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Chapter 1 Rebirth

Kara looked at those surrounding her and met Bruce's eyes.

"Tell Alex, my family, tell them I love them. Tell them I didn't have a choice." she said with her last breath.

Kara's arm shot into the air with a scream and a red beam of light was emitted from her ring, forming a red portal. The girl wasted no time, flying into it. It closed behind her quickly.

Kara had what she wanted. She had regained control long enough to use her ring. She had fought the Inversions and the Worldkillers and had the satisfaction of hearing them scream when they realized her plan.

She had sent herself to the middle of the sun. With light filling her vision, she felt her body disintegrating, the ring exploding and the Wordlkiller dying.

With a final victory, Kara found the peace she had sought for so long.

Kara exited the portal and was blinded. She had left her home once again, this time not to survive it's death but to ensure its life.

Her body burned, her flesh turning to nothing, her mind barely remaining, existing between two worlds, a blinding light and a darkness that was burning from inside her, screaming, trying to escape her body. It didn't matter. The Worldkiller was not powered by this sun. Had she been able to smile, Kara would have as she heard in her mind the Worldkiller screaming, desperate for any escape, then blessed silence. He was no longer inside her, clawing away at her very being. He was dead.

She could feel the Red Ring explode, the energy that had been in her veins and arteries leaving her empty, bloodless, the demons inside the talisman banished.

Kara felt all this in less time than a normal human could have a single thought.

Her blood, her skin, her bones beginning to turn to nothing, she knew the end was coming yet it seemed in that nanosecond to last forever. It was fine, she was at peace. Kara knew she would die and while she didn't want to, had come to terms with it.

Somehow though, as the nanosecond stretched to a second and then more seconds, she began to realize that some part of her remained whole, free, untouched by the Red Ring or the Symbiont.

Her brain remained whole as did her spine. She knew some features of her face remained, at least her eyes, though she couldn't close them.

She lived in light, surrounded by it. Unlike her escape from Krypton, darkness wasn't her companion now.

So how was she still there, still thinking, still...being?

Where was Mother? Mother promised she would be waiting. Had that just her mind telling her what she needed to hear?

This must have been death. Instead of darkness she was surrounded by light. How did her eyes exist? Shouldn't they be burned? Why couldn't she close them and return to darkness? She had entered the Sun's light and could rest but the light blinded her..

The girl felt something pulling to her, still attached somehow. She remembered this movement, drew it to where her eyes should not have been but somehow still were. Where was the darkness of death?

Bones. Kara saw the bones of her fingers. They were a bright red, curling as she wished them too. How was this possible?

Somehow she still lived. She couldn't feel the rest of her limbs, her arms, her legs, she couldn't hear her own heartbeat or blood running through her, couldn't feel the red energy flowing through her veins but she was still here.

Kara could feel the solar energy now trying to enter her brain, the cells that remained, fighting off the invasion as her body had been disintegrating around her.

The girl suddenly understood. She had always relied on the sun for her power. It was the source of everything she had become since landing on the blue planet.

Instead of resisting the solar energy, Kara opened herself up as she never had before. She understood why she still existed. The girl had a simple choice. She could stop fighting and let what was left of her body give up. Her hand was gone now, her skin, her muscles, everything that made her who she once was except her eyes that would not close. She could let the star take her, let the sun give her what she wanted since she left Krypton.

Or she could live.

Kara wanted to live. Her mind was being overcome by the solar energy, she was forgetting who she was second by second, but she knew what she had to do. The sun had been the wellspring of her power.

Now she drank more than she ever had before. Her remaining cells flared, brighter than the core of the sun she was trapped in.

Kara felt more power than any other time in her short life. She had not felt this much power since she had taken the Red Ring and that was nothing compared to the solar rays invading what was left of her body..

She fought to live, even as her memories of who she was and why she wanted to live were pushed deep inside her. Her brain was too focused to worry about memories right now. Her mind, even her soul focused on one thing, rebuilding what had been lost and then finding her way home. It was important to her. She had to find a way back to...Earth? Yes, Earth. She had to get back to...Alex. She had promised her she would come back.

The solar rays continued to bombard what was left of the body, regenerating one cell at a time, tissue slowly forming, cells multiplying. Kara's face was skeletal, only her skull remaining, protecting her brain, her eyes were somehow there, open and still seeing nothing but light.

The girl let herself go. She had opened up to the source of her power. She had been born a normal girl but now was a goddess, a child of the sun she had lived under, a sun that gave her life and was continuing to do so.

All she had to do was wait, wait for her body to rebuild and then escape the light she was engulfed in.

This was her last thought as she gave herself completely to the sun.

363 Days Later

"Clark! Are you listening to me?"

Clark shook his head, trying to focus on the red headed girl beside him. The same girl he walked home every day after school before going to his own home. "Sorry Lana. I was thinking about something."

Someone, he meant. The same someone he usually thought of. His protector, big sister, the greatest hero who ever lived. Clark used to dream he would follow her footsteps, take up her mantle.

Those dreams died with her.

"I know. You have been doing that a lot." the red headed girl told him. "Should I be jealous?"

He supposed that Lana Lang decided at the start of her seventh grade year that Clark Danvers, star Junior High Quarterback and baseball player would be her boyfriend whether he agreed or not. Clark didn't mind. He liked her, even if she could be shallow at times.

That wasn't fair though, he admitted. Lana wasn't shallow. She was just like everybody else. She didn't know the things he knew, she hadn't seen the things he had seen.

Lana didn't have an older sister who was depressed all the time and had probably been traumatized from years of battle against mankind's worst threats but refused therapy.

She didn't have another sister who threw herself into the sun. She didn't come from blood parents responsible for wiping out millions of lives.

That wasn't her fault. It was just life. Did she need to be jealous? Of course not. He was the one who was jealous of her. She lived in a sheltered world where right and wrong were clear cut and her biggest concern was about the next outfit she wore or whether she would make the high school cheer leading squad in two years.

He envied her. He also resented her, resented all his friends a little but that was not their fault.

"Of course not. Just thinking about...I'm pitching against Dayton Junior High tomorrow and they have a strong team this year. Sorry."

Lana bumped his shoulder. "No problem big guy. I worried for a bit that you had gone emo on me. If you start wearing black clothes we are going to have an intervention."

Clark nearly cringed at that word but kept his face impassive.

"So what were you saying?"

Lana dramatically rolled her eyes. "I asked if you were going to Raleigh this Saturday? Big event, right? The Supergirl Memorial thing? My parents are taking me. You could go with us if you wanted. I already asked them and they said it would be fine."

Clark nearly walked away but stood his ground so not to be rude. Ever since Kara died and Lois Lane and Catco had published that damn book about Supergirl, everyone knew what happened. Lois spilled everything she knew except his existence, the DEO's existence and Kara's and their family's identity of course. She even told the world about Myriad.

Everyone knew that while the strange men with the green rings and the Justice League fought on Earth, Supergirl had singlehandedly destroyed the entire Armada of space ships and then defeated the superpowered alien king by flying him into the sun.

The facts weren't entirely accurate but that didn't stop Lois Lane from telling a good story or making a fortune.

Now the entire world knew Supergirl hadn't just gone back into retirement. The world knew she was dead. Cults had rose up once again, even organized churches in all countries that prayed to her, statues, monuments everywhere. In life she was a hero and in death she was a deity. It made him sick because Kara wouldn't have wanted that.

They didn't know her and people acting like they did angered the boy.

"My family has plans." he answered shortly. No, they wouldn't be going to some remembrance ceremony. They remembered and mourned every day. Why would the anniversary be any different?

"Oh." Lana said, surprised by his sharpness. "Sorry I asked. I can't believe it's been a year. The invasion didn't come close to Midvale but my parents had us hiding in the basement anyway. I really thought the world was ending or something."

The world did end in a way, his world, Alex's world, his parents world. They pulled together, they supported each other, his Mom held him a lot of nights despite his half hearted protests that he was too old for that kind of thing. His Dad still coached his summer baseball team and talked about guy things, but all of them had changed. They had protected each other from the world since Clark was a baby.

But the world finally got in and took one of them. Alex hadn't been the same, not that he expected her to be. She still tried to play off the cool older sister routine but he knew it was forced. She barely spent time at home anymore, claiming work but he knew she hated the empty house her and Kara built together.

"So what did your family do?" Lana asked, pulling him from his thoughts once again. "I bet your Dad was probably watching Supergirl in space through that big telescope of his, right?"

Clark shook his head slightly. He had been in the Fortress, bathed in red sunlight, trapped and unable to do anything while his mother and father freaked out watching Kara turn into a rage fueled killer again and watching Alex having surgery through a security camera hacked into by Kelex. He was angry, frustrated, confused and terrified. Lana thought the world was going to end? She had no idea how close that came to being true.

"We watched the News." he settled for. "The whole thing didn't last long."

"I know, right? Not with Supergirl up there. What she did to that King was so cool."

Clark turned to face Lana, giving all his attention to her now. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

Lana was surprised, even backed up a little, so Clark made a conscious effort to do away with the scowl he had no doubt was on his face.

"I just...I mean it was hardcore, you know? Yeah it sucked that she died but she threw that snake king guy into the freaking sun. Think about it. How badass is that, right? I wonder sometimes if I could do that, you know? Die to save the world. I read that book about her Lois Lane wrote. She fought a prison full of alien convicts when she was 18. It must be cool to have that kind of life. All those powers, being a hero, having some meaning. She could have gone to college and got a boring job like everybody else. Instead she became a legend."

Clark began walking towards her house, already tired of the conversation. None of them understood. None of them knew she never wanted to be a hero. She wanted to be normal but that was never an option.

"What would you do if you had her powers?" Lana asked after a minute of silence. Clark stopped walking and looked at the street pavement.

"Nothing." he answered after a few moments.

Judging by Lana's face that wasn't the answer she was expecting.

"Seriously? You wouldn't do anything? I would. I would rescue people all over the world, just like she did. I'm not sure about the skirt though. I would probably go with something like a body suit, but a steel blue, you know? I guess it doesn't matter. It would be so cool though. Rescuing somebody from a burning building, people applauding you, building statues of you and your picture on all the magazine covers. You are telling me you would turn that down and do nothing?"

Clark met her eyes. "You ever think about the other stuff?"

"What other stuff?"

"The bodies of the people you couldn't save? Constantly worried about having your identity discovered and your family hunted? Wondering what alien is going to come for you next? Seeing all that destruction, people burnt, drowned, crushed..."

"Whoa! Slow down there. I love that you are deep and stuff but you are seriously a step away from goth right now. If you get a nose ring I am so dumping you. I get it, okay? The world sucks and all that. It's probably why she became a drunk. My parents wanted me to take down my posters of her when she said that on the News but I was just like, so what, the girl likes to party...Clark?"

Clark didn't turn around to acknowledge her or to even say goodbye. The boy was afraid of what he might say if he opened his mouth.

He walked home as quickly as possible. A part of him wanted to find a store bathroom, take the band off his ankle and run home at superspeed. He hadn't been without a red solar device of some kind on him in months except for showers and didn't want to break that streak but right now it was tempting.

His Mom was waiting for him on the porch as usual, trying her best to pretend to be enjoying the ocean view. He wasn't fooled. Clark knew that she wouldn't relax until he was home. She took anti-anxiety medications and still hovered over him. She even checked on him at night when she thought he was asleep and ran her fingers through his hair at times, quietly humming tunes he vaguely remembered from his earliest days.

"How was school, baby boy?" she asked.

"Please don't call me that." he asked knowing it would do no good. Kissing her on the cheek, he sat down next to her and she wrapped her arm around him as always.

"School was school." Clark told her, not knowing what else to say. She knew how bored he became at school. Even with no genetic modifications he was still the biological result of two brilliant minds and school was as simple for him as it was for Kara.

"Why don't you take that band off? Let yourself soak up some sunshine for a while. You look pale. Have you been feeling well? You have to tell me if you are getting sick. This isn't about you being tough. I need blood samples if you are feeling ill. I need to know before whatever is wrong can have a chance to advance. I can take a blood sample right now and you can take the band off for the night."

The boy shook his head. "I feel fine and I don't want to feel like a Kryptonian. Why don't you talk Dad into placing a crystal in me and I wouldn't have to worry about these bands all the time? If one of them breaks during a game I could kill someone or hit a baseball three miles, if it didn't explode on contact. I don't want these powers and I don't understand why..."

"When you are older." his mother cut him off.

"You don't want me to do what Kara did. I don't want to. So why can't I live like a normal person?"

"Because I can't lose you." Eliza told him quickly. "Not you, not ever. I lost Kara. I have nearly lost Alex too many times to count. I refuse to lose you. Do you know how hard it was for Kara when the two of you first moved in? How difficult it was for her to let me be your mother? It hurt her, I know it did, but she let me. It was a responsibility and a privilege I have never taken for granted. No matter how much you hate hearing this, you are my baby and I will not take chances with your life. We can discuss the matter again when you turn 18 but until them you may wear the bands as much as you want but you will not have any crystal put into your body."

Eliza leaned over and kissed his forehead then stood up. "We are having Teriyaki Chicken for dinner then you and your father are walking to Alex's to feed Streaky. She is working late tonight."

Rather than continuing a debate he knew he could not win, Clark followed his mother into the house and dropped his backpack on the couch as soon as she was in the kitchen.

"Please put your backpack in your room Clark." Eliza told him from the kitchen, even though she could not see into the living room. Somehow she always knew. Clark rolled his eyes since he was out of her sight but did as told, then came quickly back down.

"Can I go to the Fortress?" he asked.

Eliza looked at him with eyes that Clark could swear saw through him as good as any X Ray vision. His Mom always somehow knew when something was bothering him, like she could read his mind.

"What's wrong? Something has upset you."

The boy shrugged his shoulders not wanting to discuss it. What was wrong? Lana thinking Kara died a hardcore death, calling her a hero and a drunk who liked to party, Alex throwing herself into work to avoid dealing with Kara being dead, maybe that a couple days from now would be the anniversary of Kara having to throw herself into the sun and no one wanted to talk or even think about it but that was unavoidable.

"Nothing. I just thought I would hang out with Kelex. I don't have any homework. I'll be back before dinner, I promise."

Eliza looked at him for a moment longer then smiled and nodded her head. She knew something was bothering him and it was more than the upcoming anniversary of Kara's death. Spending time in the Fortress alone always seemed to give him a sense of peace no matter how little it was. "That's fine. Kelex is coming to the house later anyway. He needs to get out of the Fortress every now and then. He has still been having difficulty with emotions he has continued to discover over the past...regardless, have fun."

The boy headed quickly to the basement. Stepping through the transporter he was in Antarctica seconds later.

Justin was watching the sun. Alex always kept in touch with Kelex and the supercomputer was always monitoring the sun for any irregularities. Alex had Kelex monitor any signs of direct threats to Clark but for the most part her focus was on the star that killed his sister.

Clark walked to the northeast corner and placed his palm on a familiar panel, one that should have been worn out by Kara and Alex's hands. The floor slid open as always and the glass cases slowly rose.

Mannequins were in front of him. Most had costumes Kara had made but never wore due to the possible repercussions from Cat Grant or their Dad. She had worn the blue top and blue skirt often at night though and a red cape hung from it, not Clark's blanket she normally wore but one Kelex had crafted. Her armored costume hung awkwardly on its mannequin. She never did find the time to fix it after the Doomsday fight.

Interspersed with these garments were the first costume Alex ever wore, what Kara dubbed her "Manhunter" garb. Copper fabric and flexible Kryptonian armor along with a mask that contained more tech in it than the entire NSA had. His older sister's solid black suit was also present as well as the one that was covered in reflector panels, her "stealth" suit that could make her invisible to the naked eye.

One mannequin was unclothed. It was the one that previously held Kara's famous red skirt and blue top. She had worn it to battle Reign then it turned into...whatever it was that Red Lanterns wore. Now it was lost forever like Kara.

His shoulders dropped and he hung his head, tears stinging his eyes.

Clark was so lost in his thoughts he never heard Kelex walking up or noticed him until he felt the metal hand on his shoulder.

"I miss her too." Kelex told him and squeezed a bit. "Would you like to be alone?"

Clark said nothing, hot tears running down his cheeks but shook his head. He didn't want to be alone. Kelex stayed behind him, keeping a comforting hand on his shoulder and for that the boy was grateful.

UNC Raleigh Genetics Lab

"Dr. Danvers?"

Alex slowly opened her eyes. She knew the position she was in. It was one the woman had become used to, At some point in the early hours of the morning she had fallen asleep in her chair, head tilted back, arms on the arm rests and neck incredibly stiff.

"Yes...yeah Sue, what's up?" Alex asked her assistant with a scratchy voice.

"You slept here last night." Sue said, not asking. "You do own a home right near your parents in Midvale right? Do you not have a bed there? I can lend you one."

Alex tried to laugh, even fake a smile but her face didn't want to cooperate this morning.

"I had to get my report to the CDC last night. You know how it is with outbreaks, time equals lives. Sleep didn't seem that important." she explained.

For the last three months, in addition to researching antimicrobial resistance of viruses against various medication on the market, she took freelance work for the Center for Disease Control. Though Alex never went out into the field, she did look over reports from field agents and assisted in identifying potential sources of outbreaks in the surrounding environments. The work was interesting and kept her very busy. Busy enough that her family worried about her constantly.

Alex admitted between keeping up with her strenuous workout routine and her crazy hours at the lab, she had little personal time and what she did have, she spent at her parents or the Fortress, only sleeping at the her and Kara's house. Many nights found her like this, passed out from exhaustion at her desk.

"Seems like you are the one who doesn't have a life." Sue commented. "Dedication to work is one thing but if you don't take some time..."

"Was there something you needed Sue?" Alex interrupted, having heard this lecture from both her parents and really not in the mood to listen to her secretary rehash everything.

Sue must have recognized by the tone of Alex's voice that her advice was not needed.

"I saw your car here early and figured you had slept over. Your parents just got here, probably waiting for you in the cafeteria."

Alex groaned and looked at her monitor, seeing it was already 8:30. She had no doubt that she looked like hell and her parents would comment on it.

"Yeah, thanks."

"I think it is so cool that you and your parents eat breakfast together every morning. It's nice to see a close family. I wish I got along that well with my parents."

Alex smiled and shook her head slightly. "Family is all you can count on."

"Not friends? Maybe you could spend some time with yours if you ever left this lab." the younger woman suggested.

Alex took her in as she often did and wished she could be that girl. Sue was young, 22, pretty, raven hair and a willowy frame. She was optimistic and still thought life was easy, fun, even hopeful. She still had faith in humanity.

"I don't have many friends. The ones I do usually work nights and stay busy." Alex told her.

A few minutes later, a disheveled Alex walked into the large cafeteria on the first floor of the genetics lab.

"I got your plate already." her Dad greeted her then kissed his daughter on the cheek.

"What have I told you about working that late? Sleeping at the lab is not good for your health." Eliza started, not wasting time on pleasantries.

"It was a CDC case. What am I supposed to do, tell them I don't have time to analyze reports for the source of a viral outbreak because I need to sleep?"

"Don't take every case they throw across your desk." Jeremiah told her. They had this argument often and Alex always agreed to lessen her load and then continued on with her nearly all consuming work life.

Alex didn't argue. There was no point. She did the best she could to be there for Clark and took Sundays off most of the time, doing whatever he wanted, even if it usually came down to riding on her bike or playing video games. But the week was for work and work kept Alex occupied. It was easier than waiting for Kelex to report no unusual solar activity or hanging out in an empty house. Work stopped her from constantly reliving memories.

Of course the memories haunted her regardless of her efforts.

"You are going to be at Clark's game this afternoon, right?" her mother asked and Alex recognized it was not really a question but an order.

"Of course. I have never missed one of his games." Alex said, almost offended. It was true. The woman had never missed one of her brother's games. She may have tried to avoid having a life of her own but she would never ignore him. Clark was all she had left, the only one she had left to protect. Alex and Kara had been protectors since she was 14 and Kara 13. Now it fell to her alone to be there for her little brother, the one she fell in love with the moment she laid eyes on him, stumbling out from his hiding spot behind Kara.

After as light a conversation as possible with her parents, none of them wanting to discuss the date tomorrow, the anniversary of the worst day of Alex's, of all their lives, the brunette returned to her lab, shut the door and remained there until four PM. Her experiments needed time, cultures needed to grow and she could no longer think of an excuse to stay any later.

Alex drove home, not pushing her the car Kara had rebuilt for her due to her heavy eyes and no doubt slow reflexes on the road. Alex also didn't drive as she once did for unspoken reasons.

Though she kept her skills up to protect her family if they were ever attacked, Alex had lost interest in danger or excitement. If something happened to her, Clark would be lost. He couldn't lose both her and Kara.

Reaching home, she rushed into the house, fed and watered Streaky, changed clothes and took off, running along the beach, then her core exercises. She timed her workout perfectly, leaving just enough time to arrive back at the house, shower and leave for Clark's game.

Despite the mood he had been in lately, despite tomorrow's date, the boy did well. Her mother cheered loudly as always, her Dad watched in silence, studying the boys every move but things were not the same and they all knew it.

Clark did not have the same sparkle in his eyes when he struck someone out that he had before. The boy hit a home run and didn't smile as he rounded the bases.

Afterward, she accompanied everyone to the local pizza place where Clark's team celebrated their opening victory. The boy did his best to talk to his friends, smile, say the appropriate things but it was an act, nearly identical to the one Kara put on for most of her life on Earth.

A year ago Kara had been lost but whatever had remained of Clark's innocence was lost as well. Alex had come close to death, Kara disappeared and he truly understood then. No one was untouchable. The world, the Universe, was a cold, hard place where fair did not matter.

"I think it would be good if we were all together tomorrow." Eliza told her. as they prepared to leave the pizza place. "Please Alex? Don't go to the Lab."

"I won't." Alex promised. "Have lunch ready and I will be there at noon. I need to do laundry first and there is no way I am getting up early."

Her mother nodded, allowing Alex to relax a bit. Yes, she would be there. Where else would she be? Clark needed her.

When Alex pulled into the drive it was only nine PM. It was too early. Despite her exhaustion the woman always had trouble falling asleep before midnight. She preferred to hold the nightmares off as long as possible. Instead she walked to the beach for the second time that day and sat in the dark on the driftwood, the one Kara loved to perch herself on while she drew the scenery around her. Despite how many drawings Kara had done, the blonde always found some new detail she had missed before.

Not for the first time, Alex considered finding someone to spend the night with, even occasionally, someone to help her take her mind off the world for one night and then leave her alone. But who? Nyssa still texted occasionally, asking how she was but Nyssa had been too close to Kara. Seeing her would be giving in to her old life in Alex's mind, a life she had left behind.

A new person, someone who didn't know her past was not acceptable either. Alex had never been a woman to sleep around. Cameron had been her only real relationship. That alone made her wary of commitment. She also didn't want anyone commenting on the thin scars that traced her belly, the ones from the operation that saved her life after a high speed collision with a Worldkiller in the air. The moment she would be asked, she would relive that day. At that point Alex would have no more interest in her female distraction.

If she actually spent the night with someone, how would she explain the nightmares, the tears that woke her some nights, the shaking that wouldn't stop until the sun rose?

Someone new wasn't an option. Neither was someone she had known. Alex was alone and had come to peace with the idea that she most likely always would be.

The next morning the woman woke early despite her wishes, considered working out but dismissed the idea. She took her anxiety meds and the antidepressants she had been prescribed six months before that did no good and sat on the couch, planning to watch a movie, maybe a comedy, anything besides the coverage on the memorials, the celebrations of Kara's life, the dedication ceremonies for more statues.

So of course she turned to Catco's World Wide News channel and flipped to the other outlets Cat Grant owned.

The longer she watched, the angrier she became.

One channel discussed Lois Lane's book, Kara's life, her heroic exploits.

Another talked of her problems, her alcoholism, her drug addiction and mental health.

She watched coverage of the cults around the world, worshiping her. One church that worshiped Supergirl in Germany had organized a parade, a large crucifix being held by the man in front with Kara's likeness nailed to it.

Seeing that made the woman rush to the bathroom and vomit the pizza she had eaten the night before.

Kara would hate this, all of it. Did no one understand that she only wanted to be left alone? Did no one understand the sacrifices her family had made for this world? Life could have been perfect if not for Myriad, for that damn Astra who started her little sister's descent into madness.

Did no one, even Lois Lane and Cat Grant not understand that Kara wouldn't have wanted this? This world wide display would have sickened her little sister. It sickened Alex and she prayed Clark was not watching.

Alex could have turned it off but instead stood in the back of the living room watching more coverage. She grabbed a vase from the shelf and threw it across the room, shattering the television screen.

"Kelex, get me Cat Grant." the woman ordered, placing a com in her ear. "I don't give a damn how busy she supposedly is. Put her on the phone or tell you plan to knock out her entire global network."

As Alex suspected, Cat Grant understood that Alex Danvers did not bluff. She was in Alex's ear in less than a minute.

"Alex, how are you?" the woman asked, trying to sound sympathetic.

"I just saw your news channel covering a parade in Germany by some assholes who have my sister's likeness crucified! Take that crap off the air. The more it is shown the more controversy and anger it will cause around the world. These cults are bad enough but this is over the top!"

Alex heard Cat sigh on the other end of the line, as if she were suffering this conversation for Alex's sake. That infuriated her even more.

"Alex, our stations, all the stations are reporting on what is happening in the world. These kind of events are not just happening in Germany. I don't make the news, I just report it."

Alex felt her blood boil but lowered her voice. "You do nothing but make the news. You had my sister named and branded less than 24 hours after she showed herself to the world. You told her what to do, what to wear, where to go and she listened because she trusted you. You made a fortune off her. You still are. Do not tell me you don't make the news, Cat. That is all you do. Take this damn stuff off the air before it causes worldwide religious wars or I will take it off myself. You think you report the news? Try doing it without satellites. You have ten minutes before I blow them all and then I will be visiting you personally. If you think Kara had anger management problems, trust me, it runs in the family."

Alex cut the connection off and briefly looked for something else to throw. Noting was in arms reach sadly.

Deciding that being here was doing her no good, she mentally prepared for the day, a day of being strong for Clark and her parents, a day of acting the part she had given herself for their sake.

Before she walked out the door Alex heard the familiar sound of Kelex walking up the basement steps. He entered the house often but usually announced his imminent arrival.

For not the first time, Alex wished she had given him a more human like face. The only indication of something being wrong was the speed he was running.

"Alex, something...I found something. Justin reported it to me a four minutes ago and I have verified it. Three and a half hours ago something launched from the sun, a solid object. It was moving at incredible speed but actually slowed down as it hit atmosphere. All satellites can see is that the object was very bright and incredibly hot."

"A meteor from the sun?" Alex asked quietly. That didn't happen. It was scientifically impossible.

"Alex, it made impact in the Amazon Rainforest. It struck the Earth at the exact same place Kara teleported herself into the sun a year ago."

"Kara." the girl whispered.

"There is a strong possibility she has returned." Kelex agreed, barely concealing the excitement in his voice.

"Who...who else knows about this?" the girl asked shakily.

"Some seismologists have picked up tremors. If a satellite looks, it will spot a large crater in the middle of the Amazon. Other than that, no one seems to be paying it any attention. Of course it just struck four minutes, six minutes ago now." the AI told her.

Alex felt a multitude of emotions, including hope, fear, excitement and caution at getting her hopes up.

No, there would be no caution. A year ago today, the Earth in the same place in relation to the sun, striking at the exact spot...

"Wipe out any seismograph information. Search everywhere, wipe out anything that is related to this. Are there any locals who may have noticed?"

"No village for at least 500 miles." the robot assured her.

"Prepare Scarlett 2. I want to be in the air in under twenty minutes. "