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Ch : 6

The ideal King and approaching storm

Naruto stifled yawn while making his back to after his duties at Copenhagen. As he was still under aged, all his work consist of material work like moving boxes, etc. He was very, very tired but he was not showing it.

He was being tailed by someone since last week. At first he thought they might be just some crazy fan girls which he quickly wrote off because not only he was unable to locate them which was not possible for a normal fan girl not to mention the pressure he felt from their gaze.

He deduced they might be magus who wanted revenge from his father by hurting him. They never trespassed his house but that still doesn't mean he allowed himself to drop his guard. This in turn had led some sleepless nights for our blond hero.

"You have no one but your self to blame for this. I told you that I will keep watch but you have no faith in my abilities." Came a feminine voice from his head. She is Vivian- Lady of Lake from stories of King Arthur. Much to his surprise she formed a Master- familiar contract with him with simple term of not doing anything to harm each other. Because of this contract Vivian was able feel and sense what Naruto can. (An-Think of her like Kurama and Avalon sheath as seal.) She contacted him through Avalon which according to her was not just shield that separates the real Avalon the ever distant Utopia, it also acts as a gate which can only be accessed by Vivian. Only those who Vivian deem worthy can come to Avalon. He can still remember that day.

Flash back(This is continued from where their conversation from previous chapter ended)

Both eyes and mouth of Naruto was open wide from shock. Vivian or better known as Lady of lake is a well known figure from stories of King Arthur. It was her who trained Lancelot who went on to became strongest Knight of Round table and she is also the person who bestowed Mystical weapons to them. Than he recalled last part of what she just said.

"Wait a minute? What do you mean by proposal?" He said looking at her with caution. Normally he would have written his current predicament off as dream but the thing this is too real to be a dream.

Vivian giggled seeing him fidgeting nervously and probably trying to come up with any scenario in case anything goes south. She replied smiling at him, "You see I have been here guarding Avalon ever since passage of Age of Fairies. Even though I volunteered to guard it, living alone for so long gets really boooring. I have been waiting for more than a millennia to welcome her but unfortunately that has not happened yet. I started to think I will always be alone, I sensed the sheath being used after so many years. I tried to see other side through the sheath but was denied the opportunity because of origin of user acting up and severing my connection to it. In one of those brief connections I felt it getting excited to be near her her-The Once and Future king. Than I felt change in sheaths wielder. This time I was finally able to connect with and in extension you. I saw you growing from a boy to a man."

He can understand from where she is coming from. It doesn't matter it's human or inhuman to be Aline for more than a millennia is not small thing. "You have yet to answer me? So What do you want from me?" he repeated his question. It was clear to him that she has not brought him here just to have chat with him.

"Even a paradise will seem dull without company of anyone. I want to form a Master-familiar contract with me. This will allow me to talk to you anytime and share your senses like touch, taste sight etc in return you will get my services like learning fairy letters, calling upon my power and of course beautiful fairy I.e. me." She explained dramatically.

Whatever he was expecting it was not this. To think the famed Vivian will propose to be familiar of him is quite…..astounding.

"Not that I am complaining but, why me? I mean there are many people more capable than me. Any of them will be more than willing to do anything to form a contract with you." Vivian giggled at Naruto's statement. She arrived in front of him and looked straight in his sapphire like eyes.

"That is were you are wrong Naruto. You are stronger than others because you don't fight for yourselves. A sword who will not be deterred to fight whole world if it means to save people close to you. In a way you are not much different than 'her'." For a while none of them took eyes from one another. Eyes akin to sapphire stared at each other what felt like eternity before it was broken by our favorite blonde who nodded at her.

"Well than how are we going to form contract ? I don't know any ritual powerful enough to form a contract with you." Since Vivian is a being which eludes magecraft any ritual done by him will be meaningless since it will disperse the moment it comes in contact with her.

"That's easy. I will be the one who will initiate the contract all you have to do is follow my instruction." She said giving him a innocent smile. He had a very bad feeling about this but he also knew that the mythical fairy in front him doesn't mean any harm. If she wanted to anything to him she could have done that already but she hast not. He gave her a go ahead signal. She closed the distance them pulled him by color toward her. Her attack was so sudden he was not even able to retaliate her. He forced himself to calm down as he thought he was caught in her trap. He-


His train of thought when he felt soft sensation of her lips on his. His lips parted due to shock only for ancient fairy to snuck her tongue between them and began to suck his own. After he came out of shock he felt her pouring her mana in him in specific pattern. He knew she was not trying anything to harm him so he responded in kind. Vivian who was slightly shorter than him stood on her toes and kissed with even more fervor.

'Is she trying to match frequency of our mana to form contract?" he thought as he subconsciously tightened his hold on her waist while she played with his spiky yet silky hair. Bountiful chest of Vivian was mashed with Vivian's as did their whole body.

Their lips parted after sometime leaving trail of saliva between them. "Not bad four your first time, huh." She said while still clinging to him. Naruto smiled at her raised his hand to stroke her face….at least that's what ancient fairy thought.


Vivian rubbed her for head where she was just flicked by 'master' she just made a contract with. She scrunched her face in annoyance and glared at him. The blonde in question decided to ignore legendary fairy and collected his thoughts.

"What was that for? Are you really upset for being kissed by a beautiful woman?" she asked him with puffed cheeks. Naruto just sighed in his head. Who would have thought that Lady of lake is such a….bubbly character. Her face than transformed surprise which he can tell is roes to rile him up, "Don't tell me you are gay, aren't you?" (An- just so you know I don't have anything against homosexuality neither I am mocking them).

A vein bulged at his temple as he tried to fought down urge to flick her again. "I am straight and that was for not warning me and continuing that kiss even after the ritual was finished. Elemental or not you should not kiss anyone. If I knew that you would do that I would have tried to find another way to make contract with you. Besides that was my first kiss." He scolded her while murmuring the last part. He was not upset mind you.

Although he wanted to give his first kiss to someone he love it is not that important to him although he will not tell about this to Rin or Sakura. He was very much aware of their affection towards him and he loved them equally in return. That is why he can't bear to chose anyone of them over other.

She stomped her feet like child would for getting scolded. "What are you grumbling about that was my first kiss too!? I am an elemental one of the older one that so even if you were a true magician you will have very hard time coming with another method. My life is now bound to yours so a simple kiss is not a big deal."

Adopted son of magus killer blinked at her answer. "Bound? Does that means that-

"That I will die if you do? Yeah." She said as if it not a big deal.

"Why did you do that? I am human even if I don't die now I will later by old age but you can live for eternity!" he practically screamed last part. On other hand she just smiled at him.

"We the higher fairies has ability to look in soul of other's and by extension feel how good or evil they are. I did not help Arthoria because of Merlin's prophecy but due how pure she was. I saw a such a pure soul that not even primeval curse in her blood was able to affect her. After so many years I found another person like her pure soul and selfless to default and I want to save that soul from a fate like her." She was looking at him with such a conviction that stopped him from whatever he wanted to tell her.

"You are not going to back down, aren't you?" she shook her head in denial. He extended his hand in gesture fore of handshake towards Vivian. "In that case, I welcome you in my small family Vivian."

Flashback end

'We are unaware of our opponent's abilities. We can't let our guard down."

"Yeah, whatever Mr. Cautious." Blind chuckled at her antics. He scrunched his eyebrows as he feeling of being monitored disappeared.

Subtly he began to check his surroundings. Road was filled with pedestrians as it was dusk a period when most go back to their home from their jobs.



He looked towards other side of road where he saw a figure running in fast pace while clutching a ladies purse. Despite the crowd he was easily evade anyone who tried to stop him. Like any responsible citizen should Naruto pursued the thief who ran through several alleys and scaled any obstacles in impressive feet of parkour. Naruto who has trained in mind and body since very young was no slouch either as he effortlessly chased thief all the way to park. The thief stopped running after they reached the park.

It is same park where grail emerged in last Holy Grail war and contents of grail spilled when Kiritsugu destroyed it. This whole place was barren and not even a tuft of grass can be seen here. The aura it gives makes even a normal person stays away from this park and for magus, who are more tuned with nature, this place is nauseating.

(An- Before this scene starts I will clarify something. Only naruto is using tracing while his opponent is bringing out from their purse or clothes. Please read it properly.)

"I have to say that was quite a good act back there. I was almost convinced of you being a real deal." He said looking at 'thief' who dropped her hood revealing owner to be a girl around same as him with beautiful fair skinned face, crimson eyes that felt like it see through his very soul and knee length white hair.

Instead of replying she took out a black falchion with black tortoise shell pattern on it and covered the distance between them in a blink of eye. If Naruto was surprised by this he didn't show it on his face as he backpedaled to avoid her horizontal slash and followed by blocking second slash with traced weapon which showed it will not be able to survive next attack as cracks began appear on it.

It did break after second clash of their weapon much to but, much to surprise of the girl rather than tracing another weapon or using any spell he caught few falling shards from the broken sword, altered them in form of senbon and flicked it toward her.

White haired girl deflected all of them but some still ended up hitting her. It was not meant to incapacitate or harm her anyway. It only meant to act as distraction which Naruto used to slip in her guard and planted a solid fist on her stomach making her buckle a bit. He went on to hold her wrist but released it moment later as the girl head-butted him hard resulting both of them to be disorient. Both jumped back and observed each other carefully.

He watched as white haired girl to out another falchion identical to previous one but minus turtle shell pattern and white n color instead of black. Name of this swords are Kanshou and Byakyou a noble phantasm from Chinese folklore. It is a low tier noble phantasm but doesn't means it can be underestimated.

"May I know identity of person who is after me and what do you want to achieve from this?" from those exchange of blows from before he felt that the person in front of him is not some one evil. This answer didn't come from him but someone else.

"I can answer that." Came a feminine voice. Just few feats away from him stood a beautiful young woman appearing to be in her early twenties with back-length silver hair with a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let done in a ponytail and silver eyes. Her outfit is a black cloak over black shirt with golden-caramel accents at the edges of the shirt and spread horizontally near the bottom, with two light golden trims going down the shirt; and the shirt splits slightly above her stomach, exposing her midriff. Around her neck and shoulders is a long, cyan scarf made from light material that reaches her hips. Her jeans are blue, with a white outline at the top. All in all she is one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen.

"I am Grayfia and she is Moka. We are here because you have something that belongs to us and we want it back." She said looking at him intently. Being frank the plan was for them to talk with him peacefully after bringing him here but that plan went out of window due to her battle maniac little sister. Ever since she saw him practicing his archery and swordsmanship she was raring for a bout.

"We learned that divine sheath Avalon was found by Einzburn and subsequently given to your adopted father ten years ago, we came here for it. If you are willing to comply we will leave you alone." Naruto raised his eyebrow at her explanation. The only true owner of Avalon is king Arthur and he was sure they are neither King Arthur nor his descendent. Besides he is not going to give it to anyone who claims it to be theirs. Avalon is not only the first thing given to him by Kiritsugu it is also acts as the medium which connects him with Vivian. Something he is not willing to lose.

"Aww, I didn't knew you liked me so much Master." Vivian teased her 'master' after reading his thoughts. Despite telling her that she can call him by his name she insisted to call him 'Master'.

'Shut up Vivian' Naruto grumbled.

"I am sorry to disappoint you but I don't have Avalon neither-

Before he can even finish replying he was interrupted by Grayfia. "Don't try to make us fool Emiya-san. We know you have Avalon. You always carry it with yourself." Blond in question was in alert now. He cannot understand how can they find that out since he is carrying it within his body. He has not told about this to anyone not even Rin who is his best friend. Only person to know about it are Tsunade and Jiraiya who learned it from Kiritsugu.

All of his questions was answered when she took out a bird cage from her robe. Inside the cage there was a cube with golden-purple design.


"I am getting a very familiar feeling from that box. Master be careful" Vivian advised him.

Add. That is what the name of this cubical mystic code is. It has a semi-sentience and has ability to transform in different weapons. It is a very impressive mystic code who very few can make and even that is up to debate but its most distinguishing feature, the real reason behind its creation is to seal a noble phantasm and preserve its mysteries.

One of the only two noble phantasm still present of Once and future King. It was the last weapon to be used by her-

"The Holy Lance – Rhongomyniad" he subconsciously whispered the name of weapon sealed in Add after performing structural grasping on it. Although it was whisper both the girls present heard it clearly. Moka was upon him just few moments after he spoke those words.

She was attacking ferociously. Rhongomyniad is there biggest secret and something which means more than anything to them. It was something which must be guarded until it is handed back to it's owner. Despite what was asked from them they had no intention to hurt him too badly or capture him for those bastards after observing him for weeks and getting a glimpse of Naruto Emiya's nature.

Unfortunately it seems they have to change their decision since he knows a very sensitive nature of them. As for Avalon, since this guy has it on his being they can take it after dealing with him. Though that's easier said than done as she is going to find out.

On other side Naruto was matching her sword with his own. No matter how much she increased the swipes and slashes of her sword he matched it with his own and created them faster than she can blink.

They were so fast that their attacks looked like blur and each time they clashed it generated a small shockwave from it. Moka bit back a growl of frustration. Despite fighting with a Superior weapons and enhanced physical parameters (which was already quite impressive before) by dual swords she was unable to overwhelm him.

She was caught off guard when he projected a staff instead of sword swung at her with enough strength to make Mona's hand go numb. He swung his staff upward deflecting incoming sword swipe and going with momentum he spun on his heels performed a low sweep which white haired girl avoided by performing a front flip and landing behind him.

Before she can fully face him slammed the end of staff in her stomach forcing air out of her followed by driving his kicking her on same place with more power than before and shooting her back.

"Master incoming!" heeding Vivian's warning and going by his instinct he was barely able to divert the Scythe of Grayfia from slashing his chest open.

"Hey! This my favorite shirt." He said while dancing around her attacks.

"oh, I didn't knew. I will attack your neck." He took a step back to dodge a over head slash. "If you that I will die, you know." He said with sweat drop. She spun her scythe in high speed and using his momentum smashed it with enough force to break blonde's creation in two.

Taking page from blonde's book she thrusted the bottom of scythe in his stomach which he easily moved away from. He conjured a shield to block a wind spell that sent him skidding back. He heard Grayfia mutter some sort of aria before ground turned into thick layer of ice.

This spell only had range if around twenty meters but it did it's job. It froze his feet on the ground making him sitting duck. That is what both white haired girls thought.

'Battle of spell, is it?' he smirked as he saw Moka very skillfully running on slippery surface of ice with Kanshou and Byakyou ready to strike. Pointing his palm toward her as he muttered an aria and whole area got illuminated from the stream of lightning that burst from his palm toward Moka was not fast enough to move away from it's path. Moka who was first time experiencing such a close encounter with death despite being on several fights before closed her eyes as if accepting her death. She waited for being electrocuted to death it never came as felt herself being pushed back by someone. She opened her eyes to see Grayfia standing in front of her sleeve pulled back showing an old looking leather arm guard and her hand pointed toward the attack.

"Rho Aias!" she shouted as seven layer of bounded field in form of iridescent flower appeared in front of her stopping the attack without much effort. Naruto eyes widened seeing this, Another noble phantasm, huh. Not that I am lacking in them either.' He thought as he prepared trace one of the more powerful weapon he saw when Kiritsugu shared his memory of grail war with him.

"Master. Please don't kill them." Vivian begged him in very solemn voice. He didn't ask reason behind her request. Vivian and Naruto are more of a friends than Master and familiar thus he will no do anything that might hurt her. Prana flooded his body as he more intensely than they ever did in this battle.

He traced a crimson bow with golden vines like design on it and a copy of Kanshou which he altered to fit as arrow. Grayfia and Moka were shocked when they saw him tracing exact copy of Kanshou with same presence and power

'He was holding back whole time.' She thoughtas Kanshou in form of black blur collided with her shield and easily pierced two petals before stopping at third. Her shield was able to stop Naruto's arrow but Grayfish still paid the price. Her hand was badly bruised and she was bleeding from several wounds that appeared after he two layer of her shield.

"You can kill me if you want, just spare my sister. If you want I am also ready to serve you." She tried to negotiate for her sister's life. She was not afraid of death but that doesn't means she will drag her little sister in death with him.

"Do you really think you are in position to do any form of negotiations. Even if I did what will stop her from bringing more of your buddies to deal with me." Naruto asked coldly. He is not going to kill them as per Vivian's request but that doesn't means he will not give them a scare.

"How can you sis?! I will not run away from battlefield! How can you think that I sacrifice you for myself?" Moka said as she shakily stood in front of Grayfia and gave him a fierce glare.

Naruto sighed internally as he dispelled his bow. 'This is going to be long day.'

Line break

Naruto brought them to his home to recover after announcing that he has no intention of killing them. Although younger of the two was still hesitant to trust him she conceded when he pointed out that he could have anything if he wanted to when they were on his mercy.

Currently they are sitting on his sofa at living room while enjoying tea served by the person who thrashed them not even a hour before. These two girls are descendants from Knights of Round Table and they are the only one alive. Their family has been trying to bring King Arthur back among living and give holy lance back to their King. Their father died when they were young because he miscalculated ritual he was performing and their mother followed him couple years ago. They decided travel around whole world to find any relics from King Arthur and if possible find a way to bring him back(they don't know that King Arthur was a girl) and return the holy lance to it's rightful owner.

In one of those travel they got know where about of Avalon. Their search led them to Einzburn who initially didn't put them much in their eyes that soon changed when they pushed their way in only to be stop by Jubstacheit von Einzbern himself. Jubstacheit made a deal with them that he will tell them if they can capture him (Naruto) alive. Grayfia and Moka did not agree at first but when Einzbern told them about Kiritsugu, about some of his more ruthless deeds and how he is has trained his second coming.

"I am sorry Grayfia-San even if I want to I can not give you Avalon." Grayfia looked at him with blank face at his answer while Moka was ready to explode any moment. He took a sip from his tea enjoying its flavor before continuing. "Avalon has been within me since I was five and for reason it has acknowledged me and bonded with me."

Grayfia placed a hand on Moka to stop her from speaking anything and looked at him with her ever present blank eyes but this he can feel that it is covering intense rage. "That's a very ludicrous claim. That sheath was only made for his majesty and even he was not able to bond with it. Are you claiming you are better than him, in front of his vassals?"

Her voice which started in calm tone was higher at the end of his sentence. He sighed as he saw them fuming with anger and in Moka's case she was ready to charge at him like a Ox. "Still What kind of person can instill such a loyalty which is still so strong even after more than millennia?"

He brought his hand forward and stabbed his palm with a traced knife. Both Grayfia and Moka jumped from his action. "You idiot what the are you doing?" Moka exclaimed. She took out her handkerchief to tie his hand while Grayfia was already on his side to heal his wound. He stopped them from doing anything and pointed at his wound. They saw as it began to heal as if going in fast forward mode. Before long whole wound was healed not even leaving a scar.

"B-B-but how is that possible?" Moka looked at him with gaping mouth. While Grayfia…. Looked at him in reverence. "She probably came in conclusion that I am King Arthur's descendant."

"Master I want to talk to them."

"ok" Since she is Naruto's familiar she can materialize in this world without any problem using sheath as her gateway. Whole room suddenly whole room was bathed in serene atmosphere as motes of light began to gather beside him and took shape of beautiful woman.

"An E-elemental!?" Grayfia staggered backwards. '

"I am Vivian. The one who gave your ancestor, Sir Percival task to preserve that Holy Lance till your King returns." She introduced herself with warm smile. 'What do you mean by when your king returns.' He asked her through their link. 'I had vision after her death were I saw her living a very happy life in future. I-I am sorry I can't tell you more than this.' He didn't ask further respecting since she didn't want to talk about it.

"Lady of lake!" Both girl fell on their knees to salute her. They had no doubt about identity of person in front of them. This was something only known to their family.

"I am very delighted to see that her subjects are still so loyal to her even after such long time. On other hand I did not expect that your predecessors will attempt to bring her back." Gone was usual bubbly woman and at her place was one of the most respected figure from Arthurian legends. Naruto knew that Vivian blamed herself for what became of Arthur and her subjects. She blames herself for not helping them enough and always looking at them from sidelines.

Grayfia was confused the way Vivian addressed the King. " 'She' my lady" She asked trying not to offend the elemental.

"Oh I forgot this not known fact and a loyal Knight like Sir Percival will not disclose such secret. The King Arthur was girl and her real name was Arthoria Pendragon. I must also inform you that my master Naruto is not chosen by Avalon because kings blood courses through his vein but because of character." She paused to look at their reaction, which was hilarious.

"Master! Do you mean You and him-

"Has formed a master-servant contract? Yes." She answered to Grayfia. She continued her topic from before. "Avalon was made with intention to protect the ideal king. It chose Arthoria as it's master because she had qualities necessary for an ideal king but she had one flaw. She forsook her desires and human emotion something which is required to understand one's subjects. On other hand my master has every qualities of king and more. Which is the reason Avalon bonded with him."

Thuk. Thuk

They again fell to their knees but this time saluting him. Naruto blinked at their strange behavior. "We understand that you are not our Queens blood but her successor. We pledge our sword and life to you. Henceforth our life is yours to command and if any hands are raised against you they have to go through us before they reach you.

He stared at them for long time. He knew these girls will not take no for an answer. They were still on their knees and head bowing. "I accept. I-

He was interrupted by vibration of his cellphone signifying he received a message. Except Jiraiya and Tsunade only Rin has his cellphone number. His gripped tightened on the phone when he read the message. He was barely holding back his rage.

"What happened master? Is something wrong?"

He showed the message to her. The message was:

"If you want to save your friend come at my abode or else she will face fate worse than death." – Zouken Matou.

And cut-

For anyone who has question about Vivian able to manifest in human world than know this that transcended kind, nature spirits and fairies still exist in current era of nasuverse. The way Vivian can come and go between dimensions are similar to sliding spell. If you find any grammatical mistakes do point it to me and it will immediately rectified.

Naruria out-