So, this is inspired by Hardygal's 365 Drables- Smokescreen, Knock Out and Bumblebee story. Week 47, date 02. 07. 17. This takes place after the end of Season 3 of Robots in Disguise. I hope you enjoy!

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Catching Cons is never supposed to be this hard, Bumblebee thought to himself in aggravation.

It had been almost three months since the Bee Team's battle with Cyclonus, and they were still hard at work trying to capture escaped convicts from the Alchemor. Fixit had caught onto the signal an hour previously. The team was currently in Madagascar, trying to find the Decepticon that Fixit had labeled as Shockblast when Bumblebee had first sighted him.

The young leader couldn't help but think of Shockwave whe he saw the 'Con. And what war veteran wouldn't. Shockblast resembled the crazy Decepticon scientist down to the arm cannon, tank alt. mode, and single radioactive green optic. He had even served during the war, although Bumblebee didn't remember seeing him. Shockblast had a bit of purple for his paint scheme as well, but it was only confined to his arms, legs, and back. His chest was silver with a couple of highlights of green and black, his clawed right servo was black, and his left arm cannon was a slightly darker shade of green than the rest of the green on his body. But still, a lot of Shockwave vibes.

Grimlock, of course, had instantly charged in, but Shockblast had been ready. He had easily tossed the Dinobot to the side like a piece of scrap metal. Drift, Sideswipe, and Strongarm had each been defeated in a like manner. Then, Shockblast had seen him.

And now, Bumblebee was running through the woods, being chased by a mad Decepticon that definitely seemed out for his energon.

A green blast struck the tree on Bee's right, and he took off running again. "Why did you have to go in like that, Grim'?" he asked himself as he moved off to his left, "Why? I thought we talked about that!"

Bumblebee didn't see the arm cannon barring his path until too late. He smacked straight into it and fell back several feet. When he came to again, Shockblast had picked him up by his neck. "Well now, little Autobot," sneered the Decepticon, "I think I'll have a little bit more fun with you. Then I'll deal with the rest of you." Then he started to squeeze.

Bee started kicking out, trying to pry himself loose from the 'Con's mad grip. Memory flashes were going through his processor, not the life-flashing-before-your-eyes kind of thing, but the worst-moment kind of thing.

Then, he distictively felt a tiny *crack* in his throat.


"Lieutenant! Sir, stop!"

A pair of heavy hands grabbed his shoulder-plates. He nearly kicked out, but he recognized the voice. "St-strongarm?" he asked, his vision clearing to see the young cadet standing in front of him, fear and worry in her optics. "Sir, are you all right?" she asked him again, signaling for Grimlock to let him go, "What happened?"

"I-I-I..." he stuttered. He couldn't remember. Everything was a haze. Then he saw Shockblast. The Decepticon was very badly injured, energon puring from countless wounds, his optic cracked, even his arm cannon had been ripped off. And not sliced off- ripped off. Like someone had pulled it off. Drift had brought a med-kit and was already patching up some of the worser wounds. But who had- oh no.

It had been him.

Bumblebee backed up from the group, hitting a thick tree and sliding down to the ground and tucking his legs up to his chestplates. His arms curled up around his knees and he burrowed his head into his arms. He was trembling horribly and coolant leaked out of his optics. He was also a bit hurt, but he didn't pay the slashes in his chest and his bleeding throat no mind. He could hear Strongarm trying to talk to him, but he didn't pay attention. He just wanted to be left alone.

When the Groundbridge finally opened, he stood up and followed the others through back to the base.


Strongarm watched as the lid to the stasis cell sealed shut. Fixit and Drift had already repaired Shockbast as well as they could before they sealed him up. But her thoughts weren't on the Decepticon in front of her.

They were on Lieutenant Bumblebee.

When they had finally reached him, they found him mercilessly pummeling a nearly unconcious Shockblast, who was actually laughing hard before he finally fell unconcious. Then, the Lieutenant had drawn his Decepticon Hunter and turned it into a sword. He would've stabbed down if Sideswipe didn't leap through the air right then and hit him in his side. Then, Grimlock had grabbed him before he could strike back and Strongarm just yelled right in his face.

She honestly felt a little guilty for that, but now she was just confused over what had happened and the Lientenant's current behavior. After he had come out of the Groundbridge, he just left. According to Fixit, he was still in the scrapyard, but he was just hiding in a corner somewhere.

A small tap on her ankle caused her to look down. Russel was standing at her peds, looking up at her worriedly. "Are you okay?" he asked her.

"Just a few dents," she said, smiling at him in assurance, but the smile quickly faded when she looked back up at Shockblast, "It's the Lieutenant that I'm worried about."

"What happened to him?"

"I... I honestly don't know." She gave a vent as she looked back at Shcokblast. "All I know is is that Lientenant Bumblebee nearly killed him."

Russel's eyes went wide in shock. "But... he isn't supposed to do that, is he?"

"Nope," said Sideswipe, joining the two of them, " It was almost like 'Bee just went... beserker mode. Y'know, like what Starkiller can do in The Force Unleased."

"He looked really harried," said Denny, joining them, "If you know what I mean."

"But, why would he do that?" asked Russel.

"I don't know," said Strongarm.

Derry raised an eyebrow at her. "You don't know?" he asked.

"He doesn't really talk about his war-time," said Strongarm, "It probably had something to do with the war."

Russel seemed to think for a few seconds before asking, "Should we contact Optimus?"

Everyone turned to stare at him for a little bit before Denny said, "I think that's a good idea. Maybe Optimus can tell us what's going on with him."

Strongarm thought for a few moments before nodding and contacting Fixit. "Fixit. We need to get a line with Optimus Prime as quickly as you can."

*Right away, Cadet Strongarm,* Fixit replied.

When they got back to the command center, they found Grimlock, Drift, and the Minicons waiting for them. "What are we doing?" asked Drift.

"Contacting Prime," replied Strongarm, watching as Fixit brought up a slightly blank screen.

"Why?" asked Grimlock. "Does it have something to do with the Lieutenant?" aske Jetstorm.

Strongarm nodded as Fixit said, "Here he whizz- liz- *clank* is!"

Optimus's face appeared on the viewscreen. He looked at them for a few seconds, then asked, *Where's Bumblebee?*

The team quickly told him what had happened earlier that day and how Bumblebee was acting. The look on the Prime's face quickly developed to concern as Strongarm finished. "He's still in the scrapyard, sir. But he's... I don't know."

"I think traumitized would be a good word here," Sideswipe said, ignoring the cross look that Strongarm gave him.

"Yes," agreed Drift, "it's almost as if an old wound has opened. A wound he never likes thinking about."

Optimus looked up at Drift's words. *Was his throat bleeding?* he quickly asked. The question shocked the others a bit, but Grimlock said, "Yeah, but it wasn't too bad."

"Sir, do you know what happened to the Lieutenant?" asked Strongarm.

Optimus was silent for a few seconds before saying, *I'm guessing Bumblebee did not tell you very much about the war.*

"He never really likes to talk about it," said Russel.

Optimus nodded in understanding. *Bumblebee was one of the many Autobots that suffered much during the war. At the battle of Tyger Pax, Bumblebee was captured by the Decepticons. He was brutally tortured by Megatron for intel, but he did not say anything. He was nearly dead when they finally left.

Jazz was one of the ones who found him. He and the rest of his team quickly took Bumblebee to a medical facility close by, where Ratchet was. He was able to save his life, but... Bumblebee was unable to talk for a long time. To the end of the war, in fact.*

Everyone was staring at Optimus with wide eyes/optics. "But... how is Bee able to talk?" asked Russel in a quivering voice. He never knew why Bumblebee didn't want to talk about the war. Now he did.

*During the final battle for earth,* explained Optimus, *the Decepticons found a way to revive Cybertron- and destroy earth. The Omega Lock. Bumblebee was trying to get th Star Saber to me when Megatron saw him. He shot him and caused him to fall into the Omega Lock. Because of it's regenerative properties, not only was Bumblebee's life saved, but his voice box was restored as well.* Optimus gave a heavy sigh before saying, *Shockblast must have cracked his voice box slightly. Wounds like the one he had... never truly heal.*

"Poor Bee," said Grimlock. He looked at the ground sadly.

"So what do we do?" asked Strongarm.

*Ratchet may want him to come back to Cybertron for a while,* said Optimus, *I will ask him and will tell you when we have something arranged.* And with that, he hung up.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Slipstream.

"Now," said Strongarm, "We wait."


Ratchet had never went into one of those High Council office's when he became a part of the temporary Council. He instead opted for a medical suite with a small office to the side. He was currently engaged in polishing his medical tools when the door to the medical suite opened. He looked up and raised an optic-ridge as Optimus stepped through, a worried look on his face. "What is it?" he asked.

"Bumblebee's team just contacted me," explained his friend, "Shockblast just opened up one of Bumblebee's old wounds."

Ratchet instantly knew which one he was talking about. "By the Allspark," he whispered, his optics going wide, "Is he still talking?"

Optimus nodded, then said, "But he's distanced himself from the rest of his team. They're worried about him."

Ratchet nodded, then said, "Do you think you could bring him here? I don't think Fixit has the proper materials to fix a cracked voice box. And after that, Bumblebee may want a little time to heal a bit more."

Optimus nodded and left the medical office, heading into the hallway. If Bumblebee was going to return to Cybertron for a bit, someone would need to replace him for a little while. He wasn't that eager to lead the team, and he had a feeling that Bumblebee would need him here. One of the other members of Team Prime would probably be good. Bulkhead already had a bit of experience with the Bee Team, but another person should probably go with him. He was torn between Arcee and Smokescreen. It would be a good oppertunity for Smokescreen to gain some leadership skills, but he knew he would be rather reluctant to go. Arcee already knew how to lead a little bit, and he nodded. Bulkhead and Arcee. Sure, he would have to take over Bulkhead's duty's for a while, but he would be alright with that.

He opened his com-link and contacted the two Autobots. "Bulkhead, Arcee. I have a temporary assignment for you."


Strongarm watched as a Space-bridge opened up in the Groundbridge arch. Optimus stepped through with four other Autobots following him. Two appeared to be members of the Elite Guard, who went over to Shockblast's waiting stasis cell and carried it through the waiting vortex.

Strongarm was a little bit surprised to find one of the other two Autobots was Bulkhead, but it made sense as Grimlock, no longer in dinosaur mode, rush forward to greet him. Bulkhead had been on the team for a little while, so he would know how the team would work. The second Autobot was unfamilliar however. It was a femme, sporting a midnight-blue paint scheme and a few pink highlights around her peds, ankles and helm, with a small pink crest on the top of her helm. She was smaller than Strongarm, and had a slightly motorcycle look about her.

"Bee Team," greeted Optimus, as the rest of the group, minus Bumblebee, gathered around the newcomers, "You already know Bulkhead. And I would like to introduce you to Arcee, another member of Team Prime."

Strongarm gave a start, staring at the femme in shock. That was Arcee? Well, at least she wasn't the only girl on the team anymore.

"Good to see you guys again!" said Bulkhead, fist-bumping Grimlock and Sideswipe. Arcee shook servos with Strongarm and said, "At least I won't be the only Autobot girl on the team this time."

"Same thought I had, sir," she said.

Arcee rolled her optics and said, "Just call me Arcee. I never liked being called 'sir'."

Optimus watched the interactions with a small smile on his face, but then remembered the reason he had come here, "Fixit," he turned to the orange Mini-con on the command consel, "Where's Bumblebee?"

Fixit checked his scanner and said, "Southeast corner of the Scapyard. Close to the hills." He gave him a small set of coordinates. Optimus nodded in gratitiude and started going, but then realized that Russel was following.

"Yes, Russel?" he asked, turning to look at the young boy.

Russel paused before asking, "Can I... come with you?"

Optimus thought for a bit before saying, "Are you sure? You may not like what you see."

When Russel nodded, Optimus bent down and held out his servo, allowing Russel to climb on. Optimus put him on his shoulder before the two of them headed over to find Bumblebee.


Optimus soon came upon Bumblebee's signal. "Stay a little ways behind me," he said to Russel, taking him off his shoulder and setting him on the ground. Russel nodded, following behind the Prime on foot as Optimus rounded the corner to see a sight that painfully wrenched his spark. He heard Russel give a small gasp when he saw the sight as well.

Bumblebee was curled up in the corner, arms wrapped around his drawn-up knees and helm buried in his arms. The energon coming from his wounds was starting to dry up, and Optimus could see the slightly wet energon around Bumblebee's neck. Several strained gasps, which to Russel sounded more like heavy sobs, often came from Bumblebee, and his body once in awhile gave a small shudder, causing a little bit of wet energon to roll down his arms.

After a little while, Optimus walked forward. Bumblebee gave no sign that he heard his leader walking to and kneeling in front of him. He looked up when Optimus gently laid a servo on his shoulder, revealing a coolant stained face-plate. He moved forward, leaning against the Prime and laying his helm against his shoulder-plates. Optimus froze a little bit before wrapping his arms around the scout, murmuring a few words of comfort as Bumblebee gave a few more quiet sobs.

Russel backed up a little bit until he was peeking from behind the corner. He felt a few tears fall down his cheeks as he watched them. He was scared and surprised with what he was seeing. He never realized this side of the metal titans he had learned to know and love. They were... just like him. They could get hurt, traumitized, even die. Humanity and Cybertronians were exactly the same. He had never known that before.

He had to wonder if anyone else did.

After a little while, Optimus stood up, holding Bumblebee, who gripped him like a life-line, and the two of them walked away, the yellow Autobot limping slightly. As they passed Russel, Optimus gave him a gentle nod before going on. Russel quickly followed them.

When he reached the command center, he found Arcee giving Bumblebee a gentle hug. When she let go, Optimus laid a gentle arm around Bumblebee's shoulders before steering him through the waiting Space-bridge, which closed as soon as they went through. "Will he be okay?" asked Russel.

Bulkhead turned to look at him. He quickly walked over and held out one of his large digits, which Russel hugged tightly as the Wrecker responded. "I think so. You just need to be there for him when he comes back. Can you do that?"

Russel nodded before looking at the spot where the Space-bridge had been. Get better soon, Bee, he thought to the yellow Autobot.


On Cybertron, Ratchet watched as Optimus and Bumblebee stepped through the Space-bridge, slightly shocked at Bumblebee's condition. He quickly rushed forward as Bumbebee nearly tripped, helping him to stand upright. Bee clung tightly to Ratchet as the old medic said, "Right. Lean on me, Bumblebee. Let's get you cleaned up."

The two of them watched as Bee's head drooped and his optics closed, the weariness of the day's events finally catching up to him. Ratchet nodded to Optimus and the old leader gently scooped up Bumblebee in his arms. "He's getting too big for this," he said, shifting Bumblebee in his arms slightly.

"He certainly is a lot bigger than he was back then," agreed Ratchet.

The two of them quickly walked over to the medical office, where Optimus laid Bumblebee on the medical slab. "Better get to work," said Ratchet, gently shooing the Prime out of the medical office.

As Optimus stepped into the hallway, he looked back at the closed door and thought, Get well soon, Bumblebee. Your friends still need you.

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