Blaze had been running for so long that day; she'd been chased into the depths of hell and found herself lost within the city walls. Thinking herself safe, well not safe but safe enough, she dropped from her standing position, back against an alleyway wall and huddled in the shade of a towering dumpster. Her arms were crossed over her chest, forming an X as she clung to her shoulders and pushed the fabric of her mantle tight against her body; the smothering blanket that kept her curse at bay. Despite this the sound of crackling flames surrounded her, the ones that hounded her had never chased her this deep into the city and thus she had no idea where she was or where to go. She was shaking, both from a welt forming on her cheek where a thrown rock had struck her and the hunger the wracked her body. The young cat had finally found food again only for it to be taken by those people.

She never looked them in the eye when they came for her, she'd always just lower her head and endure or run; they'd hurt her so badly before but she always seemed to survive. They'd call her a demon and a monster, say that she was no different from the other creatures that stalked the streets; the flames were the origin of their rage and she couldn't find the will to fault them for that. More often than not she found herself agreeing with them. Their world was burning, monsters they could never fight were destroying their home; she was the weakest of those burning demons and thus it was only natural that they unleash their hatred on her. As far as she was concerned she was one of the demons, she was one of the monsters that stalked the streets opportunistically preying on the failure of others; albeit their failure to protect their food rather than misstep into her territory… she didn't have territory, they'd forced her from her home too many times to count.

The kitten had almost caught her breath, still clinging the muffling mantle taught against her back. Her clothes were dirtied and torn but they were of good quality, Blaze was garbed in a long purple jacket and white tights, but the mantle she wore over it all was the only piece that truly mattered to her. The cloth was thick and, unlike her other clothes, untouched by charring flames of this place; it reached down to her waist and thus enveloped her entire upper half, a divider between her and the outside world. It was coloured white with trimmings of magenta at its edge as well as tracing up to her neck, where it could be split and freed from her shoulders as it so very rarely was.

Demons came in many shapes and sizes, taking forms like a hound or a bird to better hunt their prey. She'd had her parents taken from her by one of those monsters, the largest she'd ever seen; with four giant arms and piercing green eyes, it'd stood taller than their home and shattered it without even thought. She knew very little of the monsters that stalked this city outside the name Iblis and that they were its spawn, as the people called both them and her. Those monsters could kill people and thus so could she, that was why she clung to her cloak for dear life; killing them would be the final step in her dissension to becoming a true devil. Without this blanket smothering the fire she doubted she could hold it back. When they pestered her, when they made her want to cry, fire would rumble beneath her shawl and try to burst free; it was as though the flames wanted to kill everyone and everything around her. If she was calm she could control them but she dared not remove the cape to unleash them lest they somehow overtook her. Blaze cherished that cloak more than anything, not that she had anything else to cherish; it gave her all the trappings of a person. She didn't think of the fire as part of herself, rather a sadistic curse bound to her by whatever uncaring force had imprisoned her here; a scar that took the form of three crooked lines along her back and the burden of maintaining a cool head in a place so unforgiving.

Her shaking ceased, her creased brow lightened and her glowing eyes slowly opened. She had risen and taken the first step out of the alleyway, poking her nose out to survey the burning street, when she heard the pounding of footsteps. Immediately she threw herself back against the wall, clinging to the shadow of the dumpster and braced herself where the wall cornered met with it; hands still grasping at her shawl. The footsteps grew only louder but she could only identify one set, the heavy footfall of boots coming from behind her… and above her. She threw her eyes to thin skyline between the alleyway and almost on cue heard a voice; "Alright! I can do this!" There was a sound she could only compare to a deep inhale and an explosive exhale but to be frank it sounded nothing like it, it was higher pitched hum far louder than any breath could be. This sound completed she watched as a white frame hovered overhead; drifting deeper into the city. Her eyes refused to leave them; their shape was committed fully to memory.

Blaze was watching an angel soar over hell, a figure cloaked in a shinning colour she'd never seen before in this world of black, brown and grey; there was something so mysterious about it, so alien or even… wonderful. She peeled herself away from the walls and took two steps forward, her eyes locked to them as they drifted across the sky; her hands left her shoulders and her mouth opened only to clamp shut as she faltered at the shadow's edge. She couldn't take another step; she couldn't bring herself to call out to them. Blaze could only watch their back as they flew across that dark grey sky, eventually vanishing behind the skyline. That form had created light while she sulked in shadows, they'd flown out in the open while she hid and while she wallowed in the filth their glowing form looked entirely untouched by the evils of this world. Her eyes lowered to the ground, other demons from the city were charging after him; smashing through rubble in a stampeding chase.

She threw herself back against the wall and slowly sank down it, her fingers dug back into her shoulders. Blaze pulled her legs to her chest and began to shake once more, there was an angel in this hell and she was a demon. They were just someone else to fear.