Many thanks to my friend Paul Spencer, a rabid SG:1 fan, who Bate-read this for me and got rid of all my spelling mistakes.

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Eye of the storm, part 1

"No offence meant Dylan, but you said this place was a old High Guard supply base, and all we've found is THIS!" exclaimed Harper, pointing at the mysterious metal ring that how filled one of Andromeda's cargo bays. Dylan shook his head, "What can I say: The place WAS a supply base; at least, that's what they told us. How was I to know that it was also a research base?"

Rommie was examining the object, "Dylan, there seems to be some sort of data-port built into this thing. I think I can connect to it, maybe learn what it is." Dylan looked worried, "Is that a good idea? We don't know what it could do to you: Remember what happened with HG!" Rommie smiled, "Relax Dylan, I'm only talking about having a look, not letting it take control of me. What's the worse that can happen?"

Dylan still looked uneasy, but nodded, "Ok, but be careful in there: I don't want you catching some virus off of it!" Rommie smiled at his concern, and placing her hand on the Data port, closed her eyes.

When she opened them again, she found herself standing in a huge light- filled room. "Wow!" it wasn't much of a response for someone with vocabulary like hers, but it was all she was capable of at the time. She shook herself, remembering her task. She shifted through a sea of data, and found what she was looking for, and exited.

Dylan was standing before her, a worried look on his face, "Rommie?" She smiled, "Yes, its still me. I found out what it is: it's some sort of transport device. It seems to use slipstream to transport mater between devices such as this." Harper was impressed, "You mean that we could use this to go to places without a ship? No offence." Rommie's eyes narrowed, "None taken." Dylan shrugged, "So what do we do with it?" Harper was about to say something when the inner ring started to rotate, shaking the entire room.

Rommie lost her footing and fell. Dylan managed to grab her before she hit the floor, and blushed when he realised where his hands where resting. He quickly moved them to her shoulders as he looked at the device: several triangular peaces of metal had stated to glow and with a whoosh, a fountain of what looked like blue water shot forth from the ring, then suddenly receded, leaving a pool of water shimmering behind.

Dylan and Rommie drew their force-lances as four figures walked from the pool of water, weapons in their hands. They looked human, but after all that had happened to them, Dylan decided not to take any risks, "Put the guns down, NOW!" The leader of the newcomers looked at him, not understanding. He raised his hands slightly, seemingly in submission, and said something in a language Dylan didn't understand: "Err, we come in peace?"