Steeljaw roamed through the woods, often peeking around the large trees before he turned in a different direction. His clawed servo often strayed to the sub-space pocket on his hip. He was expecting an attack.

He suddenly froze, hearing a sound behind him. After a few seconds, a voice said, "Hands up, Con."

Steeljaw smirked and turned around, holding his servo's above his head. He cocked an eye at the unfamiliar mech that stood behind him, a blue pistol in his hands. "I was expecting Sideswipe."

"Well, if it makes you feel better," said Smokescreen, "He's standing right behind you."

Steeljaw looked around him as the rest of Team Prime and the Bee Team came out of the woods. Strongarm was looking a little unnerved at the smirk on the Decepticon's face. "No lieuteniant?" asked Steeljaw.

"You might see him soon," said Bulkhead, smashing his fist into his hand.

Steeljaw's smirk grew even wider and he said, "Well, maybe you can say hello to him for me."

Sideswipe's optics widened. "He's got a-!" but they were too late. Faster than they could react, Steeljaw's servo shot into his sub-space and he pulled out a device that he pressed.

Everyone screamed as the sub-sonic waves struck the group. Before Optimus could fall to the ground, he pressed a digit to his audio receptor, sending out a signal to the base.


Fixit looked at the consul as a beeping sound came from it. "They need back-up!" he reported to Bumblebee.

"Must be sub-sonics," said Bee, "Miko here yet?"

"You looking for me?"

Bumblebee turned and grinned at her. "So, know the plan?"

"Go in there, kick some aft, and save the day?"

"Also get him into position so that I can knock him out. Good luck Miko."


Steeljaw moved over to the writhing Strongarm and said, "I guess you can go tell your former leader hello for me." He raised a servo in the air, claws raised to strike.

A sudden whooshing sound caused him to turn, startled. The next thing he knew, there was a yell and something smashed into his face, causing him to drop the sub-sonic emitter. When he looked up, he stared in shock at the cybertronian, who was holding his emitter easily in one hand. The face was shadowed, but the figure gave a small hum of pleasure as she crushed the emitter in her hands, causing the Autobots to stop and give sighs of relief.

Bulkhead looked up and said, "Kick his aft, Miko!"

"On it, Bulk'!" said he figure. Steeljaw's eyes widened when he saw the face- a human face! It was a human wearing armor!

"So," said Miko, turning to Steeljaw, "Shall I introduce myself? My name is Miko Nakadi. I am the human companion to Bulkhead and sometimes Wheeljack. I am the first Human Wrecker, a title I earned after I slagged the Insecticon Hardshell. And I also beat up Starscream and send Soundwave into the Shadowzone. Frag me off at your leisure."

Steeljaw stared in shock at her for a few moments, then rushed forward with an angry yell, his claws shooting out and striking her armor, but to his shock, not a mark was left.

"And now you've scratched my paint." Steeljaw looked up as Miko slammed a fist his chest, sending him into a tree.

"Owch," said Grimlock, "You weren't exaggerating, Bulk'."

Steeljaw started to back up a little bit, but then he noticed the Autobots had gotten up and were in a wide circle, surrounding the Decepticon and the human Wrecker, with the only way out through the still-open groundbridge. "Like Miko said, Con," said Wheeljack, "Frag us off at your leisure. There's a reason why she's on the Wreckers."

Steeljaw looked at the tightly hemmed Autobots and then to the swirling Groundbridge. He dashed past Miko and ran into the bridge, looking behind him to see her following. As far as he knew, the base was empty and Lieutenant Bumblebee was dead.

At least that was his opinion until Bumblebee's cane slammed into his helm and knocked him unconcious. The last thing he heard was, "Never assume, Steeljaw. Assuming is your worst enemy."


"Bet you're glad to finally have him under wraps, huh Bee?" asked Arcee as two members of the Elite Guard carried a still unconcious Steeljaw through the Spacebridge, the Decepticon wrapped from healm-to-peds in energon chains.

"More than glad, Arcee," said Bumblebee, giving a small sigh. "But if I'm to be honest, that seemed a little too short for my liking."

"Short and sweet, huh Bee?" asked Raf, standing next to Bumblebee's foot.

"Short and sweet. That swing was so worth it."

"So, what are you going to be doing now?" asked Miko, looking up at Bulkhead.

"Well," said Bulkhead, giving a weary sigh, "Until a new High Council- one that isn't completely made up of Decepticons- is elected, me and Ratchet have to take care of Cybertron with Jazz and Windblade. I'm telling you, politics are torture."

"So, you have to be going back?" asked Miko, a sad look crossing her face.

"Hey, don't worry kid," said Wheeljack, kneeling down beside Miko and wrapping a servo around her body, "Until Bulk' finishes with Council stuff, I'll be staying here with ya."

"And when I am done," said Bulkhead, kneeling down and lifting her head up with a single digit, "I'll be coming back here to live with you at Unit E. I think I've had enough of Cybertron for a while."

Miko's gloomy expression turned into a happy one, and she hugged his digit. "I'll take care of Jackie for you until you get here." she told Bulkhead.

"And I trust that he'll take care of you," Bulkhead said, casting a look at Wheeljack, who put his hands up defensively.

"What about you, Arcee?" asked Jack.

"Like Bulkhead said," said Arcee, "I've had enough of Cybertron for a while. Besides, I haven't seen June yet."

"Well," said Jack with a weary sigh, "My mom's not gonna be the only one that you're gonna say hi to. You wouldn't believe who she decided to marry."

"Who?" asked Arcee with some sudden misgiving.

"Agent William Fowler."

"SAY WHAT?" shouted everyone on the team minus Optimus, although he did look a trifle startled. "Agent Fowler married your mom?" asked Smokescreen in shock.

"I do not know whether to feel sorry for you or to laugh," said Bumblebee, looking very shocked.

"You should've seen my reaction," groaned Jack, "Miko was laughing for days."

"I was laughing at your face!" said Miko, laughing.

"It was pretty priceless," agreed Raf, nodding to himself.

"Now do you see what kind of torture I've been getting myself into?" asked Jack, throwing his hands up into the air. Everyone laughed, although it had a slight nervous tone to it.

"Well," said Ratchet, "It happens to everyone. Even to those that we don't think can do it." He glanced sidelong at Optimus, a teasing gleam in his optics.

"Don't. Start," said Optimus, sounding a little grumpy, like Ratchet was trying to bring up a topic he didn't want to talk about. "I am getting to that."

"Huh?" asked all the humans there.

"Don't ask," said Bumblebee, smirking. Smokescreen was giggling, holding a servo over his mouth to try and stife them.

Jack appered to think for a few seconds, then his eyes widened and his mouth dropped into an 'o' with shock. "Oh," he said.

"What?" asked Miko.

"Not saying."

"So, anyway," said Raf before Miko could try and get some answers from Jack, "What about the rest of you? We know that Arcee and Wheeljack are staying, and that Bulkhead will be coming along, but what about you guys?" He turned to Ratchet, Smokescreen, and Optimus.

"Well..." mused Smokescreen, thinking to himself, then nodding. "I can always finish my project here," he told Ratchet, "Besides, I've got some good sources here!"

Ratchet nodded and said, "As soon as this whole High Council buisness is finished, I'll be returning to earth as well."

"Ratchet?" joked Arcee, "You of all-?"

"Yep! Yep! Yep!" said Ratchet, holding up a servo to interrupt her, "I know where I am needed. Besides, I did tell you that I would come back, didn't I?" he asked Raf, Miko and Jack. "And Arcee? That old line?"

"It's memorable," she said, crossing her arms.

"What about you, Optimus?" asked Bumblebee.

"I have a feeling Cybertron may need me in the years to come," said Optimus, "And there are still many things that I need to do and old friends to see."

"A few of them not just friends," smirked Ratchet.

"Don't. Start," Optimus warned.

"Is there some kind of joke that I'm missing?" asked Miko.

"Later, Miko!" chorus Bumblebee and Smokescreen.

"But," continued Optimus, turning to Bumblebee, "If you have any need of me. I will come."

"Thanks," said Bumblebee.

"Sir!" Everyone turned to the waiting Space-bridge, where Dropforge, the lieutenant of the Elite Guard, stood waiting, "Time's a-waisting," he told them, "All the Cons in Windblades cashes have been collected."

Optimus nodded. He stepped forward, shaking hands with Bumblebee and the rest of Team Prime and the Bee Team. "Farewell," he said.

"Promise you'll come back this time," said Raf, looking up at Ratchet.

"I will, Rafael," promised Ratchet, kneeling down and allowing the teenager to hold his servo, "This time, I will."

"See you around, Bulk'," said Wheeljack, clasping servos with his green comrade.

"Take care of Miko now," said Bulkhead, "And no going after Insecticons this time," he added playfully.

"That was one time!" yelled Miko.

"See you later, sir!" said Strongarm, turning to Dropforge and saluting.

"See ya later, scoot," replied Dropforge, "I trust Smokey can keep on with yer trainin'."

"When I'm not busy," said Smokescreen, saluting to the smaller cybertronian, "certainly."

Strongarm looked like she was fangirling.

Optimus nodded to the team one last time, then he, Ratchet and Bulkhead turned and went through the Spacebridge, which closed behind them.

"Now what?" asked Raf, looking up at Bumblebee.

"Now," said the young leader, turning to look at his friend, "The adventures begin again."

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me for so long! I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did, even if some parts were a little sad.

I trust you all could see what Ratchet was hinting at with Optimus, right? ;) And June Darby marrying William Fowler. C'mon people! Did no one see that in Transformers Prime? Because I did!

Anyway, I'll see you all later! Bye bye!
















Oh who am I kidding! This story is far from over! Cue the epilogue!

(Imagine these next couple of scenes to the tune of Tarzan's "Two Worlds, One Family Finale" song)

In the weeks to come, many things were either completed or continued. Smokescreen finished with the histoy of the War for Earth, as cybertronians called it, and gave it to Ratchet, who in turn gave it to the new head archiveres of the Hall of Records. A few days afterwards, a new High Council was elected, with two members peaceful Decepticons. One of which was Cyberwarp, who, along with her comrade, Novastone, helped to make Cybertron habitable to Autobots and Decepticons alike. A Predacon, the draconian named Ripclaw, was surprisingly good with politics, so Predaking had appointed her as the Predacon's representative to the High Council, which helped make Predacons more accepted in Cybertronian cities.

After this was all over, Optimus and Jazz, along with several others, watched as Ratchet, Bulkhead, and Windblade walked through a Space-bridge back to earth.

() (Now cue the lyrics!)

Many memorable events happened in the months and years that followed. Often, Agent Fowler, who had been informed about the Autobots that had stayed on earth, watched from Unit E as Bumblebee, (now fully healed) Arcee, and Bulkhead raced through the desert with their human companions riding along.

At the Scrapyard base, Sideswipe and Windblade had begun their relationship, and often Grimlock and Wheeljack, who had taken a likeing to the femme and called her his 'Second Wrecker Sister' often joined the two while in training together, which ended up in some... rather adorable stuff with the young mech and female Aerialbot.

Whenever Raf wasn't hanging out with Bumblebee, he would be helping Ratchet and Fixit with the few bugs that the command consul in the scrapyard had. One time, while they had been working on the consul one day, Smokescreen, with a rather reluctant Strongarm, pranked them with smoke poppers, causing them to be chased for the rest of the day.

And, most surprisingly, Jack and Miko had begun a relationship. And on Miko's twentieth birthday, Jack proposed to her. They were married two months later.

As Optimus Prime said during the wedding. "Cybertronians and humans, it does not matter. We may be of two worlds...

"... but we are one family."

And there is the true ending to Robot in Disguise! I really hope that you guys enjoyed the ending! And the end song just seemed really appropriate, wouldn't you say?

Now, as to the possible story that I mentioned in chapter two... I've already written three chapters down! You guys can be on the lookout for that! It's called- "Anything for Family". I hope you guys enjoy that story as well!

See you all later!