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Gray sighed, staring at his watch. How much longer would she be? He was currently at the Annual Wizard Ball, where wizards from all different guilds got to meet. Everyone at Fairy Tail had been ecstatic about the party (expect Master Makarov who was worried about the impending repair bills and paperwork he would be undoubtedly receiving) and soon people "paired up". Gray knew he would end up taking Juvia but what he didn't expect was to be threatened by Erza into doing so.

"Now you listen to me, Gray. You will take Juvia to the ball or so help me I will use your head for target practice. Understood?" Erza had said as she sharpened her sword in a rather threatening manner. Gray had gulped and nodded quickly. Man Erza was scary he thought to himself.

He'd asked Juvia who had 1) squealed 2) fainted and 3) started to convulse. Juvia was pretty crazy. But she was still nice when she wasn't acting all freaky. Speaking of Juvia…

"Where the heck is she?" Gray muttered, tapping his foot impatiently. He was getting sick to death of waiting.

"Over here, darling," a voice said and Gray turned around to chew her out for being late. But whatever words were in his mouth were silenced by the sight before him. Juvia was wearing a deep blue dress that sparkled like raindrops. It hugged her small waist and flowed around her. She had little sapphires in her ears and she had her hair up in a bun.

"How do I look, Gray?" Juvia said, giving a quick twirl. Gray couldn't believe his eyes. When had Juvia become so… breathtaking?

"Gray?" Juvia said, a small frown appearing on her face," Do you not like it?"

Gray panicked

"No! You look fantastic! Yeah! Great! It's uh kinda warm right?" Gray babbled, turning redder by the minute. Juvia giggled and grabbed his hand. Gray looked down. Her small smooth little hand was enclasped by his bigger rougher one.

"Let's dance, Gray!" Juvia laughed, pulling him onto the floor. Gray followed along. They found a spot in the sea of other couples. Juvia put her arms around Gray's neck and he gingerly placed his on her waist. The music struck up and didn't stop for hours. Gray lost track of time. The way Juvia's eyes sparkled when he twirled her or the little gasp she had made when he lifted her off the ground took his breath away.

Lately he'd been feeling awkward around Juvia. Her usual comments about him (which once annoyed him) now left him restless at night. He'd had no idea what was going on with him. Yet now it all made sense. It was like all the puzzle pieces had aligned themselves. He loved Juvia. Love. He'd never would've imagined that it would have happened to him, but it had. His love for Juvia was like the water that had broken through the dam he'd once built up to keep away his feelings.

"Juvia I-" Gray began before another man shoved him aside. A very annoying man.

"Hello, my beautiful princess," Lyon said, his eyes greedily taking in Juvia's curves.

"Umm.. hello.." Juvia stumbled. She was always uncomfortable around the man. Lyon grinned and stepped forward to give her a hug but was interrupted by Gray who blocked the man's advances.

"She's not your Guild, Lyon," Gray growled as Lyon took a step back. He chuckled and tossed his arms up in defeat.

"Oh well," Lyon grinned," Looks like I'm not wanted." He went to leave. But just as Gray turned to grab a drink, he saw Lyon grab Juvia's butt. His icy blood boiled. He snapped. Gray lunged for Lyon.

"How dare you touch what's mine!" Gray yelled, oblivious to the growing crowd. He tossed Lyon to the ground and put his foot on top of him to hold him still.

"Which hand touched you, Juvia?" Gray said still staring at Lyon. Juvia, still on cloud nine at being called Gray's, quickly looked up.

"It was h-his right one," Juvia said staring at the scene before her. Gray raised his foot and after a few second, an ear piercing scream could be heard throughout the hall. Gray turned and grabbed Juvia.

"Let's go, Juvia," Gray said, pulling the girl behind him. Just as they got to the door, Erza stepped in the way.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, GRAY!?" Ezra yelled, grabbing Gray by the collar. Normally Gray would have been crying and begging for forgiveness but now he stared coldly at Erza.

"He touched her," he said. Erza's eyes widened.

"What?" Erza whispered.

"He touched my Juvia," Gray growled. Erza dropped Gray and looked at him.

"Take care of Juvia. I'LL deal with him." Erza said, walking off to the scene of the event. Gray grabbed Juvia and ran up to the hotel where they were staying. It was a two minute walk so they quickly arrived at Gray's room. Juvia was frozen. She was in a bedroom with Gray… alone. She sat down on the bed and (mustering all her courage) cleared her throat. Gray turned around immediately.

"What is it, Juvia?" Gray asked, worried she had sustained some sort of injury. If that bastard had hurt her, he would-

"Am I really yours Gray?" Juvia asked, twisting her hands nervously.

"What?" Gray said, turning red.

"When Lyon t-touched me. You said I was yours. And when Erza grabbed you, you said it again," Juvia said.

"Uhhh…" Gray said, suddenly tongue twisted.

"I'll just go-" Juvia said, standing up to leave, but she was quickly pushed down to the bed by Gray.

"Please don't go Juvia," Gray begged, "I… I l-love you." Juvia gasped at the potent words.

"Really?!" Juvia asked, overflowing with happiness. Gray shyly nodded. Juvia leaned in and in the heat of the moment kissed Gray's lips. They were cold, like ice. Gray was surprised but soon returned the kiss. She tasted sweet like butterscotch and cherries. They became oblivious to everything and together that night they made their own little world in that bed.