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That night, Yuto chose to take that opportunity to own Kanade despite the younger didn't struggle or fight back. A deal as excuse to monopolize the younger man with the hope that their first will not also the last. A part of Yuto was relieved that Kanade will not be the subject of his revenge but other part of him filled with sadness that he had no reason to keep Kanade anymore.

Yuto fixated his eyes on the beautiful creature who was sleeping in his arms. It was wonderful feeling if someday he would woke up in the morning and the first thing he could see was Kanade beside him. He couldn't resist to steal a kiss again and muttered "forgive me..."

Past 2 of the morning, Kanade woke up and gently got off the bed then walked towards the bathroom. Yuto wasn't sleep at that moment and minutes later decided to check Kanade inside the bathroom.

The younger one didn't lock the door and just left it open. He was just standing in daze while those hot water was pouring in his delicate and sore body. Yuto was annoyed but felt guilty for what he had done. He approached Kanade as he grabbed a bath towel pulling Kanade towards him.

" What are you doing? ", Yuto irritably asked as he turned off the shower knob then wrapped the fabric around Kanade's body. " Later in the afternoon, you can..."

" I want... to go back... right now...", Kanade just replied and gently pushed away Yuto as he walked back to the bed.

" As you wish... ", Yuto just muttered but took a secret glance at the red haired who just picked up a new clothes and donned it. He called his driver to prepare the car. He realized that Kanade might took the chance to go back that early so no one will find out where he really came from. Clearly he was really a good person that thinks what was better for both parties.

Kanade was ready to leave and he didn't bother to talk or look at Yuto anymore. He should be happy that he was finally free and he even protect his family and Junya despite he willingly exchange himself for it. Good thing he kept those feelings all by himself for he was right that once the truth revealed he wasn't needed anymore and it might add to Yuto's rage if he confessed. He didn't even bother to say goodbye to Kazama as well for he knew that it will made him emotional if he meet him before he leave.

" This is for better...Thank you for everything Kurofune", Kanade thought as he gently slided up the car window at the back seat.

Yuto didn't even dare to go down and decided to watch everything in his room. One part of him don't want to let go of that man but he felt defeated that he thought he made Kanade completely fall for him instead it was him fell into the trap.

" In the end, he still choose that guy over me... I lost in my own game...", Yuto murmured but he noticed the younger man's expression. Its not joy or sadness but a different emotion that he couldn't figure out why and it began to confuse him. "Am I hard to love? "

They arrived too early but Kanade just motioned the driver to dropped him off in the corner and began to walk extra distance towards his home. As soon as the sun rise up, Kanade decided to knock on the main gate and his men welcomed him being thankful that their young master was finally home.

Shin was the first one who hugged Kanade which the latter began to cry. Junya received the news of Kanade's return and gladly joined the two hugging tightly the red haired that he almost thought he couldn't meet again.

Few minutes, Kanade fell asleep due to constant crying and Shin decided to carry him to his own room. Junya was following behind him. After gently putting Kanade on his bed, Shin quietly sat beside and caressing Kanade's hair.

" I am relieve he was safe...", Shin murmured.
" I'll take responsibility from now on...", Junya said which he took the other side of the bed and sat. " I will not let Kanade's life to put in another danger again... I will be strong for our family's sake...", Junya softly said looking at Kanade who was soundly sleeping. He seemed so tired yet not completely fine. He was wondering if he escaped from the one who abducted him and how much hardship he endured to make it back home.

" What will you do Junya? Will you find one who's behind this?", Shin asked.
" I guess... I really want to meet that person and make him pay...", Junya threatening remarked.

It was past in the morning when Keigo's another phone rang and got the information from Shin regarding Kanade's return. To make the act believable he asked the blue haired guy if he could pay a visit that day which Shin gladly permitted. He quickly get off the bed, showered and picked random simple clothes and went out his room which he didn't bothered to eat anything. He walked pass to Yuto's chamber which at that moment went out as well.

" Are you okay with this?...", Keigo asked which Yuto nodded. The taller man seemed not in good mood and Keigo couldn't figure out if Yuto was unhappy or still mad about last night. " I'm going to Kanade's place today...", Keigo simply said and walked ahead.

" Lucky for him he could see and talk to him freely... I wonder if I made Kanade hates me more than the guy who harassed him on his birthday...", Yuto said on his mind seeing Keigo hurriedly take the black car. Later on, his phone began to ring and received a called from someone who wished to see him.

Keigo left his car in certain mall parking area and took a taxi asking the driver to drop him off to the address Shin mentioned on his message. As soon as Keigo arrived at Koutsu Shingo, he was welcomed by a lot of men who was almost ready into fight. He felt uneasy wondering if Kanade told everything but he remained calmed as Shin approached and guided him to Kanade's room.

" Where are you guys going?", Keigo worriedly asked.
" Please look after him while we are away for a bit... Junya wanted to meet the one who is responsible to Kanade's abduction", Shin seriously replied as he opened gently the door revealing a still sleeping Kanade on bed.

" No way that Kanade will tell everything but how did they found out? did they use that group's intel too?", Keigo cautiously thought as he sat beside Kanade's bed. He was worried now that it seemed Kanade wasn't looked well and there was slight fever as he put his hands on the younger's head.
" Is he sick?"

" He arrived too early this morning...", Shin started. " I feel bad that as soon as I embraced him he began to cry... he just dozed off maybe because of fatigue and stress...then as I check him up again an hour ago, he had now a fever", Shin explained.

" I see. I looked after him for mean time... good thing its my day off today... ", Keigo replied. " May I know who is this person who's behind of his disappearance?", he inquired.

"KUROFUNE...", Shin revealed clenching his teeth as he said those words. Junya suddenly appeared motioning Shin to leave the room. Keigo saw how angry Junya was and he was worried if Yuto already knew that he was now targeted.

Keigo waited until Junya and Shin's group vanished and decided to call Yuto to warn him.

" Yuto? Glad you answered... where are you?", Keigo panicky asked.
" Outside. I am going to confront someone...", Yuto shortly replied.
" Someone... you mean?...you already...", Keigo anxiously said as he figured out that his partner had knew already.
" Sasaki called me... we will end everything today...", Yuto explained as he focused on driving towards the old warehouse.
" Yuto... Kanade was here still sleeping and actually not in good condition... what did you do?", Keigo asked for he didn't even know what happened between Kanade and Yuto that night.

" Is that so? I'm sorry Keigo... just take good care of him... "

" At least tell me where are you?", Keigo angrily asked almost shouting.
" To a place where everything started... don't come here...", Yuto replied and quickly turned off the phone.

Hearing that about Kanade's condition made him felt guilty again as if he overdid everything. He shouldn't use the deal as an excuse to forcibly get what he wanted. Kanade might looked strong but he should knew the young man's limitations especially he was his first yet he did cross the line. He now remembered why Kanade chose to bath in hot shower in order to obscure that he wasn't feeling well already.

" Everything he do...he still thinks about other people first than himself...but how did- wait...", Yuto thought and suddenly remembered that the ring was still on Kanade's possession. " Sasaki kissed Ana's left hand that night as greeting... I totally forgot about it...", He smirked for that little stuff but he should be more focused on confronting Sasaki Junya, the real leader of the Koutsu Shingo family. "Fate made its own way... "·

Both family arrived at the same time inside the old warehouse under Kurofune's possession. Junya's group first fired their guns towards Yuto's group but luckily evaded and dispersed. Shin stayed inside the car following Junya's order that he would faced alone Yuto Kuroishi.

Back to Koutsu Shingo's mansion, Kanade accidentally heard Keigo on his phone conversation. At that moment, it made clear to him that Keigo and Kazama are only one person but he didn't mind about it for both cared for him so much.

" Keigo-kun...You are-", Kanade unbelievably muttered as Keigo surprisingly saw him already woke up.
" I'm sorry... ", Keigo brought down his phone and unable to look at Kanade straight to his eyes.
" I understand... but where is Shin and Junya? Did something happen to Yuto-kun?", Kanade continuously asked with worried tone but it seemed Keigo didn't move an inch and clearly not telling what's going on. " Please Keigo-kun... tell me... I beg you...", Kanade insisted and his tears began to fall.
" Junya-kun and Shin-kun will confront Yuto-kun today... It seemed they found out despite you did not say anything...", Keigo explained. " Don't worry, Kanade. I believe everything will-"
" Keigo-kun, take me to where they will meet up... ", Kanade cut in and began to get off the bed despite feeling unwell.
" But Kanade...", Keigo quickly caught Kanade before he completely fell on the bed. " Look at you... you should rest...".
" Please, Keigo... we need to stop both of them before they kill each other... let's hurry", Kanade pleaded which Keigo had no choice but to comply. He carried Kanade out of the room. With Kanade's help, Keigo easily knocked down one guard outside the car garage and drove one car.

Keigo knew the location... if he was right its the place where their comrades found dead five years ago. Maybe its Yuto who demanded to confront Junya in the place where the hatred and revenge feelings started. He just hoped that both men were all still alive.

Back to old warehouse, random gun shots clearly heard. Yuto and Junya finally faced off and fought one on one. Both evaded each others attacks. Yuto seeing a chance kicked Junya's hand to drop his gun and he was about to shoot when Junya bravely grabbed his arm making him dropped his gun as well . They fought using their fists and Yuto couldn't bear anymore starting to burst out straddling the smaller man.

" You are the sole reason of this! I will not forgive you for everything you did! ", Yuto angrily shouted punching Junya on the face but before he landed another punch, Junya quickly pushed him hard away from him and quickly kicked him in the stomach.

" I don't know what you're talking about...", Junya retorted spitting some blood in his side. " I'm here for what you did to Kanade... I will never forgive you, Kuroishi!", he shouted but Yuto just laughed out loud
" Really, huh? It's should be you not him... that brat is nothing but an instrument...", Yuto smirked wiping off the blood in his cheek. " Did you know how much he wanted to protect you that he even submit himself to me...", Yuto boastfully said.

Junya was indeed shocked upon hearing those words from Yuto. Their pure and naive brother had been touch by this filthy cocky bastard and thinking about it made his blood boiled. Junya glared at Yuto.

" He was so stupid that he will do everything for you sake.."

" Quit it! How dare you-", Junya madly shouted. " He might be stupid in your eyes but you never knew what much hardship he gone through. You have the family and money but Kanade had nothing! I understand why... because he know how to value the people who took him! You never understand Kanade because you have everything! Kanade will chose to sacrifice his dream just to prove that he was worthy enough to be part of the family and even bound to the belief that everything was for family's sake!", Junya dreadfully expressed and quickly lunged forward towards Yuto who was dazed at that time.

" So those moments.. everything about him was...", Yuto thought letting Junya punched him hard on his face. Sudden realization hitted him and even remembered the times Kanade and him were together... all those are real Kanade's inner feelings that he couldn't express when he was in his family. How would he let himself being lectured by this guy when he didn't even witness how happy Kanade was in his care. He forced himself not to fall down in the ground and he grabbed Junya's right arm swiftly throwing the blonde aside.

Yuto fiercely glared as he stomped on Junya's chest which the latter yelped in pain.

"Yea, I have everything... but do you know how painful of losing someone important to you?", Yuto fiercely looked down on the blonde. "5 years ago, three men was found dead in this place... and the blonde captured in the camera was you, right? The three slanted lines symbolized your family... they are good people yet you killed them! TELL ME WHY DID YOU TAKE THEIR LIFE?! ", Yuto growled and forcefully kicked Junya who rolled on the other side. Junya coughed out some blood and his vision started to blur until he spotted his gun nearby.

"My revenge will focus on the leader until I learned it was Kanade... I wanted to see him losing life slowly but its no fun if I did it... ", Yuto said as he slowly approached Junya. "so the best plan was to monopolize him and make him the one to destroy your family... but in the end, he still choose someone like you... I don't care if I will break my deal to him ... I will kill you.. so I can move on and take him away", Yuto yattered as he began to attack again.

Junya quick reflexes dodged Yuto's another attempt of kick and made himself rolled in the ground and grabbed the gun. He quickly fired it at Yuto who immediately evaded it and only grazed his left shoulder. The blonde made another shot and aimed at Yuto's right leg which he didn't miss.

Yuto painfully knelt down and he was surprised that Junya was walking towards him and the gun was now aiming in his forehead.

" I remembered now, Takeshi and others... "Junya started. "Yea, I am also responsible to their deaths... All because they wanted to help and protect me... ".

" FUCK OFF! YOU-", Yuto growled.

"Let me tell you the truth. That day, authority mistaken us that we were doing illegal activities In this place and began to shoot us. We are just here to make a collaboration agreement of shipping business for my family which was just starting. The video was definitely broken that it didn't show the whole incidents... and to cover up what the authority did. ", Junya told as his tears began to fall. " Takeshi... covered us just to make me and my remaining men escaped. I didn't know he was part of your organization who later on brought this place... Yes, I admit that I am the cause why they were killed and I am a coward that time", Junya sadly revealed while looking at Yuto who dropped down his head.

Yuto wasn't able to say anything. He made a wrong judgement and Keigo was right... he was blinded by aiming to get a revenge. He even forgot that Takeshi had told him that he will introduce a new business partners and the reason why they seek help from the authority but ended all in vain.

"You can hate and kill me but... " Junya shuffled the gun getting Yuto's attention. "I will never forgive you for what you have done to Kanade... He was fragile yet you gone too far and made him broken... I will not let someone like you who tainted him to take him away again... ", Junya madly shouted and he was about to shoot when a familiar figure shown up protecting Yuto for being shot.

"You-", Yuto surprisingly muttered seeing the person in front of him.

"What are you doing here?! ", Junya quickly stopped himself from pulling the trigger.

"Junya-kun, I'm sorry... ", Kanade said as he didn't move just to cover Yuto behind him who was already wounded. " I know I am being selfish but... if you wanted to kill him... shoot me first... ", Kanade bravely said making the two guys shocked upon hearing it.

"Kanade... why? This is the only thing I can do... I even failed to protect you...", Junya painfully asked as he looked at Kanade who's eyes were all determined to protect the person who abducted him.

" I love Junya-kun and everyone in our family... ", Kanade stated. "But I will not forgive myself if I let the important person who gave me freedom to do things that I love being killed... I beg you Junya...please spare him... ", Kanade pleaded which Junya complied by lowering his gun.

"If that's what you want... ", Junya sadly sad and turned his back as he began to walk away from the two.

"Thank you, Junya-kun..", Kanade muttered. " I am sorry for this...its my fault and I will try to make it up... ", he apologized by still not looking at Yuto.

"I don't need your sympathy... ", Yuto murmured but he was surprised when Kanade finally faced him and bend down gently grabbed his left hand and put the ring on it.

" I'm sorry again... I even forgot to return this... which I guess was the cause why Junya found out... ", Kanade sadly smiled but Yuto was froze in his place as he looked the ring he gave to Kanade as birthday gift being returned. "Thank you for everything... Kuroishi-san"

With that being said Kanade stood up and walked to where Junya headed. Yuto didn't even realize that his tears began to fall as Kanade vanished in his sight. His hand with the ring gradually formed into fist and he punched the ground in frustration.

Keigo arrived seeing his partner kept on punching the ground only made Yuto's hand bleed. He quickly approached halting Yuto's action.

"Keigo...is this... my punishment?", Yuto sadly voiced out and let his head fell on the blonde's chest.

"Yuto...", Keigo couldn't say any words as he hugged his partner who cried in pain not physically but emotionally. He knew how hard Yuto try to hide his real feelings over the young boss yet his actions spoke louder than words.

One month passed, Yuto was discharged in the hospital. He still kept the ring and even wondered if Kanade visited him but he knew that its impossible after everything happened.

"The only thing that connects me to him was returned as if he wanted to cut everything...he maybe hated me...", Yuto thought as he looked at the item in his hand.

Mean while, Keigo even quitted his work in the casino. Aside from Kanade, he even told the whole truth to Shin after the incident. The blue haired guy doesn't seem care about it but to make both parties move on Keigo chose to leave.

The whole incident was kept secret and in order to compensate to Kurofune's loss, Junya decided to signed up an agreement of putting Koutsu Shingo's share in most Kurofune's shipping business. Kurofune received the letter and Yuto gladly permitted which he used as his chance to be able to see again the younger man.

One day, there was a scheduled first meeting between Kurofune and Koutsu Shingo and Yuto personally attended it despite it will held in Junya's place. The meeting took almost an hour and everything went smoothly. Yuto was a bit disappointed that its only Junya and Shin who were present and even Mikami. As the meeting officially adjourned, Junya personally approached him as they were the only people left in the meeting room.

"I never thought you will personally attend here..."Junya said as he sat in the table where Yuto was just across the table. "Are you hoping to see him?"

"I wanted to talk to him personally...", Yuto seriously replied.

"As much I wanted to let you but its impossible...gave up on him...", Junya glared at the him.

"Why would I? ", Yuto smirked. "Are you afraid that he might choose me over you?"

Junya just laughed and stood up walking towards the door.

"He will never able to choose for he was already dead... ", Junya just said and left Yuto alone in the office.

"No, he is definitely just playing around... Kanade isn't dead... ", Yuto muttered as he clenched his fist hard. He decided to left the office and headed to the loo.

That moment, he accidentally heard familiar voices entered the loo as well. He kept himself quiet as he hide himself in one cubicle.

"You should told him the truth, Junya..", Shin insisted as he found out that Junya lied at Yuto.

"You heard what Kanade said, he liked that man but he knew that its impossible for that kind of guy to like him back... I respect that he quitted being part of mafia... and i just wanted him to live a normal happy life that he can do anything he wanted without minding us...", Junya explained.

"Junya...I understand... All we wanted is what is best for him afterall... "

"I know how difficult to have a one sided love, Shin. Let's just hope that he might find the right one someday... plus, its better this way that he is no longer in danger..."Junya smilingly said as he patted Shin's shoulder and left the loo.

Yuto decided to get out and made up his mind. He was willing to gave up everything and start over but as long as Kanade was with him. He will do his best to find the person whom he considered as wonderful treasure he found in his journey.

After that day, Yuto entrusted everthing to Keigo who was at first disagreed on his decision. Seeing his partner being serious and motivated to chase Kanade, he finally agreed. Koutsu Shingo was also surprised of sudden change of ownership.

"That guy gave up everything just to find Kanade?", Junya uttered suddenly upon hearing everything from Keigo. "what a stubborn guy..."

"Actually, it was my first time seeing him so dedicated to achieve something... meeting Kanade-kun definitely made an impact on him... I just hope he was more honest on himself this time..."Keigo stated.

"Then everything he said that night at the party was his real feelings towards Kanade...", Junya thought and began to get his phone. "Sorry, Kanade but I think he deserve another chance...", he told to himself as he sent a message and bid goodbye to Shin and Keigo.

"Hey, Keigo... ", Shin called seeing the other guy busy in fixing the documents.

"What is it?", Keigo asked still not looking at Shin until the latter put his hand over his right. "Shin?", he confusingly muttered and being near with this guy make his heart pound.

"Better if we also start over?, Shin smiling asked but Keigo flustered and kept on fixing the documents as if he didn't heard Shin.


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