Previously on Matt Medic's Niece

The group's communicators go off. Matt hears a few curses from the backseat of his car, Angel having hit her head. The group runs over to the car before taking out their communicators.

"What's wrong, Billy?" Patricia asks.

"And thanks for the rude awakening," Angel grumbles.

Angel, what are you doing there?" Wendy asks.

"There is a forest fire in Canada," Billy says.

"Great, Billy, bring Braveheart and Bravewing, I'll need them," Angel says.

"Sure thing," Billy says.

"What about the rest of us?" Patricia asks.

"I'll bring your gear," Wendy comments.

"Sorry, Wendy but Patricia and Rose will be staying in Hyper Jet. Since Patricia hasn't been cleared to go back to work," Billy says.

"She can still bring Patricia's gear. She can do light fieldwork you know," Matt pointed out.

"Exactly, what classifies as light fieldwork?" Patricia asks.

"Helping guide traffic and having Rose save some animals," Rocky suggests.

"Fine, Patricia, you and Rose can help Jake direct traffic out of the town a few miles away from the fire that's being evacuated," Billy says.

"Got it," Patricia grinned.

Everyone gets into the car, and Matt drives to the corrodents Billy sent to his communicator where he is going to pick them up. Angel yawns as she watches her boyfriend drive, she knew she was probably going to sleep for a while on the way. When they arrive, Rose and Sitka nudge Angel to wake her up. Angel stirs.

"Huh?" Angel says, confused.

"We're here, let's go wait for Billy," Matt says.

"You're not gonna bring Baby with us?" Angel questions, stunned

"Baby will stay here there isn't enough room in the hyper jet," Matt says.

"Oh," Angel replies.

Two minutes later, they hear the Hyper approach and watch it land in the clearing a few feet in front of them. Angel yawns again. After the entrance ramp opens they sprint over to it and head inside, and sit down in their seat. All but Patricia, she puts Rose into her harness before she sits down. Angel holds Sitka in her arms since the wolf hates her harness. Then Billy presses a button so the Hyper Jet will take off and they fly off to Canada.

Another collab with RHAngelousMedic and her OC will be in this chapter

Billy lands the Hyper Jet near the entrance to the forest. Everyone unfastens their seat belts, and Rocky helps Patrica out by getting Rose out of her harness. Jake walks over to his bike and tosses an extra helmet to Patricia.

"Thanks, Jake, but how is Rose going to ride with us?" Patricia asks.

"She can probably keep up with you, but she can sit behind you or in between you guys," Wendy suggested.

"I think the best option is if Rose tries to keep up with them by running along the bike lane," Matt says.

"I agree it would be too uncomfortable to try to squeeze her in between us," Patricia says.

"And safer," Angel adds out as she mounted Braveheart.

Patricia puts on her helmet then get onto Jake's bike, and he takes off. Rose sprints off after them. Jake gasps for air as Patricia tightens her grip around his waist.

"You've never ridden as a passenger on a motorcycle have you?" Jake groans.

"Yes, I have, I just got startled when you took off so fast, that's all," Patricia replies slowly loosening her grip.

"Oh," Jake replied.

Jake slows down a bit after seeing in the side mirror how far behind Rose was to let the dog catch up. Rose quickly catches up to the bike. Five minutes later they arrive at the town. Jake stops the bike at the nearest intersection and then turns it off. They get off and start helping the local authorities direct traffic — Meanwhile, with the others. "We've got a live one!" Angel calls out as she grabs a baby raccoon from the burning tree.

She brings it over to the others. Now there were too many animals for the staff to aid all the injured animals.

"Maybe we should have had Patricia come with us to help out treating the injured animals," Matt says.

"Want me to ride over and get her?" Angel asks.

"Yes," Matt says.

Billy contacts Patricia to tell her that Angel will be coming to get her.

"Copy that Chief," Patricia responds.

Back with Jake and Patricia, Rose spots a puppy trying to save a kitten in trouble. She runs over and grabs the kitten, then guides the two over to Patricia. Just then, Angel rides over on Braveheart, offering to take the puppy and kitten with them in her saddlebag.

"Thank Angel," Patricia says.

Angel nods before offering her a riding helmet. "Climb on," Angel says.

Angel helps Patricia on when she notices that the veterinarian was having trouble. They ride off, and Rose follows close as she can beside Braveheart.

"You ok?" Angel asks Patricia, worried about the young woman she now calls her niece.

"Yes, I'm fine, why?" Patricia asks.

"I just wanted to make sure your knee wasn't giving you trouble again," Angel admitted, she cared a lot about Patricia.

"Don't worry, my physical therapist says I'm progressing faster than he expected, so I'm good," Patricia says.

"Ok," Angel says.

They arrive, and Matt comes over to help Patricia off Braveheart. Then she goes over to the tent where the authorities are keeping the injured animals and get straight to work.

"You two are so cute," Angel cooed after she gently removes the kitten and puppy from her saddlebags and cradles them both in her arms.

"Don't get too attached to them, Angel, we don't have room for two more pets at the command center," Matt says.

"Oh don't be such a party pooper, Matt, I'm sure we have space," Angel lectured, "In fact, I'll ask Billy,"

"Ask me what?" Billy says.

"Can I keep these two?" Angel asks, holding up the puppy and kitten.

"How about we foster them since we can't be sure how they are going to act around Rose and Smoky," Billy says.

"Ok, but if they get along with them, can I keep them?" Angel asked.

"Let's see how they are around Rose and Smoky, and maybe they can stay," Billy says.

"Ok Chief," Angel said, pouting.

The team gets back to work and regroups after the fire is out.

"I could use a hot shower," Wendy said, shaking soot from her hair.

"Let's head back, good work everyone," Billy says.

"If you could just drop me off at my car," Matt said.

Billy nods and the team goes back to the hyper jet.

"I think I'm gonna head back to HQ babe, I need a shower and to give Braveheart a bath," Angel mentions to Matt.

"Remember you have to explain how you made Ava appear," Matt says.

"I'm Reaper kin. I can control the dead. I just simply asked her if she wanted to visit and she said yes, so I summoned her soul," Angel explains.

Later, at HQ, the team is playing with their new pets.

"If there's a fire in your area, or even in your home, make sure you have a safe place for your family to meet that's a safe distance from the fire," Angel says.

"And if you see a fire, report it, you'll end up saving more lives than you think," Billy adds, petting the little raccoon that Angel saved.

"Think like a Rescue Hero, Think Safe." Patricia, Matt, and Wendy say.