AN: A fellow writer, Marisa, on quotev helped me come up with Patricia's middle and last name. This book will contain a series of one-shots.

Patricia Medic parks her car next to a red pick up truck. She turns off the engine and gets out. Then walk around to the rear passenger side door, open it and reaches over to remove the safety harness from Rose, a 12-week old golden retriever, from the back seat. Then picks up the leash and attaches it to her collar.

"Well, girl lets hope we make a good enough impression and pass the tryouts so we can become the newest members of the Rescue Heroes," Patricia says petting Rose on the head.

Rose licks her on the cheek trying to give her owner a confidence boost.

"Okay, girl, I get it. Stop, I'll try my best to relax," Patricia chuckles.

Rose stops licking Patricia's cheek when Patricia snaps her fingers. Then Rose hops out of vehicle and Patricia closes the door. They head inside the building and try to find the training facility.

Inside the command center at the training facility, Billy and Matt are waiting for Patricia to arrive.

"Matt, I'm a little shocked about how calm you are about having your niece join the team," Billy says.

"This was her decision, Billy. I had a feeling she would apply after she and Rose finished Rose's training last week," Matt says.

"Who is Rose?" Billy asks.

"Rose, she is the dog that saved Patricia's life the day she went hiking in the woods and was stung by a bee," Matt says.

"So, she is allergic to bees?" Billy asks.

"Yes, if Patricia gets stung she'll go into anaphylactic shock," Matt says.

"How did Rose find Patricia?" Billy asks.

"It may be better if you let her explain it you," Matt says.

Meanwhile at the command center, Patricia and Rose are walking around hoping to find one of the other members so they can lead them to the training facility. Patricia's hazel eyes continue to scan the hall, but she is so focused and wasn't watching where she is going. Then bumps into someone wearing a dark green shirt, it was Rocky Canyon.

"Are you alright" Rocky ask offering his hand to help Patricia up.

"Yes, I'm okay and sorry about that I should have been paying more attention to where I was walking," Patricia says rubbing the back of her head.

Patricia picks up Rose's leash and looks up. She notices her hand is shaking when she places her hand on Rocky's.

"It's alright; it was an accident. I'm Rocky, so what's your name?" Rocky says.

"I'm Patricia Medic," Patricia says.

"Can I pet your dog?" Rocky asks.

"Sure, Rose, love attention," Patricia says.

"So, would you happen to be Matt Medic's niece?" Rocky asks as he kneels down to pet Rose.

"Yes, guilty as charged. So, Rocky, could you show us the way to the training facility?" Patricia says.

"Sure let's go," Rocky says.

Back at the training facility, Billy is reading over Patricia's application.

"Matt, why did Patricia decided to apply to become a rescue hero instead of to the veterinary office after she graduated from Vet school?" Billy asks.

"She must have thought that since most teams have a medic for people, it would be a good Idea to have one to cover any animals that may get injured during any emergencies," Matt answers.

A few seconds later, the door slides open, and Billy hears Rose's joyful barking, and Patricia shouts for her to heal as she runs over to Matt. The lab tackles Matt to the floor and starts to smother him with doggie kisses.

"Sorry Uncle Matt, Rose is just happy to see you. Are you okay?" Patricia says as she gently pulls on Rose's leash to get her away from her uncle.

"It's alright, Pixie, I'm fine," Matt says.

"Pixie," Billy asks with a confused look on his face as he sets down the clipboard to help Matt to his feet.

"That's just a nickname, my Uncle Matt, promised he stopped using after I started high school," Patricia says holding out her hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you Billy Blazes. I appreciate you taking the time to let Rose and me try out,"

"You're very welcome. It only makes sense considering you are Rose's handler so Rose will only respond to your command," Billy says reaching out to shake Patricia's hand.

"Have you started the tryouts yet?" Jack asks walking in.

"Not yet Jack, Patricia, and Rose just arrived. It's going to start in a few minutes," Billy says.

"What kind of qualifying tests are we going to do to test the dog?" Jack asks.

"The dog's name is Rose. She is trained to dive down to retrieve items," Patricia says.

"This I got to see," Rocky says.

"Gill and I will set up the test to see how Patricia and Rose handle a water rescue," Billy says.

Patricia tells Rose to stay while she goes back out to her car to get her wetsuit. After she returns, everyone makes a trip to the Aquatic Rescue command center. After Billy introduced Patricia to the crew and Nemo, Patricia kneels down to put Rose's wetsuit on her as well as her dog life jacket. Then Patricia gets into her wetsuit and sits down on the edge of the platform.

"Patricia, for the first part of the test. Rose is going to have to dive down to get this tracker," Billy says as he tosses it into the water.

Rose runs over to the side of the ship and puts her front paws on the edge. Then her ears park up, and she taps her right paw three times. Patricia hears the signal and runs over to her.

"Why is Rose doing that?" Jack asks.

"That's the signal I taught to her to use if she ever heard someone calling for help or saw someone that needs help," Patricia says.

"How can she hear it when we haven't heard anything?" Rocky says.

"Well, Rocky, most Golden Retriever are bred and trained to work as seeing-eye dogs due to their sense of hearing is much more sensitive than humans so that means she can pick up certain sounds much better then we can," Patricia says.

Rose runs over and picks up a life ring then brings it over to Patricia.

"Billy, I know I'm not a member, and sorry about ruining the test," Patricia says.

"It's alright. Rose is just doing her job. Just continue with the rescue we'll back you up," Billy says.

Patricia nods. She and Rose go over to the edge of the ship. They jump into the water.

"Rose, get the tracker," Patricia says.

The team watches in amazement as Rose dive down into the water. Then comes back up with the tracker in her mouth. She gives it to Patricia. After clipping it to her belt, Patricia nods and follows Rose as the lab swims off.

"Should Bob and I go help her?" Gil asks.

"Yes," Billy says.

Patricia catches up with Rose and sees an Australian Shepherd mother and four six week old puppies stranded on top a large rock.

Gary Morris usually only lets them play in the shallow water. The tide must have pulled Gracie and her puppies out here. It's going to be tough bringing four puppies and an adult dog to safety with just one life ring. Patricia thinks.

Then Patricia hears the sound of a boat approaching and turns around to see Gil drive up with the rescue boat. Nemo is swimming save a distance next to it as well. When Gil stops it, a wave is created and goes over to the rocks and knocks two of the puppies into the water. Rose swims over to the pup scooped it out of the water. She goes over to the boat and places it on the edge. Patricia takes a deep breath and dives down to help one that sinks when another wave hits it when Gil comes up to assist on the jet ski. Bob picks up the pup and places it on the seat next to him. Back under the water, Patricia reaches the pup when she starts to swim back up to the surface her foot gets tangled up in some seaweed.

"She should have come back up," Bob says as he looks out didn't see Patricia surfacing with the other puppy.

"Nemo and I will go down to check on her," Gil says. "You help Rose get the other puppies and the mother back to the boat,"

"You got it, Gil," Bob says.

Gil picks up an extra air canister before diving into the water. Patricia's vision starts to get blurry as she realizes that she can't hold her breath any longer. She makes out two blurry blobs as Gil, and Nemo gets to her. Gil places the canister on her mouth. Then Nemo untangles Patricia's foot free by biting off the end of seaweed. The puppy starts to slip off her arm, so she tries to grab it. Nemo swims down and catches it by the collar then starts to swim up to the surface. Gil goes over to Patricia and helps her to the surface when he sees her struggling to keep up with him. She takes off the canister after she feels a few rays of sun hitting her face.

"Thank for the assist," Patricia says.

"You're welcome," Gil says.

"Thank you as well, Nemo," Patricia says.

Nemo smacks his tail twice on top of the water. Patricia takes that to mean he is saying you're welcome. Bob helps her onto the boat. Patricia turns around and sees the puppy that Nemo helped her rescue wasn't moving.

"Is there an oxygen mask on the boat small enough to fit around the puppy's mouth," Patricia asks.

"Yes," Gill says.

Nemo swims over, and Patricia scoops it up. Then lays it down on the side of the boat. Bob hands her the oxygen mask. She puts it around the puppy's snout. Then starts to compress the pup's chest.

"One, two, come on girl, breathe," Patricia says counting out the compressions.

After doing it for two minutes, Patricia breathes a sigh of relief when the puppy starts to wag its tail, and she feels a pulse. She takes off the mask and wraps the puppy up in a towel.

"Do you know who owns all these dogs?" Gil asks.

"Yes, their owner is Gary Morris, he brought them into the vet clinic last week, so I could give the puppy's a checkup since they weren't acting like themselves," Patricia says.

"So. what's the mom's name?" Bob asks.

"Gracie, but he hasn't come up with names for the boy puppies. He did let me name this tough little girl," Patricia says as she pets the puppy's head.

"What did you name her?" Gil asks.

"Sapphire," Patricia says.

Back at the base, the team gathered around the monitor where they get their mission assignment.

"I called Gary, but he asked if I could dog sit Gracie and the pups while he leaves town for a business trip," Patricia says. "I told him that he could pick them up at my place when he gets back,"

"You may have to call him back," Billy says. "And tell him that he'll need to come to the command center to pick them up,"

"How could Rose and I passed the qualifying test when we never took the test?" Patricia asks.

"Because you had proved yourself." Billy answers.

"How did we do that?" Patricia asks.

"By saving Gracia and her pups and not giving up," Billy explained

"Thank you, Billy. If Gil and Nemo hadn't come to help me Sapphire and I wouldn't even be here," Patricia says looking down at her feet.

"Well, that's what family is for," Billy said with a smile as he places his hand on her shoulder.

"Family?" Patricia asks, " I thought my uncle Matt was the only member of the Rescue Heroes that was family to me,"

"That maybe be true, Pixie," Matt says.

"But now that you and Rose have passed the qualifying test. All of us are your new family, and that will keep us together and safe. How else would we be our best?" Billy says correcting her.

"Congrats," Rocky says.

"Thank, I know that Rose and I will do an even better job on our first official mission," Patricia says proudly.

Everyone chuckles as Rose barks to say that she agrees with Patricia's last statement.

Patricia kneels down next to Rose. She pets her heads and turns her head to the right. Matt walks over to her.

"Learning how to perform CPR isn't just a skill that can save the life of a human member of your family," Matt says.

"Right, if you can learn how to perform CPR on your furry family member as well, it might just save their life too," Patricia says.

"If you want to learn how just call up you red cross and see if they have an animal first aid course that you can take," Billy says as he reaches down to pet Rose.

"You never know someday you may save the life of someone else's pet," Matt says.

Sapphire runs up and tackles Patricia to the floor and starts to lick her face.

"You may even make a new furry friend afterward," Billy says.

Patricia pushes Sapphire to get her to move before picking her up.

"Think like a Rescue Hero, Think Safe," Patricia says