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Kagome walked through the lush forest headed homeward toward the Bone Eater's well. She needed to recover, recover from the deep gashes inflicted upon her heart and soul. She needed time to heal.

She had loved Inuyasha because he protected her, protecting being a since of caring for her, but it was all a lie. He had hurt her worse than any demon's attack could. He had betrayed her.....


Kagome walked toward the hot spring smiling at the thought of relaxing in the warm water. She knew she shouldn't stray this far from the village, but if she needed help she could always call for Inuyasha, and besides, she had her bow and arrows with her.

The sound sudden gasp caught her attention. Whatever made the sound wasn't far off. The teenage priestess frowned. It could be a demon, but it sounded purely human. She tensed as a chill ran up her spine, caressing her with goosebumps. It was the feel of death. She looked up to the blue of the morning sky as a shadow passed over her from above. She cringed at the sight of the ghostly snake like demon that passed overhead. "Soul stealers.....then that means-,"Kagome's facial expression changed to one of disgust. ",Kikyo." 'and where there is Kikyo, there is Inuyasha.', she mentally added. It disgusted her that Inuyasha loved the dead corpse, but what was even worse she loved him when he loved HER. Though, something in the back of her mind told her she could change his mind, make him love her like she loved him, make him realize.

She walked to where the gasp came from only to grab onto a tree for support at the scene before her. Inuyasha planted butterfly kisses down the dead miko's neck, holding her protectively. She didn't even seem distracted from his 'deed' as soul snatching demons flew around the couple. "Inuyasha, come to hell with me." Inuyasha stopped his exploration of her neck to move to her lips, placing a long breath stealing kiss on them, then biting her lower lip aggressively. "Kikyo...", he called lustfully. She moaned as he placed his hand on her thigh bringing her even closer to him, if even possible.

Kagome could take no more. Her heart had fallen and shattered (Her body might had to if not for her death grip on the tree.) ,but now her soul flared, showing itself through the anger in our futuristic girl's eyes. "INUYASHA!", Kagome shouted, making her presence known. Inuyasha turned to her, but seemed unable to speak. Kagome's fists digged into her palms begging to lash out at their master's offender. "How could you?", Kagome screeched. Her beautiful blue-gray eye's remained sparking with rage, but began to moisten over with pain. Inuyasha now choose his time to speak, "Kagome, I, I-" "No Inuyasha. This is actually my fault.I was a fool to think you would ever return my love.", Kagome's voice interrupted. "You will never love me as you love the dead bitch? Even if you did love me, she always came first. Am I right?", before he could answer Kagome continued, "Don't lie to me Inuyasha." The hanyou lowered his head whispering a faint, "Hai, Kikyo, will always come first. I love her, Kagome, not you."
The pools that had collected under Kagome's eyes spilled over and the tears ran down her face. "Then so be it. I'm going Inuyasha, and I don't ever wish to see you again. You won't have to worry about collecting the jewel shards anymore. I'll continue the search on my own, and if you dare try to follow me, or 'help' I'll sit you all the way to hell, so you won't have to worry about Kikyo bringing you there.", and with that Kagome Higurashi was gone, leaving the stunned hanyou and corpse in shock.

~End Flashback~

Kagome finally saw the familiar clearing ahead that the old well sat in, but couldn't bring herself to jump into it. She sat on the well's stony edge and looked up into the clear morning sky. She *would* complete the jewel on her own, but first she needed to heal, to go home. "Home is where the heart is...", she said sadly to the quiet forest. 'But by heart is here, with my real friends, with my pup.'(yes, she called Shippou her pup ^_~ ) She frowned trying to figure out her predicament. 'Sango and Miroko will be okay. They have each other, even if they won't admit it.' She smirked, despite her gloomy circumstance. 'Mom, Souta, and Grandpa, they have each other, but Shippou, I'm all he has. I refuse to abandon my duties, may they be putting the Shikon back together or caring for my adopted son.' Kagome had made up her mind. She would take up the responsibility of the jewel shards, and Shippou would come with her. She wasn't sure how she would fair without the hanyou's protection, but she would survive. She had to, and that's all there was to it. Kagome headed back to camp to retrieve her things and get her kit.

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