A/N: AU imagine all students forced to back to their 7th year. Harry is then with ginny and they are enjoying many nights together so it cames to him as drug. when their 7th year batch is separated from whole school he search for other companion for sex...

Harry really should have been careful about how he fucked Pansy. After all, sneaking into the Slytherin dorms with his invisibility cloak was a must, as even with the war over Harry was not the most popular boy to the Slytherins, which seemed totally fair considering how many of them had relatives who'd either perished in the war or were now on trial for their crimes. And that was when they fucked in the dorms, which wasn't always, because Pansy didn't always have the guarantee her friends would be off doing something else for sometimes hours at a time, as the insatiable Gryffindor pounded her raw and flaunted his sexual prowess sometimes for whole evenings and right through until morning. There was a measure of decency involved in her roommates being willing to give her some time, but not whole nights. And Pansy was loud about it, too.

They fucked in every corner of the school they could find. As Slytherin's Head Girl, she had access to virtually every corner of the castle, and Harry lavished in every attempt he could go indulge in those sinful delights, fucking her across every inch of the prefect's bathroom, sometimes escaping to the room of requirement for a shag. Any part of the castle they could get to and isolate themselves in for some utterly depraved and feral sex. But sometimes, there weren't any options other than to go into their dorm rooms, and they just accepted it as fact and moved on with the process, hoping that her roommates wouldn't walk in on them. It was a stupidly risky move and Harry was right in the middle of Slytherin hell with his pants down, but he wanted to fuck and that was all there was to it.

Unfortunately for both of them, Daphne Greengrass was a smart girl, and she was not fucking around when it came to getting to the bottom of the mystery of who was fucking Pansy. She knew it wasn't Draco, and in fact his reactions were the first indication. He was dejected, coming off as humiliated for reasons he refused to talk about, and not even paying any attention to Pansy. There was no public breakup, no juicy gossip, just emptiness, and given the respect that Draco commanded even with his family in shambles, nobody wanted to speculate or start rumours. But Daphne knew that whatever it was had to involve Pansy, and it had to be dire, if it was resulting in a reaction like that. So, setting up a scrying spell using a mirror placed strategically on her bed to get a full view of Pansy's bed. Whatever it was, she was going to find out.

Sitting in an abandoned corner of the school with the corresponding mirror to receive the image reflected in the one in her room, Daphne was shocked by what she saw. Not only had some guy stolen Pansy from Draco, but that guy was no one less than Harry Potter himself, and Daphne had never seen Harry in the kind of context she was now. The burly, scruffy Gryffindor was methodically and quite calmly breaking Pansy in two, her legs up over his shoulder and her back on the bed as he railed her hard and fast, But didn't seem like he was breaking a sweat in the process. Even if he had Pansy screaming like she was having her mind blown. And she very likely was, given each time Harry's mighty hips pulled back, his absolutely massive cock was exposed to her eager, desiring eyes.

Heat stirred between Daphne's legs, her thighs rubbing together as she grew hotter and needier. She passed it off by claiming she couldn't help it, that she was watching a big, athletic man just her age plowing a girl with his fat cock and making a girl scream. It was pure instinct, she told herself, bright enough to know how to talk her mind into buying her own bullshit even as her tongue trailed along her plump lips. She was only watching to get dirt and find out what Pansy was doing all this time, and her eyes falling again and again onto Harry's cock wasn't stirring any intense lust within her, it was just for research purposes.

Which worked the first few times. But by the fourth time that Daphne was magically peeping in on them, back slumped against a wall, one hand over her mouth and another stuffing three fingers into her soaking wet twat, it was impossible to deny anymore. Daphne wanted that cock inside of her instead of Pansy. A brilliant witch in her own right and even capable of competing with Hermione Granger for grades, Daphne was incredibly powerful, and it left her with a hunger for more power, something that began to turn into a kink as she watched Harry. Magically strong enough to best Voldemort and end the war, physically powerful and with the size to show it, and sexually dominant enough to turn Pansy Parkinson's loyalty away from Draco Malfoy himself. Just as Harry dominated Pansy, he dominated Daphne's thoughts, her mind at night filling with images of him easily overpowering her and subjugating her pristine pureblooded body to all manner of depravity just to show that he could, that she would eagerly be his slut. And soon enough, fantasy wasn't enough for Daphne; she had to have him.

A handsome bribe to the new Potions teacher had Harry matched with Daphne on a group project the next day, and she knew she couldn't blow it as they opened up their books and got to work. "Where should we begin?" Harry asked, not having too much of a problem being assigned to work with a Slytherin girl, if only for the fact that he looked forward to having Potions with a civil teacher who didn't hate him for once, and that meant certain compromises like working with his friends at the beginning of the year.

"Well, I was thinking we should begin by taking inventory of our ingredients." It was a beginner answer, something so foolish and obvious to say that she expected Harry to mention something about how obvious that was, but she was smarter than that; she reached not for the ingredient list in her own book, but leaned toward Harry's, and made sure that the outline of her large breasts was rubbing right up against his arm in a way that left nothing ambiguous.

"Obviously," Harry said, fully understanding Daphne's gesture, but brushing it off. he was curious, granted, and he wondered what she was doing, but he was no amateur, and he knew that as much as he wanted an answer, the best way to get one was to keep letting her do her thing and see where it took her. Of course, feeling her very round, very plump breasts against his arm was still enough to draw his eye and appreciate the view of them, so round and her top utterly outgrown. He had an idea of where this was going, but wanted to see what lengths she'd go to. "I meant once everything was measured out."

"Well, hold on," Daphne said, and leaned even further, moving outright into Harry's lap, sitting right down on him as she went in for a 'closer look' at his book. "I want to make sure we have the same ingredient amounts, and don't fall victim to a misprinted copy. I take my grades very seriously." She closed her eyes, smirking as she pressed back against him, feeling the half-rigid cock against her round arse. The curvy Slytherin had plenty in the front, but her plush, round ass had plenty to appreciate, and the soft behind pressed down against his lap hard, her wide hips even wiggling to rub against his cock even harder and tempt him further. But to deliver it home extra hard, her voice dipped down into the deep, the husky, the seductive. "And I wanted to get a closer look for myself at what you had," she said with all of the sultry sweetness she could.

For the first time in his life, Harry Potter noticed Daphne Greengrass. Truly noticed her. He blamed the fact she was a Slytherin and usually flanking Pansy, but his change in attitude about Pansy surely meant that her friends deserved a second look, and what a look it was. Daphne was an absolute bombshell. Wavy long black hair shoved into her face, but he could fell all of her curves. Her plump bust, her absolutely full ass, and long, toned legs for miles that began to entwine with his. There was something sultry to her, something confident and haughty. She was egotistical, sure, but she could back it up with power and with smarts, and that made her even hotter, both because of how great her talents were, and how eagerly she flaunted them. It was all coming together for Harry now, and while he had already very much understood what was happening, a new appreciation throbbed within him, and he realized that he wanted to give in to her seduction, although not the ways she probably thought about it.

His cock swelled up to full mast, pressing tight against his pants and against her plump ass, and he knew she could feel it. "And what do you intend to do now that you've taken the closer look?" he asked into her ear, a harsh, low snarl as his hands pulled her robes open a little bit, exposing the top beneath as his hands ran along the curve of her breasts before giving them a firm squeeze.

"Challenge you to a duel," she said, purring as her head rolled back, a ragged gasp spilling from her lips. She was getting bolder now; anyone could have looked over to the back row they sat in at any moment and saw them in such a state, but she couldn't help herself.

"A duel," Harry repeated, blank and surprised by the turn of events, having expected something much more drastic than that.

"Yes, for the honour of Slytherin. I hear you're quite good at those."

And then he understood. "After class. I'll bring you up to the dorms." It was going to be a struggle to focus on their assignment after that, though.

Dueling with Daphne was not as easy as Harry had expected it to be. She actually gave him a good challenge, at least as good a challenge as one could offer up in the middle of the Gryffindor seventh year boys' dorm room, trying their best not to draw any attention or leave any damage. It had been a far too restraint duel for anyone's tastes, but even then, it exhilarated him. "You're a lot better than the last person who challenged me to a duel for Slytherin's honour, but I'm starting to think you already know that."

"Mm, I knew you would catch on eventually." Daphne stood there, clothes shredded, torn by spells to reveal plenty of her curvaceous body, and rather than pull back or throw her robe on, she began to strut toward him, the bounce in her tits an absolute treat as she licked her lips slowly. "And now I have to know exactly what I can offer you as a prize, because after a performance like that, I think you deserve something." Her hand grasped his rather intact shirt, and she traced her tongue as slowly across her plump lips as she could. "What do you think, Harry, is there anything I can do for you?"

Harry looked gladly at Daphne, soaking in everything about her gorgeous, needy reaction and, even more than that, and he decided that the best thing to do was take charge, grabbing her torn and tattered top and just ripping it right down the front, exposing her black bra and the ample tits that they tried to contain. She was busty as all hell, and he appreciated the sight of her, her wide chest following down to a slim waist and then plump hips, a perfect hourglass figure that his eyes traced longingly. "Stop fucking around, Daphne." His hand ran up from her belly button up along her bared, taut stomach, making her shiver as the finger made its way along her soft skin. It snagged on her bra for a second, before moving swiftly up to grasp her chin. Harry savoured the way her eyes went wide and her breath hitched. "I'm not going to beg you for anything, especially not when you clearly want me so badly, so why don't you tell me what you want, and I'll decide if it's a good enough prize.

Daphne stared in Harry's green eyes, jaw trembling as she took in the dominance, the power. He was so confident, so utterly in control, and she could help but follow his commands, reaching her hands back to unclasp her bra. "I know you're fucking Pansy's brains out. But she's flat as a board, isn't she? You deserve a real woman with curves, and a pair of amazing tits that even that monster of a cock can get lost in." With perfect timing her bra fell, exposing the amazing pair in question to Harry's eyes, it seemed that he approved wholeheartedly, which made her bite her tongue. "What do you think, Potter? Do you want a real titfuck, from a woman who can handle you?"

The game seemed obvious now, and Harry could read her expression perfectly. She needed him to want her, needed him to be seduced to the point of madness by her, and he could not give her an inch. Speaking clearly and sharply, he shut her down. "Prove you can handle me before you make claims like that. If you want me to fuck your tits that badly, then you need to earn it with that pretty, clever mouth of yours." His hands grabbed her shoulders and he pushed her down onto her knees, making sure that she was aware of her position as he pressed eagerly forward. Dominance was the key; he could see the look in her eye; she wanted him to make her submit, and he was going to do precisely that. "If you can take my entire cock down your throat and get it all nice and wet, then I'll fuck your tits, and maybe every other part of you, too."

Daphne shivered, down on her knees in front of Harry, eye level with the bulge in his pants. His words were sending shivers up her spine, so harsh and confident, Harry immediately in control and making sure she knew that if she wanted to do this, that she would be listening to him. And she was okay with that, extending a hand outward to undo his jeans, pulling them impatiently down, doing the same to his underwear as his massive cock swung upward, nearly smacking her in the cheek. "It's so big," she said, biting her lip and whining as she leaned forward, not even sure how she was going to get it into her mouth, but knowing that she couldn't stop until she had. She was so eager to serve that she was willing to serve him so that she could prove herself worthy of even more service, a thought so twisted and bizarre for the power hungry witch, but the sight of his cock throbbing in her face was too good to let up.

It fit perfectly in her hand, and she leaned forward, tongue already out and taking the first lick up his shaft. She could taste faint traces of pre and something she suspected was Pansy's twat, but the fact that his cock had been buried inside of her roommate earlier in the day did little to discourage her as she licked all over it, eyes closing tightly so that she could focus on her approach. It was all in the mental preparation, she told herself; his cock was a monster, but if she took it down bit by bit and braced herself, surely, she could get it all down her throat just fine. "My lips will kiss the base of your cock, I promise," she groaned, voice smoky and sultry as she set her sights on the task at hand. There was a lot riding on her performance and she simply could not disappoint, no matter the cost.

But it easier said than done as she took Harry's cock into her mouth. He moaned, the warmth and wetness that surrounded the head of his cock an absolute delight, but even better than that was watching her expression shift as she tried to suck him down, realizing just how in over her head she truly was. "If you don't think you can take it all in, we can stop," he said, smiling down cockily at her. She looked up at him, shivering, eyes wide and bright as she stared in reverence. He was the dominant partner she never knew she needed, all of her haughtiness replaced with determination as she quickly came to the realization that he was in control, and that she liked it that way. "But if you did that, then I guess you'd never find out what it's like to have your brains fucked out. I mean, Pansy can deepthroat me just fine now, but even on our first time she learned how to handle it quickly."

It was the mention of Pansy that did her in, and even though there was inch after inch of fat, throbbing dick to get through, Daphne could not falter now. She pressed onward, taking him deeper into her mouth, the steady back and forth motion of her head helping her get a handle on herself and ease it down slowly, taking a little bit more of his shaft down each time. It was all she could do to try and learn how to take it; she wasn't going to be outperformed by Pansy, but it was a grand task ahead of her, one that only pure cocksure smugness was even allowing her to think was doable. There was so much cock, and she was experienced, but not with a man like this.

"I'd love to fuck your pretty face," Harry said, groaning as he ran his fingers through her hair, caressing the dark, wavy locks as he stared down into her eyes. "Just grab you by the hair and make you choke on my cock while I hammer you and teach you how to take it, but that would be too easy. You need to show me that you're good, and that you want it. You do want it don't you, Daphne?" His eyes flashed wickedly as he savoured the power that he was wielding, the wry thrill of dominance and control. As much as he could tell Daphne was getting off on the authoritative way he laid out how much she was at his mercy, he couldn't help but feel a swell of excitement from it, too. "Show me. Take me into your throat, right now."

A little whine of desperation bubbled up in her throat as she pushed forward, eyes shut tightly as she took his cock right into her throat, his head pushing down and making her choke. The gagging noise that followed made him throb, and she was absolutely furious that he was having so much fun with this, but her pussy was soaking her panties by that point and she had no chance of stopping. Most shocking of all to her was just how much cock she still didn't even have in her mouth, how truly massive his cock was. Through a mirror and buried mostly inside of Pansy's cunt she had no real idea just how big it was until she was faced with the challenge of swallowing it all down.

But she kept going, bold and determined, eyes narrowing as she kept up the steady motion of her head, taking him further down her throat. Saliva was bubbling up around her lips now, her saliva glands working overdrive as she drooled and slobbered all over his cock. She knew that one day, she would be able to give him something cleaner and more professional, because surely she was leaving an impression on Harry with her devotion and her willingness. She wanted him so badly, and when a woman as beautiful, powerful, and smart as her wanted someone, they didn't say no. Especially when they were so eager to please.

With a single, final push, Daphne took the final two inches of Harry's cock down, smacking her lips against his base. There was a swell of pride and excitement throbbing up her as she succeeded in her task, and she tried to pull back, but that was when Harry's hand tightened in her hair, holding her right down there. "Good girl," Harry said, voice rumbling as he rolled his head back. "I knew there was a slut in there somewhere, and that you would do perfectly. You've earned the titfuck, but first, maybe I should choke you out with my cock a little bit, just to make sure you understand your place."

Daphne choked, face red as she was held in place, spit leaking from her lips, left trembling as breath became scarce for a moment. When Harry relented, he drew her sharply back, pulling on her hair and making her wince and whine with the first desperate breath she sucked down. Harry was playing her so effortlessly, and she was powerless to do anything to stop him, but she didn't want to. Every little gesture of dominance and power was driving her wild, and as she panted, she hoped for more, those hopes realized when just as she steadied her breathing, Harry pulled her forward and, for a moment, viciously facefucked the buxom Slytherin, conquering her mouth and her throat. His cock was already covered in spit, slick and ready to sink into her tits, so this wasn't for preparation, this was entirely to hear the rhythmic gagging noises of Daphne throating his cock again and again.

When he was done with her lips, once more he tugged on her hair sharply, dragging her head way back. "You did wonderfully, and you've earned what you wanted. Wrap your fat tits around my cock now."

There had never been words to make her as happy as those, and Daphne was quick to work, grabbing her plump breasts and parting them, pushing up into a higher kneeling position as she pressed forward until his dick was nestled between them and she could close them tight around it. "Your cock is so big, Harry," she gasped, biting her lip as she stared up at him needily. "I'm so glad I'm able to take it all down, and that I'm so capable of making you happy. A strong wizard like you needs a mate who's on his level, and we both know how much better than Pansy I am in every way." There was no shame in being the woman behind the man when the man was world famous and probably the strongest wizard of his generation.

"You definitely have nicer tits," Harry conceded, running his fingers once more through her hair softly. "Much, much nicer tits. And that fat ass of yours needs a good fucking, and I think I'm going to have fun with it. But let's not say you're better than her in every way until I've fucked you for a few hours and found out for myself. Just because you can take a facefuck doesn't mean you can handle me. But please, keep up this smug bitch act, I am going to love breaking that attitude."

Daphne had never wanted submission like she did then, some drool leaking down from her chin onto her tits as she dragged them as fast as she could up and down the cock she had applied a very liberal coating of saliva to. It made her skin move easily along his, building up the rapid friction as she performed eagerly for Harry, doing everything she could to impress him. Her fingers toyed with her nipples as she moved her ample, bouncing breasts steadily up and down. They were definitely great assets, and she flaunted them happily as she looked up at Harry, giving him everything she expected he wanted unconditionally, thrilled by just how hotly he looked down at her.

"I'd love to see you try to break it," she said, biting her lip as she stared up fiercely toward him. "Just because you have a nice cock doesn't mean I'm ready to be some giddy, giggling slut you can toss around however you'd like, no matter how hard you fuck. You can do whatever you want to me, but there's no breaking this bi--fuck!'

Harry didn't need long to fuck Daphne's tits after that blowjob, and the timing had come quite perfectly as he drew back, grabbing hold of his cock as he pulled from her breasts and aiming it right to her face just as the release began. He came utterly without warning, and a massive load spewed all over her face, painting with broad, thick streaks of pearly white across her appalled face as she was caught mid-word, plenty of cum landing into her mouth in the process, some into her hair, and even a few solid lines across her tits. "Well then you can be the proud, dominant woman with her face covered in my cum," Harry smirked, drawing back for a moment. He wanted to set her up for failure this time, and sat down on the edge of his bed like he needed a moment, even if he was still rock hard. "But you look good with it."

Daphne shivered, biting her lip, so torn on what to do as he came on her face and then so nonchalantly walked it off. Her fingers reached up her skirt, doing away with her panties quickly as she eyed him and that massive cock, which she was absolutely certain would fit perfectly up her needy twat. And not just that; if she hit him with enough momentum, even his strong, burly frame couldn't help but be driven down, and then she could seize control, ride that fat dick for hours and calling all the shots. So she went for it, scrambling quickly forward, shoving him onto his back and straddling his lap. "Not as good as you'll look with a witch as gorgeous as me for arm candy," she said happily, and slammed herself right down onto his cock.

There was no preparing for something like that. She'd tried, pushed her self finger by finger into stretching her pussy out, trying to masturbate more boldly each time she did so to get ready to take him, but his cock was more than she could emulate with her hand, and her head rolled back nonetheless, a cry of shock spilling out as her hair bounced everywhere and her tits heaved. But nonetheless, she started to ride him, knees grabbing his hips for balance as she started to rock atop him, knowing she'd get used to it soon enough, that a good steady rhythm and some friction was all she needed to make it absolute bliss.

For a moment, all was well. Daphne was riding his lap steadily, savouring his cock inside of her as she moved, bouncing quicker and needier atop him with each passing second. "Ngh, yes, Harry, just lie back. I promise, I'll take wonderful care of you." Being in control all of a sudden wasn't something she even fully knew what to do with, but the sensation was too good to pass up as she bucked atop him, savouring the sweet sensations that were sure to follow, at least until he'd gotten bored of humouring her.

When Harry wanted to, he turned things around, threw Daphne's whole world out of whack as he stood up, grabbing two big handfuls of her plump ass as he rose, keeping her impaled on his cock as he rushed her to the wall, slamming her up against it and getting to work at feverishly rutting the needy, desperate girl. "I told you," he said firmly, grabbing her wrists and pinning them both to the wall. "I'm going to love breaking that attitude."

"Holy fuck," Daphne gasped as she was fucked deep and hard right up against the dorm room wall. Harry had caught her totally off guard, his strength and speed to be revered as the only wiry and lanky boy had turned into someone beefier and strong, athletics and war doing wonders for him to get into shape and use all of that physical prowess now on the Slytherin girl wrapping her lips around his waist on pure instinct as he pressed her down tightly.

"You still don't get it, Daphne. I love that you're strong and smart, and that you're so smug, but if you want to be mine, then you're going to actually be mine," he snarled lowly. "I'm going to fuck you every which way. Use your body however I want, plunder your holes again and again. And you're going to love it, aren't you?"

"Yes," she replied hoarsely, not even putting up a fight as he plowed her. The thrusts were savage, and even more brutal still was the fact that he was so easily commanding of her once again. She'd risen up to take control and he had slapped her right back down.

"And you're going to be my aching, curvy little fucktoy.'


"And at the end of the day, you'll admit that I'm stronger and better, and that you're mine because I need a powerful witch by my side, and you're worthy of that position."

"Yes." Daphne's breath raced, body shoving forward, heart pounding. He was hitting her in all the right ways, feeding her ego only to use it to further push her down.

"A powerful witch who knows her place, down at my feet, worshiping my cock, admitting that as strong as she is, as brilliant as she is, she submits in the end to the strongest of all."

"Yes!" Daphne could not believe how good it all felt, how wonderful it was to feel the utter thrill of desperation surging through her. Her eyes rolled back as her body bucked, thrusting needily against the harsh slamming forward of his hips. Each time he pushed into her, he drove his cock in deep, his balls swinging forward and smacking against her round ass as he took her as hard as he could, not wanting to stop until she was absolutely spend and utterly his. There was nothing she wanted to be more than that, and she would have groveled for the chance of he asked her to; he could tell it, too. He had pierced right through her pride, penetrated it as effortlessly as he had her cunt and her mouth, and she was willing to give him anything he asked for.

"Good. Because Pansy is just my bitch, but you? You're something more than that." His grip on her wrists tightened; she was smart enough to know what he meant, to know that he was offering up something greater than casual, thorough fucking, and she wanted all of it. Wanted to be his girl, his lover. For this to become the emotional, deep complication she had never intended it to be; staring deep into his eyes and seeing the depth of his power was simply too potent a thrill to resist, and she couldn't get enough of it. "If you want to be, of course."

"I do!" Daphne yelled at the top of her lungs. "Oh, fuck, I do. Take me Harry, make me yours! I'd gladly be your bitch, but to be your girlfriend would be the greatest honour!" Her head rolled back, and she felt teeth at her neck, the moans spilling from her lips messier and louder as they took too many risks at drawing attention, but she didn't care. She couldn't contain this kind of thrill and she let it all proudly out; she was getting railed against the wall by Harry Potter, given the fuck of a lifetime by a man worthy of her love and her submission, and she was ready to give in to all of it and let the searing hot delights carry her away.

Harry made Daphne his in a very straightforward way, grunting as one final thrust balls deep into her sopping wet cunt brought him to his end, his cock twitching and erupting violently within her, another massive load spewing forward as thick, virile cum pumped deep into her needy hole, pushing her right over the edge too. His hand clasped down on her mouth, knowing what was coming would simply be too much as he silenced her efficiently, left her to shiver and writhe against the wall in muffled silence as her orgasm ran through her, made her buck and kick against his powerful body keeping her tight against the wall.

He held here there until she grew limp, before pulling his cock out of her, leaving her pussy gaping and dripping with his spunk. "And now, you're mine," he said softly, smiling as he took hold of her hair. "Well, almost," he said with a smirk, bending her forcefully over the bed, twisting the dark locks as he guided his cock between her plump cheeks. "There's still one hole I need to take before I truly own you."

They fucked for hours. Daphne knew that he was like this with Pansy, but she never realized just what it was like to have sex for hours on end until she was right there getting pounded, pumped full of enough cum to seed a whole village by the time he had finished with her, flooding her ass, stomach, and pussy with so much cum, but all she felt was trembling delight as they finally reached their steady end.

She clung to him in the darkness, his arm around her as he showed her a different, calmer side. A side that didn't need cruelty and dominance. Her face had been cleaned up, and he kissed her steadily as he held onto her in turn. "You know there would have been easier ways to get into my room than to challenge me to a duel right? You ruined a perfectly good shirt."

"Mm, if I went around showing boys my bra, what kind of reputation would I have for that?" She bit her lip before pressing a kiss onto his lips, enjoying the change of speed as things got sappier. "A witch's reputation is important, especially if you want to have something resembling a decent career, and I won't settle for anything less than the best." She had ambitions, and as much as she was ready to use Harry to further those, she would further his just as much. At least once she got some into him. "But, about Pansy, are you going to call it quits with her now?"

"Do you want me to?" he asked, perhaps the greedy answer all told, but it was the honest one. He would stop if Daphne wanted him to, and if not, he was sure Pansy would look rather adorable being forced to eat cum out of Daphne's snatch.

"The opposite, actually." Ever the quick one, Daphne was already looking to build up those ambitions. "You are a massively hung, magically gifted hunk of a man, and I think the best thing we could do is get you breeding with as many witches as we can possibly find. With me as your number one girl, of course, but... I wouldn't mind if you fucked Pansy. Or even a few other friends I had in mind, too. I have a plot of plans for you, Harry, and you're going to thank me for all of them by the time we're through."

Harry should have known that dating a Slytherin would go like this, but intrigued as could be, he decided to accept the offer. "I look forward to seeing what schemes you cook up."

"A Slytherin does not scheme," Daphne said sternly. 'She plots."

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