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Stupid Cupid

Chapter One: The Hook-Up Game

It was a hot summer day at the beach resort the Z-gang was at. Bulma, Chichi, Goku, and Vegeta (Yes Vegeta!) were playing a 'nice' game of volleyball. Videl was sitting with Gohan and 18 under a nice shady umbrella. They were all laughing and talking about the year and the whole Buu ordeal. Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha were sparring in the hot sun. The three chibis: Goten, Trunks, and Marron were having fun swimming in the pure, fresh water.

Chichi, and Bulma wanted to take a break, but two saiyans were too competitive to stop. It took both ladies' persuasion to get them to stop. Bulma just walked down the beach alone looking into the gleaming water thinking about what this scene reminded her of. This scene reminded her of how she got Goku and Chichi to first go out.

@ Flash back@

(A/n: Chi and Goku are both 16 while Yamcha and Bulma are 19.)

Chi was playing Volleyball with Bulma while Goku and Yamcha were sparring. It was getting a little chilly and began to get dark. " Hey chi? Maybe you should go use the hot tub, you are shivering a lot," Bulma said. "Oh thanks B-san," Chi said cheerfully and ran off to the room. `Hehehe, my plan is working…now to get our little naïve Goku` Bulma thought. `Ah-ha! ` Bulma went over to Goku and asked if he could help her for a moment. "Hey B. why don't I help you?" asked Yamcha. Bulma smacked her head and said, "Because I need Goku's help! Come on," Bulma sneered at Yamcha and took Goku.

"Um hey Goku I uh need you to taste something that I cooked," Bulma smiled. Goku's face paled. He tried Bulma's cooking before and he swore it moved, but if he didn't, he knew she would yell so he agreed.
"Uh, hehehe sure B-Chan," Goku said and followed Bulma to a door.

"Um ok here we are, but oops I think I forgot something outside…. go on ahead before me and I'll be right back," Bulma said with hope. Being Goku he said a simple 'yes.' Goku went inside the mysterious door and all of a sudden it closed and locked behind him.

On the other side of the door stood Bulma giggling like mad. "Alright, faze one done! Chi will surely hit it off with Goku without my help," she said. (Ok now Goku is inside the same room as the hot tub where Chi is….MWAHA…eep sorry back to the story)

Goku was looking at the door dumbfound, scratching his head. "Hmmm this does not look like the kitchen, and where is the food? And why did the door close and lock me in here with Chi, and wait…CHI!?" Goku shouted.
Bulma fell over anime style out side the door.



"Um, well Bulma said for me to try her cooking and…" Goku said, but Chi was paying no attention to what Goku was saying. Chi suddenly started to blush about her thoughts. `Oh Kami B. you have out done yourself this time. `

"Um Chi? Why are your cheeks red? Oh KAMI ARE YOU SICK?!  Do we need to get a doctor?  Wait, I'll go get Kami or go to Corrin's to get a senzu bean-" Goku said, well stupidly. Chi sweat dropped and thought how stupid he could be so she just had to interrupt him before things got out of hand, "No Goku, I am fine," Chi said with a smile while getting up from the hot tub, fully showing the blue string bikini that she was wearing.  

Now Goku started blushing. "Um Chichi… why are staring at me like t-that?" Goku stuttered. 

"Oh nothing Goku why don't you come over here?" Chi says seductively. "Um-m-m o-ok," Goku stutters once more.

Goku walks to Chi a little closer when she spoke softly.

"I have a present for you Goku," she whispers.

Goku jumps up and down excitedly thinking it was food, but got something better. Chi went to Goku and gave him a kiss on the lips. Goku returns it and said, "Not what I expected, but this is better," and continues kissing her(MEL: I know I shouldn't be interrupting, but I think Kakkorrot is too dense to even know how to kiss-    ME: Oh shut up Mel.  How do you think Gohan was born?  Now say sorry!   MEL: Gomen… for being right)


"Alright! They finally are together!," Bulma cheers.

@End of Flash Back@

Bulma laughs to her self, and looks into the sky. "I know that was the funniest day of my life," Bulma sighed. "I agree," Goku said startling Bulma. "Geez Goku you scared the shit out of me!" Bulma said.

"Sorry B-Chan, but it was a great day," Goku said looking yonder. "Sure was…" Bulma said.

"But I got you back good hehehe," Goku laughed. "Oh yeah…but I don't think yours was better…all you did was lock me in the G.R. with Vegeta," Bulma laughed.

"Uh-huh, and those bumping noises were?" Goku said teasingly. "Oh shut-up!" Bulma said while laughing. "Ha we got even though," Goku said. Bulma thought once more. "Hey Goku I think we need to play our hook-up game one more time," Bulma said while smirking.

"What do you mean B.?" Goku asked. "Oh come on Goku… haven't you thought about how close Gohan and Videl are?" she asked. "Oh yeah! We should do that," Goku said. "But how are we going to do it this time?" Bulma said. "Hmmmm, YES! I got it!" Goku said.

Bulma looked shocked and took out a little notepad and pencil. "12:34 P.M. Goku gets an idea." Bulma starts writing.

"HEY!?!? I am not that dumb!" Goku says while pouting. "Ok, ok lets hear your idea," Bulma says. "Its simple, lets lock them in the hot spring!" Goku says. "12:36 P.M. Goku is on a roll," Bulma writes down. "Quit doing that Bulma!" Goku said. "Hehe, sorry Goku-san, but I am a damn genius and you are coming up with all these ideas!" she says, "lets just get planning." "Ok, but I am hungry!" Goku says while walking off.

"12:40 P.M. Goku's stomach takes over once more." Bulma writes while sighing and putting her notebook away.

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