Disclaimer: I don't own Pegasus, Mai Valentine, or anyone else in the Yu-Gi- Oh cast. * Summary: Pegasus wants his Millennium Eye. Mai wants to compete in the Battle City Tournament. Fate has a weird sense of humor. (suggestive content) *******************

Harping on History By Kabuki April 2003

* * *

******** Part One ********
He stood in the crowd of children and adults, his silver hair billowing in the fresh breeze despite the wide brimmed hat that he wore, and knew that he shouldn't have come. No one really knew what had become of him, they only knew that after the Duelist Kingdom Tournament he'd mysteriously gone into hiding, resurfacing only to approve the manufacture of Duel Dice Monsters. He didn't care for the game; but judging by the reaction of the throng which surrounded him the game must have been a huge enough hit to attract even more prospective duelists to a true tournament. People were running in all directions, decks in hand or affixed to peculiar mechanical contraptions. He shook his head, wondering why Kaiba was so insistent on weird gadgets to play a simple card game.

There was a purpose to his attendance, however. He slipped through the crowd with relative ease, using the residual powers of the Millennium Eye to clear a meandering path toward the duelist's ring. He could feel the power of the item calling to him. Today was the day. By that evening, the Eye would be his once again.

The duelists who had not been eliminated in the preliminaries were ensconced together on the ground floor of a large metallic structure. Pegasus felt again for the specially prepared identification tag in his pocket. It had taken a great deal of care to have such a thing manufactured without attracting the notice of the ever-alert Seto Kaiba. Money, though, was always sought after by the greedy, even if they were top executives of the Kaiba Corporation. It was a good thing Pegasus had enough to throw around.

Two security guards were on duty, but they were not his primary concern. Between them was a small metal box. Pegasus mounted the stairs, and slid his identification card into the box, pressing in a secret code when prompted. It took a moment to process, but at last the door clicked open. Pegasus smiled to the guards and slipped into the building. Perfect. Step one a complete success.

Now came the hard part. Pegasus made his way down the second hall on his left and turned, securing himself in the men's restroom. He entered a stall and removed a small compartment from his grey trench coat. When he pressed a button the box opened, revealing a sparse but effective amount of high- priced equipment. Pegasus lifted a small silver device with a large dial upon the band, giving it the appearance of an ordinary wristwatch. Pegasus slipped this onto his slender wrist with a single well-practiced motion. Next he removed a make-up kit, highly detailed and filled with all sorts of items. He examined a bottle of latex and contemplated for the umpteenth time whether he wanted to hide his face. It would take some time, but he could conceal his features with ease. Over the years he'd had many strange hobbies and preoccupations - special effects had been one of his favorites. In the end, he closed the compartment and decided to try sneaking about the old-fashioned way. If he was caught there would always be another chance to attempt the theft again; but he didn't plan to fail.

He emerged from the restroom cautiously and made his way to the nearest elevator. Yugi Moto and his friends had been assigned rooms on the twenty- seventh floor. He slipped into the elevator and pressed the button. The doors had just begun to close when a woman's voice rang out. "Wait! Hold it!"

Without a thought he held the elevator for the woman who leapt aboard as though the thing would vanish. She turned, blonde hair bouncing, and flashed a dazzling smile. "Thanks! There are so many floors, I'd have been waiting forever!"

Pegasus allowed a polite smile from behind his carefully darkened sunglasses. "Think nothing of it."

The woman grinned, then looked him up and down. Her smile widened. "Do I know you? You seem awfully familiar."

"Do you say that to everyone you meet in an elevator?"

The woman laughed, and suddenly Pegasus knew exactly who she was. He'd watched her battle Yugi at his own Duelist Kingdom Tournament. She was talented. He'd almost thought she would win until Yugi had finally figured out a way to counter her Harpy Lady strategy. She stuck out her hand and winked as he shook it in a daze. "The name's Mai Valentine! I never forget a face."

Pegasus began to wish he'd used the latex after all.