A/N: Hello, everyone. I have finished yet another chapter for the 3rd Season Rewrite of "Teen Titans". Pretty cool, right? Anyway, while I was working on it, I thought that Terra seemed to be the only one, other than Starfire, of course, who likes Tamaranian food, and also wore her clothes in "Teen Titans GO!", which is, admittedly, not exactly my favorite show, I figured that she should go full Tamaranian and name herself "Terrastorm" at some point, minus the orange skin-color and the auburn hair color. And considering that Terra was a Princess of Markovia herself, I figured that she and Starfire could be Princess Buddies, or in this case, Princess Titans. Also, I remembered a funny part with Owen eating some soup from "Total Drama Action" before he went like "Tastes like…poisonous blowfish.", and that got me thinking of a similar, yet different case for hilarity during the feast. Anyhoo, enjoy.

Teen Titans: 3rd Season Rewrite


Chapter 1

It began one morning when Beast Boy and Terra were walking down the hallway when Starfire passed by them as she carried two rectangular cushions, puzzling them.

"Huh?", Beast Boy and Terra puzzled before Robin, Cyborg, and Raven appeared next to them before Starfire went back in her room and carried all her outfits, especially Silkie, out of her room.

"Uh, Starfire?", Cyborg piped up, attracting the tamaranian's attention.

"Hmm?", Starfire responded.

"Going somewhere?", Beast Boy asked.

"I am leaving for Tamaran.", Starfire replied as she went out of her room.

"Tamaran? Isn't that your home planet?", Terra realized.

"Indeed.", Starfire responded as she went back inside her room.

"And you're taking all your stuff because...?", Raven puzzled before Starfire stopped, turned around, and then answered.

"I am not ever coming back.", Starfire responded, shocking the five Titans.

"What?!", the titans exclaimed.

"But why? I thought you liked the place.", Terra spoke out of shock.

"Nothing is wrong. I am...getting married.", Starfire assured with a grin.

"Ohhhh. Wait, what?!", Terra exclaimed out of surprise before Robin then slowly went down, puzzling Raven, Cyborg, Terra, and Beast Boy.

Chapter 2

Later, in space, Terra was flying beside the T-Ship on her rock podium outside as Robin still couldn't believe it.

"You're getting married?", Robin puzzled.

"Indeed, and I cannot wait to see Tamaran. I have been having a bit of the sick-home feeling lately and am eager to introduce my home planet to you, my friends.", Starfire spoke with joy.

"That sounds great, Star. So, what's up?", Terra piped up.

"First, you must ingest the fresh-squeezed glorb, or perhaps sputlinks, and wait until you see the portkins! They are as big as a flornop!", Starfire exclaimed as it showed the first dish, which Terra tried once before, and liked, Black, squishy food with pink spots, and even two creatures, one of which was brown with a mouth on top and the eyes on the bottom as well as its arms.

"Well, I've already tried the glorb, but I haven't tried the sputlinks, so those might be good.", Terra grinned.

Beast Boy, however, was worried.

"Um, am I the only one afraid of the big portkins?", Beast Boy asked before Robin then piped up the same question.

"You're getting married?!", Robin asked.

"Will you just cool it with the jealousy, Robin?", Terra asked in a peeved manner.

"Yeah, uh, anyone we know?", Raven asked.

"Oh, I have never met him. My betrothed has been chosen for me by the grand ruler of Tamaran.", Starfire replied before Robin was now on top of Starfire's windshield.

"You're getting married?! And to someone you've never met?!", Robin exclaimed only to earn Terra's reprimand.

"What did I say about cooling it, Robin? Besides, shouldn't you need a helmet for that?", Terra asked just before Robin realized that mistake and gasped for air as his face turned blue before then clutching his neck and then going back inside.

"Of course, Robin. It is the way of my people.", Starfire replied.

"But, Starfire...", Robin began before a blast suddenly hit the ship, attracting his attention just as Terra shouted.

"Incoming!", Terra shouted just before green, insect-like drones fired blasts at the ship and swarmed around it as they gave chase.

"I don't suppose this is some kind of crazy Tamaranian Welcome Committee.", Cyborg guessed before Starfire shook her head in response.

"Whoever they are, they've got us outnumbered 10 to 1.", Raven stated before a blast hit the ship again.

"Not for long. Titans, separate!", Robin instructed before the T-Ship separated into five parts with which Beast Boy's Ship sprouted four wings, two on each side, and a laser cannon up front while Raven and Starfire's parts tilted to where the engine was facing down as the side panels opened up, revealing a sort of blue Cyborg-Like exoskeleton inside before Cyborg's part extended the rear engines and lifted up the flaps before Cyborg's seat rotated to face upward while Robin's part extended the two side engines, engaging the wings as well before all six Titans dispersed toward separate groups of the enemy drones.

For Robin, he let the two enemy drones chase him before he eventually went behind the drones and then fired his own lasers at one of them, destroying it.

For both Cyborg and Terra's case, Terra his herself well as Cyborg used the same tactic but in a different way.

"You think you've got me? Think again!", Cyborg smirked just before Terra grunted as she then moved a big asteroid towards them, smashing one of them.

For Starfire, however, she only got grazed by the blast before speaking with Robin.

"I begin to suspect that separation was not such a wise idea.", Starfire commented before Robin agreed as he got hit as well.

"Starfire's right. Titans, regroup.", Robin instructed before the Five parts of the T-Ship converged back into one but not before lifting up, causing the drones to smash into each other as Terra caught up and sighed out of exhaustion.

"Whoo! What a rough one.", Terra sighed.

"Who were they?", Robin asked.

"And where are we?", Beast Boy asked.

"The first planet that Starfire and I came across when we first left Earth together a while ago.", Terra replied.

"The planet Tamaran, My home.", Starfire added.

Later, as the Titans arrived, Tamaran resembled a sort of desert with a dark pink sky at night with two large rock pillars or so.

"Is it not the most beautiful place your eyes have ever observed?", Starfire gasped with joy.

"Uh, sure?", Raven replied hesitantly.

"Well, it's certainly beautiful to me. I mean, look around. The pink sky, the moons, the rock pillars, oh! And even that palace over there.", Terra commented with a friendly grin.

"As such luck would have it, friend Terra, that is where we shall be arriving.", Starfire responded.

"No way!", Terra spoke in awe.

Later, as soon as the Titans have arrived, they walked near the gates, which opened up, revealing a sort of Tamaranian gladiator in battle armor with four guards behind him as he stepped forward toward Starfire, who flew up to him before he spoke in his own language.

"Nubba Gunschtic Koriand'r sol!", the gladiator spoke.

"Hesbalt Rutha, Galfore Kak!", Starfire shouted in Tamaranian speak before the gladiator snarled, seemingly ready to attack as she screamed slightly before Terra gasped just as Robin shouted to the others.

"Titans!", Robin urged before the titans prepared to attack only to notice that the gladiator was actually tickling Starfire, making her laugh as the gladiator laughed as well, puzzling Terra.

"Huh?", Terra puzzled.

"Um, unless they tickle people to death here, I think you can chill.", Cyborg assured to Robin as he lowered the discs a few moments before the gladiator stopped tickling her.

"Uh, why did he just tickle you?", Terra asked out of curiosity.

"Friends, I wish you to meet my Kinorfka, Galfore. He raised me from the time I was very small.", Starfire introduced.

"Oh. I can see the resemblance.", Terra responded before Beast Boy made a joke.

"You mean this dude's your nanny?", Beast Boy laughed before Terra piped him up.

"Uh, Beast Boy? I'd try not to laugh about this if I were you.", Terra whispered to Beast Boy before Galfore quickly shouted to him.

"You find that amusing, little one?!", Galfore asked threateningly, prompting Beast Boy to stop laughing.

"Uh.", Beast Boy spoke as he gave a scared face.

"See? Besides, I think he's more like a father to her than a nanny. Very important.", Terra added before Robin spoke up.

"Nice to meet you.", Robin greeted.

"Zal. I see you have met our new enemy.", Galfore spoke before the right engine of the ship fell off.

"Yeah. That's right.", Terra replied.

"Then, you know who attacked us?", Robin asked before Galfore pointed to the nearby enemy drones in a gesture.

"The Great Drenthax Army. They threaten to overthrow our planet, our way of life. And if I were Grand Ruler, I would...", Galfore explained before sighing.

"Well, I am not.", Galfore sighed.

"What happened out there?", Terra asked.

"Let us just say that much has changed since she departed.", Galfore replied as Starfire landed back on the ground gently.

"I have missed you, Galfore.", Starfire spoke warmly.

"And I have missed you, Princess Starfire.", Galfore spoke as he bowed to her before the guards bowed to her as well, surprising the five Titans.

"Princess?!", the five Titans exclaimed in surprise.

"Oh, yes. I am...second-in-line for the throne. Perhaps, I forgot to mention.", Starfire explainer before she giggled nervously and took off with Galfore and the four guards.

"Did you know about this?", Cyborg asked.

"Hey, I just found out today. Although, come to think of it, I am a princess back home, too, but by my own right.", Terra replied, surprising the Titans.

"What?!", the titans exclaimed.

"You're a princess, too?!", Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Well, yeah, a princess of Markovia. I'll explain later.", Terra assured before Robin spoke up.

"Just go.", Robin spoke peevingly before the rest stepped inside the castle.

"Geez, Robin. That's kinda harsh, don't you think?", Terra commented.

Later, Beast Boy was in front of one of four Tamaranian Animals beside the main entrance.

"Alien animals. Cool!", Beast Boy spoke before Terra tried to warn him.

"Uh, Beast Boy. Something tells me you might wanna step back.", Terra warned.

"How come?", Beast Boy asked just before, as if to answer, the Animal roared and tried to eat both Terra and Beast Boy as they exclaimed before they ran back to the Titans with his head seemingly bitten off.

"That's how come.", Terra replied as she smacked his back just enough to help his head pop back up.

"And you're the alien, here.", Raven added.

"Look, Starfire. About this wedding...", Robin spoke before he put his hand on her shoulder, inadvertently calling the apparently defensive Galfore to action as he screamed and landed in front of him, knocking him back, just as the guards moved from behind Starfire to by Galfore's side before aiming their axes at Robin to show that they mean business.

"It is forbidden for outworlders to touch the princess.", Galfore states before Starfire piped up.

"Um, please do not harm my friend.", Starfire asked nicely before the guards then lowered their axes away from Robin as Starfire and Galfore continued the walk over to the main entrance as did the four guards.

"I'm not touchin' her.", Beast Boy spoke.

Later, Starfire, Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Terra, Galfore, and a couple others were gathered at the dining table.

"To our beautiful princess and her new husband.", Galfore spoke as he raised his big chalice before Starfire spoke as she did the same.

"And to my good friends. I am jubilant you all could be here to celebrate my wedding.", Starfire grinned before Robin, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy tried to pick up these chalices but with little to no success while Terra successfully lifted it up, puzzling her, before she shrugged with a grin and clanged her chalice against the others as a sort of toast before Robin spoke to Starfire.

"We're...really going to miss you.", Robin spoke before the food was set down on the table, surprising Robin.

"Please, eat.", Starfire advised as the waiter set an assortment of Tamaranian food down on the table with what appeared to be three-legged chicken in a bowl present among many other oddities.

Then, as Cyborg and Beast Boy looked hesitant, Terra, as well as the other Tamaranians looked hungrily at their meal before Galfore raised his axe and banged it against the table at the food, commencing the feast before he, Starfire, Terra, and the other Tamaranian quickly began to eat away quickly, comically knocking away Robin, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy. Robin grew quite curious as Starfire ate away at the food given.

"I'm guessing you picked up your table manners on Earth?", Robin guesed Before Starfire shouted to him.

"Hurry or you will not get any!", Starfire urged before she continued eating.

Meanwhile, Terra was practically eating everything on the table the same way she first met the Titans as she ate the necessary dinner quickly before proceeding to the glorb and then the Sputlinks before she then swallowed the Sputlinks and then critiqued the taste.

"Mm. Tastes like strawberry frosting with a hint of licorice. Oh, and a bit of blowfish in there, too.", Terra critiqued before her stomach suddenly growled.

"Uh, why do I feel so weird?", Terra asked before she then quickly, at a moderate speed, grew obese as her legs grew big and puffy first before her arms followed as well as her hands one at a time before the rest of her body grew big and fat, causing her shirt to rip up to the point where it became short-sleeved as well as becoming a secondary bra for her newly grown, massive cleavage and her pants ripped up into shorts, mostly due to her height growing twice as tall as she normally is, amazing, if not surprising, her.

"Whoa! How'd I get so huge? That felt so amazing.", Terra spoke in ecstatic glee before Galfore spoke up as if to answer.

"It seems you are lucky, Earth Girl! You have eaten quite a special Sputlink.", Galfore spoke with some laughter.

"I get that it's really delicious, but beyond that, how is it special?", Terra asked before Starfire spoke up after swallowing.

"Usually, when a rare sputlink like this one is consumed, it fills its host with a special enzyme that causes the host to grow as big as a portkin. And when the digestive gas has been expelled, the digestive system will immediately be primed to help the host consume 10x more food than usual.", Starfire explained.

"Wait. So, in other words, once I burp the gas out...", Terra began to realize.

"Indeed. Your appetite will grow 10x larger.", Starfire explained.

"Huh. I knew I could like those sputlinks. I just didn't think I'd enjoy them like this.", Terra blushed as she grinned.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy's opinion was a different story.

"Hello! Vegetarian in the house! Does this look like a veggie to you?", Beast Boy asked as he held out one of the sputlinks to Cyborg.

"Mm-Mm-Mm.", Cyborg shrugged before he ate one of the sputlinks in Beast Boy's hand, practically disgusting him.

"I'm not hungry.", Beast Boy spoke before Terra spoke to Cyborg.

"Uh, Cyborg?", Terra spoke up before he reacted upon seeing her fat appearance.

"Oh, man, Terra! What happened to you? You got as big as a beach ball!", Cyborg reacted.

"I'll take that as a compliment, and apparently, I ate a very special sputlink and now I'm all huge and fat. I could really get used to being this huge. Not sure you could get used to it, though, since you just ate the same kind of sputlink I did just now.", Terra replied, puzzling Cyborg.

"Say what?", Cyborg puzzled before she explained.

"Tell me. Do you taste at least a little bit of blowfish in there?", Terra asked.

"Uh, yeah, now that you mention it. Why?", Cyborg asked before his stomach growled.

"Uh-oh.", Cyborg spoke before his body quickly puffed up like a blowfish, making both Beast Boy and the obese Terra laugh from the hilarity of it all before she sighed.

"Don't worry, Cyborg. The weight gain only lasts until you burp it out, which should take about an hour or so?", Terra assured as her stomach growled slightly.

Later, an hour later, Terra and Cyborg were already back to normal just like she said as the horns trumpeted loudly, causing the titans to cringe from the loud noise in their own ways while Terra just covered her ears with a grin, considering how majestic an royal it sounded before Starfire explained.

"Uh, it is music,", Starfire explained.

"Nothing I haven't dealt with before!", Terra shouted with a grin as the music trumpeted before Starfire, Terra, the other Titans, Galfore and the rest of the Tamaranian bowed down as the grand ruler of Tamaran stepped forth from the doors as they opened.

"All hail the Grand Ruler of Tamaran, the Empress!", Galfore announced as the Grand Ruler turned out to be none other than Starfire's no-good sister herself, Blackfire as Starfire gasped.

"Blackfire?", Starfire puzzled.

"Surprised to see me, little sister?", Blackfire smirked before Starfire retorted to Blackfire as her eyes glowed green.

"I am surprised to see you out of prison!", Starfire shouted.

"Hang on. You two know each other?", Terra asked before Blackfire exclaimed as her eyes glowed purple.

"Why wouldn't we? After my goody-two-shoes sister had me thrown in jail, I got bored, so I broke out and took over Tamaran for kicks. But enough about me. I'm sure she's eager to see who she'll be spending the rest of her life with.", Blackfire replied as she moved out of the way to show a sort of hunk resembling a manlier version of her, causing Starfire to fall in love as Robin grew jealous with his mouth extending downward and then land onto his head with Terra growing puzzled.

"Huh?", Terra puzzled before the hunk cleared the way to unveil Starfire's true groom, a sort of green slime creature with many tentacles with holes as it spat out some green goo before the hunk then wiped away the green goo and then show, the green creature smiling with Starfire shockedand puzzled before Blackfire did an introduction.

"Starfire, meet your groom, Glgrdsklechhh.", Blackfire introduced.

Then, it showed Robin, practically heating up as his whole body was coated in flames while his head remained uncoated as Raven and Terra spoke their comments.

"Um, he's cute.", Raven commented.

"Okay, if I wasn't disgusted before, I certainly am now.", Terra commented after her face turned green as she tried to stop herself from barfing.

Chapter 3

In the palace, Starfire was quite surprised.

"My...groom? But he is... I cannot...", Starfire began to object before Blackfire interrupted.

"You can, and you will.", Blackfire interrupted, quickly angering Terra.

"Oh, yeah?! Give us one good reason why she should!", Terra shouted.

"Do not speak out of turn to your grand ruler!", Blackfire threatened.

"As far as I'm concerned, you're no grand ruler of mine!", Terra retorted, earning gasps of worry from the other tamaranians, fearful for her life before Blackfire gave an unexpected response.

"Oh, my. You're certainly quite feisty, aren't you? Regardless, I will explain. You see, Terran, this darling creature is the exalted Sklerch of the swamp moons of Drenthax 4, and since his invasion army is parked outside our castle, I arranged my sister's marriage to save our beloved Tamaran from annihilation. If her groom can't kiss his bride, we can all kiss Tamaran goodbye.", Blackfire explained, still angering her, but more calmly this time.

"I still say that still seems fishy to me.", Terra suspected before Glgrdsklechhh then moved over to Starfire, surprising her.

"I am sure we will be...very...happy together.", Starfire spoke hesitantly as she placed her hand on him only to end up getting her hand stuck in some slime before she wound up stuck inside him for a bit before trying to unstick herself only for Glgrdsklechhh to utter a burp on her, although fortunately, it did help her get unstuck.

"He says he can't wait to take you to his swamp planet, far, far away. We celebrate my sister's wedding at moonset, tonight!", Blackfire announced, earning cheers from all except Terra, Starfire, Robin, and the others, even Glgrdsklechhh.

"Tonight? Starfire, are you sure?", Robin asked out of worry.

"Yes.", Starfire replied sadly.

"But you can't be serious!", Terra spoke in disbelief.

"Take the princess to her quarters so she may prepare. And keep an eye on her friends.", Blackfire instructed before two guards walked Starfire to her quarters while the rest went with Blackfire as both Robin and Terra grew suspicious of her.

Later, at another room, Beast Boy yelled in panic as he got stuck in a sort of Venus flytrap plant-looking chair before Terra helped get him out.

"I can't tell what's a chair, what's a bed, or alive! How am I supposed to take my beauty nap?", Beast Boy asked worriedly.

"I know, and that's not even the worst part. Did you see how unhappy Starfire was? I know that look all too well.", Terra added.

"We can't let Starfire go through with this.", Robin urged as he pressed his left fist against his right hand.

"Come on, man. I can understand Terra, but you? You're sure you're not just, you know, jealous?", Cyborg asked jokingly as he smirked while Beast Boy nodded with a grin in agreement.

"Of that ugly, smelly, whatever it is?", Robin responded.

"Glgrdsklechhh? Although, it'd probably be easier to say Sklerch, 'cause that's what he is.", Terra explained.

"Right. Look, you saw her face, Cyborg. She doesn't even like him.", Robin stated.

"True, but maybe she doesn't need to. Things are different here. Who are we to question her culture?", Raven spoke up.

"It's not her culture I'm questioning, Raven. It's the way Blackfire took advantage of it.", Terra responded.

"She's right. Blackfire arranged the whole thing. How do we even know if any of this is real?", Robin agreed.

"Well, here's an answer to that one: we don't. And that's where a stakeout comes in.", Terra replied.

"Cyborg and Beast Boy, check out the Drenthax fleet. Raven, see what you can learn about this...thing she's marrying.", Robin instructed.

"And you two?", Cyborg asked.

"We'll look out for Starfire. Who knows how Star could be feeling right now?", Terra replied before she and Robin left.

Later, outside Beast Boy and Cyborg creates a hole to go in through before stepping inside. Sometime after, however, Beast Boy accidentally tripped on one of the wires and fell down, earning Cyborg's slight reprimand.

"What are you tryin' to do? Wake up the whole..?", Cyborg whispered before he noticed no one here.

"Where's the crew?", asked Cyborg.

"Out to lunch?", Beast Boy guessed as he sat up.

Then, they walked up to the chair in front of them and grew puzzled before Cyborg turned it around and then noticed a purple robot with robotic tentacles reeling back in as he stated what it was.

"Remote control. They got a whole fleet of ships.", Cyborg stated.

"And no army.", Beast Boy added before he and Cyborg turned around to spot the guards surrounding them up front.

"And Blackfire doesn't want anyone to know.", Cyborg spoke before one of the guards stepped forward.

Meanwhile, Raven went inside a vacant room and noticed a cross between a fish and a slog before picking it up, noticing some of Glgrdsklechhh's slime on it.

"Nice.", Raven spoke sarcastically before tossing it out, walking up to a sort of box and then opening it to notice a sort of powerful gem before she closed it upon overhearing Blackfire's voice as she and Glgrdsklechhh walked in before she had to hide herself.

"Guess my plan was brilliant, wasn't it, Glgrdsklechhh?", Blackfire smirked before the Sklerch replied with a grunt as a dark portal opened up on the ceiling as Raven's head peeped from the portal.

"I give you my pesky little sister, and you give me...the Jewel of it's powers enhancing my own, I will rule Tamaran with an iron fist! No one will dare challenge me.", Blackfire spoke as Glgrdsklechhh opened the box, revealing a red, diamond-like jewel before Blackfire picked it up as it glowed before her eyes glowed Red before her body briefly gave off sparks.

Then, Glgrdsklechhh noticed Raven in the ceiling and then spat out his goo at Raven, knocking her down to the ground and disgusting her.

"Ew.", Raven spoke.

"Well done, Glgrdsklechhh. You've discovered a spy.", Blackfire spoke before she lifted up her hand as it glowed red.

Meanwhile, Starfire peeped from the door and turned to notice one of the guards turning to see her before she closed the door.

Outside, as Robin climbed up the tower with his birdarangs, Terra floated up on her podium before Starfire was shown to be seeing how the wedding dress looks on her before looking to her communicator and then walk outside just as Robin and Terra were getting closer to her. Then, just as Starfire looked to the horizon solemnly, Robin and Terra finally arrived.

"You doing okay, Star?", Terra asked, causing Starfire to turn around and see Terra and Robin.

"Robin! Terra! Thank Zal you... Uh, that is... I trust you are enjoying your stay?", Starfire asked.

"Well, the food was great, so it's a start.", Terra replied.

"Come on. We're getting out of here.", Robin urged whisperingly.

"No. Robin. I am sorry. I cannot.", Starfire sighed.

"Starfire, you don't want to marry him.", Robin spoke up.

"Marrying him will bring peace to my planet. It is good for everyone.", Starfire only responded solemnly.

"It's not good for you.", Robin only interjected before Terra spoke up.

"Still, if this is what you think you should do, then, I won't get in the way of it.", Terra spoke, slightly surprising Starfire and Robin equally.

"What?", Robin puzzled.

"Really?", Starfire wondered.

"If marrying him is the only way to bring peace to your planet, I get it. But that doesn't mean that I can't be there for you.", Terra grinned.

"You are...sincere, yes?", Starfire asked.

"That's right. And one princess to another, I promise that I'll be here for your wedding just before the vows can begin.", Terra promised before Starfire grew surprised with a slight gasp.

"You are also a princess, friend Terra?", Starfire asked.

"A princess of Markovia. But, a princess nonetheless. And when a princess makes a promise, it is her duty to keep that promise and never break it. I'll see you then.", Terra grinned as she hopped back onto her podium, taking Robin with her before she lowered it as Starfire watched with a hopeful grin before she then walked back to her room.

"Are you sure about this, Terra?", Robin asked before one of the guards suddenly grabbed Robin and pulled him away before Terra responded.

"Like she said. It's for the good of everyone. Huh?", Terra responded as she turned to notice that Robin wasn't there before it was her turn to be captured next and then eventually escorted to an underground prison where Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg were held before Robin and Terra were tossed inside.

"Hey! Watch it with the shoulders, please!", Terra shouted as the guards walked away.

"So, I guess we're gonna miss the wedding?", Beast Boy guessed.

"I couldn't talk her out of it. She has to marry him, for her people.", Robin replied solemnly.

"No, she doesn't.", Raven spoke up.

"What do you mean?", Terra asked.

"It's all a lie. The army, the war, everything. Blackfire set her up.", Cyborg explained.

"Aha! I knew something was fishy about Blackfire!", Terra smirked as she snapped her fingers before Robin stood up.

"Then we have to tell Starfire the truth, before it's too late.", Robin spoke up.

"Ditto. I made a promise to Starfire anyway, and that's a promise I can't afford to break.", Terra agreed as she raised her hands up as they created rainbow-white energy blasts as her eyes glowed the same color.

Meanwhile, Starfire was already in her wedding dress before Galfore walked in and then spoke as he placed a sort of face plate on top of her head to complete the look.

"I have never seen a more beautiful bride. Something troubles you, my little bumgorf?", Galfore asked.

"Nothing troubles me.", Starfire assured before Galfore raised his right hand and spoke further.

"Do not attempt to fool an old Klorker. I raised you. I have always expected great things from you, my princess, and tonight is no exception.", Galfore responded.

"Yes. I will do what is right for Tamaran.", Starfire spoke solemnly before Galfore lifted her chin up with his left finger.

"You must do what is right...in your heart.", Galfore spoke before Blackfire walked in her room.

"Ready, sister dear?", Blackfire asked before Starfire then hugged Galfore and flew away as Galfore watched with slight determination.

Meanwhile, in the prison room, a breakout occurred as an explosion caught the guards' attention before they noticed Robin, Terra, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven free. Then, Robin led the attack first by kicking the guards by the shoulders, tipping them to he ground before he went forwards as Beast Boy, Terra, Cyborg, and Raven were surrounded by the guards only for Beast Boy to turn into one of the animals he saw earlier before roaring, scaring the heck out of the guards before they fled in panic as Terra grew amazed while Beast Boy changed back.

"Whoa!", Terra spoke in awe.

"How did you know you could do that?", Cyborg asked.

"Lucky guess.", Beast Boy replied.

"Well, now that that's out of the way, all that's left for me to do now is keep my promise.", Terra grinned before she created a rainbow-White portal below her before her whole attire changed into that of a female Tamaranian's with a necessary hole at the top of her bra, her pants resembling purple undies, her gloves now being silver bracelets (an additional on her right arm as well as another on her neck), her belt now silver, her boots now longer and purple, and her hair now tied up to a ponytail with a few tufts of hair untapped by the silver band on her hair as a white glow overcame her body with her gem on top of the collar where the usual gem would be.

"Wow. You look amazing, Terra.", Beast Boy spoke in awe.

"Thanks. I've always wondered what I'd look like with a ponytail. N-never mind that, though. Just make sure you guys hurry to the wedding hall, got it?", Terra urged as she descended downwards towards the before it closed, amazing Beast Boy.

"Huh. Looks like she takes after you, Raven.", Beast Boy commented before earning a slight slap on his cheek.

"Ow!", Beast Boy exclaimed before Raven grinned.

Meanwhile, at the wedding hall, trumpets sounded as Starfire and Galfore walked in before Robin was shown to be getting ready to fight the guards as Starfire and Galfore walked forward in the hall before Robin dodged an axe strike from the guard before Robin blocked it with his staff. Then, afterwards, Robin was knocked back by the guard before he attempted to strike downward but missed as Robin dodged before the guard was knocked against the wall. Then, Robin leapt up to avoid another strike and then tossed his smoke bombs at the guard.

At the hall, after walking up, Galfore turned to Glgrdsklechhh and growled at him, causing the Sklerch to panic slightly before quickly hovering over to Starfire, who looked around but could not see her friends before she then spoke up.

"Where are my friends?", Starfire asked.

"Guess they had better things to do.", Blackfire smirked before Terra spoke up.

"Did they?", Terra spoke up before a portal opened up on an empty spot of the audience with Terra ascending from the portal in her new Tamaranian outfit before she spoke up.

"'Cause I sure didn't.", Terra smirked.

"Friend Terra! You came! And you're wearing our clothes.", Starfire grinned.

"Well, the place has grown on me, so I figured I'd dress up for the occasion.", Terra grinned.

"And I suppose the rest of your friends couldn't come?", Blackfire asked.

"Oh, they will come. They're just gonna be a bit late.", Terra assured.

"You're up to something, aren't you?", Blackfire suspected.

"So what if I am?", Terra smirked in response before Blackfire only sighed after a moment of staredown.

"Never mind that. Now, smile pretty for your new hubbie.", Blackfire smirked as she then turned to Starfire, who only smiled nervously in response before Terra whispered to her.

"Don't worry, Star. There's been some recent development, so I'll do my part and we'll take care of the situation, but the rest is up to you.", Terra whispered.

"My humble servants, we meet at moonset to bind my sister to this handsome young Sklerch in joyous betrothal. Can any among us offer reason why these two lovebirds should not be together...forever?", Blackfire asked before Terra raised her hand and shouted.

"I object!", Terra shouted, surprising Starfire and the Tamaranians, but none were more surprised than Blackfire, although Glgrdsklechhh was half as surprised.

"Huh?", Glgrdsklechhh puzzled.

"Who dares?!", Blackfire exclaimed.

"I dare. I just heard that you're staging the invasion just so you could rule Tamaran with an iron fist, and with the Jewel of Charta, no less!", Terra accused in response, stirring up some murmuring of the crowd as Blackfire grew shocked and angry at the same time before snapping.

"You dare to question my authority and stand in the way of what is best for Tamaran?!", Blackfire exclaimed.

"You know I do, and frankly, you're not even what's best for Tamaran.", Terra responded just before it then showed Robin getting ready to fight the guards surrounded as Terra continued further.

"All I told Starfire was that I'd be there for her and that I won't get in the way of doing what she feels is right. Anyone who feels otherwise will have to answer to me.", Terra warned as it then showed her preparing rainbow-colored starbolts.

"Who do you think you are?", Blackfire asked angrily as her eyes glowed Red.

"Just call me Terrastorm! Or Terra for short. Your choice.", Terra responded as she floated upwards to face Blackfire before the grand ruler then ceased her angry look before then smirking.

"You realize that questioning my authority is an act of treason, right?", Blackfire smirked.

"Look, I respect the law as much as the next guy, but if the law is unjust, it's my duty to fight against it.", Terra responded.

"You know, Terrastorm, if you're waiting for your friends to arrive, you'll be waiting a long time, in prison," Blackfire retorted with a smirk before Terra turned around and looked up to the window just as Robin was knocked back toward it, although luckily he didn't break it as Terra spotted Robin noticing Starfire, Terra, in her Tamaranian outfit, much to Robin's puzzlement, and Glgrdsklechhh at the hall.

"Oh, yeah? Then, how about you all look up at that window over there?", Terra smirked in response before Blackfire looked up and saw Robin.

"What?!", Blackfire exclaimed before Starfire looked up and noticed Robin with a gasp as the rest of Tamaran looked up and gasped in awe just before the guards swarmed around Robin as one of them swung at Robin but missed before the Tamaranians murmured in surprise again

"Silence! Silence!", Blackfire shouted.

"Well, Star. It's up to you now.", Terra spoke to her before Blackfire spoke up.

"Do you wish to do what is right and take this thing to be your husband?", Blackfire asked.

"I do...not.", Starfire responded with a serious look, earning Terra's fist bump.

"Yes!", Terra grunted before Blackfire then roared as her eyes glowed Red before her body glowed Red as she then raised her left arm and prepared to attack.

"Treason!", Blackfire shouted.

Chapter 4

Blackfire was preparing to shoot Starfire when Terra blaster her own beams to knock both herself, Starfire, and Blackfire back before Terra recovered with a back flip and caught Starfire bridal style.

"Whew! That was close. You okay, Starfire?", Terra asked.

"I am now.", Starfire grinned.

"I thought we agreed you would do what is best for Tamaran, little sister. You will marry the Sklerch!", Blackfire commanded just before Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, And Raven burst in through the gates with Robin shouting to Starfire.

"Starfire, it's a trick, all of it! Blackfire's been lying to everyone!", Robin exclaimed, proving Terra's point.

"You see?! You see how manipulative Blackfire is?", Terra shouted before the crowd murmured as Starfire spoke up and removed the face plate.

"Terra was right. You are not what's best for Tamaran.", Starfire spoke to Blackfire.

"You dare to challenge your grand ruler?!", Blackfire exclaimed before Terra spoke up in response.

"Oh, she dares, all right. In fact, I dare, too.", Terra responded as her eyes glowed Rainbow-white before Starfire powered up, causing her green aura to emit and tear off her wedding dress, revealing her normal clothes before the aura faded.

"We challenge my sister...for the crown.", Starfire spoke as her eyes glowed green.

"It doesn't matter if even either one of you faces me. I will end this foolishness!", Blackfire exclaimed.

"Well, If you're really that sure, then go ahead. I'll even let you land the first attack.", Terra goaded as she then did a hand taunt.

"I do not need your charity!", Blackfire retorted before she started to fly up before Starfire and Terra flew upwards in battle before Blackfire smirked while firing another energy beam, but this time, with two hands and then landed her first hit on Starfire, knocking both her and Terra towards the pillar on the wall and dodged Blackfire, who then grabbed the both of them, much to Robin and Beast Boy's worries.

"Starfire!", Robin exclaimed.

"Terra!", Beast Boy shouted the same tone Robin exclaimed before Galfore put his hand in front of them.

"Hold. If anyone interferes, the challenge is void. Terrastorm and the princess will both lose.", Galfore warned.

"'Terrastorm'? She came up with that name herself?", Beast Boy puzzled.

"Yep. And besides, our girls can handle themselves.", Cyborg assured as he stepped forward before Blackfire fired two red starbolts and went for a kick but missed before she then fired red laser eyes at Starfire who flew away as the laser followed her before Starfire fired her starbolts at Blackfire, who only created a red energy shield to defend against the blasts and lowered it before gasping upon noticing Terra charging in as her eyes glowed Rainbow-White before she then knocked Blackfire towards the wall with a starbolt created in front of her chest as she then chest-bumped her, causing the starbolts to detonate to a small enough degree before Blackfire recovered.

Then, Starfire and Terra began firing their starbolts at Blackfire, who flew away and dodged their blasts before Blackfire then fired a red energy beam with her right fist, urging Terra to the action.

"Hang on!", Terra urged as she then raised a rainbow-colored energy barrier around herself and Starfire before the red beam hit the shield, at least, pushing the duo through the wall before Terra lowered the shield as the smoke cleared, revealing a shocked Blackfire.

"Wait. How did you know when to use that barrier? No one else learned how to do that.", Blackfire asked.

"Well, you've got your Jewel of Charta, and I've got my Gem of Azar. It's the perfect Antithesis.", Tera explained with a smirk before Blackfire growled as her eyes glowed red as a white spark emitted from the Jewel of Charta before Blackfire charged toward her and Starfire and then moved her hands in opposite directions and then moved them back, creating an energy wave that pushed them back towards a wall before Starfire and Terra landed with Blackfire raising the couch up just as Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, Galfore, and Glgrdsklechhh watched the rest of the fight.

Then, Blackfire tosses the couches as Starfire and Terra dodged them before they flew up only for Blackfire to try to smack them and, in the process, discover that when she did so, the pillar broke apart without even sending Terra or Starfire back, partly on account of that Starfire was behind Terra, whose body broke apart the pillar without even taking damage, much to her surprise as well as the spectators as they stated in awe.

"Whoa! Didn't even hurt a bit.", Terra grinned.

"You may be invincible, but you're still not good enough to help my little sister beat me.", Blackfire discouraged.

"Yeah? In case you haven't noticed, she's not so little anymore. And if you still feel that way, you can just take it up with her.", Terra smirked before she descended, allowing Starfire to catch Blackfire by surprise by firing her own laser eyes at Blackfire, knocking her towards the ground with Starfire then crashing into Blackfire foot first, sending her down to the gardening room with Starfire using Blackfire to break the fall as Terra caught up before Blackfire fires her laser eyes at Terra, knocking her back before she recovered and then fired her green starbolts at Blackfire, who ran from the bolts at first before flying up as the titans cheered.

Then, as Starfire chased Blackfire, Terra then flew up to Starfire's side before Blackfire struck a branch and then pinned Starfire.

"Earth has changed you, Starfire.", Blackfire spoke before she then tried to swing her against the wall before Terra caught her in time and then blast her back toward the same wall Starfire was pinned against before Terra retorted.

"As long as we're talking about changes, Tamaran certainly changed me.", Terra retorted as her eyes glowed rainbow-white while also emitting an aura of the same color before she then yelled out, causing her aura to erupt into a big column, taking Blackfire along with it before the column then erupted from below the wedding hall, surprising the Tamaranians before Blackfire was knocked back to the ground just as the others caught up before noticing Terra rising from inside the column as her eyes glowed rainbow-white with her hair floating upwards, although her ponytail was still present, as Blackfire could hardly believe it.

"So much power... How can someone like you even have that power?!", Blackfire shouted.

"Because someone gave it to me and helped me find my way back, helped me to believe in myself back when I couldn't. And unlike you, I'm putting that power to good use.", Terra responded before the pillar vanished with Terra's ponytail going back down before she continued.

"And for the record, I'm not gonna finish this fight. She is.", Terra smirked before moving back, allowing Starfire to charge toward Blackfire and then grab the Jewel of Charta, causing a red barrier to appear and expand before it suddenly vanished with Blackfire eventually noticing that the Jewel of Charta is gone before she gasped and stepped back.

Then, Starfire opened her hand, revealing the shattered jewel before Starfire then dashed toward Blackfire and then spoke to Terra.

"Do you wish to do the honors with me, friend Terra?", Starfire asked.

"Well, if you insist.", Terra smirked before she and Starfire fired their laser eyes at Blackfire and then pelted her with their starbolts before landing back on the ground.

"Whoa. I didn't know I could use laser eyes, too.", Terra spoke in surprise before the smoke cleared and Blackfire eventually passed out, causing the crown to fall off and slide near Starfire's feet.

"Go ahead, Star. You've earned it.", Terra grinned before Starfire then returned the gesture with a nod and picked up the crown before putting it on.

"The challenge is complete. Tamaran has a new grand ruler.", Starfire announced before the Tamaranians cheered as well as the Titans before Glgrdsklechhh floated up in front of her.

"I am sorry, Gilder...Glurggle...", Starfire began apologizing before Terra spoke up.

"Glgrdsklechhh. But you could just call him Sklechhh. It's easier.", Terra spoke to Starfire.

"Oh. Thank you. I am sorry, Sklechhh, but there shall be no wedding.", Starfire apologized, earning Glgrdsklechhh's disappointed sigh before Starfire then spoke next.

"And henceforth, my sister, Blackfire, shall be banished from Tamaran.", Starfire announced.

"Banished?! Are you joking? Where am I supposed to live?!", Blackfire exclaimed.

"Well, you could always live in one of the swamp moons of Drenthax 4.", Terra suggested with a smirk.

"You wish, Terrastorm.", Blackfire retorted.

"Yeah, well, you could just take it or leave it.", Terra responded before the guards then took Blackfire away.

"I won't forget this, sister dear!", Blackfire spoke before Beast Boy and Robin walked up to her.

"Terrastorm, Huh? That name sounds cool.", Beast Boy grinned.

"Thanks. I came up with it myself.", Terra blushed.

"So, now that you rule the planet, I guess you'll be staying here?", Robin asked.

"I must do what is right for Tamaran.", Starfire replied before walking away as Galfore walked up to Terra.

"Who would've guessed it? You, a female Terran, having the acute fighting senses and techniques of our people.", Galfore grinned.

"I know. Very surprising, huh? Guess that makes me your distant cousin. Or even your distant niece for that matter.", Terra grinned as she floated.

"Mayhaps our people aren't so different after all.", Galfore guessed.

"Well, here's hoping.", Terra responded with a grin.

Later, at the celebration outside with the Tamaranians cheering, Galfore exclaimed.

"All hail Empress Starfire!", Galfore exclaimed as the crowd cheered before Starfire gave her speech.

"Someone very wise once told me to listen to my heart, and so I overthrew my sister because she was not best for Tamaran.", Starfire spoke before turning to see the slightly sad looks of all but one titans as Terra, still in her Tamaranian outfit with a ponytail, gave a sad smile before Starfire turned back and made a surprising announcement.

"And now, my heart is telling me that I am also not best for Tamaran. My life and my heart is on Earth. That is where I belong. But I leave you in good hands, the hands that cared for me as a child. All hail Emperor Galfore!", Starfire announced, earning the Titans' grins before Starfire then bequeathed the crown to Galfore as she placed it on his head before the crowd cheered and chanted.

"All hail Galfore! All hail Galfore!", the Tamaranians chanted as Starfire walked up to her friends.

"Let us now return to Earth, please. I am feeling the sick for my home. My real home.", Starfire blushed with a grin as Beast Boy was apparently holding in pee.

"Then, let's hurry! I couldn't figure out how to use the bathrooms here!", Beast Boy exclaimed before Cyborg reprimanded him.

"We are not having any accidents in the T-Ship, you get me?", Cyborg urged before he, Raven, and Beast Boy walked away as Terra giggled before Robin turned to Starfire before speaking to her.

"I'm glad you'll be staying with the Titans for a long time, not getting married.", Robin grinned before walking away as Starfire turned to Galfore.

"Yes. The next time I shall choose my own husband. Who is to know? Perhaps there is a groom for me on Earth.", Starfire spoke before she hugged Galfore just as Terra stepped forward.

"Yeah, I'm heading back to Earth, too. But still, your planet's awesome. I could visit again sometime if you like.", Terra grinned.

"It would be nice to look forward to.", Galfore grinned.

"Tell me about it. I'm looking forward to it, too.", Terra grinned before she flew toward the Titans and then speaking to Beast Boy.

"If it helps, Beast Boy, I'll look for a decent spot to pee for you.", Terra assured.

"Okay, but do you really have to wear that outfit, Terra? It's making me blush.", Beast Boy responded.

"What? I feel so free like this, and this dress has really great moving range.", Terra responded with a slight giggle as Galfore gave a warm smile.

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