Haldir breathed in deep and exhaled slowly. He hungrily scanned the surroundings. Nothing.

"They will arrive, brother. Be patient." Orophin said in elvish. It wasn't obvious that his brother was anxious. It was the exact opposite. Haldir didn't show any outward feeling. He wore a cold mask of indifference, schooled by several hundred years of training. It's just that his brother knows Haldir too well, and could see through the mask he wears.

"Yes, Haldir. Besides, it's still early." chimed in Rumil. Both he and Orophin exchanged smiles.

Haldir frowned at them.Was he obvious? No. It's just that he cannot hide anything from his brothers. He knew that. He also knew that whatever response he makes won't save him from their teasing. So he remained silent and pretended not to hear them.

Haldir, March Warden of Lothlorien, is among the best archer and warrior in the land he is protecting. He is well known for his abilities, as well as his cold and calculating manners when dealing with strangers, which many mistake for arrogance. Indeed, he was the epitomy of being a warrior. He seemed fearless. He also projects an aura of leadership, and a quality that says he will never relent to anything, or anyone. He is unyielding, and stood his ground when facing his enemies. He shows no weakness, not even to his brothers, at least, when he was not drunk anyway. There were only three elves who have ever seen him in a weakened state. There was Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn, who raised him and his brothers. They witnessed him transform from a gauch elfling to a proud warrior. They were the only ones who have ever seen the March Warden cry, and that was when orcs killed the boys' parents. It was the last time Haldir ever cried. As a warrioir, he felt that he should be strong. And that he was. The only other elf who has ever seen him weak, or at least weaker than normal, was his lover. Glorfindel. Haldir sighed. Glorfindel made him weak. He made Haldir need him. When they were together, Haldir lets himself be dominated. Why? /Because I love him. And try as I might to deny it, I need him./ Haldir sighed again. He never wanted to need anyone, especially not Glorfindel. But then again, he never wanted to fall in love with the other elf either. But both had happened. And now, as he watched the distant horizon, he felt his heart flutter at the thought of his lover's arrival.

A party of elves from Rivendell were arriving today. They are coming to speak to the Lady of the Woods. There had been rumors about the One Ring being found, so Lord Elrond thought it necessary to arrange this meeting. But it was not that that has the March warden excited. It was Glorfindel.

He and Glorfindel have been lovers for over fifty years, yet Haldir's heart still races whenever the older elf visits him. /It's because I love him still, and more each day/ Haldir thought. Indeed, his love for Glorfindel grew over time, even though he had tried so hard to destroy it. He tried to stop loving the other elf, but his heart never listened. Even his brothers have figured it out. Finally, he gave up fighting and just accepted the fact that the former warrior of Gondolin had his heart. Even though Haldir knows that his love will never be returned. True, they are lovers, but they are not in love. /Well, at least Glorfindel isn't anyway. / Haldir corrected. He sighed and closed his eyes as a stabbing pain ripped through him. /Stop it. You knew about this when you accepted his offer. Stop hoping. He will never love you. Stop hoping./ But his heart was stubborn, and still hoped that one day, Glorfindel will love him back. Memories of that day when Haldir sealed his fate came back to him, and he saw it like it was only yesterday…