's good name or -honestly- the one who prevented their goals." He paused. "So, while they are all thinking all of these things you went and you got yourself sorted into Slytherin. A lot of the old supporters are here. Their children I mean. Those families."

Another pause. "Try to learn surnames and histories quickly if you don't already know them." His tone implied he didn't think Harry knew them. He was right. "Know who you're talking to before you talk to somebody and if you don't know, try to keep quiet or at least polite. These are just kids I know. But they're also not. They can make things difficult. Don't give them the opportunity. You…have a chance here to make this work for you. No one knows anything about you. You never go to any social events and you never hold a party for your birthdays, not even your eleventh to present your letter and celebrate your official entrance into society. We never see you at a solstice celebration or a ministry function. No one knows who raised you or what you think. You have a small window where you can use that, I suggest you do so." Kelly turned away.

"Why?" Harry was surprised to hear himself asking.

Kelly turned his head back to catch his eyes. "Half-bloods gotta stick together?"

Harry frowned. "Try again."

Kelly turned all the way around now, grinning. Harry wondered if he approved of being questioned. "Maybe I'm curious what will become of you. Maybe I'm hopeful you'll do well and remember me down the road. Maybe I'm doing this to benefit myself in some unknown fashion. Either way, it benefits you doesn't it? Have a good night Potter."

Kelly disappeared down the tunnel leaving Harry alone in the torchlight.


Eventually Harry decided to head into his dorm as well. He located the right door, his name just to the right of it, and entered. He headed straight for the bed he knew to be his based on his trunk being situated at the foot of it. All of the beds were fourposter with curtains. They were on either side of the room with a carpet down the middle. Each bed space also had a low table, an oil lamp, and a wardrobe. There was a bit of wall with a tapestry or portrait between the last wardroom and the next bed to give the students the appearance of their own space. Harry's bed was on the right hand side and down on the other end was a bed. The left side had three beds.

Draco Malfoy had gotten, or chosen, the bed on the left closest to the door and thus the only one Harry passed on his way to his own. He could feel the boy's silver-grey eyes on him, following him across the room. It made him nervous, made him second guess every move he made. Managing to hold it together Harry removed his cloak and hung it in his wardrobe. He kept his eyes to himself, hoping if he seemed like someone who kept out of other people's business that his roommates might deign to do the same for him.

It was Charms first thing the next day so Harry brought out his Charms textbook and climbed onto his bed. With the curtains closed he could pretend no one was in the room with him but, as with the hat, he was still very much aware that he was not alone. At least this time no one else could see him either. He put his pillows into a pile and leaned against them not bothering to remove his clothes. He had no pajamas after all and it was hardly anyone else's business if he slept in his cousin's old clothes rather than proper bedclothes.

Relieved that he was free from socialization the rest of the night, provided no one drew open his curtains and demanded his attention, Harry allowed himself to relax and focus on the text in front of him. He was going to take Kelly's words seriously. The last thing he needed was for everyone to think he couldn't do magic on top of being ignorant.

When Harry woke the next morning he found his Charms book still open beside him on whatever page he'd been trying to read before falling asleep. His left wrist ached a bit from repetitive wand movement. Still, Harry was determined to do well. It would pay off in the end. He pulled back his curtains cautiously. His roommates were still asleep it seemed. He pondered going back to sleep before dismissing the idea. He was already used to waking early he might has well use the time it gave him.

Harry slid his feet off the bed. He grabbed a uniform and padded to the door, opening and closing it quietly. On the other side was a single door, which according to Kelly, ought to be their bathroom. Harry knocked and waited a moment to ensure no one else was up early as well before entering. He rinsed himself off in the shower quickly, dressed and stuffed his muggle clothes into the clothes hamper. From what he had overheard from that Hermione girl's ramblings, the clothes were cleaned and repeared on the correct student's bed that evening. This worked well enough for Harry as he hadn't even thought of how their things would get cleaned before she brought it up and he didn't desire to be caught with muggle clothes either. Everyone else managed to have personal clothes that fit. Even Ron who Harry gathered was far from wealthy. No one needed to know he wore his cousin's hand-me-downs.

Finished Harry reentered the dorm long enough to grab him bookbag and the books he'd need for the day. One or two upper years were conversing by the fire when he came into the common room. Apart from them it was still empty. Harry walked over to the bit of wall he thought was the entrance and was pleased when it slid of its own accord to let him through. At least he wouldn't have to try to remember the password to get out. That would have been embarrassing. He spent the next ten minutes doing his best remember the way back to the great hall. He made one mistake but ultimately found himself walking into the entrance hall and locating the great hall doors off to the right.

The great hall was much the same as his common room had been. Only a few upper years already up and almost no staff either. Harry glanced down the Slytherin table before deciding to wrap a slice of toast in a napkin and stuff it in his robes. He asked a Ravenclaw prefect how to get to the library. She was a blonde girl with a ponytail at the top of her head and thin wireframe glasses. She ended up escorting him there herself, explaining that was he next destination as well.

They parted ways at the library entrance with Harry murmuring a thank you. He had two hours until Charms. That was enough time to quickly reread the first chapter and then skim the first chapters for History of Magic and Defense.

The time went by quickly and before he knew it Harry was walking through the halls toward the Charms corridor. He spied Slytherin robes ahead and followed along behind them. He was pretty certain that witch with short hair was one of the other first years. Meredith or something, he thought. He followed behind her group and stepped smoothly into line behind them when he saw the rest of the first year Slytherins and some Gryffindors.

Harry jumped when he heard a thud behind him. He turned to see sandy haired boy on his knees breathing heavily. Noticing Harry's gaze the boy flashed him a smile. "Those stairs give us great exercise, don't you think?" The boy asked, struggling to his feet.

Harry felt a small smile on his face. "I suppose this is their clever way of giving us a physical education without having to put out the money for an instructor."

The other boy stared at Harry for a minute. Then he full on grinned. "Rotten cheats." He agreed. "I'm Finnegan by the way."

Harry hesitated, unsure if he was supposed to respond with his surname as well or not. Fortunately the door came open behind them and a voice Harry assumed belonged to their professor instructed them to come inside. They filed in obediently. Harry chose a desk at random, pulled out his textbook which he laid on the desk and slid his bag under his chair. As he sat up he blinked several times when he noticed Finnegan had materialized into the seat beside him. A quick glance around confirmed everyone else had stuck to their houses. He raised a brow at the other boy who mirrored it in response. Harry shrugged and turned forward. Who knows, maybe he'd turn out to be the son of a Charms whiz or something.

Harry listened patiently to the theory portion of the class and frowned when Professor Flitwick announced they wouldn't begin practical work until the end of the following month. If he'd known that he would have spent his time reading up on some other subject. Apparently he wasn't the only one unhappy with this turn of events because the girl from the train, Hermione Granger, was waving her hand frantically and soon began arguing with the professor. Harry winced. Beside him Finnegan nodded as if he'd read Harry's mind.

"Begging for homework, can you imagine?"

"Perhaps she is especially interested in Charms?" Harry suggested weakly. Finnegan's snort implied he believed otherwise.

Harry glanced at Finnegan. "Actually," He said slowly, "I was sort of hoping we'd get into it right away."

Finnegan tilted his head and considered him a moment. "You any good?"

"At what? At Charms?" The Gryffindor nodded.

Harry shrugged. "Well I don't know. The first year material is obviously very easy, we're just learning. I don't have any ideas how I'll do when we get to harder charms. The theory is easy enough to understand. I do have questions though…." He trailed off.

"Let's see then." Said Finnegan who leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms.

Harry frowned. "See what?"

"You said it's easy didn't you? Give us a charm then."

Harry narrowed his eyes. Was he making fun of him? With a huff Harry drew out his wand and repeated the swish and flick which was the cause of his wrists current discomfort. "Wingaurdium Leviosa."

The text book in front of him floated a good foot from the desk. He was feeling rather good about himself until his desk partner tossed his textbook on top of Harry's. He scoweled and put a bit more power into it to raise it back up to where it had been. Which of course is when Finnegan started adding more items. It turned into an odd pyramid where the textbooks made up the foundation and next came a small supplementary text for Transfiguration, a pair of gloves, two ink wells and a precarious pile of quills. When he managed to balance it all and keep it a foot above the desk for at least a minute he turned to Finnegan with a smug smile.

"Shall we add anything else?" He taunted.

Finnegan was smiling as well. "Alright, impressive I'll give you that."

"Most impressive!" Came a voice, causing them both to jump. They both looked to the front of the classroom to see an excited Flitwick on his pile of books watching them delightedly. "Oh very well done indeed Mister Potter. Five points to Slytherin."

At this point both boys noticed they'd managed to gather the attention of the entire class. Finnegan glanced around and made a sheepish expression at the glares some of his housemates were shooting at him. "I suppose I oughtn't have helped earn points for a different house."

Harry, cheeks still a bit red from embarrassment, elbowed Finnegan.

"Oh I don't know. Mmaybe you're a good luck charm or something. You bring points to whichever house sits beside you, just so long as they aren't your own. Not so much good luck for you I suppose."

Finnegan groaned and set his head on his desk. "Shut it Potter."

The irish boy got over it quickly enough. Through an unspoken agreement they kept their heads down for the rest of the class, dillgently taking notes. Or Harry did at least. Finnegan -whose first name turned out to be Seamus- spent it drawing Harry levitating increasingly ridiculous things. Boulders. The staff table. Hagrid.

Harry was aware, as class ended that there were eyes on him once more. He knew some of them must be from the Gryffindors who were none to pleased Seamus and thus Harry by association. He did worry a bit if the other Slytherins would think he was a clown or disruptive. The points he earned would hopefully appease them. He would simply avoid interrupting any other classes. They gathered their things and made their way down the aisle. They exited the classtoom. Almost immediately a boy with spiky mouse brown hair and a girl with long black hair fell in step to Harry's left. Startled, Harry slowed down. They also slowed down. After a few minutes Harry sighed and stopped walking altogether.

"Secret meeting?" Seamus suggested. He gave Harry a wave and continued down the hall.

Harry took a breath and turned to the two Slytherins standing across from him. The boy, Theodore Nott, stood with his left shoulder right against the girl's shoulder. Harry thought they probably knew each other before Hogwarts. Most of the other kids seemed to actually. When they kept staring at him and not saying anything and a minute after minute crept by, Harry starting feeling very uncomfortable. What were they waiting for?

It occurred to him that perhaps he ought to introduce himself though he knew they both would already know who he was.

"Er…hello. I'm Harry Potter. Can I help you with something?"

Nott's mouth went up slightly on one end. He exchanged a look with the girl. "I'm Nott and this is Davis."

Abruptly they turned and started down the hall. Perplexed, Harry followed after them, When he caught up he saw a flash of amusement on both of their faces. Annoyed, Harry ignored them as they walked, searching ahead in case they caught up to Seamus.

"Lovely weather today." Said the witch -Davis- out of nowhere.

Harry glanced to the side to see if she were talking to him.

"Isn't it?" Nott replied. "I should think it would be enjoyable to study outside later."

Davis hummed. On of her hands reached up and ran through her long hair. "Near the lake do you think?" She said this ponderously, as if she were trying to envision exactly the right place for them to study.

"That's where everyone will be." Said Nott.

Davis appeared to consider this, while Harry wondered if they even remembered he was walking with them. They both wore long sleeves under their robes, and Davis' robes had some sort of shiny stitching pattern along the seams that glimmered as she walked. This reminded him he desperately needed to figure out some way not to freeze to death in the dungeons.

"I suppose one of the hills overlooking the lake but not so close could do nicely as well. What do you think Potter?"

Harry nearly stumbled, startled out of his thoughts. "Oh I…" So they did know he was still there. Huh. "I think I would look for a spot with some trees."

"Trees." Davis repeated. One beat. Two beats.

Harry realized they were expecting more from him. "Oh, well yeah. If it gets windy you won't have to worry about papers flying anywhere and you can lean against the tree. If it's sunny you'll have some shade." He stopped then unsure what else to say. It wasn't exactly rocket science or anything. It was just a place to study and they could do it just as easy indoors if they liked. He entertained the idea that they were including him in their conversation as some form of politeness. He really wished he knew.

Nott and Davis exchanged a look. "I do think that sounds best." Nott said after a while.

Harry spotted Seamus and the other first years. Unconsciously he'd been following Nott and Davis. He was quite glad they actually knew the way to History of Magic because he had forgotten to consider where they might be headed during that odd conversation. He lined up behind Seamus who gave him a nod and then raised his brow at the two Slytherins behind Harry. He shrugged. At this rate Harry didn't think he would ever understand other Slytherins. He followed Seamus into the classroom and sat beside him again. He didn't really understand Seamus either come to that. Maybe he ought to check out a book on wizarding culture the next chance he got. Maybe then he'd be able to understand. Or not be quite as lost anyway.

Later, upon exiting the class, which turned out to be very boring even with a ghost teaching it, Harry found himself and Seamus followed on the way to lunch by Davis and Nott. When it seemed neither of them planned to say anything Harry decided they simply were trying to get to the great hall, the same as everyone else. He was corrected of this notion when he tried to enter the great hall. Davis came up on one side of Harry and Nott on the other. His head whipped back and forth trying to look at the both of them at once. He swore Seamus was internally laughing at him.

"Finnegan." Nnott greeted. This was the first time either of them had acknowledged Seamus' existence.

The Gryffindor nodded and adopted a faux severe demeanor. "Nott. Davis."

Harry then found himself being lead away from the great hall and toward the doors on the far side of the entrance hall. He blinked but no it was still happening. They reached the doors and pushed them open, stepping out into the sun. He could see other students already out on the grounds enjoying the weather. Seamus had been perfectly fine with his kidnapping. Traitorous Gryffindor.

"Perfect for day for studying." Murmured Davis. She smoothed down her robes with her free hand then nodded to Nott.

As they marched him off across the grounds Harry wondered when exactly he'd agreed to study with them and whether he would ever get any lunch.

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