Here it is, the final chapter:

Eye of the storm, part 20

There was a bright flash, and they suddenly found themselves aboard Thor's ship. Earth hung majestically outside a window, and O'Neill's eyes went wide when he saw that they where not alone: over 2-dozen ships of various designs where visible from that one window alone. Although he didn't recognise them, their lines looked somehow familiar. Rommie appeared at his side, a huge grin on her face, "Now THAT is a High Guard battle group!" Teal'c surveyed the ships in view and nodded his head, "A most impressive display of force. How many such fleets dose the High Guard field at this time?"

"We have over 500 battle groups at our disposal at this time, with several thousand other ships unassigned on any permanent basis." The voice came from behind them, and they turned round. Dylan and Rommie automatically dropped to one knee when they saw who it was. O'Neill remember what Dylan had told him about beings that resembled light-blue centaurs, quickly came to attention, startling the rest of SG1 in to doing the same.

Thor held out one arm, "My I introduce Uxulta, first Systems Commonwealth ambassador to the Asgard. Ambassador, this is Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c of the Stargate Command, and Captain Dylan Hunt and the AI-Avatar of the Starship Andromeda Ascendant, of the High Guard: they are the two time-travellers I told you about." Uxulta nodded, a smile on her lips, "It is indeed a grate honour to meet you all: Commander Thor has told me much of your dealings with the Goa'uld, and I must say that I believe you will make valuable Commonwealth citizens one day, especially if Captain Hunt is anything to go by."

O'Neill raised his hand, "Um, not wanting to be rude or anything, but would it be possible to join now? It's just, you have a reputation for kicking Goa'uld-butt that surpasses our own, and as we're going to be member one day, couldn't it be sooner rather than later?" Uxulta looked at Thor and smiled, "You where right: he is impetuous, but brave with it. And Captain Hunt, Andromeda, please stand." The two High Guard officers slowly got to their feet, but kept their heads bowed.

Uxulta looked at O'Neill, "I am afraid that if you joined the Commonwealth now it would upset the timeline as told to us by Captain Hunt and Andromeda. But, we have signed the Protected Planets treaty: Earth is now under the joint protection of the Asgard and the Commonwealth." O'Neill seemed happy with that, "Well, I had to ask you know."

Thor handed Carter a strange looking box, "Attach this to you dialling computer and it should allow Captain Hunt and Andromeda to return to their time. We will be taking it back afterwards." Carter nodded, lifting the surprisingly light box, "um, thanks." There was a second bright flash and they where back in the SGC.

Dylan looked at the shimmering vortex of the Stargate and turned to Rommie, "And you're sure that we're heading back to the right time?" She smiled, "For the 5th time: yes. From their point of view, tow days have passed since I travelled back. We tried getting it closer, but it proved impossible." Dylan nodded, lifter the bag of 'shopping' that they had been asked to pick up by the rest of the crew: CD's for Beka, some books on the X-1 for Harper, seeds for Trance, a Zat for Tyr and a few bits and pieces of religious nature for Rev Bem. They also had a few things that they had picked up for themselves, and some stuff given to them by the members of SG1. Dylan took a deep breath and stepped thought the Stargate, followed closely by Rommie.

SG1 watched them go from the gate-control room. O'Neill let out a sigh, "You know, I think I'm going to miss them." Carter looked at him, "Really?" He nodded a smile on his face, "They did more to tick-off NID in four days then we could in four years." Daniel laughed, "True, but things should be calming down a little now." No sooner where the words out of his mouth then alarms started going off again. "Incoming wormhole: Tok'ra GDO. O'Neill shook his head, "You just had to say it didn't you."

The End.