Hello, my name is the Timeless Writer and this is my first reaction story as well as my first RWBY story.

I have seen plenty of reaction stories both from RWBY and from other media. and I thoroughly enjoy them. With people like JC Corn and Sixsamchaos, they managed to capture the emotion of the characters very well and I've always love watching reactions to anything. So, I thought I'd try and throw my hat in the ring and try to do my own.

The timelines of events is in-between Volume 2 and 3.

So, here's the intro as well as the first reaction to World of Arc, enjoy.

Beacon Academy

It was the dead of night as we come by Beacon Academy, one of the best training schools for the future generations of Hunters and Huntresses. The school that was overseen by the wise and mysterious headmaster Ozpin and the stern but very powerfully Glynda Goodwitch.

In one of the dorm rooms, two members of Team JNPR, The quiet and meditative Lie Ren and his partner and childhood friend who was the exact opposite, Nora Valkyrie were having a...interesting conversation to say the least.

"For the last time, Nora. We are not invading the Atlas Military for their syrup." Ren said sternly to his partner while said partner pouted at him.

"Buuuuut Reeeen!" Nora drawled out. "I can't have pancakes without syrup, it's like the the sky without clouds! a pond without ducks! an arrow without a bow! A SWORD WITHOUT A SHIELD!" Nora cried out dramatically.

Ren sighed at his childhood friends dramatic antics. These were still awake at this time as they waited for the other two members of their team, Pyrrha Nikos, the invincible champion and Jaune Arc, kind hearted leader. As they were currently doing one of their training regiments, to help improve Jaunes training to make him a better fighter.

Ren just stood by his bed paitancely. "Those two have been gone for a while now" Ren muttered quietly. But not quietly enough that Nora couldn't hear. "Maybe their taking so long because their doing a...new training technique..." Nora suggested with a devilish grin.

"Nora..." Ren gave his partner a stern look.

"What!" Nora threw her hands up. "We both know that Pyrrha's in love with fearless leader. I think if we were to help, speed things up..."

"We must learn to be patience." Ren said calmly, his partner tended to disagree with that statement "But Ren! With Jaune it could take years before he knows!"

The door then opened with Jaune and Pyrrha walking into the room. "We're back..." Jaune with with a groan and a tired expression on his face.

"Huh, guess I was right after all" Nora said in a quiet sing song voice.

"What was that?" Jaune asked.

"Nothing!" Nora said quickly.

Jaune responded by falling face first on his bed. "This feels way better now." Jaune said through a muffled voice.

"So I guess things went a bit rough in your training." Ren stated.

"You could say that." Jaunes muffled voice said as he face was still on the surface of his pillow.

Pyrrha then sat beside Jaune, putting her hand on his back rubbing it comfortably to help ease the pain. "I'm sorry. I guess I might've taken things to far."

"No Pyrrha, you don't need to apologize." Jaune assured. He then moved his face so that he could see his partner. "It's like you keep telling me, I've improved and I'm a lot better now then when I first came to Beacon."

Pyrrha smiled at her partners words. "Thank you, Jaune"

"Besides, I couldn't imagine anyone else helping with this than you, you are like the best partner I could ask for" Jaune said, smiling.

Pyrrha blushed at this "W-well...glad I could help." Pyrrha stuttered, feeling happy at her secret crush's words and very happy that she made an impact in his training and to his life.

A knocking sound then came from their door and Ren came to answer it. He opened it to show Ruby and the rest of her team. "Hey Ren! Ruby said with a smile."Are Jaune and the rest of you guys coming with us to Vale? Were going collect stuff of the Vytal Festival if you wanna come with."

"Will there be pancakes?" Nora asked in a curious tone.

"I guess?" Weiss said, unsure if there were but Nora didn't care. "Then I'm coming!" Nora said with a bright and energetic smile on her face.

"I'll be coming along as well." Pyrrha said, getting up from the bed.

"You coming, Jaune?" Ren asked.

"Nah, I'm gonna rest here for a bit" Jaune mumbled.

"If you want, I'll bring a few pillows as well" Ren offered to his leader.

"Your a good friend, Ren" Jaune said as his voice was still muffled.

Streets of Vale

Team RWBY and the rest of Team JNPR were walking along the streets of vale to pick up supplies, dust and cookies in Ruby's case, leaving Weiss in an annoyed state. "I swear Ruby! If I had spent any more on your unquenchable taste, I would go bankrupt."

"It not my fault that the store has so many great cookies!" Ruby defended, causing the others to chuckle.

Weiss just sighed at her partners childlike attitude. "It's a good thing we got all the supplies we need for the tournament." Weiss said. "So long as you have't been spying on the competition again." Blake said, causing the heiress to stutter in response.

"So, what couldn't Jaune come with us?" Yang took the time to ask.

"He was too tired out because of our training." Pyrrha answered. "I think I might've taken a step too far." Pyrrha said sheepishly.

"I think it's sweet your helping Jaune with his training." Ruby said with a smile.

"Well if it's worth anything, I must say that you manged to improve Jaune quite a lot and I can see he's slowly becoming a better fighter" Weiss said, causing everyone to look at her with shocked expressions on their faces.

"What?" Weiss asked, confused by the faces.

"That's...unusually nice of you" Blake said.

"Yeah, and I didn't think you'd say that about Jaune of all people." Nora added.

Weiss rolled her eyes at this. "Well as it turns out, when's he's not constantly trying to date me. He's somewhat pleasant and rather a...somewhat pleasant friend." Weiss said, causing Ruby and Pyrrha to smile at this.

Ruby because she was happy that her two best friends were finally getting along and Pyrrha because that means Jaune could maybe focus on her a bit more. "That's good, now Jaune and I will become closer and closer until one day he and I can finally..." Pyrrha thought until Nora got her out of her thoughts.

"What were you thinking about?" Nora asked, grinning.

"Oh, y'know...um...I was...thinking about..." Pyrrha trying to think of something to say.

"It was about Jaune wasn't it" Blake said bluntly, causing, Pyrrha to blush.

"Y'know, if you want P-money I can help get things moving with vomit boy if you want" Yang offered, by giving her a grin.

"I wouldn't exactly trust you as matchmaker, Xiao Long." Weiss said.

"Well I..." Yang tried to say until something strange happen.

Suddenly a bright light surround the two teams, before they could react, the light emerged them as they suddenly left Vale, as well as Remnant as well.

The two teams landed on the ground and onto each other, as they landed into an unknown area.

"Get off me you barbarian, you weigh a ton!" Weiss groaned out, causing Yang to stand up from her. "Say's you, it was like i was lying down on a pillow." Yang shot back, causing Weiss to glare at her.

"Where are we" Ruby asked, as she looked around the area which looked like a dark abyss which freaked her out a bit.

"Do you think this could be Torchwick?" Weiss said as she looked around for anything resembling an exit.

"I don't think even he could do something like this." Blake pointed out.

"Well, whoever did this, I'll introduce them to Ember and..." Yang started to boast until she realized she didn't have her weapons on her, nor did the others, causing them to panic more.

"Wha..! where are my shotguns!" Yang questioned. "I swear if Jaune took them again for his superhero stick..." Yang said growing angry.

"I doubt Jaune could that or even bring us here." Ren said, hoping it would calm Yang down.

"So as long as he doesnt wear that ridiculous outfit." Weiss said rubbing her eyes.

"I happen to think he looks cute in it" Pyrrha mused.

"Mortals" A ghost voice called out to them, causing the two teams to be on their guards even without their weapons. "You are in a world that is not your own, but do not be alarmed."

"I am but humble spectator that views your world from afar." The ghostly figure. said as the two teams got a better look at the figure. It appeared to be a cloaked figure which his eyes were pure teal and was the only thing visible about the figure.

"And I am..." The figure spoke ghostly.

Suddenly, Nora picked up a rock from the ground and then threw it at the figures head "OW!" The being held his head in pain. "What the hell!...did you just throw a rock at me!?"

"I thought it was the appropriate response Mr ghost man!" Nora yelled back.

"I'm not a ghost!" The being said, still rubbing his head in pain. "Damn! that freaking hurts!" The figure said in pain, causing all tension from before to be completely none existent as the others started to get less scared and more confused, or amused in Yangs case.

"What...are you" Ruby asked, still bit freaked out by the ghost like figure.

The figure sighed. "I am being from another realm of existence." The figure explained.

"I don't believe you" Weiss said, scowling at View. "For all we know, you could be a prankster trying to get money from your childish pranks" Weiss said, certain of her theory.

"I am floating in air, I have an otherworldly appearance and I literally brought into another dimension, how much more proof do you need!" View asked in a incredulous tone.

"I believe him" Ren said, causing the others to give him a look of disbelief. "Hiss appearance isn't like any grimm seen before, he clearly has power not shown to us before by bringing us from one location from another. So I believe" Ren said, causing the others to believe him and therefore the figure.

"And he has no mouth and yet he can still form sentences." Nora added loudly.

"Thank you, at least someone believes me..."

"That doesn't mean I appitae being dragged here against my will" Ren suddenly said.

The ghost figure was slightly taken back at this. "Okay, fair enough"

"Could you at least tell us your name" Blake asked.

"Well my real name is too long and complicated to say in over one minute, so you guys can call me View."

"Wow, very creative," Yang snickered. "What, were all the good names taken?" Yang joked.

"No!" View said defensively, Causing Yang to raise an eyebrow as View looked down. "Yes."

Pyrrha then spoke up. "Excuse me, but why did you bring us here?" Pyrrha asked.

"Well, I brought you people here to show you the multiverse." View said, causing the others to be confused. "Multi-what?" Ruby asked.

"Okay" View sighed. "Does anyone here know what the multiverse is?"

The two teams looked at each other for a moment in confusion with the exception of Blake and Ren. "I have heard of it briefly." Ren said simply.

"And I have heard in the concept in the books I read." Blake said.

View grinned at this. "Then I'll begin the explanation" He then closed his hands together and opened them, shoot out an feld of energy around them, He then reached his hand forward, creating a miniature version of remnant in his hand.

The two teams were amazed by this show of power.

"Every decision people make leads to a certain consequence." View explained.

"Take for example you Miss Rose" View guestured. "When your headmaster, Ozpin offered you a place at Beacon." View said."And you took him up on his offer and formed your team" View said, causing Ruby to smile at this.

"But what if, you declined the offer? did you ever think of that?" View asked.

"Not...really" Ruby said, she didn't even think about that because of the results that happened because of it. Forming Team RWBY, Meeting JNPR, stopping Torchwick, helping Blake with the White Fang and all around making her a better person because of these experiences.

"Certain people can impact the world they live in greatly by their own choice. And this span more and more worlds creating the multiverse itself." View explained, causing the two teams to be impressed by this, wondering what could happen in certain ways and events.

"I'm part a group of people that view these worlds and certain people that impact them." View said. "I myself, look over someone that you know as Jaune Arc" View said.

The two teams were surprised by this statement.

Pyrrha then asked. "Why do you have an interest in watching my partner?"

"Irony much?" Yang joked, causing Blake to jab her partners ribs.

"Well, like I said before, certain people can creative many a world due to choice and your friend Jaune has made quite a lot" View said in an impressed tone. "And if you want, I can show you guys some" View offered.

"I'm sorry" Weiss said in a formal tone as she could, considering the circumstances. "But all of this sounds ludicrous to me so if you could, can you send us back where you found us and we could just move on?"

"Actually...I kinda wanna see them." Ruby said, shocking her partner. "What!?" Weiss said in shock.

"When am I not serious?" Ruby asked, causing her partner to give her a deadpan look. "I'm just saying, it could be good seeing these worlds. They could even teach us a thing about us and Jaune.

"Yeah!" Nora shouted. "You guys always have the best adventures! Like with that Torchwick guy, that giant robot fight and that whole train fight!" Nora listed out.

"It's time a member of Team JNPR to have his shot in the spot light!" Nora exclaimed. "And I can't think of anyone else then our fearless leader!" Nora said, with Ren deciding to go along with her.

"Plus, things have been getting too stressful lately, so this might relax us." Blake spoke with a calm and rational voice.

"I wouldn't mind seeing a few." Pyrrha added.

Yang then decided to tease her. "Hoping to see a world where you and Jaune might hook up?" Yang grinned evilly at this.

"Would...that might happen?" Pyrrha asked with a hopeful voice.

"Well, I suppose. The Multiverse is infinite and never ending, so there is a great chance we'll see that." View explained.

"Hmm, Well that is interesting to know" Pyrrha said calmly, but inside her mind said otherwise. "YES! YES! YES! I can't wait to see the world where me and Jaune are together!"

Weiss deeply sighed at this and decided to give in. "Fine." Weiss said in a defeated tone. "What's the point in even trying so let's just see the dunce already."

View grinned at this, despite having no mouth at all. "Alright then, let's get it started."

View then point his hand up and recreated the area into the viewing room, similar at what people would see at the movies.

Team RWBY and JNPR were amazed at this. "Wow, you can really make this a real trip to the movies" Yang said.

"Yeah, don't call them movies, they're a lot more complicated than that." View said with a bit of defence. The two teams then took their seats as views floated up and prepared the screen for the world by using a orb.

Pyrrha then asked something that she was wondering. "Wait, why couldn't you bring Jaune here with us?"

"Well, I will be able to soon, along with others but creating this room and bring you guys here has left me a little drained for the time being. Te two teams were understandable sad that their blonde friend couldn't come but understood.

"Behold, the first of many worlds to be seen before you all. Watch as you see the lives that could've been or could've never be... Witness the infinite worlds that is the..." View said dramatically until...

"Um, Mr View?" Ruby said.

"Yes, Miss Rose?" View said looking down.

"We don't mind watching these but would...you um..." Ruby tried to say gently.

"We would prefer it if you could tone down the dramatic voice." Blake said for her.

View looked dejected at this, wanting to due his speech. "Fine...here's the first world" View muttered. He then threw the orb into the screen as it projects the first world that these two teams would see.

Detroit: Become Human.

Date Aug 15, 2038

The scene opens with a person, with blond hair and in a suit standing in an elevator as it goes up. The back of the suit had a blue triangle on it, above it said "ANDROID" and below it said the words RK800.

"That must be Jaune!" Nora called out, jumping up and nearly knocking over Ren. "HI JAUNE!" Nora greeted.

"Nora, it's a projection, he can't hear you" Ren said, causing Nora to pout "Well that's not fair."

well, he does certainly, dress well." Pyrrha said with a slight blush on her checks and a small smile on her face, trying her best to hide it.

"But why does it say android" Ruby said, confused at first.

Weiss face palmed at this. "Because that what he is, Ruby!" Weiss said, annoyed at her leaders confusion but also confused as well by title on the blond leader.

"WAIT WHAT!" Nora said in surprise at the top of her lungs, with Blake wincing at the loudness from the bomber of Team JNPR. "That means...he an be a killer robot! AWESOME!" Nora cherred in excitement.

To pass the time, Jaune messed around with a coin he had on hand, Flinging the coin back and forth to each hand.

"He's clearly showing off." Weiss said, rolling her eyes at the coin trick

"Actually, I've seen him doing that trick in class. He managed to impress a few people" Pyrrha added.

"And where you one of them P-Money?" Yang teased with a grin.

Pyrrha just turned to face the screen, not answering Yangs question.

The elevator stopped at it's destination, as the coin landed on his right hand. The doors opened and a armoured cop was standing by the doors who noticed Jaune "Negotiator on site"

"So, Jaunes like...a hostage negotiator in this world?" Ruby asked, surprised at her best friends path.

"I find that hard to believe" Weiss said.

"Well, I believe it" Pyrrha defended. "He has a sharp mind and I think it would be perfect for the job" Pyrrha said, smiling at her partner on the screen.

Jaune then walked out of the elevator and into the complex building. He looked around the are and found a photo of the family, the very reason why he was here.

Suddenly, Jaunes point of view changed from normal to a computer like way of seeing, showing the names and other facts about the family.

"Woah! what is happening now" Nora questions.

"I think were seeing things from Jaunes point of view." Blake answered. "Considering his an android, time must move slower for him as he process information"

Jaune walked away from the photo as his view went back to normal. Just as Jaune was about enter the crime scene, a crying woman, who was the mother from the picture was being escorted out by the armed guard.

The woman then saw Jaune and came up to him. "Oh, oh please, please, you gotta save my little girl..." The mother cried out to him. She then noticed the core on the side of his head and the initials on his suit.

"Your sending an android?" The woman asked, incredulously. The cop then tried to get her out of here. "Alright, Ma'am. We need you to go" The cop insisted.

The mother became more hysterical at Jaunes android nature. "You can't... you can't do that..." The cop then dragged her out of the area as she kept screaming. "Why aren't you sending a real person! don't let that thing near her!" The mother cried out as Jaune ignored her ranting and continued with his mission.

Ruby couldn't help but fell upset and a tiny bit angry at the mothers attitude at Jaune. She knew her friend Penny who was also an android and she was as real as anyone else.

"Wow, what a rude lady" Nora said, not happy at the woman attitude at her leader.

"I guess prejudice exist in all realms" Blake said bitterly.

"You can hardly blame her. Her family is in trouble" Ren said. "But I think she should be more accepting of him, because he may be the only chance she has." Ren added.

Jaune walked into the apartment and found it was in a complete mess, glass everywhere. jaune looked ahead and found the person he needed to speak to about his objective.

"Captain Allen" Jaune said to, causing said man to turn back to him."My name is Jaune. I'm the android sent by CyberLife"

"Cyberlife?" Ruby said.

"I don't think I've ever heard of it before" Pyrrha said.

"Nor have I," Weiss added "though it sounds like a division of Atlas"

Allen just ignored him and turned back to the computer. "It's firing at everything that moves, it already shoot down two of my men...we could easily get it, but they're on the edge of the balcony." Allen explained

"If it falls," Allen explained, then turning back at Jaune. "She falls"

Jaune thought about what the right questions to ask for this situation. "Do you know if it's been behaving strangely before this?" Jaune asked.

"I haven't got a clue, does it matter" Allen said, slightly irritated.

"Of course it matters! you dunce!" Weiss said. "It could potentially save lives!" Weiss continued with a scowl on her face because of the captains indifference.

"Wow, I didn't think you'd be defending Vomit Boy of all people." Yang said.

Weiss huffed at this. "I'm just pointing that for once, Arc is asking the right questions and that captain looks like he couldn't care less"

"I need information to determined the best approach." Jaune responded.

Pyrrha was happy to see her partner/crush thinking his plan with all the information he needs.

"Do you know it's name?" Jaune asked, hoping for more info.

Captain Allen however was annoyed by the constant questioning and confronts the blonde android. "Listen, saving that kid is all that matters." Allen responded.

"So either you deal with this fucking android now, or I'll take care of it." Allen said with a glare as he then left room to a different room.

"That's what he's trying to do, you jerk!" Ruby called out, getting annoyed at the mans attitude towards her friend

"Man, that guys is a dick!" Yang said, angry at the captains attitude.

"I know!" Nora agreed

"He isn't acting like a profession with his attitude." Ren added his own. "Can't I break his legs!" Nora added.

UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED. SAVE THE HOSTAGE AT ALL COSTS. Jaunes objective showed him as he then proceed to get to work.

"Alright then, Detective Jaune is on the case!" Nora cheered on for her fearless leader.

"He's not a detective, Nora" Weiss said, rubbing her head in irritated at Nora's attitude.

Nora then stuck her tongue at the heiress, in a similar manner that Ruby would do.

Jaune looked at the other end of the room and saw a briefcase that looked like that it would of contianted a single gun, he did full analysis and reconstruction the set of events in his mind and found that the devient took the father's gun.

Weiss was amazed by the reconstruction going on from Jaunes view and his way of doing things. "I never thought he could be so accurate in these things" Weiss mused. "He's quite the analyst, I might wanna compliment him on his..." Weiss thought until she thought that if she did, it would make his unwanted files come back. "Don't want to give him any ideas"

Jaune then thought about going into the daughters bedroom for clues. He walked in and saw a pair of headphones on the ground. He picked them up and they were still playing. The child didn't even hear the gunshots.

"She didn't know what was happen." Pyrrha said in a sad tone, as the others felt that the same way.

Jaune saw a tablet on a desk near him, he walked over to it and picked up and tablet and activated it. It showed a video of the android and the daughter. "This is Daniel, the coolest android in the world! Say hi, Daniel!" The daughter said happily.

"Hello!" Daniel waved at the camera. Jaune now knew what the deviants name was, as it could help him with the case.

Ren was curious on what could've set the android off to go and cause a whole crime scene.

Getting all the info he got from the room, he walked out and went onto the next scene, and that was the body of the cop that Captain Allen mentioned earlier.

Jaune walking back into the main area and came across the dead cop's body.

The teams were disturbed by the corpse.

"Wow, I don't know what to say..." Ruby said quietly, she wasn't use to seeing a dead body before so seeing this one really threw her off. Luckily, Yang and her team was there for her. "It's okay, Rubes, we're here." Yang assured, making the red reaper feel slightly better.

Jaune analyzed the body and reconstructed the events and he predicted that when the cop arrived as Daniel tried to take the girl as a hostage. The cop then shot Daniel, injuring him.

In retaliation, Daniel shot the cop dead. Jaune got up from kneeling and went to the next scene until shots were fired into the room, shooting a cop down, surprising everyone. "Holy shit!" The cop called out in shock. "Cover me while I evacuate him."

The teams were slightly shocked at this. "Jaune is running out of time, he needs to hurry up." Ren advised.

"Hurry Jaune" Ruby mused, hoping he would be able to save the girl.

Jaune then decided to hurry in his findings if he wanted to save the girl in time. Jaune then noticed something under the table. He went down and found a handgun, the one that belonged to the cop, he decided to take the gun for good measure.

"I think it's a smart decision" Blake said."He may need it in if things go wrong for him" Blake said.

Team JNPR were worried that the android could potentially kill their friend. It looked like aura or their signature weapons existed in this world, so they didn't want anything to happen to their leader and crush in a certain redheads case.

Jaune then went to where the Father was shot and killed to find more evidence.

"Poor man." Pyrrha said in sympathy.

"I don't get why Daniel would kill the father" Ruby said confused at the android motive and worried at what could of made him do this.

Jaune scanned the corpse of the father and found that he too was shot to death, but Jaune noticed that before he was shot he was holding something in his hand.

Jaune went over to where the father dropped the tablet which was near the body in fact. He walked to where it was and picked it up, activating it, showing a screen that was ordering a new android.

"So, he was going to be replaced?" Yang said.

"That's so sad, I mean I know he's a machine and all, but that just seems cruel." Nora said, feeling sorry for the Daniel.

"That's what must've off set him off to go on this murder spree." Pyrrha said.

Jaune put it down and walked to the final piece of evidence, and that was the pile of blood on the ground which happen to be blue.

"So that's must be it's blood" Weiss said.

Jaune then kneeled down and dipped his fingers in the blood and put it on his tongue, analysing what type of android he was.

That is disgusting!" Weiss gagged at this.

"I know!" Yang agreed. "And I've seen Ruby pick her nose."

"Yang! I have't done that since I was a kid!" Ruby yelled, hitting her sister.

Jaune stood up and looked over to the window and saw the android holding the girl hostage. Deciding he had all the evidence he need to stop his fellow machine, Jaune then went outside to confront him.

The unhinged android then shot Jaune when he saw him coming out, blue blood splattered on the wall behind him. But Jaune looked unfazed by it and shrugged it off.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha called out in worry, not wanting to see anything bad happen to her leader, partner and crush.

"He shot him!" Ruby cried out, now feeling more scared.

"Guys, it's fine he's not dead he only grazed him." Weiss said calmly, but she too was worried for the blonde leader, though see would never admit it.

"I don't think he seems all that bothered by that." Ren said

"Stay back!" The android warned. He then pointed his gun to the girls head. "Don't come any closer or I'll jump!"

Everyone in the room was quiet as they held their breaths, hoping that Jaune would save the girl.

Just then, more police from the surrounding builds started to set up sniping points.

"Hi Daniel. My name is Jaune!" Jaune called out.

"How...how do you know my name?!" Daniel said in a shaken voice, as he slightly panicked more.

"I know a lot of things about you. I've come to get you out of this!" Jaune called out. He then proceeded to walk slowly near them.

I know you can do this, Jaune" Pyrrha said to herself quietly. "I believe in you" Pyrrha said sincerely, as she knew as had the utmost faith in her leader.

"Us too, fearless leader" Nora said, with Ren agreeing not wanting to tell her he can't hear him.

Jaune went with the calm approach, to ease things better. "I know your angry Daniel, but you need to trust me and let me help you"

Daniel however was too stressed and emotion to understand and listen. "I don't want your help!" Daniel shouted back. "Nobody can help me!...all I want is for all this to stop...I... I just want all this to stop!"

Ruby then thought about her friend Penny and was scared that if this situation could happen to her. The very thought nearly brought her to tears.

Yang noticed this and brought Ruby into a one arm sisterly hug, making the red reaper feeling a lot better.

Daniel then pointed his gun at Jaune. "Are you armed!?"

"Yes, I have a gun!" Jaune responded.

"What! Fearless Leader what are you doing!?" Nora asked loudly, as she was worried that he could get killed because of this.

"I think this is a good thing." Blake said. "If he's honest with him, then Daniel will be less likely to harm the girl."

"Drop it!" Daniel demanded. "No sudden moves or I'll shoot."

Jaune compiled as he grabbed his gun from his waist and threw it to the ground. "There! no more gun!" Jaune said as he held as head in the air.

Jaune then decided to point out the events that transpired. "They were going to replace you and you became upset." Jaune pointed out.

"That's what happens, right?" Jaune asked for conformation.

"I thought I was part of a family... I thought I mattered" Daniel said.

"But I was just their toy! something to throw away when your down with it" Daniel said, going more and more angry at his treatment.

To Blake, this struck a cord to her. As the androids were facing a similar treatment as the Faunus do.

"You okay?" Yang asked, concerned for her partner.

Blake wiped her eyes and faced Yang. "I'll be okay."

"I know you and Emma were close." Jaune said calmly, hoping the androids relationship with the girl would ease him. "You think she betrayed you but she's done nothing wrong!"

"She lied to me!" Daniel shot back. "I thought she loved me...but I was wrong" Daniel said with tears in his eyes. He then put the gun closer to her head. "But she's just like all the other humans!"

Jaune was getting closer and closer to Daniel. "Listen, these emotions your feeling are just errors in your software." Jaune said

The two teams didn't know what to think at this point. They wanted Jaune to stop the android and save the girl , but they wasn't sure that Daniel wasn't having a malfunction, Ruby especially considering her friendship with Penny.

"I never wanted this" Daniel said with tears in his eyes." I love them, you know?..." Daniels anger then return as he pressed his gun against the girls face. "But I was nothing to them! Just a slave to be ordered around!"

The sounds of the helicopters was getting to Daniel, as he shook his head. "I can't stand that noise anymore!" He then pointed the gun at Jaune again. tell that helicopter to get out of here!" The unhinged android commanded.

Jaune then waved his hand at helicopter, signalling it. It flew away from the scene, calming Daniel down. "There, I did what you wanted."

"You have to trust me Daniel!" Jaune said to his fellow machine. "Let the hostage go and I promise you everything will be fine." Jaune tried to convince.

Jaunes team felt pride for their leader, as they knew the has the heart to saves lives no matter what, even though this jaune was from another reality.

Daniel was getting more calmer by the second as Jaunes statistics shows a 99% percent chance of success.

"Okay, nice job Jaune! you've got it in the bag" Ruby complimented.

"Even though I doubt his skills as a fighter, I have to say, he is handling this way better then I expected." Weiss mused.

"I want everyone to leave!" Daniel demanded. "And I wanna car!" Daniel listed out to Jaune. "When I'm outside the city, I'll let her go."

"Do you think Jaune will let him..." Ruby asked.

"It's unlikely to say the least..." Pyrrha said in a sad tone.

"It's very likely His demands aren't going to be met." Weiss added, crossing her arms.

"That's impossible, Daniel." Jaune stated. "Let the girl go and I promise you won't be hurt." Jaune assured.

Daniel was quiet for a moment before speaking again,. "I don't want to die..." The android said with much emotion in his voice.

Jaune kept assuring his fellow machine "Your not going to die, we're just going to talk" Jaune assured.

"Nothing will happen to you. You have his word." Jaune said sincerely in his voice.

The two teams smiled as they remembered what Jaune usually says about his family motto about how an Arc never goes back on his word and knew he was telling the truth.

Daniel then started to calm down. "Okay...I trust you..." Daniel said as he let go of the girl who then ran away from him and just fell near the pool.

But things didn't look good as Jaunes expression changed from calm to sadness.

"Oh no" Pyrrha said, as she saw the look on Jaunes face, while the others were confused by this until...

Suddenly Daniel was shot by his side by the snipers on the near by buildings, spilling out blue blood.

"What the hell! Yang shouted in surprise, as the others were shocked at this to.

"No!" Ruby cried out.

Daniel was shot again by his shoulder and then at his check, showing off his android body underneath the fake flesh, as he was kneeling on the ground.

Daniel just stared at Jaune. "You lied to me Jaune" Daniel said as his life slowly left him, as he kneeled there. "...You lied to me..." Daniel said as his voice faded away as did his life.

Jaune just looked at his fellow android with a look of regret on his face. he looked at the girl on the ground, terrified with fear. He then turned away from the scene as the police came onto the scene.


The screen then turned off as light returned to the room.

The two teams were understandably shaken up by this.

View then returned in the room. "I understand that some of you...may be shocked at what you just saw." View said.

"Shocked is an understatement, buddy." Yang chuckled without any humor whatsoever.

"I can't believe Jaune would lie to him like that" Weiss said in disbelief, but then Pyrrha came at the defense. "Jaune wouldn't do that! He meant what he said, it's those cops were too eager to shoot him"

"Well, at least Jaune saved the girl. That's a win, right?" Ruby asked.

"I'm sorry if I...upsetted some of you. I didn't mean to and if you want, I can return you back to Remnant if you want.

"I think, we need to see some of these worlds, for our own benefit." Ren said. "I agree." Pyrrha added

View was surprised by this. "Are you sure?" View said with caution.

"It may not have been pleasant" Weiss said. "But we need to see what worlds could've have been. if it makes us realize us for the better.

"Okay then." View said. "I'll be showing the next one soon and If you want, I'll go for a more lighthearted tone" View offered.

"I think that would be nice." Pyrrha said, with the others agreeing with her.

"Alright then, let's get this started." View said as he prepared for the next world.

And there goes the first chapter. I so glad I get to do a RWBY story for the first time as a writer. I got hooked onto the show after watching Red vs Blue and I'm still watching the 4th volume.

I was curious to what the first reaction could be and I chose a game that I thought was really good in it's story.

I have a list of Games, Movies and others to put into this story, but that doesnt mean people can't put their own suggestions in. So free to put in suggestions that might be good.

I will be adding more people to react with the rest but I don't want to throw them right into it.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed of what I hope to be, a fun story to read. Next Team RWBY and NPR, along with two new faces will see the terrors that is...a killer rabbit!... it sounds as threatening as you think. Thanks and see you around!