Fear is a powerful emotion. Crippling. Cold. Nauseating. It can stop any and all thought process. Limit your vision - mentally as well as physically. And it will definitely keep you awake at night. Especially that one kind fear. The one which is not an abstract concept like the bogey man under your bed, but rather a tangible fear. Imminent and certain death for example. Watching people die of a sickness and knowing that you'll follow soon. Maybe you won't be the next corpse on the sick bed, or the one after that. But you know that you will soon join your best friend, with whom you used to build sandcastles in the creek behind the school. Just like you will soon join Ai, who played dolls with you and wanted to become a famous chef, just like her aunt. Or Rose who wanted to become an engineer, or even that Wantanabe-teme who kept pulling your hair, but told you you were pretty on White Day.

White Day.

That day means more here than in any other part of this world. After all our city is so beautifully white too. It's a huge celebration with an amazing parade. Loved and enjoyed by everyone even when the sickness started to rear it ugly head.

That's white too. The sickness.

Amber lead syndrome they call it.

White death they whisper behind closed doors.

There is no cure. Not yet anyway, and as the daughter of the two most well renowned doctors in the North Blue she would know that.

And there it is again: the fear. It's hard to miss at the hospital. Locked doors aren't enough to muffle the sound of discussion between said parents. Said best doctors of the North Blue. Their arguing on possible solutions, which is destined to change into shouting when the first one dares to utter the word "hopeless" or "impossible". But the silence afterwards is worse. After they agree that the "hour is late" and that they will be "more productive tomorrow".

Because it's no real silence. Because, while there might be no voices, no sound, but for the near silent humming of the high end machines in the hospital - it is still loud. The fear. And after each discussion of the Dr.s Trafalgar it seems to get louder. Naturally. There is less and less hope left to hush it.

"Fear" she thinks as she lies on her sickbed, too tired and sick to even shiver.

"The loudness of it eats away on people, almost as much as the sickness does."

And with that last thought Trafalgar D. Wadjet Lamie fell into a blissful slumber, free of pain, but with a heart still grieving the unfulfilled dreams of her friends.

The silence remained loud with fear.


I don't believe in character death unless there is a corpse.

Lamie needed a misterious middle-name (like Law) and Wadjet just fits. Creative freedom, so don't hate.

This is a Oneshot, but there is a follow up that has been lying around faaaaar too long, and I'm motivated.

This intro was a spur of the moment thing, the follow up is less depressing. Mostly.

There seems to be a spelling issue with Lamie's name. Usually I would take the Official English one, but "Lammy" looks dreadful. So I went with the one suggested by "Lamie"