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The Sight

Chapter 1 The new boy

The only sound that was being heared in the silent classroom was the sound of slow ticking, that was coming from the clock at the front of the room. It was times like this where Yamato wished that time or even only the loud ticking would just stop, so that he could concentrate on the test at hand. But since he hadn't really paid any attention in the last few lessons there wasn't any point in trying to concerntrate. He laid his pencil down on the desk and slowly raised his hand.

"Yes Mr. Ishida is there a problem?" the teacher said in a very strict voice.

"No, mister. I was just wondering if I may hand my test in."

"Already? It's only been 15 minutes."

"Well I seem to be having a blackout. So there really is no point for me to carry on." Yamato stated plainly.

"Well, try once again and if it doesn't get better then you may hand your test in."

Yamato picked his pencil up once more and stared blanckly at the Math-test. What was the point? He clearly didn't have a clue on how to solve the problems. Again he rose his hand and waited for the teachers reply.

"May I hand my test in now?"

"Are you sure Yamato? You wont be able to take it back."

He was just going to answer as the door knocked.

"Come in." the teacher shouted. Some students started to whisper, clearly annoyed of the constant interuptions.

"Excuse me but I need to talk to you." The headmaster said quietly trying not to desterve the students.

"Very well. Yamato lay your test on my desk. I shall only be a minute." He said and left the room.

Yamato walked up to the desk and layed his test on it. As he was walking back to his seat their teacher entered the room again with another person. Yamato sat down and examined the other person. The unknown person talked to the teacher for a while and then looked for a free seat in the room. He finally found one right at the back. By then more people had given their test in and had started to examine the new boy themselves. He had a light tan and cocoa brown eyes. His wild standing up hair was also brown, matching his eyes. He had a well built body and Yamato noticed how the girls suddenly started giggling and whispering.

"One more minute students."

"Mister, may I already go out. I've already handed my test in."

"Well I don't see why you shouldn't. Yes you may leave. Oh and students! This is your new schoolmate Taichi Yagami."

The teacher pointed at the boy who Yamato had observed and his face started to go a light pink. Yamato gathered his books and headed to the cafeteria. He collected his lunch and sat at his usual table.

"Hey Yamato! How are you today?" a chearful voice shouted behind him.

"Hey Mimi, I'm fine I guess. We just wrote our Math-test." "And how did it go?" "Not well at all." "Oh dear that doesn't sound to good."

All of a sudden the whole cafeteria went quiet and the only thing you could hear was the whispering of other students. Yamato and Mimi looked around to see what had caused the silence. And then he saw it, there was Brad one of the toughest Bullys at the school covered in something that looked a lot like this weeks pudding. They couldn't see who had done it from where they were sitting but Yamato had a good idea of who it could have been.

"Look, Yamato next to Brad on the floor. It's some boy."

Yamato stood up to see who it was and as if he didn't know. There was the new kid Taichi on the floor covered in the same stuff Brad was. By the look on Brads face he wasn't happy. He walked up to Taichi and bent down grabing the collar of Taichis T-shirt. Brad lifted Taichi up and Yamato felt a weird cold chill crawl up his back.

"Hey Mimi is it me or is it getting colder all of a sudden?" "Well I feel a bit chilly."

Right then Brad was going to punsh Taichi in the face but then let Taich drop instead. Strate after Brad fell to the floor arms clenched around his stomache. Noone knew what just happened, the next thing Yamato saw was Taichi running out of the Cafeteria as fast as he could. An awkward silence filled the Cafeteria and then the bell went. Everybody returned to there classes and Yamato didn't see Taichi again on that day.

At the end of the schoolday Yamato took the bus home and entered his appartment he owned and shared with his brother Takeru or otherwise known as T.K.. Yamato cooked some dinner for himselfe and his brother and they talked about there eventful day at school.

"Wow, so this new boy actually kicked Brad in the stomache? Cool wish I could do something like that." "No you don't. Brads going to be after him for weeks. And I never said he kicked Brad." "Well he must of you cant really punsh well if someones lifted you by the collar of your T-shirt." "I know, but it didn't even look like Taichi hit him. With anything." "Yeah well, so what does he look like? Any chance of him being your next target?" "He looks alright. Hey! What do you mean target? Just because I tell you about someone new doesn't mean I like him. I don't even know him." "You never know." T.K. said in one of these creepy voices that always made Yamato feel weird inside. "Will you stop that!" "So do you think he's gay like you?" "I don't know. And what do you mean like me??? You're the one going out with Davis tonight!" "Oh yeah about tonight are you going to be here?" "Oh so now you're trying to get rid of me are you? I'm going out but not for the whole night." "That's good enough." T.K. said with a big grin on his face. "I'm leaving at eight, alright." "Sure."

Fithteen minutes before eight Yamato got ready to go out and spent all the time in the bathroom on his hair. "Oniisan are you finished yet? Davis will be here soon." "Yeah just wait a sec will ya?" He unlocked the door to the bathroom and T.K. rushed in. "Hey! Don't rush like that you might fall over." "Thanks for the conxern oniisan but I think I can take care of myself." T.K. stated in a flat toned voice. Yamato got his shoes on and left the Apartment-Building heading to his favorite Nightclub. The Dancing Angle
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