This has happened: Barry, Helen, Julie and Ray hit a little boy with their car (Barry was driving) and killed him. This is a year after that and Helen is a Golden Girl on channel five and she and Barry have been going out the last year although Barry's been cheating on her. He is a freshman in college now and a football hero. Julie has gone from preppy cheerleader to bookworm and gotten accepted to the fine college Smith. Ray has been in California and is back to win Julie back. This is after the killer has attacked Helen and Julie and Helen's in the hospital trying to connect with her beloved, lying Barry again. (Heller is Barry's nickname for Helen in the book and there she's named Rivers and not Shivers for you who did not know this.) No one dies in the book.


"Barry?" She said with a sweet but a little scared voice. "Are you awake?"

Barry turned his head in the hospital bed towards the door with a tired face expression.

'Oh great, which twit is here to bug me now? If it's mom I'll kill myself here and now'

But when he saw Helen and her kind violet eyes his face expression softened.

He'd treated her so badly for such a long time. Then he remembered the dark haired guy his parents had told him about and he got bitter again. So what if he'd treated her badly she'd done it to him too!

"Can I come in?" She asked carefully still standing in the doorway.

Barry nodded. "Sure." He said indifferent and she stepped into the room and strenuously got a chair next to his bed.

Barry whished he'd been able to walk so that he could help her. There was something about a damsel in distress that made it irresistible not to want to help.

Helen sat down and Barry noticed that she'd carried one crutch and one arm in a cast.

Helen saw what he looked at and smiled whimsy.

"I guess throwing yourself out a second floor window is not to recommend." She said joking but Barry didn't smile. He looked concerned.

Helen rolled her eyes a little. "It's just a broken arm and a sprained ankle." She looked down in her lap. "Not like you....."

She sounded sad and Barry felt gloomy. He was depressed enough himself, he didn't need her stressing about it too.

"I'm glad you're okay." He said and Helen looked up at him with a glimpse of hope in her eyes.

She looked at his legs as if she didn't know what to say and Barry grinned a little to reassure her.

"I'll be able to walk again baby, just wait and see. Moved my foot the other day and the other one today. I'll be just fine."

Helen's smile seemed to light up the room and Barry thought of the picture he had of her in his dorm room. It was laying face down - wouldn't his mother love that when she came there to pick up his stuff.

"I'm glad Barry."

She didn't look glad and he felt like he was suffocating around her. She was a good looking girl but what she wanted from him he couldn't give her. He didn't want to marry her - he was only 19 and even if he did end up in a wheelchair there was stuff he wanted to do before marriage.

"Heller I ." He started but couldn't continue when he looked into those familiar violet eyes.

Why did he have such problem breaking up with this girl? He'd planned it so many times but every time he changed his mind. What was it about? He didn't even understand it himself. Was it that he enjoyed bugging the life out of his mother?

Helen had a trace of tears in her eyes.

"Have you lied to me Barry?"

He frowned. What did she mean?

"Have you seen other girls?"

'Oh, that was what she meant'.

Barry nodded. "Yes, I've seen other girls."

What was the point of lying? She'd see through it and this would make it easier to break up. Once again he thought of the dark haired man that his parents had told him had come to the hospital with Helen that night he'd been shot.

"But it's not like you can judge." He said bitterly and Helen who'd hid her face in her hands looked at him with a face of innocence.

"What do you mean?"

Barry had to roll his eyes in frustration. What he meant? Did she really think he was that stupid?

"What I mean is that dark stranger you'd been out with the night I got shot! Waiting by the phone - right! Just admit it, you've been having the time of your life behind my back all the time haven't you?"

Helen had to blink a couple of times to understand what he was accusing her off.

"I haven't ...." She shook her head. "I haven't seen anyone behind your back. I was working that night .... I hadn't been out at all." She looked down on her lap. "I was driven her by a friend, or so I thought he was, Collie."

Barry looked away. He didn't want to hear anything about her male friends.

"He pretended to care... . he was nice ..... he was David Gregg's brother." She stuttered the words out and Barry immediately turned his eyes at her.

"You mean...?"

Helen nodded and swallowed her sob with a proud look on her face.

Barry looked truly sorry.

"Heller I'm sorry .... I shouldn't have lied to Ray that day. You'd been on your guard and ... Oh my God, if you would've died it would've been my fault." He looked away in sadness and automatically Helen put her hand on his arm.

"Barry, it's okay I'm fine. Although I did curse you a little." She smiled to comfort him and he returned it with a crooked grin.

He started to realise why he'd stayed with her for so long. It wasn't just her great looks or the prestige to go out with a Golden Girl - she was more then that. She was sweet and caring and she truly did love him. If he broke up with Pam or Debbie or any other girl, they'd just move on, Helen would be sad.

He was starting to look at her in a new perspective. He'd been so caught up in his own feelings that he'd totally ignore hers.

He looked at her hand on his arm and smiled softly. Why had he been so eager to leave her anyway?

Helen didn't say anything but he saw that she was about to. She had that look on her face when she looked really thoughtful and crinkled her nose from time to time as if choosing between words.

Then she looked at him. She had a bruise under her eye but it was covered with make up.

"Barry are we through?" She asked abruptly and Barry was stunned.

He'd never thought she'd ever utter those words.

"I guess .... I've been thinking ....."

Helen nodded and stood up.

"Heller." He stopped her with his voice and she looked at him still standing up.

"I'm sorry Barry, you've lied to me. You've broke my heart in a way I never thought you would." She sobbed. "Right now, I can't even look at you."

She walked towards the door with her head down, quietly sobbing.

"I'm sorry too Heller." Barry mumbled from his bed, unable to follow her. But maybe this was for the best. After all he'd been planning it for a good year or so. This hadn't even been supposed to be a relationship.

He looked out the window and saw the warm sun shining.

Now it was over anyway. And the only thing he could do was move on.