"Psst, psst, Greengrass come here" a voice called her.

When daphne turned around to see who, a hand hold into her and then shoved her to a classroom in the seventh floor.

When she looks into the room she just stared at it. It was not a classroom, it was a room, wait it was a bedroom. Then Suddenly it changed and it is now looks like a drawing room.

She quickly turned away to see who drag her here. Then she saw unruly black hair, bright green, quite a tall but from her only 3 to 4 inch cause she is nearly 5'6" so he must be 6 foot. Then she recognise him.

"Potter" she said No yelled.

"Sorry but i like my bedroom so that this is the first think i thought" he said.

"What do you mean thought" she again yelled loudly. She just confused at his presence now his incredulous cause.

"Oh ! Sorry this is room of requirement, this where i began dumbledore'a army in fifth year. It changes whatever you need, so here we practised."

'Wow, she is impressed.' She thought they might held their meeting in unused classrooms'

"Okay then why are you dragged me here also GET OFF ME" she said threateningly.

Both unware that were both sticked together until then.

He jump up and apologised atleast ten times.

'Oh bloody Gryffindor nobility. I just hate it' "so tell me WHY" she said with same loud voice.

Harry flinched." I just want to discuss something to you in private" he replied.

"I am not your fan girl potter, who you can shag by drag her here" she said with a venom.

"No, nothing like that please i beg you give me some minutes then you can go" he said slowly.

She thought for a moment then after seeing potter's rection to her statement she know that he have nothing like that in his mind.

"Okay spill out, i want to return dorm before curfew" she said.

"Okay, so you are a pureblood right" she just send a icy glare at him. " so you know that i am the heir to the most noble and ancient house of potter" after receiving a nod he continued. "In my seventeenth b'day which falls in the summer, i am now a lord."

"What that matters to me anyway" she said.

"Okay i am also famous and now a lord also only a single defendant of my family so after that i recieved tons of marriage contract for me." He said with a grin.

"Now i am understanding so you are going to reject my contract my father send to you. And note that i am not intrested in it so hand me that and i will leave."

"Oh, daphne you wound me" he said with a dramatic voice with one hand in his heart. "No not that, you know i am the most eligible bachelor for the 216th time according to the teen witch weekly, it declares it in it each edition since my 4th year. And you said that you are not intrested in me." She just glared at him then rolled her eyes.

"Okay to the business now, for that i have actually recieved 7683 marriage contracts from across the world. But i don't intrested in that at all."


"Sure, after that i inherited my property i have recieved 13 homes and one of them are my ancestral house Potter manor. So i just jumped at the house after receiving the ring. But there is a problem that i don't know. Actually i should live in other houses as it entails that potter manor requires both lord and lady. So after i reach there the house is now active but me not having a lady affects it's magic. My familiar Ric."

Suddenly a huge bird appears and landed in his shoulder and he pets it.

"A thunderbird which is continued in family, tells me that i have to have a lady as soon as i can or unless the manor is going to be fell. I just love it and also it is like my own home so how can i loose it" with this said the birld leave them with a nod.

"I understand but what all this mattered with me" daphne said. She understand his problem because she reads about it in books that ancestral home are have those type of systems. But she can't able to find a reason why potter telling her all this unless………well

"Actually you do. You know you have a marriage contract with me. So after i figured out who i can marry and have a list. there are 8 pureblood girls in my year and 9 in 6th year. Also several in 5th but i don't want to marry a baby girl who is still in school cause i have a reason" she nods so he continued.

"In my year there are susan,hannah, patils that i can choose, hannah is neville's gf so i don't want to snatch her from him, i know that i can because she can like me as i am more handsome than him." He said with a smirk and she rolled her eyes.

"Anyway hannah is out, susan is too much for me you know" he said with a look. She knows that susan have the biggest boob in her year. So potter don't like extra large boobs, good boy, it cause her smirk a bit.

"She is also out, patils are good i like them but the like is not that like. So both of them are out. So then there only remains slytherins so millicent, pansy are may be good but they hang around malfoys so they are also thrown out. So it lefts me in two. Tracy and you, tracy is also too much for me as you know she have a record by dating 34 boys till now and here i am dated only 2. If i give her a chance may be she will rape me." He said last line with a horrorness, which make her giggle a bit. Actually potter is right it may be happen, he glared at her for a second then continued "so she is not my type, that only leaves you."

"I see, but you know you are the saviour, you can also marry half-bloods or muggleborns" she said.

"I know but you know being a lord i have to attend wizengamot, you should also know that i not only one but lord of four houses so i am" he said and bowing toward her and take her hand then kiss her knuckles and puff his chest and said

"My lady may i present my self Lord Hadrian james Potter-Black-Peverell-Gryffindor."

Daphne is now only can stare at him. Trully potter is called boy-who-conquered but now she knows that he is really born to conquer. Being already quite famous now lord four great most noble and ancient houses, he have a great power and wealth in his hand but no one can have their way with her with it.

"So what, i am now going to bow towards you then sucks your bits. Can i my lord." She said mockingly.

He laughs a throaty laugh. She actually like his laugh but she hide it behind her mask.

"Who knows there is a comedian behind your ice-queen mask" he said while laugh.

She also have a little smile on her face.

"Who said this is a mask i am like this and you did not answered my question yet." She said.

"Oh daphne i know you are not like this but we can discuss this later, so to your answer you know for living with muggles for 17 years i don't have a bit of knowledge about this society so whomever i marry if it is a pureblood then it can help me a lot also she can sit in my seat until i learn about it."

"Okay i see but what about weaselett whom you dated i thought you are going to marry her"

His face darkened then he sighed.

"After a recieved inheritance and contracts she just acting weird, i can't figured it out but then once while i am returning burrow the weasley's home i heard them talking, ginny said that she will going to trap me in a bed with her then she will pregnant by me if she can't in first then she will use potion to help with it" he sighed heavily then look up and grinned.

"You know she don't know that i am quite a fertile because my wand (winked) is not in used in 17 years i mean i am still a virgin" he said grinning.

"How i mean i thought you already fucked up around 300 girls" she said shockingly.

"well…may be can but i am not a ladiesman actually i am very raw in those cases" he replied.

"Ok it is a shock but anyway then proceed"

"So if she will get pegnant by me then she can force me to marry her. And her mother and brother supported her. Also hermione nodding. I felt betrayed. That is why i am gone to my manor. Anyway they talked about how to sign me a contract where ginny will be the owner of 3/4 of my properties. Then she will use me more but that talk halted as twin arrived. They are and mr. Weasley are the only 3 who are loyal to me." He said slowly then look up and said.

"Actually it felt good to share" again grinning.

"So you want to marry me"

"Yes also you know i am a returned soldier from a battle so i want to travel for a bit also take note that i am now the most richest wizard in whole Europe also goblin says if i will invest wisely then in 1 or 2 years i will be richest in the whole world. So money is not problem i will travel for 6th month after hogwarts and study about our culture, after that i will attend wizengamot."

"So now i also have to polish your shoes then again suck your bits off" she said now with small smile.

"nope, but you can be my partner cause i don't want a loveless sick life, i think you can like me" he said saucily.

'I think i like him already, relax daphne make point' she sighed.

"You want me as your trophy wife like mistress." She said eyes narrowingly.

"No, Nope, Never who i am to do this, Actually i considered you because i like you and i know you are not the person you showm you are actually quite more so i want you to be my wife or my partner."

'Oh stupid nobility again' she rolled his eyes. But she not going to gave up yet she is not that type who trust easily.

"How can i trust you" she asked.

"Oh ! You know Gryffindor married huffelpuff then they have a daughter who married to a potter so i have a loyalty like huffelpuff in my blood so don't worry" he replied casually.

"You have to marry 3 more you know for each house" she said.

"Hell no, i already told you that i am The Chosen One only choose you and don't you listening when i told you about my man-power, we can have 4 children boys or girl don't matter cause if they are girls they will like you don't easy to catch, so we can pass each one house also if we ended in 2 boys or in twos then we can gave them both 2 each. And to be mentioned we have 10 twins child in our line of potter through the years, may be we can have a twin "

That made ger giggle. That shock both of them. Daphne is sure a girl but not girly she hides her all emotion behind her ice-queen mask but after hear her giggle and being reason for her giggle he felt proud.

"You know potter…Or Harry, You know you are just just different, weird but cool, you are just unique, note that you are the first one to break my ice, so add one more tittle in your name boy-who-lived who actually hot enough to break ice-queen's ice so name is The-boy-who-Breaks-HOT-ice" with that they both broke out laughing actually thay leaned against each other to control themselves from falling to ground.

"I knew it, you are a soft girl from inside, that's what i choose you, i think i choose great" he said as he wiped tears from eyes that creates from laughing hard.

She blushed. It is actually nice to hear complements.

"oh my god, what got into me that i can make our proud ice-queen blush" he said grinning. She wants to retort but interrupted as he started again.

"you know i actually like you since my sixth year. In slughorn's Christmas party you just wear those silver green dress. Oh merlin help me. That image makes my fantasy about you very high. I have those fantasy from my fourth year when we both worked together in potion. Snape must have seen me looking at you so he never paired me with you again. Also take that you know you are the most beautiful girl in our year, no in whole school should be right."

Now she is blushing crimson. Potter don't know how he is affecting her.

He must read is mind cause he grin ear to ear then again began. "You know i like to date you in my 6th year but i just have been very busy that i just forget. Then ginny comes i don't know how but it just you that i thought always when i am with her, like how it will be if i was with you. I just love you know your hair. Oh hell those honey blonde hair" he said with a big grin.

Now it is just get out of limit. Daphne hit him hard in hand but smile.

"stop it harry you are baffling."

"you just made me" he leaned closer as to kiss her. Her heart stopped. But then he turned and kissed her cheek then move his head to her neck then whispered. "after the moment i saw you in this year, i choosed you that instantly. You just look so seeexy" he then move to her neck then kissed it tenderly.

She shuddered at the touch of his lips.

"you know harry actually i am also a fangirl of yours, when i am young i have a bedroom set of harry potter merchandise of yours" she moved close the whisper "don't tell anyone but i also have a harry potters set of undergarments"

He looked horrified then shocked "no you don't" he asked in disbelieve.

"believe me i have" she said but then tensed. "i want to tell you about a thing"

"no worries now you are in my court" he replied.

"Harry i have also a marriege contract with draco which deadline is in 6 months. And draco also want to marry me. He always annoyed me in common room that he owns me. He said i should be honour to marry a malfoy and future black lord." she said slowly.

"Oh ! Okay i don't know. Draco still believe he his going to be lord black. Ok yours problem now, i have a solution, if i signed your contract with which also contains your sign then the draco's contract with you will be removed but i know you don't want that" he said without looking at her.

"Prat, who says, i will definitely marry you there is no chance in hell i will choose draco over you" she said softly.

Harry's eyes lit up like light then immediately he closed the distance between them then cupped her cheeks and slowly leaned forward.

Oh god. This is the moment. Her heart felt stopped. Her mouth dried. She slowly closed her eyes then leaned in.

Slowly tenderly their lips touched. The whole world stops. Hairs in her necks stands out. A jolt run through her spines. Her body shuddered. Slowly harry began moves his lips against her. He kissed her so softly that it feels heaven. She after a moment kiss him back. Slowly it got heated. Their lips moved rapidly. After a moment they slowly pulled apart. Both panting.

"You know daphne i want to fuck you you look very sexy" he said panting hard.

"who stops you"