The Sight

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Chapter 17 - A forgotten end and a new start

He held the knife that had stabbed Taichi to his throat.

"I just can't live without you. Taichi!!!"

He tried to slit open his throat but he couldn't seem to move his arm or his whole body.

"Yamato!! What do you think you're doing?" Sam asked him in totla surprise. Yamato looked her way with his eyes (since he couldn't move anything else) and saw her stand up. She had obviously paralised him. She walked over to him and took the blade from his hand.

"Where is that poor excuse of a father of Taichis? And why were you trying to kill yourself?"

She looked around, confusion written all over her face. Then her eyes fell onto Taichis lifeless body.

"Wh..What happened to Taichi?" she asked Yamato, her voice was starting to shake.

"Don't you remember anything?" he asked her slowly.

"The last thing I remember was that man bad-mouthing my mother and I was telling him to stop. That's all I can recall happening. And then I just woke up on the floor."

"Well, lets see. First you went all psycho with your powers, then you made Taichis father mortal and he knocked you out. Then I stabbed him with the knife you gave me and Taichi was stabbed at the same time from the blade that came out of the mirrors."

Tears started to run down the side of his face again.

"And then you were going to kill yourself to be with him right?"

"Yes. It's what Taichi wanted." Yamato looked at the lifeless body infront of him.

"Are you sure that's what Taichi wants? I know he would want tot be with you but I'm sure he wouldn't want you to kill yourself."

"But he said so himself! When he told me to kill him."

"He probably said that to make it easier for you to kill him. Honestly Yamato don't you ever read between the lines?"

"Taichi just died!! And you're asking me if I ever read between the lines? Don't you have any feelings for Taichi? You lived with him most of your life and you're asking stupid questions like that? I thought you were his best friend."

"I was his best friend! How dare you say something like that. Of course I have feelings for Taichi and I think it's terrible having to think that he's gone for good."

Yamato looked at her with a confused expression on his face.

"But then why aren't you showing it?" he asked in a whisper.

Sam looked at his sad face and wiped away the tear that was running down the side of his face. She gave him a warm smile and then looked back at Taichi.

"Yamato? Do you really love Taichi so much, that you would kill yourself for him?"

"What? Why?"

"Just answer the question, please." She added towards her demand seeing the confused and hurt look on Yamatos face.

"I would do anything for him, even if I had to kill myself."

"Why didn't you ever tell me you felt this way about him?" she asked him in a slightly hurt voice.

"I.I don't know." was all Yamato could say. And it was the truth, he couldn't find any reason for why he never told Sam how he felt about Taichi.

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter now anyway. At least I know I'm giving up my powers for a good reason."


"Yamato, I'm bringing Taichi back for you!" she said with a big confident smile on her face. She wiped away her tears and looked at the room surrounding them.

"Since when has this room been so big?"

"Oh, hehe it happened when you were the other you." Yamato explained still not quite knowing what Sam was going to do.

She placed herself infront of Taichis dead body and held her hands on his chest, where the wound was.

"This revival-spell is quite simple but takes a huge amount of power. I might have to use up all of my energy, meaning that after this I probably won't be a witch anymore." She told Yamato as he watched her quietly.

"I don't know if it'll work, but hey it's worth a try."

She started to concentrate all of her energy and started saying the splls incantation. It took a while but soon her hands started to glow faintly. Yamato watched her, hoping it would work but then her hands just stopped glowing and nothing happened.

"Damn!" she said out loudly as she looked over to Yamato.

"I don't have enough energy to complete the spell."

"Uhm, isn't there any way you could increase your powers?" Yamato asked hopefully but Sam just looked away thinking hard.

"Couldn't you like take some of my energy or something like that?"

Sam just sat there on her knees thinking hard and didn't even show any signs of hearing Yamato.

"Wait! Yamato you're a genius!"

"I am?"

"Of course, your power is one of the strongest I know!"

"My power? But I don't have any special powers."

"Yamato, you have the sight. That is an amazingly powerful gift."

"You know, I would call it more of a curse than gift."

"That doesn't matter right now. But I think if I combine my powers with your sight we might be able to bring Taichi back!"

Sam stood up and walked over to Yamato and placed her index finger between his eyes. Feeling a bit confused Yamato decided to just let Sam do what she was doing instead of interrupting.

"Now, your third eye should be located right here." She said and smiled at him. "This might hurt a bit. Triyeus manifestiz reverzai!" she said slowly and a growing painbegan to come where Sam had her finger. Then all of a sudden everything went blanc infront of Yamatos eyes and pain overtook him. Flashes of pictures passed before him and he seemed to be reliving everything he saw with his sight. Once the last picture had flashed before him he was pushed back with such a force that he broke all of the mirrors that surrounded them.

"Ooops sorry." He heard Sam say in the middle of the room. "I never meant to take the whole power away from you."

"Does this mean I won't see ghosts anymore?" Yamato asked, brushing the bits of brocken glas of his shoulders.

"Yepp. You're free of the sight." She said sitting back infront of Taichis dead form.

Suddenly Yamato felt extremely weak as he tried to get up off of the floor and landed back on it. Had she taken more of his energy to?

"Oh I wouldn't stand up right now if I were you." She stated happily starting to concentrate again.

"Why the hell do I feel so weak?" Yamato asked.

"I just took a major part of energy out of you Yamato! Of course you're going to feel weak. Give yourself some time to regenerate it."

He hadn't noticed it before but Sam now had a glowing light just over her eyes. He guessed that it probably was his powers she had just taken from him and ignored it.

"Yes, the glowing light is what used to be your power." Sam said out of the blue.

"But I didn't even ask!"

"You don't need to. I heard your thoughts. Now that I have this much power I seem to have more abilities."

"Great." Yamato said sarcastically.

"Just watch what you think okay?" Sam told him with a tone of warning in her voice. Once they had finished the conversation, Yamato tried hard not to think of anything and Sam focused her energy again. This time her hand glew much brighter and shortly after she had started speaking the incantation the room was filled by a bright light.

"It's working!" Yamato heard Sam say as the room lit up and a strange form builded over Taichi. Yamato looked more closely he noticed that it was actually a form of a bird. Or to be more precise, the form of a pheonix.

The bird spred out it's beautiful wings and flew up out of site letting little flames fall onto Taichis body. Once the flames had disappeared the room went back to its dark and gory state.

Sam opened her eyes again only to see Yamato perched next to her waiting in anxiety for Taichi to finally wake up. And as expected Taichi started to come alive again as you could see his breathing by the rising and falling of his chest. And just a few seconds later Taichi finally opened his eyes and smiled up at his two friends.

"I thought I was dead?" he asked dumbly and Yamato glared at him.

"Don't you ever say that!"

"Don't worry I won't. Not for a long time I hope."

They both smiled at each other and Sam sighed.

"Ohhh, young love." Sam said in a dreamy voice but the dreamy mood was soon interrupted by a big rummbling sound and the earth shook which made the mirrors fall over and smash.

"What the!" Yamato stopped himself from swearing and looked around. He couldn't quite figure out what was happening. The only thing over them was the old mansion but that seemed in quite good shape the last time he saw it before Taichis father made that plank of wood fall on his head.

*Wait a minute. That piece of wood wasn't the only thing that fell down, the whole upper floor over that room collapsed. Maybe it wasn't Taichis father after all.* He thought and then realized what was happening to this place.

"I think the mansion is starting to collapse! We need to get out of here!" he shouted as he helpt Taichi up to his feet and left the room through the door to the long corridor.

The walls of the corridor were back in there normal state which was damp rotten and not very stable. The three teens kept on running as Sam suddenly collapsed. Taichi and Yamato ran back to her side and helped her up.

"What's wrong?" Yamato asked as they dragged her along with them.

"The spell took out all of my energy. I can't walk very well." She told them and let out a shriek as parts of the ceiling collapsed infront of them and blocked the way.

Dust filled the corridor and it was hard to see anything. The loud rummbling had stopped but now and then it would start up again and then stop. It took about five minutes for the dust to settle down and when it did it brought bad news too.

"The whole way is blocked there's no way we can get out of here." Taichi said as he examined the rubble infront of them.

"What are we going to do?" Sam asked, sitting down on the floor as her energy left her weak and unable to stand.

"Me and Taichi will try and move some of the rubble. You stay there and rest a bit okay?"

"All right."

They both tried together to move some of the huge wooden beams that were blocking their way but everything was just too heavy. Taichi tried a few other things but nothing budged. He kicked some of the rubble out of fustration. This caused another quake which didn't stop.

"If it keeps on rummbling like this the corridor's gonna give way." Sam said quietly and sure enough more dirt and dust was starting to fall from the ceiling. This time though something strange happened. The dust and dirt falling from the ceiling stopped falling and just floated in mid air as if someone had stopped time. The rummbling sound had stopped too and silence filled the corridor.

"What's happening?" Taichi asked and the answer was all ready on it's way. At the end of the corridor a light appeared and it was coming closer. As the light came closer it took the shape of a woman and sure enough Taichi recognized her straight away.

It was his mother.


"Yes Taichi, it's me." The lady said and Sam gasped.

"I can see you!" she told Taichis mother and she just smiled.

"Yes you can. This time you can all see me and there is a reason for that." She explained.

"You all did a wonderful thing by facing the evil behind all of your nightmares and didn't think twice on trying to erase that evil. Even if it ment the loss of a loved one." She said looking at Yamato and then to Taichi. "And I am so happy that you were able to bring my son back." This time she looked at Sam.

Taichi was starting to get a sick feeling in his stomach as he listened to his mother.

"Mother why are you here? And please stop prasing us. You sound like some weird person from the church."

His mother looked at Taichi in surprise and then looked away.

"Why are you here mother?"

"I came to send you back."

"What? Send who back? You can't send Taichi back to the dead! We only just got him back." Yamato suddenly shouted without knowing what he was doing.

"Send Taichi back to the dead? Heavens no! I would never do that. I ment, I want to send you all back through time."

"Back through time?" Taichi asked looking over to Yamato.

"Yes, back to before this all started."

"But wouldn't it start all over again?" Sam asked feeling a bit confused. What was the point of starting it all over again?

"No. But that wont really concerne you since you wont remember." She told them plainly not looking at any of them.

"We won't remember anything? Will we even know each other?" Taichi asked with a hint of panik in his voice and looking over to Yamato.

"That all depends on what path you take in your life Taichi. I f you choose to meet Yamato then I'm sure you will."

"But how can he choose to meet Yamato if he doesn't even know him." Sam asked sounding a bit irritated by all of this.

"Isn't there a different way of getting out of here?" Yamato asked a tear slowly running down his cheek.

"I'm afraid there is no other way. So now, don't worry this won't hurt a bit. I'm going to send you back to the time you met each other. Good bye and please live a happy life Taichi, you deserve it." She said as the light flashed so bright Yamato, Sam and Taichi had to cover there eyes.

The club was absolutely full as Yamato entered and looked around for a free space at the bar. He sat himselfe down on one of the high chairs that always stood next to the bar.

"Hey Yamato! How are ya?" The bar tender came over and greeted him.

"I'm all right I guess. School wasn't to good today though. We wrote a math test and my mind just went blanc."

"Oh dear. But don't worry. That happened to me loads of times and look what happened to me."

"Well, bar tender isn't really the job I was looking for in the future." Yamato said with a little smirk.

"Hey this job isn't as bad as you think. Anyway, you want the usual?"

"Yeah." Yamato sighed bored out of his mind.

"Hey, do you know that new kid over there? I've never seen him before." The bar tender asked Yamato and pointed over to the other side of the bar. Yamato looked over and saw the new kid that had come in to his class during the math test.

"Yeah, he's new at my school."

"He's been sat there for quite a while. Doesn't seem like he knows anybody around here."

"Maybe I'll go over and say hello." Yamato suggested as he took his drink and walked over to the lonely teen.

He sat down next to him and watched the boy for a while, he didn't seem to even notice Yamato sat next to him.

"Uh, hello? I'm Yamato. You seem to be a bit bored could that be?" Yamato asked waiting for the boy to answer.

"Well, lets just say if you were new in town and didn't know anybody I think you would be bored too."

"Yeah I guess so." Suddenly Yamato got a warm feeling as he heard the teens voice. He somehow felt as if he had known this boy a long time ago.

"You're Taichi right?"

"How did you know?" The boy asked looking rather confused.

"Just a guess."

"Well, my friends call me Tai for short." Tai explained and smiled at Yamato which made Yamato feel very happy.

"Would you like to dance?" Yamato asked not knowing what he was doing. What was this weird feeling he was feeling?

"Sur-" Tai was interrupted as a green haired girl suddenly pulled Yamato away.

"Nobody dances with Tai before I've checked if they're okay." The girl said as she examined Yamato from top to bottom.

"Sam! Do you have to do this?" Tai asked looking extremely embarrased.

"Wow, Tai. You picked a real good looking one this time." She told Tai in a cheeky sort of way and ran off again to some other boy in the club.

"Who was that?" Yamato asked, confused.

"That was my best friend Samantha. I just call her Sam. It's shorter."

"A very hyperactive girl I see."

"Yeah. But anyway shall we dance or not?"


They both walked onto the dance floor and started to dance together until Tai tripped and landed in Yamatos arms. Both of them blushed a shade of red as Tai looked up at Yamato.

"You know, I feel like I've known you for ages." Yamato told Tai, helping the boy get back on his feet.

"Same here. When I look at you I get this nice warm feeling inside but I don't know why."

Yamato smiled at Tai and pulled him closer into his arms.

"Tai? Will you be my boyfriend? I know we've only just met but I feel like I'm destined to be with you."


Yamato smiled and closed Tais eyes with his hand. He examined the beautiful, innocent face for a second and then pressed his lips on his lovers. The moment seemed to last forever until they broke apart to catch air. Yamato smiled and just wished that it wouldn't be his last.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~

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