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Summary: Yes, its graduation time for our young teenagers. Videl, Gohan, Erasa, and Sharpner must face the world by themselves and no more torture…well the last part was a lie Though we have a REAL surprise ending, so READ. Last chapter folks.

A/N: Prom happened, grad night is a night to have FUN.


Stupid Cupid


Chapter Twenty: Graduation


This was it.

The day that all the teenager seniors in Orange Star were waiting for.


This is the day where cunning and cleverness would be tested. It would be the day to see if the seniors in Orange Star actually comprehended knowledge in their little minds.

Enough with the sentimental ordeal…

"Alright kids this is the time for you all to shine!" Sakuya said while clapping her hands. "Graduation is less than an hour away so if you need to take care of anything, do it now!"

Every student shuffled nervously with anticipation. Their stomach's turned with the slightest discomfort and they were talk amongst their friends. In a huddled group of four, two blond and two black haired teenagers conversed.

"It all comes down to this guys," Gohan said shakily, "Our last day."

"I know," Sharpner, said blandly, "I only now realized that I won't be seeing you guys at the end of the summer. Depressing."

Erasa's face withheld a deep sadness, "Guys I'm going to miss you all."

Videl leaned her head on Erasa's shoulder and sighed, "I know what you mean. But remember our talk? Visiting?"

The blond chimed with happiness and nodded, "Hai. Well have so much fun. Remember to drag Gohan with you so he can fly over to Sharpner's and drag him with us."

Gohan chuckled and nodded, "Yeah, that'll be interesting."

Soon the hour passed and all the students were lined up in order for the final day. The anthem then came on and out marched the seniors one last time. Parents, relatives, and friends of the students were sat in the bleachers and stands waving and clapping for them. Support was shown and given.

"Oh my baby is growing up so fast!" Chichi wailed while waving her handkerchief in the air.

Goku sighed and patted Chichi's back, "Its alright dear."

"No its not!" Chichi hollered while glaring at Goku. "By next summer he'll be half way across Japan! I wont get to see him as often."

Goku's eyes widened and suddenly started tearing up. "Our son is leaving us!"

Vegeta snorted and smacked Goku over the head. "Kakkorrot, pull yourself together man!"

A certain blue-haired woman growled and punched her husband in the head, "Vegeta, be nice!"

"Onna what did I tell you about hitting me?"

"All of you shut up!" Chichi growled while glaring at everyone, "I'm the one to be mourning. Plus they're talking now, so shush!"

Sakuya, the principal, walked up to the podium and smiled gently, "Welcome to all who have joined us today. It has been a great honor to have these kids in our grasp, but now we must set them free. We welcomed these teenagers from their first year here, and they bloomed as adults. Now I'd like to present you with some speeches. First we have our senior class president, Videl Amber Satan."

The stadium roared with claps and whistles as Videl stood up slowly and smiled at the principal. She got up to the podium and smiled shyly. "Hello students, faculty, family, and friends. I am Videl Amber Satan, and I'd like to talk about our senior year of high school. This year was an outstanding year for we welcomed new students, tasks, and obstacles in life. Its funny how this year flew so past after the detentions and homework. Even though this was our last year, we cherished our precious moments. The dances and activities were planned out in an articulate manner for both fun and remembrance. As the senior class president, I hoped I fulfilled my duties for my fellow students and future students to come. Thank you."

Once again the stadium boomed with claps and talking. Even a faint 'That's my future daughter' could be heard from some crazy lady, who shall remained unnamed.

"OH YEAH, THAT'S MY GIRL," Hercule yelled while giving that ridiculous peace sign.

"Thank you Videl," Sakuya smiled, "Next we would like to announce our Valedictorian and Salutatorians."

"Will the following please come on up," Sakuya asked kindly while facing between mid audience and students. "Our Salutatorians are Hotaka Orimoto, Taka Takaishi, Videl Satan, and Atashi Umino. As for our Valedictorian, I'm proud to introduce Gohan Son."

Applauding from the audience brought the students to come. All five students walked up and received awards and cords. The four received silver cords while Gohan received a golden cord.

"I'd like to present our Valedictorian Gohan Son, who will give a speech on behalf of his fellow students," the principal said while clapping. The rest of the students and audience clapped also.

"GO GOHAN!" Goten boomed as he stood up.

Gohan blushed and waved to everyone. "Thank you everyone, thank you. Wow, well all I can say is that this year passed by very fast. I started in the middle of last year, and I know your thinking "How did that kid get Valedictorian when my child has been there longer" but it's a long story, trust me, I don't even know how I got this position." Laughs were heard from the students, as they knew Gohan very well. "Well I just want to say that all of us worked hard to get where we are out. I know that when everyone was younger, they went to junior high school, and were enemies, but it changed in high school. Our enemies were now our allies, students, and friends, but now, we must say farewell. To this, I say good bye Orange Star."

Gohan nodded and began walking away with the rest of the students. Again loud cheers and jeers were given as the students bowed their heads. Gohan walked away off to his seat and smiled at Videl who was ahead of him.

"Proud of you Shorty," he whispered.

"Vice versa Gohan-Kun," she whispered back.

Soon the name ceremony began and one by one the students walked up to reach for their diplomas.

"Aoi, Sharpner."

Many cheered for him as he stood up, bowed to the principal while shaking her hand. He grinned brightly and jumped for joy as he got his diploma. Time went on and it was getting closer to the end.

"Midori, Erasa."

Videl, Gohan, and Sharpner were the loudest to yell for her. Her eyes sparkled that emerald gaze as she followed the same route that Sharpner did. Erasa's eyes leaked out tears as she got her diploma. And then it came to…

"Satan, Videl."

"MY BABY GRADUATED!" Hercule yelled while bursting into tears.

Gohan clapped loudly and so did the rest of the stands. Videl stood up gracefully, bowed to the principal, shook her hand, and eyed her diploma. As of today, she was all gone from the world of fame, and would be known as her own person instead of a shadow.

"Son, Gohan."

Now, you might think that something crazy would happen at this part, but it is my duty and heavy heart to inform you nothing embarrassing happens…

Well maybe in the imaginary world.

Everyone from Chichi to the whole school clapped loudly. His closest friends whistled and clapped and strange "fireworks" came from the top of the bleachers. There stood Trunks and Goten secretly shooting ki blasts in the air. Gohan blushed slightly and walked up to the principal. He nodded, bowed, took the diploma, and turned to his friends.

It was over…

"I would now like this graduating class to stand up with me during this ceremony," Sakuya said with a bright smile. All the students rose and stared ahead. "Everyone, take your tassels and turn them to your left to officially enter the real world and out of a shelter."

The students did so and inhaled deeply.

Sakuya nodded and turned to the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, faculty, and all, I would like to present this graduating class!"

The graduation anthem played and hats were thrown in the air. Many sobs and cheers were heard from friends and family as the stood and marched away from their seats. Erasa, Sharpner, Videl, and Gohan found each other and did the classic "group hug."

"We did it!" Erasa sobbed while tears glistened through her eyes.

"Definitely guys," Sharpner roared over the booming. "Congratulations guys."

Videl remained quiet while looking at the ground. Gohan stared at her and smiled while hugging her. "Its alright to cry Vidy."

"I-I know," she stuttered sadly. "I just wish my mother was here since after the divorce."

All three grinned broadly and nodded. Erasa turned Videl's shoulders and pointed to the stadium by her parents. A woman stood there staring back at them. Her long black hair and lavender eyes matched those of Videl's.

"M-mom?" Videl whispered hoarsely as tears stung her glassy eyes.

All three nodded and began walking towards their families. Sharpner nodded to his friends and walked over to his family who greeted him. Erasa and Videl went towards their parents, leaving Gohan to deal with the horror of a stampede of people.

Chichi, Goku, Krillin, 18, Bulma, Yamcha, Goten, Trunks, Marron, Tien, Chiaotzu, and the rest of the world ran to Gohan.

All he could do was stand there helplessly…

Like a deer caught in lights…

"GOHAN!" They all yelled while surrounding him in hugs and pats.

"You graduated!"

"Good job!"

"My son is smarter than I am!"

"He's always been smarter than you idiot."

"My baby!"

Gohan was mortified to say in the least. After calming down the hoard of people, he reminded them he had to go meet his friends and them later. The Saiyan found Videl and Erasa with ease because they were the only people in the stands left. Videl was prancing with joy while hugging her mother and staying close to her. Gohan smiled brightly and walked up to them.

"Hey Gohan!" Erasa said in her bubbly voice while catching Videl's attention.

"Hi Erasa, Shorty," he said back with a goofy grin. Videl also grinned with joy while walking to Gohan and hugging him.

"Erasa just explained to me what you guys did," she said softly while kissing him. "Thanks."

"Glad I could be of some assistance," the Saiyan said back.

A light cough was heard as the couple turned around. Videl's mother stood there with a smirk while keeping her distance from Hercule.

"My little girl as a boyfriend?" she said with a brilliant smile. "Gohan is it? Well Gohan, thanks for getting me for my daughter's graduation, please, call me Amber."

"As I said before Amber," Gohan stated while bowing lightly, "I'd do anything to help."

Videl beamed and tugged on Gohan's sleeve, "We still have grad night."

"Of course, but guess where it is?" Gohan asked with a blunt look. "Capsule Corp."

Videl's face dropped into a frown and rolled her eyes. "They never quit do they?"

"Nope," he said while shrugging, "Though your parents are welcome to come."

Amber smiled broadly and nodded, "I'm in, though I wont disrupt your games and such."

Hercule snorted at Amber and lifted his head slightly. "I guess I'll go."

"Ignorant fool," Amber muttered while walking away with Erasa's mom.

The three teenagers walked away and met up with Sharpner soon enough. "Ready to have fun?"


Capsule Corp was one of the most loudest places in the city that night, not that its nothing out of the ordinary. Teenagers filled the party complex and danced to the loud music while drinking their beverages and such. Now we go along to the ladies who returned from the jewelry store with grins on their faces before graduation.

"Well, my son bought jewelry, an engagement ring to be exact, and it's not in the box that we found, what does that tell you?" Chichi asked with a glimmer of joy in her eyes.

"Proposal?" Bulma supplied with a grin, "Bound to happen today."

"I'd really like to see Videl's mother, have you seen her around?" Chichi said with a questioning look.

"Right here!" Amber cheered with some punch in her hand. "What's happening?"

Chichi beamed brightly and started dancing around with a silly expression, "We'll soon be related!"

Amber raised an eyebrow and scooted towards Bulma. "Did she have anything to drink?"

Bulma laughed and shook her head, "No. Well you know Gohan and Videl have been going out for quite sometime now right? Well we found a ring box in Gohan's room, but found it empty. Then we went to the jeweler it was purchased out and found out he selected an engagement ring…"

"My baby is going to get married?!" Amber exclaimed happily. She joined Chichi and started chanting about grandkids and wedding bells.

Gohan had just taken Videl outside the party to talk to her. He was in dressy black pants and a long sleeved formal black shirt while Videl was in a spaghetti strap obsidian dress that went to her knees. Both smiled as they walked under the moon and into the private gardens of Capsule Corp.

"So, this is it," Videl whispered while clutching Gohan's arm. "Were finally done."

"Yeah," Gohan said quietly. He put his available hand in his pocket and fingered a certain object. "Videl, have you ever felt or heard me in your thoughts before?"

Videl stared at Gohan and stopped. "What are you talking about?"

"Like for example, when you were fighting Angela. You were throwing blows endlessly to the point where you seemed to hurt her beyond life, yet you stopped. Why is that?"

"Well I guess it was because I felt a voice in the back of my head saying that I'd kill her if I didn't stop," Videl said while putting her finger to her lips. "And I didn't want to have death over my head, but what does this have to do anything?"

Gohan grinned slightly and sighed, "You know about Saiyan bonds right?"

"This and that," Videl said with a shrug.

"You see, on that day you fought Angela, you heard me telling you to hold your strength. You feel what I feel and I hear what you hear, with vice versa. Videl, what I mean to say is that-"

"Were mates?" she suggested with a slight smirk. "So Vegeta wasn't totally wrong?"

"Guess not," the Saiyan chuckled while pulling Videl to a lighted gazebo. He got down on his knees and smiled. "Videl Amber Satan, will you marry me?"

Videl's life stopped at that moment. Her bright blue eyes widened in shock and she stared at Gohan brought out a ring.

"Oh Gohan…"

Meanwhile, the Z-gang were chatting wildly when all of a sudden the phone rang. Since Vegeta was the one who was closest and didn't really talk to anybody, he picked up the ringing contraption.

"What do you want?"

"Good day! This is Jamie from the UK, and I just wanted to say I had to send recognition to the ones named Goten and Trunks," chirped a wild voice.

"Who the hell is this, and why are you thanking the brats?"

"No need to get your knickers in a twist mate," the little boy said. "Well send my regards to the two as you refer as 'brats.' By the way, may I ask who this is?"

Vegeta smirked cockily, "King of all Saiyan's."

"Bloody hell?! You're the crazy chicken man who thinks he rules over a planet. Big fan of your pink shirt, wait tell my friends hear that I've talked to you. Ta ta!"


Vegeta stared blankly at the phone and burned up with an angry face. "Those. Infernal. Brats. Will. PAY!"

He nearly flew upstairs and bursted into Trunks's room hearing two-voice laughing. Vegeta stomped in and pointed at Goten and Trunks. "What are you up to?"

Both stuttered and shook violently. Trunks was about to close the website when Vegeta strode over to the screen. As he read, the terrible two slowly snuck out of the room. The Saiyan no Ouji turned around and screamed. "GET BACK HERE NOW!"

Bulma looked out the window and smiled with happiness. She took out a notebook and began writing. "June 14th 1:00 AM, Gohan proposes to Videl."

As she began writing, a purple and black blur ran past her and bumped her lightly, while losing control of the notebook. Since she so happened to be standing by the fire with Goku, it fell into the fire, burning in ashes. Goku and Bulma's face fell and fell the floor crying.



And thus this story meets its end,

About the tale of two young lovers,

Brought together by a genius and a dolt,

And not a crazy mother,

The king found out about his site,

And a notebook was cremated with honor,

Two children found themselves in a deep hole,

From the genius, king, and idiot.

Now the end may have set it final,

And I know this may have been stupid,

Nothing is crazier then the tale,

Of a whole family playing cupid!