This story will be going to show you about how Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko are really scared of Halloween Nights in Japan. So here we go.

Akeno Misaki woke up in the morning, it's like fall colours of the leaves are falling from the trees. She cleaned up the house before all falling leaves are on the ground, then it should be snow. Rin Shiretoko waits for Akeno Misaki behind the gardens. "Are you Coming?!" "Yes I will!" They all went for their next day at Yokosuka Marine High School.

And so, Maron Yanagiwara are about to get sick of this ready start of the day. It's October 1st 2018 in Japan. So everybody else was getting ready for their day to finish up their decorations for Halloween Nights. As of now, Kouko Nosa was standing right in front of the entrance of the Yokosuka Marine High School. Akeno Misaki showed and said to her, "Hey Kouko Nosa." "Hey Akeno Misaki." They went to the entrance of the high school.

As for the turnout of this education of this week's project of Halloween Nights, Everybody was working so hard. Rin Shiretoko pouts on Akeno Misaki shoulders and whispers, "Can we get into this scary story of us?" "I Don't know." Rin Shiretoko sits back down. Akeno Misaki was about to get nervous when she saw some monsters coming from the hallways and see that pumpkin with no head.

As Akeno Misaki knows in the TV Spot of Goosebumps 2: Halloween Haunted In USA, She saw what something is really new to Monsters. The Wicthes, The Jack-O-Lanterns, The Headless Horseman, The Giant Spiders and The Gummy Bears. Rin Shiretoko Was Really Nervous too. She got out of the classroom and see what was here in their hallways. It was nothing.

In October 12, 2018, Akeno Misaki was awaken by the monster she had a dream. Harekaze II Was Still standing by the docks. Rin Shiretoko was getting ready for another school by this movie night. At school, Tateishi Shima bought some Cheese Pizza from Pizza Hut store in Yokosuka. Mei Irizaki was excted for those Cheese Pizza and other girls are excited too.

They were full so they decided to sleep before the bell rings. Rin Shiretoko and Akeno Misaki was about to hear the sound of the evil laugh coming from the hallways. It was nobody there except for one girl standing in front of the hallway looking at Akeno Misaki and see what was wrong. She shook her head. The girl was Maron Yanagiwara. She had a pleasant shaking hands but was feared by the sound again.

Akeno Misaki and Maron Yanagiwara and Rin Shiretoko can only hear a galloping sound outside the hallways but there was nobody here. Rin Shiretoko seen the flames from the hallways and everybody was hearing the flames around and they could hear the evil laugh loudly. Akeno Misaki closed the door hard and make everybody to recovery for their safety plans for the night.

In October 31, 2018, It was Halloween, And everybody was getting ready for their Halloween Party. They enter the Yokosuka Marine High School Building and making their way to the classroom with no desk and chairs. They ate the Cheese Pizza that Tateishi Shima Bought and Mei Irizaki was in the costume called the superhero costume and Rin Shiretoko Was in her Vampire Uniform and Akeno Misaki was wearing a Victorian Costume.

As they sang their first song is called, I Like to Move It by King Julien from Madagascar. But They can hear the sound from the Hallways. Everybody Stopped singing. There was a galloping sound and evil laugh really closely. Akeno Misaki opened the door and saw The Headless Horseman scares the girls away from him. They ran out the door and make their way home in night of Halloween. As they make their way home safely, Rin Shiretoko and Akeno Misaki Ran into the house and slam the door shut before the Headless Horseman was gone.

The End. Hope You Enjoy the Story. Next It Will Be November by the end of October. See Ya.