The best part about fanfiction is I can continue to pretend that Stan and Kyle are Super Best Friends. While I don't entirely hate that the series had the boys' friendship deteriorate a bit after Stan turned ten, I still miss when they were inseparable…Mostly—I still like episodes where Stan gets to team up and hang out with others, but that's because I ship Stan with like everyone. He's my favorite character. Lol.

Speaking of Stan and ships—you're here for more Stenny. I know this fic is slow to update, but I haven't forgotten it and hopefully the ending of this chapter was worth the wait. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Chapter 4

"So what's going on between you and Stan, Kenny?"

Kyle popped the question after they hit the exit ramp to take them to Casa Bonita. His voice held that tone he'd inherited from his mother that said he wouldn't accept excuses or distractions.

Even a princess might not be enough to tackle Kyle on a mission.

Kenny focused on his orange parka and slumped into the seat. "What makes you think something is going on?"

"Stan chose to ride with Cartman for an hour over driving with me in his own car," Kenny said. He kept his eyes on the road, turning on the blinker as he changed lanes. "It can't be a coincidence he sprinted to get away after Cartman and I caught you cornering him when we drove up."

"I wasn't cornering him," Kenny said. He pulled his hood over his head, careful not to disturb the wig too much. "I was teasing him about the party and he got flustered. Stan does that."

"Flustered enough to ride with Cartman?" Kyle didn't sound convinced. "Try again, Kenny."

"Nothing is going on," Kenny lied. Nothing that Kyle needed to know about. If Kenny's advances failed or Stan straight up rejected him, he hoped they could keep it between the two of them. If it worked—it was still none of Kyle's business what Kenny and Stan did alone. "Stan hung out with me today instead of you, that's all there is to it."

"I can tell when Stan is upset." Kyle pulled into a parking space next to Cartman's empty truck and turned off the engine. "What'd you do?"

"He wasn't upset." Kenny hoped. The goal was to get Stan flustered and turned on, not repulsed. "You're overthinking things."

"Fine." Kyle kicked the door open. He huffed, leaning on the roof of the car as he peered inside at Kenny still in his seat. "I was hoping to know what I would be dealing with when I asked Stan about it, but I guess I'll go in blind."

Kyle slammed the door shut and stormed toward the building, adjusting his green hat and puling it harder over his head.

Perfect—an angry Kyle made for a great evening.

Kenny pulled his hood down tighter and got out of the car, his heels hitting the concrete. He shoved his hands in his pockets as he followed Kyle into the building and found Stan and Cartman waiting by the hostess stand. Kyle could talk to Stan all he wanted.

Maybe Stan would spill his guts to Kyle and admit he found Kenny attractive.

Maybe Kyle would tell Stan to go for it.

He wouldn't know until after they had a chat, which would happen later. Kyle wouldn't bring it up at the table with Cartman and Kenny both there to listen in on his chat with Stan.

(He hoped.)

Princess Kenny did not get a chance to woo or talk with Stan during dinner. The restaurant had been packed and the only seats left were at two-person tables. Cartman refused to wait any longer than he had to, so of course he asked for those instead of waiting for a larger table.

Kyle had flat out smirked at Kenny when he declared he and Stan would share a table. Cartman made the obligatory "Don't make out over there!" joke before following a waiter to their own small table on the other side of the restaurant.

Stan and Kyle were blocked from sight by a small dividing wall that sectioned off the restaurant. They were out of reach for the rest of the evening and Kenny couldn't have spied on them to see what they were talking about even if he wanted to (which he did).

Kenny scooped a large bite of salsa with a chip and shoved it in his mouth. At least Cartman was paying for dinner. Casa Bonita brought out his generous side and Kenny wasn't about to complain after having such a good day wrecked by a jealous best friend and bad timing.

He should have realized sooner that the party was on their scheduled Casa Bonita night.

"They aren't actually making out over there," Cartman said, digging through the chip bowl for the larger pieces. "Stop looking like a kicked puppy because you didn't get to sit with your new boyfriend."

"New boyfriend?" Kenny could have denied the accusation, but the thought of dating Stan legitimately was a good enough thought he could put up with Cartman's teasing. "That's not much of an insult."

"Wasn't meant to be, for once." Cartman smirked and snapped his fingers at a waiter for a drink refill. "I don't know what you did at that party, but Stan is freaked."

"Yeah?" Kenny asked. He tugged over his own soda and sipped the sugary beverage. "He seemed fine to me before you showed up. Maybe you and Kyle freaked him out."

Cartman smirked and snapped a chip in half. "Then why'd he talk about you the entire trip here?"

Kenny stared at Cartman from the side of his hood. He wanted to know what Stan said, but Cartman was a calculating force that Kenny could not underestimate. The waitress arriving to take their order gave him time to think, but in the end, he wanted to know.

"Stan must have said something interesting to have you teasing me about it instead of watching the diving show." Kenny leaned back in his chair and brushed crumbs off his dress. "Share the gossip."

Cartman clapped his hands on his cheeks and raised his voice to imitate Stan. "Cartman! How long has Kenny been so pretty?"

"Stop messing with me, dude." Kenny snorted. "He did not stay that."

Stan might have thought it, but he wouldn't have said that to Cartman. Kyle maybe, but not Cartman.

"Dude, I'm telling you—word for word," Cartman said, leaning over the table. His eyes were alight with the joy of gossip and he crossed his arms on the table. "Stan is totally freaked because he thinks you're pretty and doesn't know how to deal with it."

Kenny bit his lip, tasting the lipstick. "I'd hope I look pretty after spending an hour and a half getting ready."

"Your face says it all," Cartman said, leaning back and throwing his arms out. He pointed and said, "You were flirting with Stan to mess with him. That's amazing."

Kenny frowned. "Mess with him?"

"Yeah, dude," Cartman said, sitting back. He scratched the side of his neck and scrunched his nose. "Why else would you be flirting with him?"

"You got me. I was totally messing with him," Kenny said, forcing a laugh. He searched the restaurant for their waiter. Food would give him an excuse to stop talking. Kenny tapped his fingers the table. "I wanted to see him get flustered over a boy and had a fun laugh over it. Stan's too easy to rile up."

He might have laid it on too thick agreeing with Cartman, because the other boy stared at Kenny, brow narrowed.

Cartman didn't look up when the waitress set the multitude of plates in front of him and told them to enjoy their meal.

He kept staring, putting two and two together with Kenny's awkwardness.

"Holy shit," Cartman said, eyes wide—he saw through Kenny's forced lie. He jumped up and leaned across the table, slamming a hadn't in the middle as he pointed at Kenny. "You were legit flirting with Stan!"

"Would you sit down, fat ass!" Kenny shoved Cartman back into his seat by the top of his head. He glanced around the restaurant at the few patrons looking at him. "Don't make a scene!"

"Dude. Dude!" Cartman pulled over his plate and dug into a burrito. He ate while he spoke, waving the fork at Kenny. "No wonder he was freaking out! Stan's like the sensitive one. He had to know you were being serious."

Kenny grabbed a taco and took a bite, forcing himself to eat. He didn't want to waste food just because he was embarrassed.

"Kyle's going to kill you," Cartman said, eyes wide and shaking his head. "You are invading his territory and he's going to kill you."

"Stan isn't Kyle's territory." Kenny finished off his first taco and reached for the second, careful to keep any loose bits of sauce from falling on his lap. "Your jokes aside, they're just friends."

His own mental jealousy didn't believe it, but it was the truth.

"Doesn't matter and that's not what I'm talking about," Cartman said. He cleaned his first plate and pulled over the second, shaking his head as he stuffed his face. "You will change the group dynamic if you start dating Stan. We all know that boy is a lovesick puppy when he's around his significant other, and unlike Wendy, you're a constant member of the group. Kyle'll never get his precious alone time with Stan again."

Kenny glanced up at Cartman. Something he said at the start of the rant caused his chest to swell with hope that made him ignore the second half of warning.

"You think Stan would actually date me?" Kenny asked before he could stop it. "I could have a shot?"

"Not if Kyle has anything to say about it," Cartman said. Kenny frowned and looked away and Cartman whined. "Don't get pouty. You obviously have a chance! Stan'll date anybody. He loves being in love, but do you really want to deal with a lovesick Stan?"

"If he's lovesick over me?" Kenny thought of the way Stan's eyes widened seeing Kenny in his princess dress and the way his throat bobbed as he swallowed with nerves. The lust in his eyes as he stared at Kenny's collarbone—Yeah, he could deal with that long term. Kenny grinned and popped a loose piece of taco shell in his mouth. "I kinda do."

"All that time you've been spending with Stan has infected you with his sap," Cartman said. He dropped his third empty plate to the side and leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms. Cartman leaned his head back and frowned. "But, the benefits might outweigh the annoyance."

"Stan and me being sappy has benefits for you?"

"No, but Kyle being furious over it sure does," Cartman said, his face splitting into a grin. He dropped his head back down and smirked. "It'll be hilarious."

"You should record it."

"I should," Cartman said. He nodded and pulled out his wallet to pay the check. Cartman threw his credit card on the small plate the waitress brought and gave Kenny a thumbs up. "For the sake of making Kyle mad, I will help you hook up with Stan—as long as you promise to never, ever share the details of what goes on between you two."

"Deal." Kenny reached across the table and held his hand out. "I'll be sure to be lovey-dovey with Stan in front of Kyle instead so he'll rant to you about it and give you a laugh."

"This is why you're my best friend, Kenny." Cartman took Kenny's hand and shook it. "Let's have some fun."

Kenny grinned and finished off his soda while Cartman texted Kyle to see if him and Stan were done eating. Cartman was an unlikely alley, but he'd take it.

(A date between Princess Kenny and Stan at Casa Bonita would have been nice, but sharing how he felt with another person—even if that person was Cartman—felt pretty good.)

Cartman wasted no time.

He used his size and bulk to his advantage to literally pick Kyle up and drag him to the truck, driving off at top speed before Kyle could dive back out. Cartman's actions ensured that Kenny was free to drive the full hour back home with Stan.


Kenny pulled off his parka and threw it in Stan's back seat, adjusting his dress and checking his hair in the side mirrors. He could feel Stan's eyes on him as he leaned over, using a hand to adjust his bodice.

Princess Kenny was back in action.

"Ready to drive back?" she asked, opening the side door. Kenny made sure to slip into the seat as elegantly as possible, tugging a strand of hair over her shoulder. Stan swallowed and she grinned. "It is getting late."

"Sure, dude," Stan said. He dropped into the driver's seat and started the car, pulling out of the Casa Bonita's parking lot with his eyes locked on the road. "How was eating alone with Cartman? You were trying to avoid him earlier, so I felt bad Kyle made you."

"It wasn't so bad," Kenny said, keeping her voice light but toning down the flirty posing. Stan still needed his attention on the road or they'd both crash—which would undo all of Kenny's hard work if he died and they all forgot the evening. "Casa Bonita puts Cartman in a good mood."

"Not surprised," Stan said. He tapped his finger on the wheel as they drove home in the dark. "He's always loved that place."

"How about you and Kyle?" Kenny bit the tip of her thumb. "He seemed upset on the drive over."

Stan gripped the wheel tighter. "What was he upset about?"

"Hard to tell," Kenny said. It'd be easy to say "He's mad we were hanging out," but Kyle was still her friend, too. Kenny shouldn't throw him completely under the bus. "I figured he talked to you about it."

"Not really, but I did notice he was heated most of the night." Stan checked his mirrors before switching lanes to drive around a slower car. "I figured Cartman pushed his buttons more than usual."

"I thought he loved ranting to you about Cartman?" Kenny asked. She wondered if Stan would actually tell her if Kyle brought up Stan and Kenny's relationship at dinner. "He sure calls you enough about it."

"Kyle's pretty tight-lipped when Cartman really gets under his skin," Stan said, relaxing into his seat. Kenny watched his shoulders and his pinched face. "He'll talk about it later when he's calmed down, but it usually takes him a few days."

Kenny pressed her lips together and sucked in a breath. Cartman made sure she and Stan would get the trip home together, she should take advantage of it.

"What about you? Did you talk to Kyle about the party?" Kenny asked. She put her hands in her dress, rubbing her thigh back and forth. Stan glanced at the motion before jerking his eyes back to the road—right. She shouldn't distract him too much, but the urge to tease was strong. "Or what happened after?"

"I told him about the party," Stan said. He wiped his palm off on Kyle's shirt before grabbing the wheel again. "But was there something that happened after to tell him?"

A leading, nervous question.

Stan wanted Kenny to explain, though also gave Kenny an "out" if he chose to take it.

Princess Kenny had battled monsters, led armies, committed treason, and seduced swarms of enemies. She could handle a little confession. Princess Kenny could tell Stan she'd been flirting. She could tell Stan that she liked him.

She really could. It'd be easy for a princess. She looked at her dress skirt and down to her dress shoes. She thought of the lipstick on her lips that kept Stan's attention so well. Stan liked Princess Kenny.

But Kenny wanted Stan to like Kenny all the time.

Kenny wanted Stan to go shopping and pick out clothes for his family in the thrift store. Kenny wanted to share meals with Stan and gripe about Cartman. Kenny wanted Stan to come over to the McCormick household and share a beer while Kevin teased them. Kenny wanted to walk to school together.

Kenny wanted Stan to like him back too, even when Kenny wasn't a Princess.

"Are you okay?" Stan asked. He pulled into a fast food restaurant parking lot and stopped the car—Kenny hadn't noticed they'd left the highway. Stan sat back in his seat, hands in his lap. "You've been quiet for a awhile."

Kenny pulled his wig off along with the cap underneath, ruffling his real blond hair around his face.

"After the party, I was flirting with you," Kenny said. He fiddled with his wig in his lap and sucked in a breath. "If Kyle and Cartman hadn't showed up, I really sort of hoped something would have happened worth talking about."

"What sort of something?" Stan asked, though his tone indicated he had a pretty good idea. "Kenny?"

"Let's just say I was preparing for you to throw up on me after that something happened." Kenny used his thumb to wipe a smear of lipstick off, smiling at the small amount that transferred thanks to his sister's reminder to use sealer. "If that gives you a better picture."

"You wanted to kiss me knowing I'd throw up on you?" Stan rested his head against the glass of the door and huffed. "And here I though Wendy was the only one willing to put up with that."

"I don't even think that would enter the top ten of grossest things to happen to me," Kenny said, honest for once. Most of the deaths he'd suffered during his long, immortal life hadn't been the cleanest or neatest. "So I'm not all that worried about it."

Stan nodded.

But didn't say anything.

"Would you be upset if I kissed you?" Kenny asked. He steeled himself for possible rejection, but found himself brave as they sat in Stan's small car under a parking lot light. "Because I think I like you a lot."

"I don't know, but we could maybe try it," Stan said, taking in a shaky breath. He put his hand over his stomach and popped open his car door. "But let's try it outside where there's fresh air and no upholstery to ruin."

Kenny laughed and opened his side of the car, throwing his wig on the car seat.

Stan tugged his poof-ball hat down before joining Kenny on the other side of his car. His shoulders were straight, his face pinched with nerves, and he looked—the same as always. Stan was Stan and Kenny wanted to kiss him.

So he did.

(Stan threw up, but was practiced enough to turn away and miss Kenny who happily rubbed his back with a grin.)