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Chapter: 1

It had been exactly 7 months since Edward Elric had left Winry on the train platform of their home town. That was the day he awquardly proposed to her and now Ed was feeling a bit scared of returning. Each footstep crunched on the brown, rocky road that lead into town and the other surrounding farms. He reached a fork in the road. Left heading into the town and surrounding dwellers, right heading to the Rockbell's house, Winry's home.

As Edward approached the Rockbell household, their dog, Den, started yapping in excitement. "Hello boy! How have you been?" Ed asked. He turned when the front door opened, revealing granny Pinako.

"You better change that habit of yours boy!" jabbed Pinako, before casting her gaze downwards. "Anyway, I don't know how much you'll get to talk to Winry, she's changed in almost every aspect, plus you have a lot to know about what's happening in the country now..." She trailed off sadly.

"Well, lets go inside and talk about it over dinner," Edward suggested, gesturing her inside. "I too have a lot of news."


Everything went well that night until Pinako broke the news. "Edward, I'm really sorry to say this but... Winry... she has... moved on."

"Moved on?"

"She has found someone else..."

"What?!" Edward leaped out of his chair in shock and dispare. "Whyyyyyyy... yyyy... Winry... why... Winry..." he stared to sob her name, pain and confusion overwhelming him. Ed crumpled up into a ball in his chair, arms covering his face. Even Granny Pinako was sharing at least some of his grief.

"But... there is something else... much worse..."

Ed looked up with this damp, red eyes.

"Rumours have spread about your brother... he was assasinated."

His eyes widened with shock, pain and grief. How could this life of mine get any worse? He couldn't hold back the stream of tears racing out of the corners of his eyes. I can't bear to look at this place again. Every happy moment and memory of the Rockbell house, the village, and most importantly, his childhood has been crushed. This of course did not help the mood.

Pulling himself together, Ed calmly replied, "Granny, I don't think I can stay here any longer, I may as well head back to central since there is no other reason to stay here with what has happened. Thankyou for the meal but I may as well set out now so that there is no unnecessary confusion." He got up, walked towards his bag which was still next to the door, grabbing it as he opened the door. "Thankyou Granny," he muttered quietly before leaving, taking a precious photo with him.


His head was spinning as he made his way back down the same stone track to the station. Suddenly he realised he was at the same intersection as before. Left goes to the train station and straight goes to... Is that Winry? Winry was making her way back in from the town and heading to her home. She looked up to see Edward staring at her, his bag in one hand and a photo in his other.

"Edward!" She cried out in excitement as she rushed towards him, arms out for a hug. Winry suddenly stopped. "Ed, are you ok?"

Ed paused, and tilted his head up to face her. "I'm sorry Winry, but I guess I don't belong here anymore."

"Edward, what are you talking about?"

"I'm sorry Winry."

Tears welled up in Edward's eyes before he turned on his heel and made his way towards the station. Dumbfounded, Winry stood in the same spot watching Edward walk away. She glanced at the photo Ed was holding and gasped. It was a photo of her holding Edward and Alphonse on either side of her when they were young. She knew exactly why he chose that photo, and so she quickly turned and ran back to her house to question her Grandmother.


"Hello Lieutenant Hawkeye," Edward said to Riza as he tiredly stumbled into their new office.

"Hello Edward," Riza replied sweetly. "And it's Captain Hawkeye now."

"And soon to be Captain Mustang!" piped up a cheerful voice behind her.

"Hello Fuhrer Bastard" Ed chimed back.

"Behave yourself sir!" Riza replied sternly, looking at the new president, although she couldn't hold back a tiny smile as she turned back around to face the gloomy Edward. "So how can I help?"

"I'd just like to get the keys to my room back if that's ok?"

"Sure, here they are."

"Thanks Captain Hawk-, I mean, Mustang!" Ed replied with a grin before being chased out of the room by a few gunshots.


"Sir, why did you say that stupid remark?" Hawkeye turned the gun towards the snickering Roy Mustang.

"Oh, well, I could help it considering the current date."

Riza turned to the calendar next to Feury's desk. It was... her birthday! Although she never realised this, Riza turned back to Roy as that never really answered her question. As she saw Roy, she stood there, shocked.

Roy was kneeling down infront of her with an open velvet box in his palm. "Will you be my Riza Mustang?" he asked, a wide grin across his face.

Slowly, Riza took the ring out of the box to inspect it. It was made of silver with streaks of gold along the body. A beautiful gen was placed in the centre, reminding her of her favourite childhood flower, the rose. This all came so unexpectedly that so many thought were just crowding her usually organised brain.

After a few minutes of Roy sweating and Riza starring, she subconsciously slid it on her finger. "Yes." was all she could say. Although I'm not done with you yet Roy.

As soon as Roy started getting up, the ring slammed across his face. Blood started to slide down his face but his smile still remained.

"Next time could you please use your manners, sir"


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