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"So, do you guys think that Invader Arc could possibly take over the world?" Ruby asked, referring to the last world they saw.

"Knowing this version of Arc, it may take him a long time." Weiss said.

View then came into the room, holding a familiar looking orb in his hand. "Good news, everyone! I found another world to watch!" View announced.

"So, which one will this be?" Ironwood asked.

"Well, once again, we'll be seeing the world of the Dragon Ball again." View said.

"YES!" Yang and Nora pumped their fist up, excited to see that world again as they loved the sheer awesomeness from it.

"Which version?" Weiss asked, hoping it wasn't going to be the one with the somehow, even denser Jaune.

"The one you saw before. "View nodded, referring to the one with Garlic Jr, making Weiss groan.

"Oh dear lord, not that one." Weiss moaned as she rubbed her head. "That version of Arc has to be the most dense I've ever seen."

"He's not that bad." Pyrrha defended. "He was pretty skilled and smart when fighting his enemy."

Coco smirked at this. "When you weren't staring at his chest I bet." Coco remarked, causing Pyrrha to blush deeply.

"Obvious crushes aside," View said as he lifted up the orb. "Let's get to watch this world, shall we?" View said as he tossed the orb in.

"So long as my version doesn't get crap this time." Qrow said as he crossed his arms and watched as the screen opened up.

"I doubt that." Winter thought to herself with a smirk.

The screen opens up to a bright and colorful mountain area. The screen then changed to a waterfall, where Qrow was meditating near the waterfall and floating in the air in a meditative position.

"All right, now. Hear me out. So I fire the Special Beam Cannon with one hand, right?" Qrow spoke within his own thoughts.

"Who is he talking to?" Ruby asked with a confused look.

"Himself, I think?" Blake said in an unsure tone.

"Maybe he's gone crazy?" Nora suggested.

"Nora." Ren said in a slightly disapproving tone.

"What?" Nora said, raising her hands up. "It's a possibility!"

Winter smirked and shrugged. "She's not wrong." Winter said, gaining a glare off of Qrow.

"You'll see." View said.

"Yeah?" Clover answers

"What if I used...TWO HANDS?" Qrow exclaimed.

"You mean like the Kamehameha?" Clover asked.

"NO! NOT LIKE THE KAMEHAMEHA! The Kamehameha doesn't DRILL things!" Qrow angrily exclaims inside of his mindscape.

"Last time I checked, neither do cannons." Clover remarked.

"That's what makes it "special!" Qrow claimed in an annoyed voice.

"Wait, is that...Clover?" Ironwood asked in realization of the voice in Qrow's head, but he and Winter were confused how and why he was inside of Qrow's head.

"Indeed it is." View confirmed.

"Who's that?" Tai asked.

"He's the leader of the Ace-Ops." Winter answered. "A good leader to his team and a very well trained fighter."

"So, why is this guy in my head?" Qrow asked, feeling a little freaked out at the thought that someone was inside his head.

"A while ago, Clover, a Namekian like Qrow, was injured greatly while fighting a very powerful enemy." View began to explain. "Qrow happened to come across Clover before he perished. Clover offered an idea on how to beat the enemy, a technique that was long since forbidden among their kind."

"What was this technique?" Ghira asked, interested in this so far.

"The two used their power to fuse into one being, enhancing Qrow's power, but also sharing his mind with Clover." View explained.

"Wow that sounds really cool!" Ruby exclaimed.

Ozpin hummed in interest. "It does sound very interesting." Ozpin said as he stroked his chin. "Who knows what sort of power that would bring."

"Good lord," Winter slightly gasped. "I couldn't imagine being inside the mind of...him." Winter said with a grimace.

"What, afraid what you might see?" Qrow said with a teasing tone.

"Actually, I doubt there'd be anything inside there." Winter retorted. "Probably be an empty space!"

"I really should've thought really hard about bringing those two here..." View internally groaned.

Suddenly, Midas Arc, son of Jaune Arc, came in the scene, riding on a dragon. "Hey, Mr. Qrow! Look what I found! It's a dragon!" Midas said excitedly.

"Aw, Midas!" Saphron smiled at the sight of her potential future nephew.

"And he's riding a dragon!?" Nora exclaimed. "How cool is that!"

"It's awesome!" Yang said with the same excitement.

"Who's that?" Clover asked.

"It's just Midas." Qrow easily dismisses. "If you ignore it, it'll go away."

"Hey, don't talk about Jaune's kid that way!" Saphron said in offence.

"I didn't say anything!" Qrow said. "Though I do wonder why he's hanging out with me and not his father."

"He's a Western-style dragon. I taught him how to dance!" Midas exclaims as the dragon chirps happily. "Show him, Icarus!" Midas tells as he gets off the dragons back as it begins to dance and Midas begins whistling.

"So do you just ignore all of your problems?" Clover asked while Midas and Icarus danced together.

"No. Some of them I invite to live in my head." Qrow replied with snark to the voice in his head.

"Oh damn, burn!" Sun exclaimed.

"Thanks, kid." Qrow smirked. "I do my best."

"Ironwood" Ozpin muttered.

"Well, I'm sorry. It's just that there's so much space in here and I didn't think you'd-AAAAAHHH!" Clover suddenly yelled in pain as Qrow's face flinched up in pain. "Oh, my God! What the hell is that?!"

"Wait what?" Velvet looked on in confusion.

"What's wrong with them?" Ruby asked with concern for her uncle.

"They appear to be in pain from something." Ozpin observed.

"But from what?" Glynda asked.

"Ah! I don't know! It's like someone's torturing a frickin' cat!" Qrow groaned

The scene then cuts to Mr. Popo on The Lookout watering the "flowers" and humming a tune. Popo ceases humming and looks up. "What?"

"Mr. Popo, are you torturing a cat?!" Ozpin demanded with a surprised tone.

"Oh come on, Kami. I don't torture...cats." Popo said with a neutral...but sick grin as the two stare at each other in silence.

The audience didn't say anything in response over the creepy man on the lookout.

"Why does it feel like that guy tears my soul apart when I look at him?" Qrow shuddered.

"He's scary." Ruby said. "I just don't know why."

"I don't think anyone wants to know." Blake said.

"View...who is he?" Kali asked.

"I...don't want to talk about it." View shuddered in slight fear over Mr Popo of this world, for he dared not to.

A Jynx then appears behind Mr. Popo's shoulder. "Jynx! Jynx!"

"Bitch, shut up!" Mr Popo said.

The screen then cut back to Qrow and Midas at the waterfall, where Qrow was in absolute pain as Midas danced with the dragon.

"MAKE IT STOP!" Clover pleaded in pain, as was Qrow who finally snapped.

"Midas I WILL CARVE YOU LIKE A PUMPKIN!" Qrow yells out loud in rage, causing Midas And Icarus to gasp in response at Qrow's sudden outrage, the scene going quiet.

"Uncle Qrow!" Ruby exclaimed in shock. "You can't just threaten him like that!"

"Yeah, that's just...not right." Yang said in agreement.

"Can you blame me? The kid was whistling like a dam bird while my ears were about to pop out." Qrow said.

"Still though." Tai said. "He's like, five years old."

"Alright, alright!" Qrow groaned. "I'll take it easy."

"Good." Saphron said. "Because if you ever threaten my nephew again..." Saphron looked up with a deadly glint in her eyes. "I'll carve you into nothing."

"Uh, okay..." Qrow said, a little freaked by the threat made by the Arc sister.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Qrow..." Midas apologized kindly as Qrow said nothing in response.

Icarus then makes a noise

"I'll kill it." Qrow snapped his eyes open.

"You better not!" Nora pointed a finger at.

Suddenly, Qrow and Midas gasped as they both felt a huge disturbance coming towards them. They both look up in the sky and in the depths of space, in which a large dark object is moving forward from space and headed to the planet.

"Well that's not good." Sun said.

"No it is not" Ironwood said in a serious tone.

"It appears to be a meteor of some sort" Penny said in an analytical tone.

The scene changes to the inside of Capsule Corporation with Dr. Chloris currently looking through a telescope to see the large object heading towards the planet.

"Honey, good news! I've isolated the gay gene! Now we'll finally be able to make it through Manhattan at a decent time! I knew this combination telescope-microscope would come in handy. Also, there's a giant meteor coming towards the planet. Quick, get me Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi and Aerosmith!"

"What about Ben Affleck?" Oolong asked, up on the rails with Reese.

"What about bacon?" Dr Chloris interjected, causing Oolong to be quiet after that comment.

"Wow, not cool dude." Sun said.

"Really not cool," Velvet said in agreement.

The scene then cuts to Jaune and Neptune floating in midair.

"So, if I blow this meteor up, I get bacon?" Jaune said with some hope in his voice.

"Why am I Mr. Pink?" Neptune asked.

"So, Jaune's doing this in exchange for bacon?" Weiss said. "That is ridiculous."

"Eh, I'd do it for cookies." Ruby shrugged.

"Tuna." Blake simply said.

"I'd do it because it's fun!" Yang grinned.

Jaune and Neptune then yelled out and proceeded to both fire Kamehameha waves at the meteor, the two beams swerved around each other until the two beams fuse into one.

"Oh that is cool!" Sun exclaimed.

"Two beams combined into one!" Ruby said with the same tone as Sun. "That is definitely awesome."

Meanwhile. Oolong, Reese, Weiss, Midas, and Icarus were watching the events unfold on a hillside.

"Did it work?" Weiss asked.

The combined Kamehameha wave hits the meteor...but immediately dissipates.

"Oh." Ren simply said.

"Well...that could have gone better." Ilia said.

"Nnnnope." Oolong simply said.

"NOOO! MY BACOOOOOONNNN!" The Arc Saiyan cried out in agony as he was blown away by the sheer wind power from the meteor.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha cried out.

Neptune: I'M A VIRGIIIINNN!" Neptune cried out as he was also blown away alongside Jaune and the screen suddenly turned black.

"Ha, I knew it!" Yang grinned in amusement.

"Yang!" Weiss cried out in both outrage and irritation at her teammate.

Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Lord Slug

The scene then lightens back up to the meteor passing by the planet and suddenly, the meteor explodes, with the fragments beginning to rain down to the surface of the planet.

"Who knows what that's gonna do the world." Glynda said with worry in her tone.

"At least it wasn't all in one." Yang said. "That could've been worse."

"But we still don't know if Jaune and Neptune made it alright." Blake said.

"Hopefully they'll be okay." Ren said.

Reese gets up and looks at the raining fragments in the sky. "Well... Good news is, we're not dead." Reese stated.

"And hey. The city's okay, too." Oolong said as he looked over the city in the distance. "Hell, there's even a new building." Oolong said a large, alien like site was suddenly in the middle of the city.

"That doesn't bode well." Ozpin said.

"How could that come from the meteor?" Kali asked.

"It must not have been a meteor in the first place." Ironwood said.

"That's no building... That's a space station!" Midas exclaims in shock.

"Why does that sound familiar?" Ruby asked herself.

Midas Arc was right as the building was revealed to be a gigantic space station with a crowd gathered around it.

"What the heck do you think's inside?" One of them asked.

"I bet it's Jesus! I'm calling Jesus! You heard it here, folks-I said Jesus!" Another random person said as the door of the ship began to open before the crowd.

"Who?" Yang asked.

A soldier in white armor walks out of the space station and stands before the crowd of people.

"Hi, Jesus!" A voice called out from the crowd as they, for some reason, started to cheer.

"Are these people really cheering for a possible dangerous person in front of them?" Ironwood asked, amazed by this.

"Maybe these people are just dumb" Ilia suggested.

View was about to say something…But he knew Ilia was kind of right on that part.

"Okay, guys, move out. This is easy pickings." The soldier said as he and more soldiers began to walk down the stairs.

"Look, everyone! It's Jesus' death army!" A man exclaims with excitement. "...Something about what I just said doesn't sound right."

"You think?" Coco said with clear sarcasm.

The Soldier then struck a pose before the people ``Inhabitants of Earth! Prepare to be conquered in the name of Lord Slug!"

"Slug?" Ruby said with a confused look.

"What kinda name is Slug?" Yang laughed to herself.

"We love you, Jesus!" A man screams out loud while the crowd applause in response while Midas and the rest of his friends just watch on.

"What the hell is going on?" The soldier chuckled in amusement at this. "Heh, open fire." The man causally waves his hand as the rest of the men open fires at the now screaming crowd.

"Oh no!" Ruby exclaimed.

"The people!" Velvet said with worry.

"Okay, those guys definitely deserve a beat down!" Yang growled.

The scene then cuts to the inside of the ship where an aging, green pale alien was sitting on a throne.

"Wow, that guy is really…really old!" Nora said in shock.

"That doesn't mean he's not a threat, Nora." Ren said.

"Still though, I think by the end of this, this Slug guy will just die of old age." Coco remarked.

"Don't dismiss him, Miss Adel." Glynda advised. "He still has an army at his beck and call."

"Gyoshu! Why is the process of terra-freezing the planet taking so long?" A Large orange alien demanded she walk up to a smaller alien working the controls.

"You can just say "terra-freezing process". "Terra-freezing the planet" sounds redundant." Gyoshu responded as he worked on the computer.

"He is indeed right." Penny said. "It would be redundant."

"Well, why is it taking so long?" Zeeun demanded.

"Because apparently, someone needed a f**king English lesson." Gyoshu said, annoyed at the grunt, causing him to get angry.

"Hah!" Yang laughed. "You just got owned!"

"By science!" Nora pointed her hand in the air.

"You listen here! King Qrow is on borrowed time!" Zeeun angrily said as the aging alien looked up in anger and growled at his minion, causing him to get scared at his leader.

"Wait, did he just say Qrow?" Ruby asked in confusion.

"Why would he do that?" Pyrrha asked.

"Hmm." Ozpin hummed in interest.

"We- Uh, oh!" Zeeun suddenly changed his tone to one of fear as he turned around to face his leader. "I-I... Uh... I am so sorry. That was a total slip-up on my part. Please forgive me, King Qrow..." Zeeun apologized, not realizing his mistake until it was too late.

"I did it again." Zeeun muttered as the leader fires a blast at Zeeuns chest. "UAA ARGH!" Zeeun yelped in agony as he fell down on the floor, dead.

"Woah!" Yang exclaimed "Did he just!"

"I believe so." Ghira said with a shocked look.

"But why?" Terra asked as she managed to shield her son's eyes just in time.

The alien then spoke in an unclear voice, unable to hear what he was saying.

"How long will it take?" Gyoshu repeated. "Well, King Qrow. I believe it will take-"

The alien growls again in annoyance as his minion panicked.

"No, wait! I said it because he did! I said it because he did-" Gyoshu panicked until he was shot by Slug as well and fell on the floor, dead as well.

"Damn, this guy is just evil" Sun exclaimed.

"He is indeed." Blake said in agreement.

"So we can assume he doesn't like to be called by that name." Ozpin said.

"But why?" Glynda asked.

"Maybe the two know each other?" Ruby suggested.

"How could I know him?" Qrow asked.

Slug then mumbled at the other alien technician.

"Well, Lord Slug. It is my humble opinion, Lord Slug, that it will take three days, Lord Slug. Go Team Slug." The alien nervously explained to Slug.

"At least he was cautious," Velvet said.

"Because he's so terrified of him," Pyrrha pointed out.

Lord Slug mumbled in appreciation.

"Thank you, Lord Slug." The minion said.

Lord Slug then, possibly asked something.

"Your Vicodin? In the bowl next to you." Kakuja pointed at the bowl.

Slug mumbles in glee and munches down on a couple handfuls of pills, woofing them down in a single motion.

"Oh, look at him go." The little alien said with both disgust and amazement.

"God, that is disgusting" Yang cringed.

"It's like looking like a pig hog down," Qrow grimaced.

"It's almost looking at Ruby scarf down on her cookies" Weiss compared.

"Hey!" Ruby turned to her in offence. "I am not that bad!"

The scene cuts back to outside the space station. Where Midas Arc was currently fighting off against the soldiers. The young Arc managed to even kick a soldier in the face, breaking apart his visor.

"Oh, God! All I see is glass and blood!" The soldier screamed in pain as he held his face.

"Damn Midas!" Yang exclaimed.

"Midas!" Weiss exclaimed in shock.

"Huh, how about that." Qrow said in amazement. "Arc's kid is a little savage"

Midas Arc jumps around the places as he kicks one soldier away, punches another one in the face, and kicks an attacking soldier.

Currently, Weiss was running from behind Midas and two ki blasts were fired at two nearby soldiers. Weiss continues running through the smoke to leap above Midas and kick one to the two soldiers in the face, with the scene freeze-framing as she lands behind both of them.

"Damn, Weiss!" Coco said, impressed. "That was pretty cool."

"Hmph, Of course it was." Weiss said as she flipped her hair.

"主婦!千月経周期の蹴り!"(Housewife Style! Kick of a Thousand Menstrual Cycles!) A Narrator spoke as both soldiers exploded behind Weiss.

"Oh gross." Qrow cringed.

"You see, just because I'm a woman-"Weiss began to explain until a soldier appeared and punched her in the stomach, knocking her out.

"Oh damn it all" Weiss cursed, as then covered her mouth with her hands and her eyes widened in shock after what she just said.

"Weiss!" Winter said in a reprimanding tone.

"Oh wow!" Yang said in an impressed tone. "I didn't have you in you to curse, Weiss. I'm impressed."

"That actually lasted longer than I expected." Reese said in a slightly impressed tone.

"Mom!" Midas cried out as he went to her side and carried her away from the sight, just as two incoming ki blasts nearly hit them.

"At least manage to get her out of there." Kali said.

"He's a good kid." Saphron smiled. "He is Jaune's son after all."

"That he is." Pyrrha, Yang and Velvet smiled at once.

As Midas flew away, his hat then flew off of his head. "Ah, my hat!" Midas thought as he tried to take it back but fell to the ground below. "Oh well. It's a good thing none of these guys know what a Dragon Ball is." Midas thought as he landed on the ground.

Lord Slug arrived on the scene and grabbed the hat, ripping the Dragon Ball off of it, inspecting the ball as he mumbles. "A Dragon Ball?" Slug mumbled.

"Crap Baskets." Midas cursed in response.

"Why would he even wear that around?!" Winter asked.

"It's a stylish fashion choice! Without it, the outfit just falls apart!" Nora exclaimed.

Coco shrugged. "Eh, I can see it."

"Let me go, you crazy bitch!" Oolong screamed off screen as Reese suddenly came upon the scene.

"Stop right there!" Reese spoke in a high and mighty tone while also holding Oolong up to her face. "I am King Bacon! Leave now, or I will use my voodoo powers on you!"

"What is she doing!?" Weiss said in confusion.

"A really dumb and confusing move by the looks of things" Blake said.

"You look like a twat." One of the soldiers insulted at the blue haired woman.

Reese then drops the pig in response. "You're talking to the pig, right?" Reese asked.

"I'm talking to you, yes." Angira confirms.

"Oh, I am at least an eight!" Reese said in an offended tone and an angry one to add.

"Priorities, girl" Coco groaned.

Lord Slug mumbles while looking at the Dragon Ball.

"What? You know what the Dragon Balls are?" Reese asked, amazed.

Lord Slug continues to mumble in response to her question.

"How can they understand them?" Ruby asked.

"I'm still figuring out myself, Rubes," Yang said.

"And you want to collect all seven?" Reese said, repeating what he seemingly said. "Well, tough luck, Jolly Green Jackass, because I'm the only one here with a radar to find them!"

Midas gives a horrified look at Reese, while she looks confused and Lord Slug gives a big, toothy grin.

Midas groans while holding his nose in annoyance. "Oh, my God." The son of Arc mutters.

"What a moron" Weiss muttered.

"Weiss!" Ruby said in a disapproving tone.

"She's not wrong," Blake said in agreement.

Slug mumbles at her and begins to telekinetically pull Reese toward him.

"Oh, God! Get off me! Where's my Rape Mace?! No, no, nooo!" Reese cries out in terror as Slug grabs Reese's head and begins to absorb the intelligence of her mind and knock her out.

"Did he her mind?" Sun said.

"It appears so." Glynda said.

"Boy, wouldn't that be useful." Tai said.

"But it's not exactly good for these guys," Qrow pointed out.

Midas runs towards Reese in the hopes to help her. "Reese!" Midas cried out as he was suddenly attacked by Angira and Medamatcha, who knees him in the stomach.

A minion, Medamatcha, suddenly appears in front of him and puts his hat back on his head.

"Thank you. Midas moans as Medamatcha pokes him, which causes Midas to go down to the ground.

"Least he was kind enough to put his hat back on." Sun said.

"They're still evil, Sun" Pyrrha reminded the monkey faunas

"Jaune is gonna mess them up when he finds out!" Nora exclaimed.

Lord Slug mumbles at Medamatcha as he hands him Reese's pouch.

"You want us to find them all in an hour?" Medamatcha repeated. "But it's hot as balls!"

Lord Slug mumbles in response, which sounds like "Oh, bitch, bitch, bitch."

"Ha! Okay that I understood." Yang said.

The screen then shows the Dragon Radar with all seven Dragon Balls blinking nearby the area.

The screen then changed to Medamatcha, in full armour, taking a Dragon Ball from a bird's nest. "Thank you!" Medamatcha said.

Angira takes a Dragon Ball from a man who falls on the ground. "Thank you."

Dorodabo was flying as he took a Dragon Ball from a mountain. "Thank you, mountain."

"I got a Dragon Ball!" A soldier walked up while holding a Dragon Ball.

"I got a Dragon Ball!" A second soldier said as he appeared as well.

"I got a Dragon Ball!" Another soldier joined in with a ball in hand.

The screen then cuts to a 60's Halloween cartoon. "I got a rock." A boy in a ghost costume with holes in a dejected tone.

"What was that?" Taiyang asked.

"Yeah, it looked like it was from something else." Ruby said.

View sighed at this. "Good grief. Look, it's just a random joke that I don't have time to explain."

"Oh...okay then." Blake said, wondering what that meant.

The screen then cuts to Lord Slug with the Dragon Balls before him, preparing to summon the mighty Dragon.

Lord Slug began to mumble as the balls glowed with light as he continued the incantation. A beam of light fired into the sky as Shenron is summoned before Slug and his men.

"Man, it never gets old seeing that thing." Tai commented.

"Indeed." Ozpin said in agreement. "It is a very powerful being."

"Could do with a bit of attitude adjusting." Yang said.

"You're one to talk" Weiss mutters.

"I am the Eternal Dragon. Why have you summoned me?" Shenron demanded to know.

Lord Slug mumbled out his answer before the great dragon, telling him his wish.

"You wish to return to the prime of your youth." Shenron repeated Slug's words.

"Seriously though, is no one going to bring up the fact that we can't understand what he says but apparently, other people even the dragon can understand him?" Blake asked.

"Your wish shall be- Wait a second. Hold on. Something seems really familiar about this." Shenron suddenly realized.

Lord Slug makes an annoyed growling sound at the indication he was about to make.

"What does that mean?" Ruby asked.

"He must be thinking of when you uncle must've made a wish." Pyrrha suggested.

"Not quite" View said. "I'll show it another time."

"Ah, doesn't matter." The mighty dragon shrugged off. "Your wish is granted." Shenron declared as his eyes glowed red and the glowing aura surrounded Slug.

Lord Slug laughed in glee as he felt the energy surge through his body begin to age back to the prime of his youth, his skin going from rotten to a bright green.

"Oh no...That doesn't look good." Sun said.

"It does not." Penny said. "It seems that the dragons have indeed resorted him to the prime of his life."

"At least he didn't wish for immortality." Ilia pointed out.

"Lord Slug the Almighty has returned!" Slug cried out, his words fully understood now.

"At least we can understand what he says now." Nora said.

"I doubt what he'll say will be good." Ren said.

"My youth, my strength, my impeccable singing voice!" Slug declared as music played in the background and a satellite flies up from his ship and heads into space. The satellite then spews out a purple mist which began to surround the entire planet.

"Oh for god's sake!" Qrow groaned.

"Don't worry, it's not another musical View informed.

"Good. I can't stand another freaking song." Qrow said.

"I see trees of brown and skies of black!" Slug sang as the mist began to kill the plants and the wildlife and the skies turned black. "And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!"

"I don't think I like this song very much," Ruby said.

"None of us do, Ruby." Yang nodded.

The screen then shows Jaune, lying on the ground as he begins to wake up after his encounter with the ship.

"Wh-where am I?" Jaune asked.

"That meteor kicked your ass." A large fat man with a katana stated before him. "Turns out it was full of bad guys, too. Who knew?"

"Who's that?" Winter asked.

"Technically, a friend of Jaune."

"Oh, I bet with that cool sword he's gonna help out, right?" Nora pumped her fist up.

"You'd think." View said. "But no."

"Wow, I must have been out for a while." Jaune said as he got up. "It's all...snowy." Jaune said as he felt his hand press up against the ice under him, and the whole environment around him was covered in ice.

"I know, right? It's almost like-"The man was about to say until…

"IT'S CHRISTMAAAAS!" Jaune cried out in excitement and glee to the very heavens themselves.

" god." Weiss groaned as she facepalmed at Jaune's stupidity. "It's dense...and then there's this!"

"Aw, come on Weiss don't be that hard on him." Ruby said in defense for her other bestie.

"She's not wrong." Winter said. "It appears this Mr Arc is quite...a moron."

"Well to be fair, he was hit on the head when he was a baby." View said.

"Oh, that makes sense." Tai said.

The scene then cuts to the outside Jaune's house with Icarus' skeleton in the front yard.

"Oh no! Icarus!" Ruby exclaimed in shock and fear.

"Poor little guy." Velvet pouted in sadness.

"What happened to him?" Terra asked as she once again hid Adrian's eyes from this.

"You'll find out soon." View said.

"It's really a shame how hard it is to find food with all the animals dying." Reese said inside the house.

"Yes, we just have to make do with what we have." Weiss said as she prepared soup.

"Midas! Dragon soup's ready! It's finger licarus good!" Weiss cheerfully said as she opened the door to Midas's room.

"WEISS, you monster!" Nora exclaimed in a dramatic tone.

"How could you!?" Ruby exclaimed with tears in her eyes.

"Oh for...It wasn't me! It was my other counterpart! She's to blame!" Weiss ranted.

"I suppose." Yang said, making Weiss sigh in relief for a bit. "But considering she's not here at the moment, you'll have to take the hate" Yang teased, causing Weiss to groan into her hands.

"AAAAH!" Weiss screams as she runs back to Reese. Reese! Midas's missing! And so is the outfit Qrow gave him!" Weiss exclaims. She then took another look in his room and gasped in response. "And Red Dawn's on Netflix!"

The scene then cuts to Midas, back where the spaceship landed as he was attacking the soldiers from the sky.

"WOOOLVERIIIIIINES!" Midas yelled out as he fired a blast at a group of screaming soldiers.

"Yeah! You go Midas!" Ruby cheered on for the Arc son.

"Why'd he say wolverines?" Pyrrha asked.

"Don't know" Ren shrugged.

"But it's one hell of a battle cry!" Nora grinned.

More men came after the young boy. "You can't touch me up here!"

"We have blasters!" One of the soldiers yelled out.

"One of those does nothing!" Midas yelled out, pointing out their flaw.

"How about a hundred?" The soldier asked as every single soldier there cocked their guns at once.

"...Wolverines?" Midas squeaked.

"Oh no..." Velvet said with worry.

"This isn't gonna end well for him." Coco said.

All the soldiers open fire on Midas, who yells as he falls on the ground.

"Alrighty! Sh*t stomp on the little kid!" The soldier declared as he and the rest of the men cheered and charged at the Saiyan boy who stood his ground.

"Oh, they better hope Jaune isn't gonna come after for their asses!" Saphron growled at the soldiers for their attempt to harm her nephew, her wife nodding in response.

"They'll be lucky to even be alive" Pyrrha scowled in agreement, along with Velvet and Yang.

But all of a sudden, they all get blown away by an unexpected ki blast, much to Midas's shock.

"Woah What!" Sun exclaimed.

One of the soldiers was being held up by a shadowy figure. "Oh, my God. Are you Batman?" The soldier asked as the shadowy figure then threw the screaming soldier into a light, the glass smashed to reveal Qrow, much to Midas's joy.

"Oh hell yeah!" Qrow grinned in excitement. "Now it's my time to shine!"

"For however long that is." Winter smirked.

"Hey, at least I'm in this ice queen!" Qrow remarked.

"At least he saved Midas," Ruby said. "Just like Qrow would!"

Midas laughs at this. "Mr. Qrow!" Midas exclaims as Dorodabo and Medamatcha appear before them.

"All right, what's your gimmick?" Qrow asked in a disinterested tone.

"Gimmick?" Dorodabo said, confused by the word.

"Yeah, like the last guys. They were all Misfit Minions and crap. What are you?" The green skinned demon asked.

"Oh yeah, I guess it is a bit of a trend the more I see these types of guys" Yang said.

"We're just here for your planet." Angira said. "Though if I had to choose, I'd say I'm the pretty one."

"Eh, six out of ten." Qrow shrugged.

"You sassy bitch." Angira said.

"Eh, he's not wrong," Coco said. "He does look like a six."

Qrow then turns to Medamatcha. "That makes you the weird one with the freaky power."

"I can spawn mini-mes!" Medamatcha exclaims with excitement.

"Because of course he can," Tai said.

"Sounds about right." Ghira said.

"It'd be cool to spawn little versions of myself" Nora grinned.

"That sounds like a nightmare for Ren" Yang whispers to Blake who nodded in agreement.

"Spectacular." Qrow simply says. The demon then turns to Dorodabo. "And that would make you no doubt the big, tough, stupid one."

"You take that back or I'll kill you!" The big, tough, stupid one threatens.

"All right, all right. You're not tough." Qrow quickly says.

"That's better!" Dorodabo said as he relaxed himself.

"Doesn't he know...?" Blake was about to say.

"Give him a minute." Qrow smirked.

"Wait, didn't you..." Midas was about to ask.

"Give him a minute." Qrow quickly said.

A short pause ensues until Dorodabo realizes what he said.

"Hey!" Dorodabo said with anger while Qrow smirked. "You son of a bitch!" Dorodabo yelled as he lunged at Qrow while he hovered away from the winged alien. Dorodabo threw a punch at Qrow but he missed when Qrow jumped on top of a truck, which caused Dorodabo's fist to go through the truck.

"Ha! Missed!" Yang mocked the large alien.

"Now, now. That truck is not your eating disorder." Qrow taunted as Dorodabo pulled his fist out of the truck.

"Ha! Forgot I good I was at mocking guys like these" Qrow grinned at his counterpart, glad that this time he was getting better respect.

"You're a penis!" Dorodabo yelled.

"So long since you've seen yours that you don't even recognize one, do ya?" Qrow snidely says.

"Oh, burn!" Coco grinned.

"Now you know where I got it from," Yang grinned.

"What about me, sweetie?" Tai asked, slightly offended.

"Oh, I learned a lot of other stuff from you, Dad." Yang assured her dad.

Qrow leaps off the truck and lands on a roof with Doro Dabo following him and proceeding the fight.

Dorodabo attempts to punch Qrow again, but Qrow catches and crushes his fist, causing Dorodabo to scream in pain and then Qrow grabs him by his wrist.

"Please don't break mah arm." Dorodabo weekly pleaded.

"No." Qrow plainly says as he proceeds to break Dorodabo's arm, who screams in pain.

"Damn!" Sun cringed. "That's gotta hurt!

"Like you wouldn't believe, kid." Qrow said.

Meanwhile Midas fights with Medamatcha, who spawns four mini-Matches out of his back, who all fly after Midas in the air.

"Daddy's little freaks of nature!" Medamatcha cried out as his smaller versions charged towards Midas.

"No... Oh God...! Oh, no! Oh, God!" Midas thought as the mini-Machas flew up into his face and latched onto him. "No, no, no, no...!" Midas panicked as they began to charge up.

"Oh, that doesn't look good at all" Ruby said with a worried look.

"I just hope someone gives that little freak a good beat down," Coco said.

"Hopefully so." Pyrrha said.

Back with Qrow and Dorodabo's fight. Dorodabo tries punching Qrow, but Qrow blocks the attack and kicks him off the roof and onto the ground below.

"He thinks he's so great, I'ma show him!" Dorodabo declares as he runs back inside the building, only to get knocked off the roof again.

"Oh, goddammit!" Dorodabo yells as he landed on the ground."Alright! Go for the left!" Dorodabo said to himself as runs back inside the building again. "He won't see me comin' from- "Dorodabo said as he once again, gets knocked off the roof.

"I'm sensing a trend from this one." Ghira observed.

"Yeah, big dumb and ugly." Yang said.

"Ahh! He saw it comin'! Fine!" Dorodabo yells while he was being thrown off. "I'll wait down here and catch him off-guard!" Dorodabo said as runs back inside the building.

"Hey. How's it going'?" Qrow greeted from inside of the building.

"Oh, hey. I'm just waiting for that green jerk so I can surprise him." Doro Dabo absentmindedly greeted.

"Neat." Qrow comments.

"Yeah! He'll never see it comin-"Dorodabo said until he realised who he was talking to. "Oh."

"I guess your uncle was right on that front." Weiss commented.

"He usually is." Ruby smiled.

"But we don't want to overfeed his ego too much." Yang said.

Qrow blows him out the windows of the building, causing an explosion of the lower part of the building and sending Dorodabo onto the streets.

Dorodabo looked up to see Qrow walking towards him. "Urgh. All right, look. I know we said some things, but I bet if we just talk to each other a little, we could become friends." Dorodabo said as he raised a hand out to Qrow. "What do you say? High five?"

"Down low." Qrow said.

"Wha-?" Dorodabo uttered in confusion until Qrow's hand was point blank at his face.

"Too slow." Qrow finished as he fired a blast right into Dorodabo's face, killing him in the process.

"Boom!" Qrow exclaims. "That's how I get things done!"

"Your uncle appears to be very happy friend Ruby." Penny observed.

"Yeah...he tends to be like that." Ruby chuckled nervously over her Uncle's behavior.

The screen then cuts to Midas, where he is currently falling down to the ground, with the mini-Matches still on him.

"All right, babies. Come back to papa!" Medamatcha ordered as the mini-Matchas flew away from Midas. "It's daddy's turn to get a shot at him now!" Medamatcha gleefully as he fires a blast straight at Midas.

"Oh no!" Ruby exclaimed in worry and fear.

"Midas!" Saphron, Terra, Pyrrha, Velvet, Yang and Weiss cried out in terror and fear.

"WHY CAN'T YOU SAVE YOUR OWN DAMN SEEEEEELF?!" Qrow yelled as he moved in front of Midas and took the blast to save the boy, causing a huge cloud of smoke.

"Uncle Qrow!" Yang and Ruby cried out.

"Aw damn it!" Qrow hissed. "Well, at least I saved that kid, even though I agree with the other Qrow."

"Ha ha! The boss is gonna love this!" Medamatcha cackled.

The screen briefly cuts to the inside of Slug's ship, where he's inspecting his youthful skin.

"Oh, God. I love this! My skin is so f**king smooth!" Slug said with glee.

"I think he's busy with other stuff" Ilia deadpanned.

The scene cuts back with Medamatcha walking towards the downed form of Qrow.

"Now, to finish them off!" Medamatcha declares as he kicks Qrow off Midas.

"Ow." Qrow groaned in pain.

"You dick" Qrow glared at the little freak.

Medamatcha then raised a hand at Midas. "Papa Medamatcha's gonna make you his bitch!" Medamatcha yells when suddenly a blast headed into his direction, causing Medamatcha to jump out of the way.

"Oh, he better pray Jaune won't destroy him!" Saphron growled.

"He might," Yang smirked.

"And rightfully so." Kali added.

"Who the hell?" Angira exclaims in shock.

Jaune and Neptune landed on the scene before the alien villains.

"Yes!" Sun pumped his fist up.

"If these guys didn't think they were in trouble, they should now." Nora grinned.

"Well at least I got those guys warmed up for them," Qrow said.

"Before being warmed up yourself, quite literally I might add." Winter said with a sly smirk, causing Qrow to growl in annoyance.

Medamatcha chuckles at the newcomers. "Look! Another couple of putzes to knock around!" Medamatcha mocked, but Jaune just ignored him.

"This should be fu-"Medamatcha continued until Jaune turned around and walked over to Midas. "What, bitch?! I'm talking to you! I will smack you with my dick!" Medamatcha threatened.

"That doesn't seem likely," Blake muttered.

Jaune then placed Midas in his arms. "Don't worry, Midas. I'll save Christmas." Jaune assured.

"'s not Christmas." Midas groans.

"Then why is it snowing, Midas?" Jaune said in an attempt to sound smart.

"I swear, this Arc is making me think the one we have is a genius." Weiss groaned.

"Hey! I'll have you know that our fearless leader is the smartest guy I ever met. Aside from Renny." Nora defended.

"Not to be rude, but we've got better things to do." Angira interrupted the conversation between father and son.

"Yeah! We're gonna take your planet, and-" Medamatcha was about to say.

"Steal Christmas?" Jaune answered for him with a scowl on his face.

"Does he mean Whitley Day?" Angira asked.

"Seriously, how can your brother take over an entire holiday?" Yang asked.

"I've yet to find out." Weiss sighs.

Medamatcha "What the hell's a Christma-"Medamatcha tried to ask until Jaune grabs him with his legs and flings him towards the ship. "Aaaaaah!" Medamatcha cries as he is flung into the ship, which explodes.

"Oh! He just got wrecked!" Yang exclaimed.

"And this is just the beginning of the eventual beat down!" Ruby added.

Medamatcha gets up from the rubble with a pissed off look. "Oh, I don't give a s**t what Christmas is now! I just know I'm going to kill it! And then my little Matchas are going to RAPE IT!" Medamatcha madly declares.

"Nobody rakes Christmas." Jaune said in an intense and serious tone.

"You tell him Jaune!" Nora cried out.

"Did he say rake?" Ren asked.

Angira plants both his arms down into the ground, which stretch out all the way to Jaune and grabs him by feet.

"Medamatcha!" Angira calls out to his comrade.

"Suck him dry, boys!" Medamatcha exclaims as he spawns his four mini-Matchas, with three of them grabbing Jaune from behind and one of them grabbing Jaune's face.

"Hmm, what to do?" Jaune asked himself in a muffled voice.

"Well, it's obvious he doesn't see them as a threat," Tai commented.

"They are annoying though." Coco said.

"I agree." Winter said.

Medamatcha lunges towards Jaune's head and prepares to bite him, but Jaune punches him midway in the gut and proceeds to powers up, throwing the mini-Matchas off of him.

"You little upstart prick! Yaaah!" Angria snarls as he shoots a mouth blast at Jaune, but Jaune fires his own blast that goes inside his mouth and explodes inside the alien's mouth, killing him and falls down on the ground.

"Damn!" Sun exclaimed.

"That was brutal!" Nora shouted.

"I'll say" Ruby mutters in shock.

Jaune then suddenly grabs Medamatcha's body with one hand as it falls back down. "And that's how I saved Christmas." Jaune cheerfully says while he throws Medamatcha's body at the soldiers. "Again."

"Well that was unnecessarily brutal." Neptune comments.

"No argument here, buddy." Sun said.

The remaining soldiers panicked as they ran back up the ramp to go back inside of the ship.

"What about them?" Neptune asked about the fleeing soldiers.

"They can live." Jaune said. Until a massive explosion erupts from inside the ship, blowing away all the soldiers. "Or not."

"He just killed his own men!" Glynda gasped with a shocked expression.

"This guy is definitely scum!" Yang growls.

Ilia gritted her teeth at the sight of this man killing his own men.

Lord Slug walks past the bodies of his men. "God, we go through soldiers here like copy paper." Slug groaned as he reached the hole of the ship and spotted Jaune and Neptune. "If you're with the government or the church, get the f**k off my property." Slug ordered as he crossed his arms and had an evil smirk. "Which, considering I now own this rock, is effectively everything."

"Oh, I can't wait for Jaune to beat his ass up!" Yang growled.

"I hope he won't be like Garlic Jr and prove to be difficult." Pyrrha said.

"Don't worry, Jaune. Just sit back and let Neptune handle this one." Neptune said in a confident tone.

"Oh boy..." Velvet said with worry.

The scene then cuts to Adam, in his apartment, watching the events unfold on his TV.

"Oh, my God. This is going to be amazing." Adam laughed to himself. "Aaaand, record." Adam says as he clicks a button on the remote to record the battle.

"Wait, Adam's in this?" Blake asked with worry in her tone.

"Not quite." View said.

The scene goes back to Neptune, where he charges at Lord Slug… only to get back handed back the villains and gets sent flying away.

"What possessed me to do thaaaat?" Neptune cried out as he landed into a crater, making a ball of smoke.

Back at Adam's apartment, he laid down after seeing the fight. "And the Emmy goes to..." Adam said.

"Was that it with him? Just to watch Neptune suffer." Sun asked.

"It is a thing in this world" View said.

"That seems too cruel." Penny said.

"That's just the type of person he is." Winter stated.

"Neptune!" Jaune cried out for his best friend. He turns and leaps at Slug who leaps away before Jaune can reach him.

Jaune then leaps up into the sky to fight Slug as he suddenly reappears up front and punches Jaune in the face, causing the Saiyan to fall to the ground, headfirst, with the lower part of his body sticking out.

"Jaune no!" Ruby cried out for her friend.

"Get back up, fearless leader!" Nora joined in.

Lord Slug lands on the ground and walks towards Jaune. "You know, there's a certain sport I excel at." Slug said as he grabbed one of Jaune's legs.

"What's it called?" Jaune asked, his voice muffled due to being in the ground.

Slug then pulls Jaune out of the ground. "Competitive bitch toss!" Slug yelled and tossed Jaune straight through a truck and inside a building.

"Oh dear." Kali said.

"That doesn't sound like a fun game to play." Penny said.

"It depends on whose being thrown, I guess." Yang said. "I just wish I could've used that on that girl from the train." Yang thought to herself.

The scene then changes to Qrow trying to wake up Midas.

"Hey Midas... Midas, you wanna do that thing where you get really mad and start beating the guy up?" Qrow weakly asks as he continues to shake Midas's body and no response is made from the boy. "Midas? Midas?" Qrow repeated, still not getting an answer from the boy. "Don't you f**king ignore me."

"Heh, reminds me of when Yang was a kid." Tai smirked. "Oh though I never cursed."

"I should hope not." Glynda said.

Back with the fight, Jaune is standing weakly while Slug walks towards the Saiyan.

"All right. I've just gotta pull myself together" Jaune thought to himself. "At least he's not shooting laser eyes at me or something." Jaune thought as Lord Slug shoots eye beams at him.

"He's an X-Man!" Jaune cries out in his mind as he dives to the side to avoid the explosion and lands on Iguana Street.

"A what man?" Ruby said with confusion.

"Don't know, but it sounds cool," Nora said. "Like those laser eyes!"

"I gotta admit, they are pretty cool," Coco agreed.

"Oh great, Iguana Street. Now I'm gonna get mugged." Jaune thought to himself in dismay.

"That's really not the worst of your problems, Jaune." Ren thought to himself.

"But joke's on them; I have no money-AUGH!" Jaune thought until he got suddenly punched by Slug and his head burst through a wall of another building.

"Oh, hey. I should take Weiss here." Jaune said with a muffled voice as Slug walked towards the Arc. "She'll love this place." Jaune said as Lord Slug pulls him out of the wall and punches him down the street.

"What kind of place did he see?" Yang asked.

"I really don't want to know." Weiss shuddered.

"This is amazing." Slug said with pride as he tossed away Jaune's shirt and walked towards the Arc. "I feel like a young strapping lad, beating his meat furiously for the first time!"

"What does that mean?" Penny asked with a curious look.

"Um, best to ask about that?" Ironwood said in a slightly nervous tone.

"Should I ask my father?" Penny asked.

"No, no no!" Winter quickly said. "It's...something that he's not ready to answer quite yet."

"Jaune! Do you hear me?" The voice of one of Jaune's mentors called out to him, King Kai, speaking to him telepathically.

"Hey, King Kai." Jaune greeted in his mind. "My nipples are rigid right now."

"I didn't need to know that." Qrow groaned at this.

"That's... Anyway," King Kai changed the subject. "I noticed you're having a hard time down there."

"Yeah, he's pretty really strong. I'm not sure what to do. But if I fail, Christmas is doomed!" Jaune said in a serious tone.

"But it's not..." King Kai was about to say until a light bulb shines above his head, getting an idea. "I mean, yes. Jaune, it's Christmas." King Kai lied to his dense student. "And you're about to let Christmas die."

"Oh I see what he's doing," Tai said, understanding what Kai is up to.

"He's tricking Jaune into thinking it's really Christmas?" Ren recounted. "How will that help."

"Maybe it'll give this version of Mr Arc a more reason to fight." Glynda said.

"Fighting a man that is going to destroy the world is not reason enough?" Winter said with a skeptical look.

"But he's so strong!" Jaune thought as Slug walked right in front of him. "I don't think I can-"

"Jaune! You are the only one who can do this." King Kai encouraged. "You are the Champion of Christmas." King Kai declared as Jaune lowered his head.

"What a title..." Nora silently gasped.

"One of great honor." Ruby said in a dramatic serious tone.

"Are they serious right now?" Ilia asked.

"They just might be." Blake said.

Lord Slug chuckles at the Arc and prepares to finish him off. "DIIIIIE!" Slug yells as he throws another punch at Jaune, but Jaune catches it with his hand, confusing the ruthless alien. "Huh?"

"What the...?" Coco said.

"Did the speech get to him?" Velvet asked.

Jaune powers up and gets engulfed in a golden aura, his pupils gone, leaving only pure white as he glares at Slug. "HAAAAAAAAAA!" Jaune roars as he crushes Lord Slug's hand.

"Holy hell!" Yang exclaimed.

"He just crushed his hand!" Coco said in shock.

"Where did this come from!?" Ironwood asked.

"Son of a bitch!" Lord Slug cursed as he grabbed his now crushed hand. "My whittling hand!"

"I AM CHAMPION CHRISTMAS!" Jaune roars in a booming, echoing voice "AAAAAAAAH!" Jaune yells as he charges forward and kicks Lord Slug into a building.

"What kind of power is this?" Kali asked.

"I don't know, but it does seem familiar." Ghira said.

Back with King Kai on his planet, he watched the events unfold.

"Holy crap! Where'd this come from?" King Kai exclaimed. "He's become...super-powered. Like some kind of...Super Saiyaman."

A monkey with a top hat, a monocle, and a moustache came into the scene. "Sir, if I might interject, that sounds positively ridiculous." The monkey spoke in a posh tone.

"Shut up, Talking Movie Bubbles!" King Kai yelled.

"But, didn't we already see the Super Saiyan already?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah, your right, Rubes." Yang said. "We saw this a few worlds ago."

"So, what is this form?" Blake asked, turning to View in the hopes of an answer.

"I don't know." View shrugged.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Velvet said.

View sighed at this. "Look, I've checked and I can't for the life of me understand exactly what Jaune did here, but I can assure you, this is not a Super Saiyan form."

"Oh." Ozpin said in understanding.

"Simply put, it's a false form." View explained.

"Is no one going to question the monkey?" Sun asked, getting no answer.

The scene then cuts to Lord Slug getting tossed out of a building and crashing into the streets. He got up to see the glowing Jaune in front of him.

"What the hell got into you?" Slug asked in shock.


"What are you talking about? It's July!" Slug pointed out the dense Saiyan.

"DON'T "JULY'' TO ME! IT'S SNOWING!" Jaune yelled in a booming echoey voice.

"I froze your planet, you mook!" Slug told Jaune the obvious news.

"Wha?" Jaune said as his pupils reappeared. "Awwww." Jaune moaned in disappointment as his voice returned to normal.

"Oh no." Pyrrha said in worry.

"Well that didn't last long..." Yang muttered.

"Jaune can still beat him, he broke his hand after all." Ruby pointed out.

"Aw, crap." King Kai muttered as his plan instantly went to crap.

"Well, that's inconvenient." Movie Bubbles simply said.

"Movie Bubbles, I swear to God! In a trunk! Off a cliff!" King Kai threatened the monkey with anger.

"Man, he is constantly pissed." Tai said.

"Still, he was one of Jaune's teachers, so he must be wise." Pyrrha said.

"Can't argue there." Ruby said. "He could be a tad more nicer.

"He has plenty of reasons why he is." View said.

The scene cuts back to Jaune and Slug.

"Well, I still have to defeat you!" Jaune said in a determined tone as he stood off against Slug. "And you can't win with a broken arm!"

Slug then proceeded to tear off his injured arm and toss it aside.

"Oh damn!" Coco exclaimed.

"He just tore his arm off!" Yang exclaimed, not liking the look of that at all.

"That...was unexpected." Ozpin stated, a little shocked by the action.

Jaune powers down at this. "No, no, no. You're supposed to leave it on. It gets better." The Arc Saiyan assured.

Slug then screams mightily as he suddenly grows a new arm, with a familiar skin tone and pattern.

"Woah, did you see that! He just grew it back!" Sun exclaimed.

"Wait, I recognize that pattern." Pyrrha said in realization.

"We've seen it before." Blake commented.

"Or, you know...grow it back." Jaune said until he suddenly realized something. "Wait a minute..." Jaune said as Slug removes the other sleeve and removes his helmet, how that he has an antenna. "That means your...jaw is enormous!" Jaune said Slug gave a toothy, evil grin.

"It is big!" Ruby exclaimed.

"And he's the same species as your uncle," Blake pointed out.

"Oh yeah..." Ruby said, realizing the fact.

"I wasn't expecting that." Velvet said.

"I don't think any of us did, Vel." Coco said.

Suddenly, Slug started to yell as the rubble around him started to rise up and his body began to increase in size.

"Hold on a minute. I know now!" Jaune thought as Slug continued to grow. I know what he is! He's a-"

"Do not say Yoshi!" King Kai spoke telepathically to Jaune, who was quiet for a moment.

"...I'm still thinking so." Jaune said.

"Yoshi?" Pyrrha asked in confusion.

"Must be a reference." Ren said.

"No wonder why his guys kept calling me by his name" Qrow said.

"Namekian, Jaune. Na-me-ki-an." King Kai clarified.

"A Super Namekian, mind you, who's here to rule over your planet. Apparently, he is the banished other half of a Grand Elder Namekian who became too old and decrepit to fight. But now he has used the Dragon Balls to return himself to his prime." King Kai explained as Lord Slug finished his transformation and stood before Jaune in his mighty form.

"At least he didn't wish for immortality," Yang said.

"Yes, but who knows what else Slug may have up his sleeve" Ozpin said.

"So far, it seems like this guy is already at the top of his game." Tai said.

"Hold on a second." Jaune spoke up "Now I may not be the brightest knife in the crayon box, but that sure sounds a lot like..."

Lord Slug growls and walks forward Jaune as he calls out to him. "Hey! You wouldn't be related to King Qrow, would you?" Jaune asked as Slug glared at him. "I hope that doesn't sound racist... I've gotta be careful about that. We're still on Iguana Street."

Jaune then panics and quickly moves out of the way as Lord Slug tries stomping on him while also knocking over a building.

"Looks like he still doesn't like that." Nora said.

"He does not." Ruby said.

Jaune was currently hiding behind a building, trying to collect his thoughts. "Okay, do Namekians know about sensing energy?" Jaune wondered. "I seem to remember they don't-"Jaune then heard Slug growling towards him. "Oh, God! They do!" Jaune panicked as he avoided getting grabbed by Slug.

"Run Jaune-Jaune!" Nora cried out.

"But he can fly, doesn't he just fly up?" Weiss asked.

"Maybe because Slug may catch and slam him to the ground." Pyrrha said.

Jaune tried to run off in one direction, but Lord Slug blocked his path with his hand. Jaune then turns around to run in the other direction and Lord Slug head pops up right beside him.

"Hey." Slug causally greeted.

"Hi." Jaune said back.

"How's it going?" Slug asked.

"Eh, ya know. kinda bummed it isn't actually Christmas." Jaune said, making light conversation.

"Yeah, kinda sucks." Slug casually said.

"It's a bit of an odd time to be having a conversation," Penny said.

Jaune and Lord Slug stare at each other in silence for a few seconds.

"So are they gonna fight or..." Yang asked.

Jaune quickly cups his hands together. "KAMEHAME-"

"HA!" Slug roars as he fires a point-blank mouth blast at Jaune, clearing the entire section of the city.

"JAUNE!" Saphron, Terra, Pyrrha, Velvet, Yang and Weiss cried out in terror.

"Oh no!" Ruby exclaimed for her best friend.

"He better not have killed our fearless leader!" Nora growled in rage.

Slug stood tall after his attack on the Saiyan. "Ah, there's no kill quite like overk-"Slug was about to say until he looked down to see Jaune still standing. "Huh? How did I miss him? I shot him point blank!"

"He's okay!" Ruby exclaimed in glee.

"But how?" Velvet asked.

Jaune smirks as one of his wristbands falls off. "I love you, lucky wristbands."

"Man, I need some of those." Nora commented.

"COME HERE!" Slug roars as he stretches one arm at Jaune, who leaps up and lands on it and begins to run on it.

"Running, running, running, running," Jaune repeated as he continued to run. He then leaps up in the air. "FACE!" Jaune cried out as he blasted Lord Slug in the face.

"Woah!" Ruby exclaimed. "That was cool!"

"Take that Slug!" Yang cried out. "Not so tough now are 'ya!"

"Raah!" Slug groans as he falls on the ground. He then aimed his head at Jaune and yelled as he fired beams from his eyes.

"Whoa, hot!" Jaune exclaims as he narrowly dodges eye beams.

"GET OVER HERE!" Lord Slug snarls as he stretches one arm and grabs Jaune in both of his hands while he is distracted.

"Oh no!" Penny exclaimed.

"Now what's he gonna do to him?" Velvet asked with worry.

"Nothing good." Blake said in a grave tone.

"Now, I know what you're thinkin', "Should I crush him?" Jaune said as Slug smirked "And the answer may surprise you." Jaune says as Slug crushes him, to which Jaune squeaks in response. "Aah!" Jaune yelled.

"Did…Did Jaune just squeak?" Pyrrha asked with a stunned look.

"I...I think he just did." Saphron

" funny." Ilia muttered, trying not to smirk.

"Huh? What the?" Slug said as he crushes Jaune four more times, squeaking each time. "This is amazing!"

"Why does everyone laugh when they do that?" Jaune moans in pain. "That's my ribs crushing my lungs!" Jaune says as he squeaks again as Lord Slug crushes him. Augh!"

"This is both funny and painful to watch" Coco commented.

"Why do they squeak." Kali asked.

"Who knows with this world." Weiss said while cringing at the sight of Jaune getting crushed.

Slug chuckles at this display of cruelty until he felt something on his head.

"Hey." A voice greeted from above.

"Huh?" Slug said with confusion as he looked up to see Qrow on top of his head, holding both of his antennae.

"Name's Qrow." The demon greeted. "Nice to meet ya. I've got your antennae. Whatcha gonna do now?"

"Qrow?" Ozpin said as he looked to the older huntsman.

"Hey, don't look at me. I don't know what's in his head right now." Qrow raised his hands up.

"He must have a plan to stop Slug." Glynda said.

"Of course he does!" Ruby said. "My uncle is one of the smartest people I know," Ruby said, making Qrow grin with pride.

Lord Slug then grabs him in response. "Aha! I knew you'd do that! Now for part two of my master plan!" Qrow said like a mastermind and proceeded to rip off both his ears. "AAAAAAAUGH!" Qrow screamed in pain.

"Oh my god!" Yang exclaimed.

"Uncle Qrow! Why!?" Ruby cried out.

"Well...that didn't go the way I expected." Ren deadpanned.

"Um...all part of the plan?" Qrow said in an unsure tone.

"The hell is wrong with everyone on this planet?" Slug exclaimed in shock and confusion at his fellow Namekians actions.

"Midas! I NEED YOU TO DO THAT THING THAT REALLY ANNOYS ME!" Qrow yelled at the top of his lungs towards the boy who was still on the ground.

"You" Midas moans in response.


"What is he talking about?" Kali asked.

"I don't know." Ghira said. "But it must've been harmful if Mr Branwen went to lengths to rip off his own ears."

"I don't recall, Mr. Picco-"Midas moans until Qrow yelled.


A pause of silence floated in the air. "WHAAAT?" Qrow yelled.

"Oh. Whistle." Midas said in realisation and started whistling a tune.

"Oh yeah!" Ruby perked up, understanding what they meant now. "Midas whistling caused Qrow and Clover to be in pain and seeing how Slug is a Namekian like them, it must hurt for him as well."

"Of course!" Pyrrha said. "That's why he ripped his ears out."

"I just thought he went crazy." Nora said.

Lord Slug laughs in malicious glee until he hears Midas's whistling. "What the-?" Slug asked until he felt something cause him great pain. "Oh, my God... Oh, my God..." Slug repeated as he fell down on his hands and knees. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"

"Ha!" Sun laughed. "It's working!"

"Looks like Slug isn't liking the tune." Coco smirked.

"Aaah! It's like one drill in one ear, and another drill in the other ear," Slug compared and turned to Qrow. "AND THEY'RE MEETING IN THE MIDDLE!"

As he was in pain, Qrow was currently reaching out to Jaune. "Gotta get closer to Jaune... Give him my energy..." Qrow thought as he was getting closer. "Probably should have stretched my arms..." Qrow thought. He then managed to grab Jaune's hand. "Got it! Qrow said in succession and transferred his energy to him.

Jaune's eyes open, waking up after the transfer. "What…happened?" Jaune asked.

"A lot of stuff, buddy." Qrow said. "Mainly, my ears being torn off."

"WHAAAT?!" Qrow yells as he falls over.

"Or that." Winter said.

Slug then gets up and drops Qrow. "That's it! Time for the universal mute button!" Slug roars as he points his hand at Midas proceeds to blasts at Midas, but he misses and instead hits his ship.

"Ha! Missed!" Yang mocked the Super Namekian.

"He is still a giant sized Yang." Tai reminded me. "He's still a threat."

"But now that Jaune's up to fight strength, he won't stand a chance." Ruby said with confidence.

"Oh, balls. That was my ship." Slug cursed. He turned around to see Jaune standing again. "And why are you still ALIVE?!"

"Kaio-Ken!" Jaune yells as he powers up in a red aura, engaging his Kaio-Ken form.

Lord Slug looked confused at this. "Kaio-"

"WHAAAT?!" Qrow finished.

"Ha!" Yang laughed, along with a few others that found that funny.

Jaune flies up from his spot and heads right for Slug's chest. He speeds up so fast he bursts straight through Lord Slug's torso, causing him to scream and fall on his ship.

"Damn!" Nora exclaimed.

"Holy hell was that brutal!" Coco commented.

"How is he even still alive after that?" Pyrrha asked.

"You'll find that Namekians are stronger than you think." View said.

"Now I must go. My planet needs me." Jaune said in a deadpan tone and began to fly up through the dark cloud and while raising both arms in the sky.

"Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun. Kill my enemies!" Jaune sings to himself as he manages to get enough energy for a hand sized spirit bomb.

"Catchy song." Nora commented.

Lord Slug flies up in the sky to go after Jaune and end him. "If I die, I'm taking you with me!" Slug declared in anger.

"SEE YOU IN HFIL!" Jaune yelled as he threw the Spirit Bomb down onto Lord Slug as his eyes widened in shock as he was engulfed in the sheer power of the bomb.

"Take him down, Jaune!" Ruby cheered for her friend.

"I wonder what HFIL means?" Penny briefly wonders before getting caught up in the scene before her.

"AAAAAAHHHH!" Slug screams as he is sent down below, while also hitting his satellite in the process. "WHY DIDN'T I WISH FOR IMMORTALITY YYYYYYYYYY?!" Slug yelled as his whole body was completely destroyed, ending the threat of Lord Slug once and for all.

"And that's the end of Lord Slug." Blake said.

"For someone who had a ridiculous name, he did seem very powerful" Weiss said.

"That he did." Ozpin said.

Now that Slug was destroyed, along with his satellite, the light then came back into the skies, bringing the sun back and ending the terra-freezing and restoring the Earth's peaceful atmosphere.

"Looks like the world is returning to its previous state." Penny smiled at the sight.

"Indeed, Penny." Ironwood nodded in agreement.

Jaune watched all of this while standing on the edge of a cliff with a smile. "Now that I've defeated King Qrow, I can wish back Chiaotzu, Master Roshi and Neptune." Jaune said as he looked up in the sky and smiled.

"What?" Weiss said with a confused look.

"WHAAAT?!" Qrow in the background as the screen goes black.

Music starts to play in the background as Banesaw starts to sing. "Yo, dawg. It's the year 2000! It's time for another Banesaw cover, cause this sh*t don't get old!" Banesaw spoke out, getting hyped up.

"Oh god, I don't wanna hear him sing..." Ilia muttered.

"None of us do." Blake said.

"I've been waiting my whole life for just one..."


"All I needed was just one..."


"How could ya say that I don't give a..."


"Find myself stupefied, coming back again."


"I get stupified. I get stupified."

"Well that was something..." Ren said.

The Screen goes black and reads "6 Months Previous". A letter is shown being written and read by its author.

Dear Slug,

It is I, your other half, writing to you from our home planet.

It has been many years since I banished you from it after we split from the same being.

How are you doing? I'm doing great. I've got my own servant. Do you have a servant? Mine's name is Clover. He's kind of a tool...for my amusement.

"Clover?" Ironwood said.

"He must have worked for this man." Winter said.

By the way, if you're looking for a good time, hit up Earth, I hear they've got Dragon Balls there. You could probably take them over, too, their defences probably suuuck. Well, time for my sponge bath.

Keep in touch!


Your Evil Half.

"Oh, suddenly this makes much more sense now." Glynda said.

"Man, this guy must be a dick." Sun said.

Guru looked over the letter and turned to Clover ``Clover! Come and mail this for me."

"Sir, we don't have a mail system." Clover deadpanned.

"Clover, gather the DragonBalls." Guru ordered as the screen went to black.

"So, thoughts?" View asked.

"Well I've always enjoyed these." Yang grinned.

"Me too." Ruby added.

"It was...enjoyable." Weiss admitted. "To certain degrees."

"Plus, it's always nice to see Midas again." Nora smiled.

"Yeah, it is." Saphron said. She then looked towards Weiss. "I wonder if we'll see him in our home I wonder?" Saphron said with a cunning smirk.

Weiss moaned in annoyance at this while receiving glares from Pyrrha, Velvet and Yang in pure jealousy, prompting themselves to try and win the blonde boy's affections.

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