"Thorn? Thorn!" Ramirez's voice came out as muffled "Fuck, he's not waking up. Franklin hand me the syringe."

Maverick felt something pierce his arm and all his senses heightened, as if he had used redbull to mix his coffee powder for breakfast then snorted some coke on the way out. His eyes opened and he shot upward, hands jittering, whole body shaking as he demanded Ramirez to tell him what she did to him.

"Adrenaline." Ramirez said "Or at least that's what our agency's excuse for it is. Its good for waking up someone unconcious immediately and gives them a slight energy boost for a while."

Maverick looked at his trembling hands, heart beating so fast he felt like it would explode. "Slight?"

"You'll get used to it."

Maverick took off his ruined shirt to show the body armor he was wearing riddled with pellets. He took that off as well and put his shirt back on. "Where's Elena?"

Clarke and Ramirez didn't look at him. "Guys, I asked you a question." Maverick said "What about the kid?"

Clarke and Ramirez looked at each other, waiting for the other to say something. Ramirez sighed and answered Maverick. "After she shot you, they got taken. Both her and the kid. We wanted to help but we were too hurt so we just hid."

Now that Maverick was fully awake, he saw the extent of their injuries. Ramirez had a sling around her arm, bleeding from a bullet wound just below her shoulder and Clarke had bloodied gauze on his leg and was currently working on a splint.

"We need to call for help."

"No." Ramirez said "The FBI's compromised. Who knows how many moles are working there. We can't take that risk."

"Call Six. We hadn't reported back to her about the extraction. She has to know something's up by now."

"That's also a no." Clarke said "Even if we do call her, she has no idea where we are. If she sends a search party and the white masks find out, they might cut their losses, kill the kid and Alvarez and take off to god knows where. We can't take that risk either."

Maverick's shoulders slumped. "So that's it? We're on our own?"

Clarke and Ramirez nodded. The former, who just finished making his splint slowly stood up and limped over to Maverick.

"Now let's get going."

Maverick shook his head. ""No. No way. You two have done way too much already, you're not coming with me."

"You're not excluding us from this." Ramirez said.

"Yes I am." Maverick said "Look at you two. Clarke can barely walk and I don't think you can even hold a gun."

Ramirez took the sling off and moved her arm a bit. "There is a mole in the FBI which makes this our business now and if you do anything that can stop us from carrying out our investigation we have the right to arrest you."

"Fine, but if anything happens to you I can't be held responsible."

Clarke shrugged. "That wasn't the first time I heard that and it won't be the last."

The three of them rummaged to what they had left, picking up various guns and ammunition. Once they finished, they had manage to gather two rifles with three magazines each, a grenade launcher, a bolt action sniper rifle and enough pistol ammunition for all of them. Ramirez left a note for the police so that when they come in this morning and see their precinct destroyed at least they know why.

As they were about to leave, they heard a groan from one of the bodies on the floor. Maverick rolled it over to see an almost but not quite dead white mask, blood coming from the parts of his vest that weren't able to stop their bullets.

"Where are you taking them?" Maverick demanded.

The white mask spat blood onto his face as a response.

Maverick wiped it off before pressing his finger down on one of the white masks' bullet wounds. He yelled in agony and Maverick repeated his question. He pressed harder and the white masks garbled out that they were going to collect their equipment from where they holding out before moving to some new location. He gave some coordinates which Clarke took note of before Maverick finally let go.

He got up and they went to leave when the white mask yelled something behind them.

"What are you going to do? Walk in there and arrest everyone?"

Maverick stopped and pulled his pistol out. "Who said anything about arresting?" he asked before executing the white mask.


The car began to bounce as they went off road, making Olivia worry even more. "Where are they taking us Alvarez? What are they going to do to me?"

Mira sighed. "I don't know kid."

"What about the others, what happened to them? Are they-"

"I don't know, alright?!" Mira snapped before realizing she was scaring someone who's already terrified "I'm sorry kid. I just can't, I can't believe I shot Erik."

"He's fine Alvarez and you know it." Olivia said earnestly.

"Still, if I hadn't done that, we might not have gotten taken."

"Look at it this way, if you hadn't shot him, he'd be here with us, awaiting the same fucked up fate we have waiting for us."

Mira sighed. "I don't want to die with the way I left things off with Erik."

"Then let's make sure we don't die." Olivia said, expecting a response with the same vibe from Mira only to be disappointed.

"I'm not sure kid." Mira sighed "We're up against shit odds here. Chances are they'd kill me and use you for whatever twisted shit they have planned then kill you as well. Protecting you was the one job I had and I fucked that up as well."

"You did everything you could Alvarez. You couldn't have done anything to stop this so don't think that this is your fault." Olivia said "I just want to apologize for the way I behaved when we first met since you still kept me alive despite that."

Mira extended her arms and Olivia accepted, the two of them wrapped in a hug as the car got closer and closer to its destination.


Maverick peered through a pair of binoculars to a spot near the end of a bridge while Ramirez was tending to the wound on Clarke's leg.

"You shouldn't be going down there Franklin. You can barely walk."

"I have to." Clarke said "I won't be much help up here."

"You still have that sniper rifle don't you?" Ramirez asked and Clarke nodded "Cover us from here and keep the engine running in case we need to get out quickly."

"I don't know Isabel. Do you trust me enough to cover you two with only five rounds?"

"Only if you trust me enough not to need that cover."

Clarke scoffed. "Smart-xxxq źç."

Ramirez leaned in to kiss him and he accepted, only pulling away when Maverick yelled at them from behind. "Hey, they're almost here."

Maverick loaded the grenade launcher and waited for the convoy to get close enough. "Remember, take out the first car then the last, trap everyone on the bridge. Once we have Elena and Olivia, run for it."

Ramirez nodded, grabbing both rifles just as the convoy reached the bridge. "Come on." Maverick whispered before firing at the lead car, taking it out with a fiery explosion. He quickly reloaded and fired at the last car, blowing it up as well. Ramirez gave him one of the rifles and they ran out of their cover, firing at the white masks that got out of their cars to try and spot their attackers.

Maverick threw a flash, blinding everyone within its radius giving him and Ramirez a handful more kills. "Search the cars, look for them so we can get the fuck out of here!" he yelled and they split up, searching the multiple cars that made up the convoy.

Maverick went to the car nearest to him and opened the door only to find it empty. He cussed under his breath and moved on to the next car only to have no more luck on it than on the last one. "Ramirez," he yelled "you find them yet?"

"Come here!" Ramirez yelled back.

Maverick ran to the back of a truck, its doors chained shut. Ramirez banged against the door and Mira yelled back at them.

"You have your torch with you right?"

"I left it in the car."

"Shit." Ramirez yanked against the chain "The car is too far from here. By the time you get back reinforcements would have already arrived."

Maverick raised his rifle at the chain but Ramirez stopped him. "That chain's reinforced steel. Save the bullet, even a dmr can't get through that."

Maverick ran a hand through his hair, weighing his options. "Fuck it." He finaly said "We're taking the truck."

"Are you sure?"

"We don't have a choice." Maverick said as he got in the truck and backed up, pushing thhe wreckage of the last car.

Ramirez got on the comms. "Franklin, change of plans we took the truck, just follow us." She said before facing Maverick. "Where to now?"

Maverick manuvered the truck and sped out of the bridge. "I don't know yet, for now we need to get out of here." He said before banging against the back of the cabin "You alright back there?"

"Yes, just get out of here!" Mira yelled back.

"Hang on Elena, we'll get you-"

Maverick felt the truck lunge forward annd fishtail. Barely managing to control of the truck, he looked at the rearview mirror and saw another van coming at them from behind. He yelled at Mira and Olivia to hold on and he jerked the wheel to the left, cutting through the bushes and into the next lane. The van followed suit, speeding through the dividers and ramming them from behind again.

The truck skidded and before Maverick could react they were already rolled over sidewards. From the cracked windshield, Maverick could see the van barrelling towards them and he braced for impact, but the impact never arrived.

Before the van could reach them, the winshield shattered and the driver's head exploded into a cloud of blood. The van swerved and went in the water. Maverick kicked his door open and climbed out to see Clarke standing by their car behind them, barrel of the sniper rifle still smoking.

He limped towards them and helped Ramirez out while Maverick ran to the car to grab his torch. He lit up a small flame and tested it a few times before running back. He torched the chain, using up more propane than he thought due to the reinforcement. Eventually, it softened annd fell to the ground with a clink.

He opened the doors to see Mira and Olivia, a little shaken up but otherwise OK. He offered his hand to help them out, Olivia first then Mira. Unlike Olivia, who he handed to Clarke and Ramirez for them to check her for any injury, when Mira grabbed his hand he pulled her close and gave her a kiss.

He waited for her to be the one to pull away but she didn't so he broke the kiss. "What happened to waiting until all this was over?"

Maverick smiled at her. "No more waiting." He said "I could lose you at any moment so I'm going to enjoy all of you while I can."

Mira smiled and gave him another kiss before walking back to the others, hand in hand. "Aw, how cute." Clarke said "Now what?"

Maverick and Mira looked at the wreckage. "Motel?"


They all sat around a table in one of the motel rooms they had rented for the night, discussing their next move now that the whole police escort was dead.

"We could try going back. We should have enough." Mira suggested only for her idea to be dismissed by Clarke.

"Where would we go? Hereford's too far to drive and HQ is definitely out of the question."

"Who said anything about driving?" Maverick asked, an idea brewing up in his mind "Olivia, can you send a message that can't be seen by anyone except the person it was intended for?"

Olivia nodded and Maverick wrote a number, coordinates and a time on a piece of paper. "Send this to that number."

Olivia got on her laptop and got to work. "What exactly is your plan here?"

"I'm getting us back to Hereford." Maverick said "From there Six can help you if you want to make an official investigation on the FBI."

Clarke and Ramirez nodded and after discussing a few more deatils, Mira and Maverick left Clarke and Ramirez's room to go to theirs. Mira felt slightly ashamed of expecting Maverick to pick up where they left off back on the bridge, and felt disappointed when he didn't.

She went to use the bathroom and when she came back she found him on the balcony, staring at the night sky. She went to approach him, shivered in the midnight breeze and went back inside. After wrapping herself on the thankfully clean blanket she went outside, offerinng Maverick a share of the blanket. He took it and they moved closer to each other, sharing the warmth of the blanket.

Maverick sighed. "Maria loved nights like these."

Mira snuggled closer, letting him know she was there if he needed her to be. They stayed like that for a while, not saying a word to each other to enjoy the silence between them. Sure it was cold, and Mira left the sliding door open so there was probably a million insects in their room by now but there was nowhere else she'd rather be.

"Sorry about what I said a while ago by the way." Maverick said "The whole 'enjoying all of you' part. It was inappropriate."

"Its fine." Mira said, somewhat surprised "So do you want to?"

Maverick raised his eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Enjoy all of me." Mira said, mischief in her eyes "Do you want to?"

Before Maverick could answer Mira pulled him in and kissed him, grabbing his hand and placing it on her chest. When she pulled away, Maverick pulled her back in and they kissed again, more passionately.

"I take that as a yes?"

Maverick gave her another kiss as a response. Mira didn't want to pull away, but there was no way she was going any further unless they were back inside.

"We're doing this in there." Mira said, pointing back to the room "Its cold out here. I don't want you all shriveled up down there."

Maverick lifted Mira and carried her bridal style back into the room. He put her down to shut the sliding door and when he turned back to face her, she already rushed to get his clothes off.

"Woah, someone's eager."

Mira didn't say anything and proceeded to take her clothes off while Maverick finished removing his. They continued to make out as Maverick slowly laid her onto the bed. His hand started to move downwards, fingers ready to play with Mira's nether regions when she stopped him.

"No foreplay. I want you inside me now." Mira said.

"Wow you really are desperate."

A smug grin appeared on Maverick's face, one that would disappear once Mira grabbed his balls and squeezed them in her hand.

"Ow! Fine, just hold on."

Maverick went to his discarded pants on the floor to get his wallet. He took a condom out while Mira watched, biting her lip as she saw him stroke himself a few times before putting the condom on the tip and rolling it downwards, forming a little stain on the bed between her legs.

She was slightly disappointed that he didn't choose to go in raw, but she understood why. The administrators would be pissed if she got pregnant, more so since they weren't supposed to be having sex in the first place.

Maverick walked back to her and grabbed her ankles. "I hope you're flexible."

He lifted herr legs and pressed them against her chest as he aligned himself with her entrance. He inserted himself slowly, letting both him and Mira feel as much as they can. "God you're tight. When was the last time you had sex?"

"Don't you ever ask me that Erik."

Maverick began to thrust in and out of her slowly, getting comfortable with her before speeding up. He maintained a steady pace, although he sped up every once in a while to throw Mira for a loop, who began to moan as he found that spot that drove her crazy, scratching itches she didn't even know she had.

Mira's nails dug into Maverick's back as each thrust brought her closer and closer to her peak. Maverick could tell and once he felt her walls begin to tighten around him, he pulled out and began teasing at her entrance, only putting the tip in which was enough to keep Mira aroused but not enough to send her over the edge.

"Poner todo en maldita sea!" Mira yelled in frustration.

"Elena if you want me to do something, tell me in english."

Mira had difficulty forming words, the frustration of being so close yet so far clouded her mind. "Fuck me properly!"

"If you say so." Maverick began thrusting in and out of her again, this time so hard it sent Mira over the edge in just a few thrusts, yelling his name as she rode out her orgasm. She barely had time to recover when Maverick began thrusting again, sloppier this time, no longer following the rhythm he had maintained a while ago.

Mira bit her lip, trying to stay quiet this time since she remembered that the others were just in the next room. It proved difficult though, each thrust was faster, harder than the ones before and Maverick's desperation to reach his own climax only served to heighten Mira's arousal. She felt herself getting close again, walls tightenig around Maverick again. This time he didn't pull out and thrusted into Mira her hips were bucking and her eyes rolled backwards.

Maverick pulled out, length sticking outwards, still not given the climax it so desperately wanted. Mira laid on the bed panting, brain trying to regain the ability to speak after two mindblowing orgasms. "Dios mio, that was amazing."

"Thanks." Maverick said "Now do you mind returning the favor?"

Mira sat up so that she was at eye level with Maverick's length. Maverick was so close that just the feeling of Mira's hands on his aching flesh as she took the condom off nearly made him cum on the spot. He bit his lip, barely managing to stop his climax at the last second. Mira noticed.

"Lay down on the bed."

Maverick obeyed and Mira crawled over him before proceeding to straddle his face. "I want an orgasm."

"I just gave you two Elena."

Mira shrugged. "I want another one."

"Give me mine first!"

"I know how close you are Erik. I don't want to put my mouth on your dick only to have you cum a second later." Mira said "Besides, this is what you get for teasing me. Now lick or I won't give you an orgasm at all."

Maverick groaned in disagreement but lick Mira anyway, outside first before parting her lips and inserting his tongue in her slit. He found that spot that drove her crazy again, making Mira swear under her breath, shattering her composure as he played around with it and before long Mira was screaming his name again.

"There." Maverick said "Its my turn now."

Mira smirked. "I don't know. Right now I could really use a shower."

Maverick's blue balls made him let go of all his pride. "Elena please."

"Now who's desperate?" Mira said "I like it when you beg. Do it some more."

"Please Elena, I'm begging you."

"Please what, Erik?"

Maverick groaned. "You know what I mean Elena."

Mira feighned innocence even though it was clear she was anythig but. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Maverick groaned again. "You're going to have to tell me what you want Erik." Mira said, cupping his balls in her hand "Oh, and in english please."

Maverick was pissed even though he knew this was just justice for a while ago. His length throbbed, begging for release and he finally gave in.

"Please let me…" Maverick couldn't finish his sentence.

Mira played with his balls some more, making it unbearable for Maverick. "Yes Erik? What is it?"

"Please let me cum."

Mira smiled. "There you go. Was that so hard?" she said "Don't you ever tease me again, you understand?"

Maverick nodded and Mira's head slowly went lower until Maverick felt her tongue brush against his tip. He thought she was going tease him again but instead she took him whole, head bobbing up and down as she deepthroated him.

Maverick grunted and exploded in her mouth, shocking Mira. It tasted bitter and she was sure some of it stuck to her teeth but she hadn't tasted cum in so long that she swallowed it anyway.

Maverick was panting on the bed and Mira gave him a light slap on the face. "No warning Erik?"


"You better be." Mira said "Now give me a kiss. You deserve to know how you taste."

Mira expected him to disobey, and she wouldn't blame him but he surprised her when he did it without hesitation, even going the extra mile and sticking his tongue in her mouth.

Maverick saw her shocked face and smirked. "Maria made me do that all the time."

Mira chuckled and got up. "Where do you think you're going?" Maverick asked.

"I'm taking a shower."

"No you're not." Maverick said, getting up after her "You came three times, I came once. You owe me two."

Mira rolled her eyes. "Come with me then." She said as she grabbed him by his length and pulled him into the bathroom with her.