Dragon Ball Z: Dynasty

Authors: Feraligreater328 and StevenBodner

Edited by: StevenBodner and SparkerLightning

Nuclear Science Consultant: Cat~ 3

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Chapter 134: The Battles of M1, Part 2

Out in front of Dr. Wheelo's sanctum...

Bonyu woke up with a dazed groan. Something was laying atop her. With a forceful shove, she pushed the mass away and it groaned as well. Bonyu called out. "Who's there?!"

Daiz coughed and gagged. "It... it's me..."

Bonyu shook her head. "W-Where are you?! Why is it so dark? Wha..."

Daiz responded. "When that cloud of burning ash came surging toward us, I shoved you to the ground. I guess...it is pretty dark. But..."

Daiz suddenly gasped in shock. Bonyu flinched. "Wh-What?!"

Daiz stared at Bonyu's face, streams of blood running out from behind her milky white eyes. The explosion had blinded her.


Daiz turned and saw Wings wailing at the top of his lungs. He and one of Medamatcha's little goblins had tears running down their faces as Wings cradled Medamatcha's limp, headless body. A nearby rock covered in blood and viscera told a horror story that put a lump in Daiz' throat. Just behind Wings, Angila stared piteously at his second dead sibling of the day. This news was not going to settle well on Lord Slug's ancient shoulders.

Looking in another direction, Daiz saw that Amond was standing, holding tightly onto Lakasei and Raisen. He couldn't hear what the twins were saying, but it was clear they were trying to speak to Amond. Daiz stood and walked over to them. "H-Hey...Amond..."

Then Amond fell forward, hitting the ground with a disturbing splat. Lakasei and Raisen crawled out from underneath their massive comrade to see the true horror of the situation. Amond was very much dead, the entire back half of his body burned away.

Daiz shuddered, looking around and examining the battlefield. The sheer heat of the explosion had handled the last of the Cyclopean Guards, warping them and fusing them to the ground and to the rubble. Ringing out through the hollow silence, a few electronic chirps rang out, almost sounding like the cries of injured men and women.

Daiz turned back to Bonyu, watching her cough and wretch, blood pouring from her nose and ears. A warm trickle ran down Daiz' face as well. "This...this is awful. Turles..."

And then he fell forward onto his face.

Back at Dr. Gete's Lab...

A massive crater now sat where Dr. Gete's laboratory once stood. The Armored Squadron's ship, a durable old gal, had been flipped like a coin through the air and now sat upside-down atop a pile of rubble. The rest of the surrounding area was a mound of burned refuse. A few members of the race that the Tuffle Academy had subjugated laid dead, little more than blackened skeletal remains.

In the entire area, only one thing remains unscathed. The Big Gete Star, the masterpiece of both the original Dr. Gete and the wife that succeeded him, glimmered with a silver sheen in the flickering, radioactive flames left in the wake of the explosion.

Neiz's shell sat nestled in a nest of broken concrete. It was not broken, but was severely cracked. Neiz's precious lifeblood poured and settled in a pool beneath him. Dore laid in a heap in the center of a wreath of flames. He was entirely naked, having taken the brunt of the explosion face-first. His dark green skin was covered in hideous burn blisters and his chest heaved with crisp, wheezing gasps. He tried to push himself up, but he couldn't make his arms and legs budge. Using all of his remaining strength to lift his head, Dore spoke. "The... Big Gete... Star..."

His head fell back down. "We found it... Lord Cooler. A-At least... at least the General will... grab it when... he comes..."

"And just what makes you think King Cold's brat is deserving of my husband's magnum opus?!"

Dore gasped in horror, his eyes going wide as a shadow appeared in the column of flames before him. With great, plodding footsteps, Dr. Gete stepped out and loomed over the injured Beppan. But that isn't to say that she was in any better condition. The ghastly green glow that once enveloped the scientist's entire body was now quite faded. It was now possible to make out everything that was once hidden beneath: a dull, carbonized skeleton and a mound of flesh that somewhat resembled a warped, mishappen heart.



Dore spat right in her face, an enraged sneer spread across his lips. "K-Keep your mouth shut about...Lord Cooler..."

Gete stood in a trance, Dore's spit sizzling against her superheated bones. Then, she raised her foot and stomped it hard onto the crippled Beppan's chest. Dore screamed at the top of his lungs, helpless as a skeletal footprint was branded onto his chest. His wails sang out across the burning landscape as the sickening smell of burning flesh began to seep into the air. Gete shrieked. "I'm glad that other friend of yours is dead! I couldn't stand to see that face..."

She pictured Salza's face, and then her husbands... but a skin tone of difference between the two. "...I couldn't stand to see that face kowtowing to the new flavored dictator-of-the-week..."

A small bolt of lightning shot out and crashed into Gete's back. She turned and saw Neiz's shell trembling, electricity crackling off of it. Gete flung her hand towards the shell and sent it flying with a burst of radioactive power.

In that single moment of distraction, Dore sprang back to life. He brought his massive arms up and smashed them through the foot on his chest. Gete's leg shattered to pieces and she went stumbling back. Then, Dore's arms fell uselessly to the ground once more. With that final act of defiance, he was truly spent. He roared with all of his might. "YOU WILL NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT OUR NOBLE LORD COOLER!"

Gete screamed and lunged at Dore, ramming her fist into his mouth and firing a massive burst of radiation right down his throat. Dore gurgled in pain, his screams drowned and muffled by the blood and smoke erupting from his throat. Gete snarled, her nose cavity inches away from Dore's nose. "Burn."

Meanwhile, a few dozen meters away...

A massive piece of rubble shift and fell, Salza pulling himself from a hole he had dug out with his Sauzer Blades. Salza groaned, watching as Gete continued to blast radiation down his comrades throat. "Zank you, Dore. I am in your debt..."

Salza pressed his hand to his face, moaning in exhaustion as he remembered the scene. The moment the blue flash occurred, Dore turned and leapt atop Salza. If it were not for Dore shielding him, Salza would have died right then and there. And, with how blurry his vision was, he might die anyway. Salza felt the first sluices of vomit gathering in his throat. He was hideously dizzy. He didn't have much left to give. Salza groaned. "I have one shot..."

Salza took aim. He used his thumbs to line up with his target. His target: the massive, erratically beating organ in Dr. Gete's chest. The energy began to surge between Salza's hands and he shouted. "SAUZER BLADE: CLAYMORE!"

All at once, a massive broad sword of energy shot out from between Salza's hands. It went shooting forward faster than the eye could follow and hit its target with no issue. The blade pierced through Gete's heart and sent her crashing off of Dore, carrying her all the way to a collapsed wall and smashing her into it. On the ground, Dore belched one last lungful of smoke and went unconscious.

Across the battlefield, Dr. Gete slumped over, her green glow fading away and her heartbeat becoming slower and slower by the second. Salza sighed in relief, and then he began to limp over.

As dizzy as he was, it took Salza a minute to make his way across the burning hellscape, but he did eventually make it to his destination and collapsed into sitting position. From there, he stared at Gete's dying form with pity.

The murderous glow in Gete's eyes was dim. She glared up at Salza in silence. Salza glared right back down at her, his face stern but betraying a genuine sadness. Gete let loose a sad cackled. "You look just like him, you know? My... My dear Gete..."

Silently, Salza raised his hand. Gete didn't flinch. She knew that this was the end. He was going to summon another blade and end her life. And why shouldn't he? Gete had massacred his men and grievously injured his friends. Why shouldn't this man end her life?

To her surprise, however, Salza simply ran his gloved hand over his face to wipe away a thick film of sweat. Gete spoke in a hushed tone. "Not going to strike me down?"

Salza shook his head. "Why should I strike down a dying woman? I am simply here to hear your last words, should you have any. I do not believe in needless cruelty..."

Gete's body didn't have enough strength left to flinch. She responded. "Y-You do remember my brutal murder of your men, correct?"

Salza shrugged. "Zey came in knowing ze risks. I will go to zeir families and report zis tragedy. I expect to be struck. To be castigated. To be damned and cursed. But... zen I will make sure zat ze proper care is offered. I will honor zose brave men as Lord Cooler sees fit..."

He glared at Gete. "Hell can judge you."

Gete cackled. "Hell?! You're leaving vengeance up to Hell?! You poor... faithful fools... You must know that Hell... Heaven... the concept of a greater justice in this Universe... there is no such thing..."

She wheezed. "I am a woman of science. I don't have time for such untrendy, baseless philosophy..."

Salza retorted. "You may drop ze act, if you would like."

Gete glared at him. Salza looked at her with pity once more. No... not with pity. That mood had passed. Salza looked upon getting with genuine sadness, tears beginning to well in his eyes and melding with the sweat pouring from his face. Gete sneered. "You dare to cry for me?"

Salza wiped his eyes. "Not for you. I cry... for ze Universe... this place we all live."

Gete flinched. "Wh-What?!"

Salza glanced away. "You are not Dr. Gete. You're just a poor woman robbed of her life and her home and her love. All of your dreams ripped away by tyrants... tyrants like Vegeta II and of course Cold. Ze real monsters of ze Universe who would rip away ze dreams and ideals of zose so easily trodden upon..."

He looked to her again, careful to control his emotions. "Your sins are unforgiveable, but I refuse to begrudge anozer victim of circumstance for lashing at ze world zat has failed her..."

Gete was stunned silent. Salza through his head back. "When King Cold came to my world, I zought zat was it. Zat I was doomed to serve a slave to a merciless master for ze rest of my life. I was chosen alongside zat sycophant Ginyu to act as ze shadow of King Cold's heirs. Ginyu went to become toady to zat murderous brat Frieza. And I ...was given ze pleasure of meeting him..."

Salza didn't seem to be talking to Gete now. He stared up at the sun, barely visible through the clouds of hideous, black smoke. "I did not relish in ze zought of being a babysitter. But as it turns out, I never had to be. Ze man zat I met zat day... he stood strong and proud. His back was straight. His eyes fiery. His focus razor-sharp and dedicated..."

Long ago...

Salza stood there in shock, Cooler's finger pressed against his chest and right over his heart. Cooler stared at him with fire and fury. He spoke in a rapturous tone, one of a man with confidence in his every word. "I ask you again, Salza of the Brenchian Star System. Whose side are you on: King Cold or myself?"

Salza knew that if Cooler so wished, Salza could be dead in a moment. That finger on his chest was more deadly a weapon than any bullet. Cooler's stare astounded him and he stammered. "A-Are zey not one and ze same?!"

Cooler responded. "They are not. Now answer my question. Do you support the goals of King Cold? Do you revel in his evil? Is this the life that you wish to live for the rest of your own?!"

Salza could feel a cold sweat breaking out. This man...this man was not like King Cold. There was a stark difference. There was something else there. And even though his logical brain told him that this was a trap and that his response would kill him, Salza's heart and soul spoke on its behalf. "I DETEST KING COLD! I HATE HIM AND HIS BRUTAL REGIME AND WHAT HE HAS DONE TO MY HOME! IF I HAD ZE CHANCE, I WOULD KILL HIM WITH MY ARMS, MY LEGS, OR EVEN MY TEEZ!"

Cooler remained calm. "You wish for things to change?"

Salza screamed in his face. "YES!"

Cooler stared for a long while, but then he smiled and lowered his finger. "My father sent you to keep tabs on me on his behalf, correct?"

Salza nodded. "I-Indeed."

Cooler shook his head. "And I bet Ginyu is the same for my younger brother..."

Salza was confused. "Sir?"

Cooler turned to Salza again and smiled. "No matter. As of today, Salza, you are not King Cold's soldier. You are mine. And extension of my will. A limb that follows my orders. You are one of my trusted ones, as is every other man and woman on this ship."

Cooler extended his hand again, not in threat but in friendship. "Will you help me with my grand design, Salza?"

And then, without thinking, Salza gripped Cooler's hand tightly and firmly.

Back in the present...

The Brenchian smiled. "Lord Cooler's plans for zis Universe will make it a better place. A place where tragic monsters are not born of circumstance. Where people have no need of zeir fear..."

Salza stared on as Gete began to grow dimmer and dimmer. She was almost ready to expire. She looked up at Salza, the green embers in her skeletal eye sockets beginning to snuff. Finally, the bombast left her voice...and a tired, sullen woman's voice echoed out. "If there is an afterlife...will I see him there? You've already made it clear that I will be going to Hell, if such a place exists, but..."

A bead of water form in the corner of Gete's eye socket, sliding off of the bone and onto the charred ground beneath her cheekbone. "... will I at least be able to see him one more time?"

Salza sighed. "I believe zat, if true love really does exist, zen he will be waiting zere to take you in his arms. Whatever may come after... whatever punishing fires may await... zeir heat is nozing compared to love..."

The green flames in Gete's eye sockets sputtered out, small wisps of smoke rising out and fading. "You're a good man... Perhaps, if Cooler is half of what you are... then... he won't just be a passing trend..."

Dr. Gete, and the tragic legacy that lived long after he did, was dead. Salza watched her skeleton crumble into dust and blow away in the wind.

And then, as if on cue, he heard familiar voices approach from behind. "COMMANDER SALZA!"

Salza turned to see several of his men from the ship running towards him, their bodies locked away in thick, radiation-resistant yellow hazmats. He shakily stood from his sitting position to face them. He watched as a few of them broke off from the group, running towards Dore and Neiz respectively. Salza called out. "Neiz's shell got breached! Prioritize him! Dore is tough enough to last a bit longer! He is too damn stubborn to die!"

The remaining medics surrounded Salza and one of them cried out. "Sir! Are you okay?"

Salza shrugged. "I-"

But then the dam finally burst and Salza doubled over, painfully retching and releasing a stream of blood and semi-digested food. Two of the medics grabbed him and held him tight. "Sir, we need to get you to the ship! The mechanics are working overtime to disassemble and reassemble the Rejuvenation Chambers to be of use! We-"

Salza jerked himself from their grip, wiping blood from his lips and nostrils with his gloved hand. "Not yet. Focus on Dore and Neiz. And zen work on securing ze Big Gete Star. Zat is what is of importance. Dore and Neiz. Zen ze Star."

One of the medics cried out. "What about you, Commander?!"

Salza responded by forming a Sauzer Blade over one hand, then he began to limp in the direction of Dr. Wheelo's sanctum. "My honor won't allow me to rest until zis fight is finished..."

Back with Turles and Dr. Kochin...

Turles was still utterly furious. He charged at Kochin with the rage of a real Saiyan. The illusion he had been made to suffer... the loss of Cacao and Zeeun... Turles had no plans to play nice with this cretin, whoever he was!

Turles threw a punch and Kochin blocked it with that glimmering, golden cane of his. Turles snarled. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU'VE DONE?! MONSTER!"

Kochin cackled. "I am aware of everything I've done. And 'monster' is a rather hypocritical insult, wouldn't you say, Saiyan~?"

Kochin shoved Turles back and cackled. "I do not grasp what upsets you so! I had Ebifurya concoct a world perfect for you that perfectly melded with the various tainted memories and dreams in your brain! Was it not the most joyous moment of your pitiful life?!"

Kochin bared his nearly toothless mouth into a sadistic grin. "Leaving that must have been like ripping off your one good arm with your teeth~"

Turles clenched his fists. "You wanna try and understand how I feel? Well then..."

His power surged and his raised up his metal fist. "Let me show you how badly it hurts!"

Turles thrusted his hand forward and sent Kochin flying upward with a stunningly powerful shockwave. Kochin went tumbling through the air like a leaf, catching a metal beam with his free hand and perching himself atop it. He glowered down at Turles. "Don't you think this is rather unfair? I'm not warrior!"

Turles cracked his neck. "I learned a while ago that life isn't fair. If you didn't want a fight, you shouldn't have picked one. Don't expect mercy after you've killed my friends!"

The Saiyan scientist sneered at Kochin. "Now get your ass down here! Or do you want to send more of those Cyclopean tinker toys after me first?!"

Kochin gasped. "Y-You know?!"

Turles stared up at him. "Know what? That those Cyclopean Guards belong to you? That you're controlling all of them independently? Of course, I know. Unlike the Tuffles that you're taking advantage of, I don't have any fog blocking my vision. You haven't made me a puppet, unlike your so-called 'friends'. I know what you're really about, you non-Tuffle piece of shit!"

Kochin looked to be horrified. But then, that horrified look turned into a truly sadistic grin. "Well, you are quite right. I control the Cyclopean Guards through a certain type of interface, not that I plan to share with you how that works. But don't think that they are the only thing my control has access to~"

Kochin stood up straight, waving his ornate, golden cane through the air like a baton and leaving a trail of white clouds in his wake. Turles watched in curiosity. "What are those?"

Kochin didn't answer. He simply snapped his fingers and sent the trembling, white clouds into various pieces of machinery scattered about the room they were in. Kochin cackled and snapped his fingers. "SOUL REVELATION! SPRING TO LIFE!"

All of once, the machinery in the room began to spring to life and jerk around. From the pipes on the ceiling. Molten metal began to fall into the trench surrounding the platform Turles was standing on. Kochin grabbed his tie, ripping it away and tearing open his shirt. In spite of the appearance of his lanky frame, Kochin was all muscle across his chest. "Welcome to my personal foundry, Saiyan! This is where I construct my Dolls~ Now, are you ready to play~?!"

Turles sneered. "You creepy son-of-a-bitch..."

Kochin roared a command to the wildly flailing machinery. "KILL HIM!"

All at once, the order was obeyed. A pair of crane arms jutting from the walls ceased their mindless flailing and crashed down towards Turles. With a certain nimble grace, Turles leapt out of the way. Another crane arm came swinging from behind, but Turles quickly turned and shattered it with his metal fist. Kochin cackled. "An impressive construct, but rather annoying too! Let's solve that!"

He cried out. "Magnet! Do your job!"

The massive magnet above sprang to life, turning on and focusing its attractive for onto Turles. Turles cried out in pain as his prosthetic arm and his prosthetic eye both suddenly jerked upward, dragging him through the air and sticking him firmly to the attractive, magnetic slab.

Kochin cackled as he glared at Turles. "Trapped like a rat~"

Two more crane arms shot up towards him, unaffected by the magnetism. Kochin screeched. "Impale him! Stab him to death!"

Turles reacted quickly, firing a beam from his artificial eyes and piercing through the magnet holding him in place. The beam spread through the magnet, creating thousands of glowing cracks. Then the magnet exploded apart in a fantastic spectacle. Turles grabbed two of the useless magnet chunks and heaved them down toward the crane arms, smashing them both to pieces. Then he turned his attention back to Kochin. "You're going to need more than parlor tricks to save your wrinkled skin, old man!"

He thrust his hand towards the doctor. "Sudden Storm!"

A volley of ki blasts shot out of Turles hand, but Kochin was unperturbed. He raised up an energy barrier and yawned as the attacks harmlessly deflected away. He smirked. "You're quite good, but you can't win this, my cybernetic friend. I have studied Saiyan physiology to a tee. I could reduce you to a head and a sack of necessary organs without killing you, though pain is certainly guaranteed~"

Turles snarled. "Disgusting. What's wrong with you?!"

Kochin cackled. "Oh, untwist your panties! Are you a saint, by any means? I bet you've done some less than scrupulous things for your research~"

Turles landed on a metal beam across from Kochin's. He sighed and shook his head. "I won't deny that I've done some pretty cruel things to get what I want. I'm certainly not Heaven-bound. But I know the proper limits. I would never cruelly snatch someone's friends from them. I would never play with people's emotions. I-"

Kochin rolled his eyes with a laugh. "Oh, bleeding hearts of Universe 7 unite! Get over yourself, boy! You Saiyans were barbarians! Monsters! Everything I observed your kind do during my observation of Starch showed that~"

Turles' eye went wide. "Starch...? Wh-What do you know about Starch...?"

Kochin sneered. "Oh, are you curious?"

Without warning, Turles lunged forward at top speed. He extended his prosthetic hand and sent a pulse from the ki magnet in his palm. The barrier surrounding Kochin shattered and Turles seized him by the throat, smashing him onto the platform below. Dr. Kochin bounced up and Turles delivered a spin kick to the old man's side, sending him crashing into the container of debris attached to the platform and sending the door with the "M" symbol on it falling into the molten metal below.

Dr. Kochin stood up and Turles smirked. "That hurts, huh?"

There stood Turles, metal debris sticking out all over his chest and torso. He must have been impaled at least a dozen times. At first, Kochin looked perturbed, but then he smirked. "Not particularly~"

Turles flinched back and Kochin performed yet another shocking act, reaching down and ripping the flesh from his chest. Turles groaned. "That makes sense..."

Kochin preened, displaying his fully metal torso for his opponent to see. Kochin cackled. "We are rapidly exiting the days where flesh and blood are relevant as modes of maintaining our consciousness! My weaker, more vulnerable body has been replaced with superior machinery!"

Kochin twirled his ornate cane and then thrust it into the ground, using it to vault himself into the air. He landed in front of Turles with a solid thud, cocking his head. "But, enough about me! Let's talk about you! That was quite the reaction over the name of a long-destroyed planet~! What does Starch mean to you?!"

Turles kicked Kochin in the gut, sending him skidding back. "Get out of my face!"

Kochin smiled. "Are you perhaps a survivor of Starch in some fashion? A Saiyan that the Arcosians missed? Or were you perhaps a member of that Warhammer nonsense that ended my fun?"

Turles shot Kochin a chilling look. Kochin laughed. "Oh my, you Saiyans did fascinate me! So, perhaps you'll forgive my little honey trap. I knew that if I created a challenge your little empire couldn't conquer, you'd keep sending in fresh test subjects for me to play with~"

Turles shuddered. "Y-You..."

Kochin sneered. "I wanted to make new and better dolls. I wanted to see what made you Saiyans and your perfect-for-combat bodies tick! So, I convinced the Arcosians that I was an ally. I used them to farm up Saiyans!"

Kochin did a flourish as he recalled his morbid work. "They would store them within the Mouma of theirs. I would draw them out at my leisure and then, oh then..."

Turles was trembling. Kochin smiled as the next, wicked words fell from his mouth. "The vivisections. They would cry out~! They would scream in rage and pain~! They would threaten to kill me~! But... my favorites would just beg~! It was always the women that would beg~"

Kochin sighed, as if remembering a happy memory. "They would just lay there and beg and cry as I cut into them~ Into their flesh, into their guts, into their bones. They would beg and beg and beg for an end to their suffering~"

Turles' blood ran cold. He pictured Tursa, his dear older sister in his mind. Kochin laughed a joyous laugh. "And, if they were good patients, I granted their request. A simple pass of a laser scalpel and their heads tumbled to the floor. Then I would throw what was left to the Arcosians so they could feed~"

Kochin smiled at Turles. "The Arcosians had a thing about eating heads. I don't remember what they said, I never really bothered to listen to them when they spoke. But I did get a good laugh out of that field of heads on pikes. I'm no Tuffle, but I must say I did get a good laugh at the ironic end of so many of you simian brutes~"

Turles' fist was clenched so hard that blood was dripping from his palm. He was frozen in place as the memory of finding Tursa and burying her head played in slow motion through his mind. All the suffering she must have gone through. Turles spoke in a quiet rage. "You did all that to Tursa?"

Kochin cocked his head with a sadistic smirk. "Who?"

And that set Turles off. He charged forward faster than Dr. Kochin could react and smashed his metal fist into the doctor's face. Kochin stumbled back, his nose and the surrounding skeletal structures all shattered. Turles didn't let up. He smashed his fists into Kochin's face and chest again and again. Kochin's head snapped back and forth like a speedbag. He swung his cane and wildly missed, eating a massive punch to the gut for his trouble.

Kochin stumbled and Turles ended his assault with a brutal uppercut, sending Kochin flipping flat onto his back. Turles shook his head and spat. "You're just a monster. Flat out. You're using the grief of the Tuffles as a weapon, you disregard life like its disposable, and you have the nerve to laugh and boast about it..."


Kochin cackled, a slight robotic tone to his voice. "Thank you for the compliment~"

Then Kochin leapt back to his feet. "Modular Expansion~"

All at once, the metal musculature of Kochin's body began to rapidly expand. His full torso expanded out into a monstrous display of artificially constructed muscle, not meat and sinew but metal and carbon fiber. His chest, arms, and legs exploded out, not just tearing his clothes but his fake skin as well.

Turles took a step back as he was suddenly loomed over by a bleeding, decrepit head atop a perfectly assembled body. Turles sneered. "So the only organic thing about you is your head?"

Kochin nodded. "Indeed. Now the fun and games end, Turles~"

Moving quick as a flash, Kochin pounced onto Turles. He seized the Saiyan by his prosthetic arm and whipped him into the air. "I respect your scientific acumen, my boy. But you belong on this battlefield even less than I do! You're no warrior, no Saiyan. You're a weakling. A mouthpiece only allowed to live by the intervention of an antique from a pre-cataclysm Namek!"

Kochin slammed Turles down hard and jammed the tip of his cane down onto the center of the Demon Crusher's chest, shattering a hole through his armor. Kochin gripped his cane tightly and a sharp, electric current began to running through Turles' entire body. As Turles shrieked, Kochin continued. "Now that brother of yours, he's fascinating! I was going to vivisect his bodies once Wheelo ran out of use, tear him apart and see if I could find the secret to that golden-haired form! Aren't you curious about that form?!"

Kochin cackled. "Aren't you-"

Turles raised his organic arm and formed a Rebellion's Edge around his hand. Moving quickly, he sliced the tip from the cane and cleaving through Kochin's ankle. This elicited a new response from his hulking foe: a genuine cry of pain.

Kochin fell to his knees, simpering in agony as some sort of fluid, blood-like in texture and color, pooled around his ankle stump. The damaged cane was planted right next to the ankle, shaking against the floor as Kochin tried to push himself back onto his remaining foot.

Turles got to his feet, the Rebellion's Edge buzzing. "That form does interest me, but don't think for a second that I'm willing to let my brother die to understand it. You won't kill him! He's too strong for you lot, but even more importantly... I simply won't let you so long as I draw breath!"

Kochin snarled. He raised his hand into the air and didn't even flinch as the crane arms above began to drive a variety of tools, drills, sawblades, and the like, right into it. Kochin gripped his fist tight, turning his free hand into a makeshift club. "I'm going to reverse the order for you, Turles. First, I will take off your head, then I can examine your body! I shame I won't be able to enjoy your screams!"

Kochin came charging at Turles, swinging his club arm like a madman. Turles didn't have much to his name in terms of fighting ability, at least compared to Bardock and Slug, but he could certainly dodge with the best of them.

The fight continued on for a while, the heat in the room rising higher and higher due to the molten steel. Turles could rapidly feel his strength waning as the air became thicker and harder to breathe. Kochin could see this and cackled as he rapidly gaining advantage, swinging his club arm faster and faster, eventually nicking Turles' shoulder.

Turles yelped and flinched back. Kochin smirked. "Losing your focus, are you? Watch out for the edge!"

The Saiyan gasped and looked behind, seeing that he was indeed on the edge. Just below him, a sizzling pool of molten metal glowed in a hellish red. Kochin smiled wide, taking advantage of Turles' distraction once more and bringing the club down onto his head. The sheer weight of the club smashing down onto Turles' head stumbled him and Turles took a second swing, crushing the Saiyan's artificial eye and smashing it to pieces. Turles went flying across the platform, sailing towards the edge on the opposite side. Turles bounced once and then went shooting right over the edge.

Right as he was about to plummet down, the Saiyan reached out with his prosthetic and barely managed to grab the edge of the platform. He went to pull himself up, only for the tip of Kochin's cane to suddenly stabbed straight through it.

Turles flinched, watching as his metal hand began to spark. It was effectively dead. Kochin glowered down at him, the glow of the molten metal making him look truly sinister. "And here we are, my friend, at the end of our little match. Now I'll just smash your head in and drop you to a burning end down below~!"

Turles spat. "I can still fly!"

Kochin retorted. "But not fast enough to escape me! Not with your hand pinned like this! Face it, Turles, you're finished!"

Turles tried to move his false hand, but it wouldn't budge. The artificial synapses built into it were effectively crushed. Turles growled. "Well, it's not ideal. But...I'm not dead yet..."

Turles raised his organic hand towards the edge. "SWING YOUR CLUB, WHY DON'T YOU?!"

Kochin snarled. "AS YOU WISH!"

Turles hand thrust towards the edge of the platform, Kochin's club-like hand rained down. And then, with a burst of blood and electricity, Turles's prosthetic arm blasted away from his body at the shoulder. The force of this sudden explosion sent Turles blasting off to the side, just out of the club's reach. And Kochin's momentum, to his horror, sent him flying forward.

Turles swung upward onto the platform and found himself safe, meanwhile Kochin found himself dangling over the molten metal. Their positions had been reversed. Turles loomed over Kochin, his hand pressed over the steadily bleeding port that his false arm had once been attached to. He winced, but smirked. "Always have a back-up plan. Technology fails, but ingenuity doesn't when one has enough smarts..."

Kochin spat. "You're aware that I can fly too, right?!"

Turles nodded. "I am. But there's a reason I consider my poor arm a lost cause..."

Kochin flinched. "Wha-"

Turles spoke. "Activate emergency taser! Maximum Output!"

Hearing the voice of its master, the arm readily complied. All at once, it shot out all of its energy reserves. The massive electric shock rippled up the shaft of Kochin's cane and then went through Kochin's entire body in waves. And for the second time that day, the mad doctor screamed in utter agony.

Kochin fought like hell to hold onto his cane, his one anchor that saved him from burning oblivion, but the electric current quickly became too much for his mostly metal body. Smoke began to curl from between his artificial muscles and then Kochin's grip fell limp. He released his ornate, golden cane and fell down to the molten metal with a thick-sounding splash.

Turles stepped to the edge, watching as Kochin's body burst into flames and began to sink. He expected one last curse, one last spiteful spit from the mad scientist as he sank...but Turles instead found himself with one last surprise!

The evil had faded from Dr. Kochin's face. And what was left behind were tired eyes and a gentle smile. Kochin spoke with pure relief in his voice as the molten metal began to envelope his head. "Thank you..."

Sweat poured from Turles' brow as he watched the last vestiges of Dr. Kochin sink beneath the sea of glowing red. "What the hell...?"

Quickly, the Saiyan shook himself out of his trance. He turned toward his arm, melting away from the combination of electric current and the hellish heat. Dr. Kochin's ornate, golden cane was still stabbed through that hand, twitching back and forth. Turles sighed. "Must still have a current going through it..."

He glanced away from the arm and the cane, looking to the bleeding stump where his prosthetic used to be. With a sigh, he walked over to the scrap metal bin. Turles pulled a piece of the metal, free of rust, free from the pile and then held it over the blisteringly hot pool below. Once the metal in his hand began to glow, he took a deep breath and then pressed it to his wound. It was all Turles could do not to scream as the metal seared his flesh.

Once the makeshift cauterization was finished, Turles tossed the metal away and groaned. "Fighting one-armed again. And my eye is broken too. Super..."

And then he flew toward the hole that he had pulled Kochin through.

Back with Bardock, Wheelo, and Raichi...

Bardock gripped his fists tight, his golden power flaring. He glared across the floor at Dr. Raichi and Dr. Wheelo. "I didn't come here to fight, old men. Surrender so that we can get to the point already!"

Wheelo and Raichi were both unmoved. Bardock growled. "I'm trying to be polite. And I'm even willing to overlook the attempted bodysnatching. But you both need to stand down."

Raichi sneered. "You are offering us forgiveness? The gall on you. You think that you have the right to act as an absolver after the cruelty your kind showed us? Are you aware of what Vegeta II did to our kind?!"

Bardock was blunt. "What does that have to do with me? I never met that bastard. You Tuffles were mostly gone by the time I was born. I only ever knew one of you, personally. And-"

Raichi snapped. "ENOUGH! The sins of the father are inherited by the son, and the sins of the Saiyans shall fall on your shoulders! Damn fate that you were born into that hateful race as you stand before us and suffer!"

Bardock rolled his eyes. "Another fool ruled by his past. Great. Well... let's make this quick..."

As Bardock took a fighting stance, Raichi pressed his hands to the crystal ball that he normally floated atop. It began to glow bright green. "The past does indeed haunt me. But it shall be the death of you."

A wicked mist began to hiss out of Raichi's crystal ball. The gaseous clouds rapidly warped and changed shape, eventually solidifying into familiar silhouettes. Bardock sighed. "Is this a joke?"

Standing in front of Raichi, hunched over like a couple of oversized marionettes, were the corporeal forms of Frieza and King Cold. Raichi sneered. "Do you not quiver in fear, Saiyan?! Does it not frighten you to face the men that ended your wretched race?!"

Bardock shrugged. "Not really."

A vein bulged from Raichi's head. "Let your bravado carry you on, Saiyan! These two have all the same power as Frieza and King Cold! They will-"

Bardock burst forward at rapid speed and drove his fist through the head of the King Cold construct, blowing it off in one hit. Dr. Raichi gasped in horror as one of his two greatest weapons exploded into a cloud of nothing. Bardock glared down at the old doctor. "I was the one who killed King Cold. However, I missed the boat on Frieza. So, I think I can play with this one for a few minutes~"

Raichi snarled. "F-Frieza! Attack!"

The Frieza puppet sprang to life and punched Bardock hard in the gut. It followed this up with a hard right hook to the face that sent Bardock crashing into the wall. As Frieza gave chase, Dr. Raichi called out. "The being you are currently struggling against is a Ghost Warrior! It is an exact imprint of the person it copies. I require no knowledge of the warrior I control; all I need is for the Dark Fog of my crystal ball to copy the subject and then the computer within the ball extrapolates their abilities with near perfect accuracy! Right down to even the personality!"

The Ghost Warrior Frieza chuckled. "You managed to kill my weaker louse of a father, but you will not do the same to me! You will die by my hand, monkey~!"

Bardock sneered. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you brought his smarmy ass back to life. Not that it would make a difference..."

Bardock caught Frieza's fist and held him steady. "So tell me, Frieza, are you just cool with being a puppet like this? Your ego is the one thing about you that ever really impressed. Do you really just wanna drop that like it's nothing?"

Frieza smirked. "Fool! I only exist to destroy you on behalf of Dr. Raichi. NOW DIE!"

The Ghost Warrior fired off a Death Beam, which Bardock easily deflected. Bardock sneered and, with a roar, sent Frieza crashing into a nearby wall with a satisfying crash. Frieza ripped himself out of the wall, lunging at Bardock with naked rage. "FILTHY APE!"

Bardock caught Frieza's punch again, rapidly pulling him close and delivering a savage headbutt. Frieza cried out in pain and then ate a harsh kick to the jaw. Several teeth went flying and exploded into mist. Bardock shook his head. "I was hoping for more of a challenge, but you really are just the same Frieza from Namek, huh? This is pathetic."

Frieza screamed and went for another strike. This time Bardock shut him down with an elbow driven into the top of the head. Frieza's eyes bugged out, a massive dent in the middle of his purple crown. Before the Ghost Warrior could recover, Bardock reached down and grabbed his tail. Against his will, Frieza was heaved high into the air and then smashed into the ground hard.

The Ghost Warrior sat up and aimed a Death Beam, only for Bardock to close the distance in the blink of an eye and remove his hand with a well-placed chop. The hand disappeared into mist and Bardock punted Frieza in the chest, sending him skidding into a wall.

Literally disarmed and mercilessly beaten, the Ghost Warrior Frieza spat at Bardock, his voice full of rage. "DIRTY SAI-"

Bardock fired a blast and blew the Ghost Frieza to piece, not bothering to let him finish. "Dirty Saiyan Ape. Yeah yeah yeah. Begone, has-been."

Dr. Raichi stumbled back in fear. "Th-This is impossible! I... I will summon more Ghost Warriors, and then-"

Bardock rushed forward and dropped an axe-kick onto Raichi's crystal ball, smashing it into pieces. Then, before the doctor could react, Bardock shoved him to the ground and fired a ring of ki at the doctor's ankle. "Stay put. Turles wants to talk to you guys..."

Ignoring Raichi's attempts at a comeback, Bardock walked up to the bubbling brain in the canister attached to the wall above him. "So, stuck as a brain in a jar huh? That must be unpleasant. My condolences..."

Dr. Wheelo spoke with disdain. "Simply a side-effect of attempting to reason with filthy, Saiyan brutes. Nothing you seem to think you should trouble yourself over..."

Bardock cocked his head. "Oh?"

Wheelo responded. "Indeed. Why should you care about what your kind did to us? You only left Gete in a garbage heap to die. A barely living, radioactive husk who could do no more than scream for her husband. Raichi... and Myuu... and myself... couldn't bring ourselves to... AND KOCHIN... leave her..."

He sighed, as best a brain in a jar could. "We debated whether to just put her out of her misery. The others wanted to. And yet... I could not bear another Tuffle dying in front of me. So, I withstood the cancerous affects her condition had on my being and I saved and stabilized her life... at great cost."

Bardock flinched. "Damn..."

Wheelo continued. "That moment ended up costing us all dearly. We didn't always look like freaks and monsters. Raichi's head swelled and warped. It nearly kill Myuu, but we managed to save him with our technology. It cost me my entire body. KOCHIN WAS THERE."

Bardock flinched again. "Why do you keep...?"

Wheelo cut him off. "You Saiyans robbed us of everything, you know...?"

Bardock nodded. "It's shameful what our kind did, but we aren't here to hurt you. Turles just wants to talk and-"


Bardock tried to cool the situation. "Look, calm down! We can just-"

Wheelo snarled. "I know which one I would like to discuss..."

Then, with a furious scream, the bodyless doctor ripped himself from the wall. Sparks flew and metal rend at Dr. Wheelo's massive, mechanical frame forced its way out of its steel confines. Dr. Wheelo erupted. "I want a body! And I will have yours one way or the other!"

Bardock groaned in frustration as Dr. Wheelo came charging at him, his monstrous metal form shambling forward with rumbling footsteps. "Goddammit! Are you kidding me?!"

Wheelo swung his massive, crab-like claw and missed Bardock wildly. "A FINAL LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST INVADERS LIKE YOU! I WILL KILL YOU AND TAKE WHAT'S LEFT!"

Bardock lunged forward at the metallic monster, landing a spearing kick right in center mass. "Impressive, but not intimidating in the least!"

Dr. Wheelo fell back with a loud crash and Bardock's golden aura flared. "I'll beat you with no effort!"

Bardock thrust his right hand forward, two fingers extended. "Destructo-Darts!"

Wheelo snarled in frustration as several of Bardock's attacks pierced his mighty frame. He got up with more agility than it seemed his body should be capable and stomped a foot down onto Bardock. Bardock caught it and held the appendage up in spite of the crushing weight. Wheelo shouted. "I'll crush you as easily as one would an autumn leaf!"

Bardock shouted back. "NOT LIKELY!"

Charging energy into both hands, Bardock fired a blast upward that sent Dr. Wheelo sprawling back once more. Wheelo maintained his balance and managed not to fall, hinging open both of his claws and firing off two massive beams of energy. "RARRRRRRRRRGHH!"

Bardock fell to the ground, dodging both beams, and then brought his hands to his sides. "KA! ME! HA! ME! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

The beam shot up and blasted Dr. Wheelo right in the brain capsule, sending him stumbling back. He tried to swing his claws, but then Bardock fired another attack. "DOUBLE SUNDAY!"

The twin blasts kept Dr. Wheelo's claws at bay and Bardock rushed in again, slamming his Tyrant Lancer attack straight into Wheelo's torso. Wheelo crashed even deeper into the wall and Bardock sprang back. "Tough robot or tough wall? Maybe both?"

Dr. Wheelo groaned. Bardock called out. "You know, there's a difference between tenacity and stubbornness. You should just give up before things get too intense. I don't want to kill you, doc!"

Wheelo responded to that by shooting his massive, sharpened tail right towards Bardock. Bardock leapt out of the way of the spiked edge and groaned. "Can't just make this easy, huh?"

Dr. Wheelo rushed at him, massive claw drawn. "Beg all you'd like to, Saiyan! I will see you dead before this fight ends!"

Bardock rolled his eyes and dodged out of the way of an attempted elbow strike. Wheelo tried for a kick, but wildly missed. His massive frame crashed to the ground as a result of the weight imbalance. Bardock hovered above the flustered, raging giant. "Hey... I'm not trying to make fun of you here, but...is this your first fight? Like, have you even thrown a punch prior to today? You're making me feel bad..."

Dr. Wheelo shouted. "I need no fighting experience! My anger shall suffice!"

Bardock dodged another strike. "That's the opposite of how a fight works..."

The farce continued on for several more minutes, with Dr. Wheelo getting increasingly frustrated as his furious assault failed to net even a single bit of damage against Bardock. Bardock shook his head, eventually even dropping Super Saiyan altogether. "This is a waste of time and energy. I'm begging you, fella, please don't make me have to hurt you. You don't deserve it. At least, Turles doesn't think so. So, let's just stop, okay?"

Wheelo screamed and went for another claw strike. "SILENCE!"

Bardock closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then, putting his back into his own punch, he met Dr. Wheelo's strike... and utterly disassembled the hulking titan's arm. The metal extremity exploded into electric sparks and metal parts and Dr. Wheelo stumbled back. Bardock seemed annoyed. "This is the last chance you get, man. Stop this useless rampage and let's talk this out. Otherwise, I'm going to have to dismantle you! Got it?!"

Dr. Wheelo's sanity had long since left. It he had a mouth; a stream of drool would be running from the corner of it. It might even be foaming. He had little reason left in the face of his own weakness against this long-hated enemy of his. And Bardock's piteous glare only compounded that. He wanted the upper-hand. He wanted victory. He wanted blood!

And then Turles came shooting up from the hole that Kochin had been pulled through minutes earlier. "Bardock! Are you okay?!"

Dr. Wheelo screamed like a maddened animal. "SAIYAN!"

And then he shot his sharpened tail toward Turles. Normally, dodging such a strike would have been effortless to the scientist. But the loss of his prosthetic eye had dulled his senses. Turles was left dumbfounded, watching as a mortal wound, if not an instant death, came shooting right toward his gut. Dr. Wheelo was going to get his kill.

Then Bardock sped between the two, a furious look on his face. In an instant, he kicked the sharpened spike back towards its wielder. The blade sliced through the glass chamber containing Dr. Wheelo's brain and stabbed through it. The clear water inside the chamber quickly became red with blood. Then, with a final pained groan, the robot containing the last remnants of Dr. Wheelo crashed backwards and fell still.

Bardock and Turles both landed on the ground. At the same time, Zangya and Slug both came running into the dead doctor's sanctum. The four warriors stared at the prone form of the deceased Tuffle and watched as Turles fell to his knees. "N-No! Dr. Wheelo! No!"

For a moment, Turles simply knelt there in silent disbelief. Then he smashed his fist hard against the ground. "NO! GODDAMMIT! SHIT! NOOOOOOOOOO!"

As Turles continued to smash his fist against the ground, Slug groaned. "So, are all the Tuffles dead? Did we take on all of these horrendous losses for nothing?"

Zangya crossed her arms. "You've got to be kidding me..."

Bardock shook his head. "No. They're not ALL dead. We still have one. I trapped him over there..."

The older brother turned to point in the direction he has restrained Dr. Raichi, but then flinched in shock. "Wh-What the hell?!"

Slug turned. "Wha... oh. Crap."

Zangya looked genuinely disturbed. Turles turned as well and gasped in horror. "N-No! We have to find him! Fast!"

All four warriors ran off, following a distinct trail of blood down a side hallway. The source of that trail: Dr. Raichi's severed leg.

Deeper within Dr. Wheelo's sanctum...

Dr. Raichi could feel his life rapidly draining from his body, left as a glimmering stain behind him from where he had removed his leg. But he couldn't care less. There were bigger matters at stake than something as paltry as his own, meaningless life. He growled under his breath as he pulled himself along. "If there is any sort of God... let him damn these accursed Saiyans..."

As Raichi dragged himself, he thought of all he had been forced to lose: his comrades in Wheelo, Gete... AND KOCHIN... his beloved twin brother Lychee... they had always looked alike until Raichi had chosen to grow his beard and Lychee had lost those teeth... his own family... his granddaughter...

Raichi's hands trembled. He closed his eyes and could still feel that little girl's warmth in his hand. Even after everything he had done to himself to prolong his own life, he could still feel her warmth...

But this was no time to think about that. Business must be done. Vengeance must be attained. And Raichi knew how to attain it. He had witnessed it with his own eyes, the pod falling from Myuu's ship from the minor damage that had been done. A single pod. Hopefully more wouldn't fall out. The Cradle would need those when it woke up. But this one falling out was truly good fortune, a cure for an infestation of violent apes!

Eventually, Raichi reached the point that he was sure it had fallen. He blasted the door open with a portion of his remaining strength and stared at it sitting there with a victorious smirk. "Yes..."

The pod that had fallen from Dr. Myuu's escape vessel was a sight to behold. It was massive, pink, and glowing green. Not just from the bio-material contained within the structure, but from the Revenger Crystal that was embedded at the top. Raichi looked up at the Revenger Crystal with love. He had named it himself. A perfect gem for a perfect vengeance.

Raichi slumped against the pod, feeling the blood rushing from his wound. "It shouldn't be long now. When I expire... my lifeforce will provide you with all the fuel you need. I might be an old man, but I shall make you strong enough to smite these simian fools straight to Hell..."

Finding a bit of comfort from the warmth of the pod, Dr. Raichi reached into his shirt and pulled out a small locket. The last proof that he was once just a simple man. He snapped it open to reveal a picture of her. His beloved granddaughter. She was smiling wide and holding a frog she had just pulled from a lake. Such an impetuous, brave child...

And then Raichi's thoughts turned to the last time he had seen her. That adorable bravery was gone, replaced with tears and terror as Vegeta II's men snatched her and the other children of Raichi's small town away. They were promised back if the Tuffles cooperated, but two years had passed without them ever being heard from again. Raichi's son and daughter-in-law were reduced to shells of their former selves. All of their lives ruined by a beast wearing mortal flesh. Dr. Raichi gripped the locket tight and snarled. "SAIYANS."

With that enraged evocation, the Revenger Crystal atop the pod began to shine. And, as it shined, the bio-material within the pod began to bubble and rearrange itself. It began to take shape. And that glow and broiling bubble only became more intense as Turles, Bardock, Lord Slug, and Zangya stepped into the room. Zangya cocked her head. "What in the hell is that?!"

Slug growled. "Looks like the Revenger Crystal atop that pod. So, at least, we didn't lose the damned thing in all this confusion..."

Bardock narrowed his eyes. "But what the hell is that pod?"

Turles, meanwhile, didn't seem to care about any of that. He rushed up to Dr. Raichi with no regard for his own safety, falling to his knees in front of the aged scientist and beginning to address his missing leg. "Dr. Raichi! You're bleeding! Let me dress your wound!"

Raichi remained mum, watching as Turles worked with visible disdain. Turles rambled as he tried his best to apply a tourniquet with only one hand. "Please, sir, you can't die yet! You can't! You're the only Tuffle left on M1! I need you to live!"

Finally, Raichi spoke with a miserable croak to his voice. "If you are attempting to save me to ask about my research, then just let me die. I will never share my work with a filthy Saiyan..."

Once again, the Revenger Crystal began to glow brighter. The liquid boiled within even more violently. Almost immediately, Slug and Bardock began to charge in. Zangya gripped her Gommanaji and her hair sprang to life. But then, a single blast from Turles crashed into the floor at their feet and all three stopped. Turles shot them a single glare and then turned his attention back to the ailing Tuffle. Raichi sneered. "Why not let your thugs execute me?! I've told you we have nothing to discuss!"

Turles snapped. "I firmly disagree with that, sir!"

Raichi flinched. Turles stopped with the tourniquet and bowed his head. "My crew and I... we've seen the horrors of what Vegeta II did. The monster recorded all of his atrocities for posterity."

Veins bulged from Raichi's forehead in spider-like droves. The Revenger Crystal glowed brighter. "HAVE YOU COME TO GLOAT?!"

Turles continued on, his voice beginning to wave. Raichi refused to acknowledge even a hint of sorrow as he stared at Turles with pure, undiluted hate. He could feel his lifeforce fading. And soon, this Saiyan would learn the true terror of a vengeful spirit at work.

Turles raised his head back up, tears pouring from his single, remaining eye. "I am so sorry. We were monsters. And I am so sorry."

Raichi gasped in horror. Turles slammed his head to the ground, hard enough that his forehead began to bleed. "Please! Your forgiveness is not necessary. I'm not asking to move a mountain. I'm just asking that you hear my apology! On behalf of the Saiyan race, as one of the last Saiyans, I am so sorry for everything that happened to the Tuffles!"

At that moment, Raichi's overwhelming hatred wavered. The shining light of the Revenger Crystal became slightly dimmer. And then, as if on reflex, Raichi pressed his hand over his heart and fired a single ki blast.

Turles gasped in horror, reaching out to the mortally wounded doctor. "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Bardock and Slug both gasped in horror. Zangya rushed past them and enveloped her hands in water. For the former Spring Maiden, instinct had also briefly taken over as she pressed her hands to Raichi's chest. Turles turned to her. "What are you doing?!"

Zangya spoke with panic in her voice. "I'm-"

Raichi coughed and choked, muttering his final words. "Go forth, my golem... without soul and without mercy... and fulfill our grudge..."

Dr. Raichi fell limp. Dead. And then the tube began to glow blindingly bright. Before either could react, Turles and Zangya felt themselves being pulled back. Both of them gripped by Slug's hands. The four Demon Crushers prepared for the tube to burst, but then it reacted in a way that none had expected. Rather than explode, the entire structure of the pod began to meld together.

First it formed legs. Then arms. Then a head with the Revenger Crystal embedded right into the center of it.

Turles stared in awe. Zangya's expression hardened, the water on her hands forming jagged blades. Slug took a fighting stance, a lump in his throat. And Bardock went Super Saiyan. The pink light surrounding this new being faded and the four of them found themselves facing some sort of juggernaut.

The massive, pink-and-magenta behemoth glared down at the four with pure, unrelenting hatred, and seethed out a single word. "Hatchiyack."

And then, with an unholy and quite furious scream, the monster let loose its full power and a green surge exploded out.