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Everyone was ready and excited for the next world to be shown. View than came with a globe in his hand. "Alright guys and gals, here's the next world to be shown and it is something"

"So, what's this world about?" Ruby asked.

"Well, I only have a few moments from it, but it's about Jaune trying to stop a demon." View said simply.

Everyone's eyes widen in shock at this.

"AWESOME!" Nora said in excitement.

Coco then turned to Blake. "Is she always like this" Coco asked, not knowing more about her because of their limited time.

"This is pretty much normal for her" Blake responded.

"And not just Jaune" View said as he then pointed to Ren. "But Lie Ren here is also there to help him as well"

Ren was a little shocked to hear this, but thought it would be good to see a world where they could fight side by side. "Alright Renny! You and Jaune can show how the guys from JNPR can handle things!" Nora said in excitement.

The screen opens to another world beyond our own. Where they were floating orbs in the air, in this void less world.

"This location is very different to what I have seen." Ozpin said as he look at the other dimension with great interest.

"So, View where are Jaune and Ren right now" Weiss asked.

"Hell" View answered, causing Weiss to be annoyed at him.

"Okay, no need to be harsh about it" Weiss scoffed.

"No, I'm not kidding, he's actually in Hell" View said.

"But why would Jaune go to hell!" Nora said as she cried dramatically. "He's a great guy!"

"It'll be explained soon" View said.

Jaune was dressed in a tattered orange and blue gi, while Ren was dressed in training gear, as they prepared to a certain technique to help beat their foe.

"Woah, not sure on the clothing but it looks like Jauney as some muscle there" Coco grinned as she licked her lips.

Pyrrha and Velvet were blushing at the sight of their crushes body tone.

Nora licked her own lips at the sight of Ren. "Need to get him in less clothes as usual" Nora mused as she turned to her partner with a hunger filled glare.

Blake couldn't help but noticed the Halos above Jaune and Ren's head. "What's with the halos above Jaune and Ren?"

"Oh, that's because they're dead" view said simply.

"What!" Everyone cried out in shock.

"Renny!" Nora cried out as she grabbed onto her partner in tears. "Nora, I'm fine" Ren said in assurance.

Pyrrah's heart stilted when she heard this. "Jaune" Pyrrha whispered.

"Look, it's a long story, It'll take too long to say it, so I'll keep it brief" View said. "Jaune and Ren sacrificed themselves to save the lives of their friends."

Everyone could help but feel a little bit better in hearing this. Knowing that they went out fighting for their loved ones.

"So he does he do?" Yang asked.

"He fights in the Other World Tournament" View answers.

"So, even after you die, you still get to fight" Weiss said, as she found the concept a bit ridiculous.

"That sounds fun!" Nora said in a bright attitude.

"Hey don't worry. Let's give it one more time and beat this guy" Jaune said with assurance.

"Very well!" Ren said in agreement as he and Jaune went into their position.

"FUS..." Jaune and Ren said as they both synchronise.

Yang couldn't help to chuckle at this. "It looks a little funny."

"It's doesn't seem very dignified to do in a battle" Glynda said.

"What are they even doing it for?" Ruby asked.

"You'll see." View grinned, despite having no mouth.

"ION..." Jaune and Ren speak as suddenly a large energy orb was headed towards them, causing a large explosion. Jaune and Ren manged to jump out of the way.

"Woah, what happened?" Coco called out.

Suddenly, the evil demon Janemba was head towards the two fighters. "Ren look out!" Jaune warned.

"What is that?" Blake asked, finding the appearance of the demon quite intimidating.

"Janemba." View said. "He is the literal representation of pure evil"

The teams couldn't help but shudder at the description of this monster.

The two professors couldn't help but be reminded of Salem and her forces, wondering if this Janemba was a monster she made.

Janemba was aiming towards the two until he was struck by the back of the head as Jaune and Ren watched in confusion. From behind, a mysterious green fighter appeared out of nowhere.

"Pikkon!" Jaune said in surprise.

"Who?" Weiss asked, confused by the new fighter.

"A fighter who died and was Jaune opponent in the other world tournament."

Pikkon then turned to Jaune. "Never mind the formalities!" Pikkon spoke out. "Times wasting! I'll hold him off! Go for it!" Pikkon said in reassurance.

"Awesome, Pikkon!" Jaune complimented. His face then turned into determination. He then turned to Ren. "This is it, Ren. Come on let's go!" Jaune said as he then flew into the air, with Ren following him.

"Oh cool!" Ruby gushed.

"Rubes, you know who can basically move faster than light when you use your semblance." Yang reminded.

Janemba then tried to went after them, but Pikkon stood in his way. "Your part of that insidious barrier, aren't you?" Pikkon questions as he kept his glare.

"Barrier?" Velvet said in confusion.

"Well, to put it simply, the barrier of hell has broken and the formerly dead is now walking the land of the living."

"That's a disturbing thought" Blake said simply.

"Which means you must have the same weakness" Pikkon observed. Janemba growled at the fighter and charged towards Pikkon. "Disgusting freak!" The fighter insulted, causing Janemba's chest to shatter.

"Woah, what's happening with him?" Yang asked.

"It appears that insults can somehow damage the being." Ozpin observed.

"So" Nora said, thinking about a plan. "We just have to throw Weiss at him and he'll be destroyed by her nagginess!"

"Hey!" Weiss cried out in offence. "Nora, I don't nag people to death!" Weiss protested.

Ruby shifted her gaze away from her partner and just whistled, Weiss noticed this "Ruby!"

Pikkon then fired a barrage of ki blasts towards the demon, creating a smokescreen as Jaune and Ren proceeded with their dance.

"FUS..." Jaune and Ren chanted, as the evil demon scattered himself.

"Oh here it comes!" View said with excitement, making the others to wonder what was about to happen.

"ION..." The chanting continued, as Janemba appeared behind Pikkon.

"HAAAAA!" Jaune and Ren finished as a bright light emerged from the two, as Janemba slammed his fists into Pikkon's head.

"I hope that Pikkon is okay" Ruby said in a concerned tone, as she liked the deceased warrior for helping Jaune and Ren.

"He's already dead, sooo..." Yang drawled out, earning a scowl from Blake.

Janemba would've finished Pikkon off before he witness the super nova event that was occurring from Jaune and Ren.

"What is happening!" Nora cried out in shock and more excitement coursed through her body as everyone else felt the same.

From where Jaune and Ren once stood, was a powerful fusion between Jaune Arc and Lie Ren. The fusion had the face of Jaune, the eyes of Ren and the fusion had a hair style combined with the two, with the black hair appeared from the sides and the blonde from the front.

Everyone's eyes widen and mouths agape at the sight of their friends fused into one person. "Woah" Yang said, breaking the silence as she and her team were amazed by this new being.

Nora and Pyrrha were amazed by the sight of their loves combining into one person. Ren himself was amazed and impressed by his fusion with Jaune, he wondered if he and his leader could pull it off.

Coco and Velvet were in awe at the sight of Jauren. Coco found the style of clothing were quite something, especially the part where it was leaving off a little chest muscle. Velvet was attracted more to the Jaune side of the fusion, as did Pyrrha.

The professors were astounded by this newfound power they had just witness.

The Fusion stood there with a fire like aura glooming from the all new powerful being.

Pikkon looked up from the ground and saw what Jaune and Ren achieved. "Wow! Incredible!" Pikkon said in awe, as he held himself in pain.

"You're telling me" Ruby said with excitement and stars in her eyes.

Ozpin just sipped his coffee calmly. "It appears that this Jauren is about to give Janemba a run for his money." Ozpin smiled at the sight of his student's fighter together, in a certain way.

"I am not Jaune or Ren. I am Jauren!" The fusion spoke to the demon with both Jaune and Ren's voices. "It's over Janemba I've come for you!"

"Ohh, Weiss!" Ruby called out as she turned to her besite. "You and I have got to do that dance!"

"We can't fuse like that Ruby" Weiss reprimanded. "Besides, I refuse to do a dance like that in public."

"Jau...no Re..." Nora said as she tried to remember the name between the two.

"Jauren" Pyrrha reminded.

"Jauren seems awesome!" Nora said in excitement. "It's the best parts of Fearless Leader and Renny rolled up into one!"

Yang grinned as she decided to go after the girls from Team JNPR. "So...if Jaune and Ren fused in real life, would you two be willing to have a...two on action with them?" Yang smirked, causing everyone in the room to blush like crazy.

"Yang!" Weiss called out in shock at her teammate's lewd implications.

"So, you wouldn't consider it?" Yang asked.

"No/Maybe!" Pyrrha and Nora said at the same time. Pyrrha gave Nora a look of disbelief when Nora said she would consider it, while Ren kept quiet for his own good.

Janemba had a brief look of fear, before shaking it away and charged up his own aura, roaring like the monster he was, leaving Jauren unimpressed.

Jauren kept his glare at the monster. "Every force you create has an echo, your own bad energy will be your own undoing!"

The demon looked back to see Jauren sliding towards him, as a flow of energy came from the fusion. A series of dents appeared in the demons chest as the force from the Fusion was very powerful.

"Oh, yeah!" Yang called out in excitement, pumping her fist in the air. "Take that demon out like a punk!"

"Go, Jauren!" Ruby joined in.

Pyrrha, Nora and Velvet smiled for their crushes, Pyrrha and Velvet proud of Jaune while Nora was cheering on for her childhood friend.

Jauren appeared behind Janemba and slammed kick Janemba, the sound like thunder, doing twice for double measure.

Jauren flipped himself up in the air as he kicked the demon one more time, sending the Demon staggering back from the Fusion of Jaune Arc and Lie Ren.

Coco tilted her glasses down. "Looks like Mr purple demon can't handle those guys." Coco stated, grinning.

Jauren landed to the ground, facing away from Janemba. He placed his arm in the air as he turned back to the being of pure evil with a menacing glare.

"Oh, something's going to tell me this is going to be good!" Yang said in excitement as everyone else watched in anticipation and excitement.

A glowing orb from the power of Jaune and Ren appeared in their Fusions hand as Janemba had a look of fear when he saw Jauren preforming his final and most powerful move, The Stardust Breaker.

The power went right into his fist. Janemba was fearful when he saw this. Janemba roared at the Fusion and ran towards him to kill him at last.

Jauren then threw the orb towards the demon. Janemba then threw his fist into Jaurens face, unfortunately, it did nothing and was a flaunt.

"Whoopsie!" Nora mocked in a sing song tone.

"It's kind of like when someone thinks they could take me on" Yang grinned as she remembered the fights she won.

Janemba stuttered in fear, as suddenly his body was starting to disintegrate when his back busted open, stardust flowing throughout the demon.

"Oh, that must stings!" Nora cringed at the sight of Janemba's demise.

His fist disintegrated from Jaurens face as he still kept the same glare. He gave on final howl into the heavens as his body was destroyed, the thing of pure evil was finally defeated.

In Janemba's place, was a teenage boy.

"Who is that child" Glynda asked.

"He's a kid who accidently got contaminated by pure evil, creating Janemba" View explained.

He looked up to see Jauren in front of him, glaring at the boy. The boy became fearful and ran off in fear. Jauren chuckled at this, the fight was won.

The screen turned off people gathered from the fight between Janemba, the being of pure evil and Jauren, the fusion between Jaune Arc and Lie Ren.

Team RWBY was amazed by the fusion more than anything they've seen. Ruby was already of thinking of a way of doing their own fusion. "And Weiss and I will be, Rubiss!" Ruby exclaimed dramatically.

"I am not agreeing with that. And why does your name get to be first?" Weiss asked in irritation.

"Because I'm the leader!"

Team JNPR were still amazed by the fusion between the leader and the silent ninja. "I wonder if you two could try it in real life!" Nora said with stars in her eyes.

Velvet and Coco were also amazed by the screening for different reasons. Coco was interested by the clothing from the fusion while Velvet was amazed by Jaunes side of the fusion.

The professors were intrigued by Janemba and Jauren, amazed by their sheer power and strength.

View then came back into the room. "There's a lot more version of this type of reality that I'll be showing soon." View said.

"Really?" Yang asked.

"Yeah, this worlds is awesome and I have plenty more from that world, but that will be for another day."

Everyone nodded in response and waited for their next world.

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