Joy to the world. The story will be continued, but not on this tread. Try my story "Not Always What It Seems". I can reveal what chapter II and III will be called, (Cold and dark, and And they say that a hero can save us) and I know what chapter IV will be called as well, but that is for me to know, and you to find out. Now go read the sequel, as it was you who made me write it (and my sister, cause I'm afraid that she might hurt me if I didn't).

And, as I'm a nice girl, I'll answer my reviewers.

Darcel: I'm not a mayor AU fan, I just write what comes to my mind, and sometimes, that is AU. If you want to post my story on your site, then be my guest. Will be honored!

Kim: Well, Kim, now there is more. So you thought Harry died, did you? That thought never really occurred to me. It was the same way when I read LotR, and Gandalf fell in Moria. I was like, Yeah, right. Like tha's ever gonna happen'... (I've seen Shrek one time to much, I'm afraid) And I was right. He returned in TTT!

Englishgirl: Unexpected. Is that good or bad?

Phoenix: I choked you up by killing Harry? Should I be proud or sorry about that? Well, at least I can offer you a tissue and a sequel. And thank you for thinking I'm a good writer. You don't know how much that warms the heart to hear someone say that. *sniff*

Ryleeblack: It was supposed to be it, but now it's continued. Hope you find the rest as interesting as the start.

Lord Dreadnault: It is not true to say that no one is forcing me. My younger sister does, because she didn't like that I killed of Harry. I think I can promise some Ginny angst, and a new character. Not new as in "I made him/her/it up", new as in "well, we know him/her/it, but the character hasn't been introduced in this story yet". Hope you like it. BTW, I saw your mail address, and, well, what can I say? I have been known to call myself Darth Culf as well, from time to time. You are more than welcome to read my Star Wars fics as well. (OT only).

Weasleyaholic: Nice to know you thought is was good. If you want to find out what happens next, read Things Are Not Always What they seem. It's on my bio.

ILUVMAIL: Sorry that I made you cry. Here's a tissue and a sequel.

Darragh Tieraneux: Thank you. *Culf wipes a tear from her eye while she mutter something about feeling loved* A warm feeling is spreading in my body, I swear! (Which is quite nice, as my comp is in a very cold basement)

Sailor Sol: You want me to continue? Well, I have! Read it!