Maverick woke up with Mira cuddled up next him and he couldn't help but smile at the sight of her. Her usually clean pixie cut was all over the place and her face looked peaceful under the sunlight coming from the window. Once again, he managed to turn his alarm off seconds before it went off, sparing Mira of its disturbance. Instead, he gave her a gentle kiss on the lips to wake her up. Mira stirred for a bit before she kissed back showing Maverick that she was now awake.

"Good morning." Maverick greeted.

"Yeah the morning's good, but last night was better."

Maverick smiled and leaned in for another kiss but Mira shied away from. "What's wrong?"

"Your breath stinks."

Maverick chuckled. "Fine. Get up, we have to leave soon."

"Why?" Mira groaned "I'd rather just stay here. With you."

"Well we can't. We have a schedule to keep." Maverick said, getting up.

Mira groaned again. "Fine."

"Good." Maverick said "Get your things ready, I'm taking a shower."

"Can I come with you?"

Maverick turned around and smiled at Mira before walking back to the bathroom. Mira got up and followed him in.

Mira and Maverick joined the others in their room after they had finished packing. They sat down at the table for breakfast, taking note how everyone else was silent around them. "What?"

Clarke and Ramirez didn't say anything and continued eating but Olivia was struggling not to laugh. "The walls are thin around here Alvarez." Was all she said but it was enough to get the point across to Mira.

Mira's face turned a deep shade of red. "Oh god, I'm-I'm sorry for-"

"Its fine. Just please stop talking about it." Ramirez said, trying to focus on her food.

"You guys ready?" Maverick asked.

"This plane better work Thorn. My shooting arm still hurts." Ramirez said to which Maverick just reassured her.

"Don't worry. Like I told you, this will work but only if we can make it there in time."

"Well whoever took that long shower definitely didn't help." Olivia said, which just made Mira blush again.

"Can we please just go already?"

"Let me just get our equipment." Mira said.

"Don't worry, its all in the car already." Clarke said.


"Like the kid told you," Clarke said "you were in the shower for a long time."

After a quick breakfast they all boarded the car and soon they were off. Thirty minutes into the trip, Ramirez began to question Maverick on what exactly his plan was, not being contented with the 'You'll see' he usually gives her.

"We're going to a secluded place alright." Maverick said "Someplace where we can safely leave this place for good. We just have to get there in time so no more stopovers."

Just as Maverick said that, Olivia reached into her bag and realized she was out of what she was looking for. She tapped Mira to see if she had any only to be disappointed when she had none. She looked to Mira for help and with a sigh, she delivered.

"Erik stop at the nearest convenience store." Mira said.

"I just said no more stopovers."

"This is different. Olivia needs some…just stop the car."

Maverick complained but otherwise did what Mira told him to. They pulled up a local 7-11 and Maverick got out the car, telling the others to wait in the car. Olivia offered to be the one who goes to buy it since she was the one who's going to use it but Maverick didn't let her since she was still wanted by the white masks and because she's 'going to take too long' according to him.

He entered the store and heard the ding of the bell on top of the door. He walked to the feminine products and when he couldn't find what he was looking for, he walked to the counter, planning out what he was going to say. Despite having done it for Maria countless times, he always felt somewhat shy about asking the person at the counter for them.

He tapped on the counter, getting the attention of the clerk who was watching the portable TV. "Hey man, you have any, uh, you know, the thing women need so that they won't…" Maverick made a gesture with his hands to urge the clerk to finish his sentence for him.


"No. The, like opposite of it. If she's using this it means you won't get laid."

The clerk just stared at him, dumbstruck. "He's talking about tampons." Olivia said, entering the store after Maverick "Can you give us some please?"

"Sure." The clerk said "Why didn't you just say that?"

The clerk walked to the back and once he was out of earshot, Maverick confronted Olivia. "I thought I told you to stay in the car."

"Well I still have to put it on so I have to go down anyway."

Maverick blinked, mentally slapping himself for not realizing how stupid he was. "There's a toilet at the back. Once he gets back, do what you need to do so we can get out of here already."

The clerk came back and handed Olivia a box and she asked for the keys to the restroom. Once it was given, she went to the toilet while Maverick paid for her. He handed him the money and as the clerk was counting the change he chuckled.

"First time buying tampons for your daughter?"

"She's not…nevermind." Maverick said, not bothering to discuss his involvement with Olivia.

"Here you go." The clerk moved to give Maverick his change but stopped short just as he was about to drop it in his hand.

"What's wrong?"

The clerk didn't answer him, he was too focused on what was showing on his TV. Maverick looked at the TV as well and saw his face. And then Mira's. And then Olivia and Clarke and Ramirez. Each time their faces were flashed, there was an alert, pinning the murder of their police escort on them. They were ordered to be shot on sight.

"Listen man, I can explain."

The clerk threw the coins in his hand at Maverick and ducked under the counter. Maverick ran just as he emerged, holding a shotgun and blasted the shelf Maverick was hiding behind, sending bits of chips flying everywhere. He ran to the next shelf which the clerk shot as well. He ducked behind the freezer where the frozen foods and ice cream were kept, trying to figure out how he can get himself and Olivia out of there.

"You're fucking crazy man!" Maverick yelled, glancing at the bathroom door. If Olivia was smart, she'd stay there and lock the door once she heard gunshots.

"You think you can just walk in here? You're fucking dead!" the clerk yelled as he fired at Maverick some more.

"I'm telling you we didn't do anything!"

"Bullshit! That's what everyone says." The clerk yelled "You're not walking out of here alive. You and that kid."

"You just try to put a hand on her."

"Oh you'll see." The clerk fired at Maverick so he couldn't run out and headed to the bathroom. He kicked the door open and Olivia sprayed him with water from the bidet. He stumbled backwards and shielded he face with his hands. He raised his foot and kicked Olivia. She fell to the ground and the clerk stepped on her wrist. He raised his gun.

Maverick tackled him to the ground and sent the shotgun scattering across the floor before he had the chance to shoot it. He grabbed a soup can on the floor nearby and struck him on the head so hard blood came out. Olivia got up and out of the bathroom, staring at him.

"Is he-"

"No." Maverick said, checking the man's pulse "Severely injured but alive. Are you done?"

Olivia nodded.

"Good, let's get out of here already."

The two of them got back in the car, Mira asking why Maverick was covered in blood. "Long story short, the blood of the police escort is on our hands apparently."

"So we're wanted by law enforcement now?"

"Not just law enforcement." Olivia said, swiping through her phone "We're on every hit list on the dark web. Anyone who's broke and has a gun will be coming after us."

"Then we really should be getting out of here." Maverick said, pressing the accelerator flat against the floor.

They reached the highway when they heard sirens behind them and soon there were multiple police cars behind following them. One of them flagged them down, asking them to pull over but Maverick just sped up.


"Don't worry, we're on the freeway." Maverick said "If they are actual cops, they won't try anything that would harm civillians. The most they can do is chase us."

Maverick just kept on driving, too focused on trying to increase the distance between them to notice a car cut across two lanes to get in front of them then suddenly stop. Maverick saw it too late and hit the trunk of the car. The driver got out of the car and walked over to them and Maverick got out as well, preparing to argue on how the collision was that man's fault when he opened the back door of his car and pulled out a rifle.

"Gun!" one of the policemen yelled, shooting the man before he could get a shot off then turned his attention to Maverick "Hands on your head, you're under arrest!"

Another man got out of the car and fired at the cop cars behind them and the cops fired back. In the crossfire, Maverick managed to get back in the car, back up and drive off into the highway. As they drove off, the rear window shattered, covering the others in bits of safety glass.

"What the fuck!" Mira yelled "I thought they wouldn't do anything that could harm civillians."

"Those weren't cops that were shooting at us. They're to busy protecting everyone else."

They sped down the highway, dodging most of the cars all while being shot at. They approached the toll gate and saw more law enforcement, all weilding automatic rifles form a firing squad ready to gun them down once they were far enough from any civillians.

"Erik?" Mira asked nervously.

"Yeah, I see it."

"What do we do?"

Maverick looked behind at the mix of cop cars and armed civillians behind them then at the firing squad they were approaching. He shifted gears and slammed hhis foot on the gas "Fuck it." He said, ramming the divider and driving into the the other side of the road. Barely managing to avoid head on traffic as he made his way to the exit ramp.

"Where are we going?"

"Anywhere but here." Maverick said as he sped up when he saw multiple cars following them.

They were shot some more, bullets hitting the back of their car as Maverick tried to look for somewhere to go. One of the bullets hit the back tire and he grunted as he barely managed to stop the car from rolling over. The flat slowed them down, and although the distance between them was far enough for them to keep them from worrying about it too much, they were slowly losing their lead.

"Olivia, change of plans. You still have that number?" Maverick asked.

Olivia nodded.

"We're not going to make it to the original rendezvous point. Give him our current location."

"My laptop's dead. I can't do it here."

"It's a good thing we're stopping then." Maverick said, pulling up into a construction site.

He stopped the car, got out and fired a few shots in the air and told every worker to leave. "Elena, get Olivia to somewhere she can charge her laptop and get the message through. We'll keep them of you."

Mira nodded and took Olivia to the contractor's office to find an outlet. Maverick turned back to the others and unlocked the car's trunk and took out all of their guns.

"I believe in us as much as you do Thorn but how are we going to hold off that small army with two rifles and a few handguns?" Ramirez asked.

"Looks like we're going to find out because here they come." Maverick said, running inside the unfinished building. Clarke followed but Ramirez stayed back.

"What are you waiting for Isabel? Come on."

Ramirez looked back. "Keep going, I'll catch up. I have an idea."

She ran in the opposite direction and Clarke wanted to follow when Maverick grabbed his arm. "She can take care of herself Clarke. We have to make sure those bastrds don't get anywhere near the kid."

"You better be right."

The first car that rolled in was an unmarked sedan. Probably a few people wanting to cash in the money from the hitlist that Olivia was talking about. Four people got out, guns drawn and one of them yelled to the others to search the place. More unmarked cars entered the site and the people inside searched around as well just as the cops entered the site as well, gunning down a hitman that hadn't gotten out of their line of sight fast enough.

Clarke heard the gunshots and looked at Maverick, concerned. "Don't worry," Maverick said "if we're lucky, they'll take take each other out. If not, well we'll figure it out."

A few hitmen neared the place where they were hiding and the two of them gunned them down before they were even spotted. A few policemen on the ground heard the gunshots and fired at them and Maverick went to fire back at them but Clarke stopped him.

"Don't. They're just answering a call, they don't have to die for doing their jobs."

Before Maverick could answer, they heard more gunshots from the ground and soon, the fire from the police weren't completely focused on them anymore. "What's happening?"

"More hitmen arrived." Maverick said, cocking his rifle and peeking out to shoot.

"What are you doing?"

"They don't have to die for doing their job right? Let's help them then."

Clarke peeked out and shot as well. Once there were only policemen left, they began to fire at Maverick and Clarke again. "This is the thanks we get?" Maverick yelled just as a grenade fell at their feet "Oh fuck!" they ran as fast as they can just it blew up, sending them flying through an unfinished wall.

Mira kicked the door to the contractor's office open and flicked the light open. She checked to see if it was clear before letting Olivia inside. "There's an outlet by the table. Send the message so we can get out of here already."

Olivia plugged her laptop in and turned it on, watching the excruciatingly slow boot up of the laptop after being drained for so long. Mira peeked through the blinds and saw Ramirez run somewhere just as a car pulled up in the construction site and four armed men get out of it.

"Kid, you better hurry."

"I'm going as fast as I can but this piece of shit won't start." Olivia said, slamming her fist on the table. The laptop's screen turned on and after a small yelp from Olivia, she got to work just as gunshots came from the outside.

"Don't stop kid." Mira ordered "No matter what happens, just get that message through."

Olivia nodded, keys on the keyborad clacking as Olivia typed furiously.

Maverick groaned as he got up, covered in dust and drywall. He pulled Clarke up as well and they ran just as more policemen ran to them. They yelled for them to stop but Maverick and Clarke just kept running.

The two of them heard gunshots, although they weren't meant for them. A quick turn around told them a few hitmen took the policemen out of the picture. Maverick yelled and fired at them, adding two more corpses on the ground. They continued running when multiple hitmen cut them off from the front. Thankfully, before they could fire, a wrecking ball dropped, crushing most of them and those that weren't were gunned down by Maverick and Clarke.

From the cockpit, Ramirez waved at them and told them to get out of there before swinging the wrecking ball again, hitting a load bearing pillar and sent a floor crashing down onto more hitmen that just entered the building.

"Go! I'll take care of them!" Ramirez yelled "Help Alvarez and the kid."

Maverick and Clarke ran to the contractor's office, Clarke barely managing to pull Maverick into cover before he got spotted. They were all focused on the office, firing at the windows and at the walls. From inside, Maverick could hear Mira cussing at them in her native tongue while firing back.

"We have to help them. Elena's not firing in bursts anymore, she's almost out."

"I can tell, but we're not exactly swimming in ammunition either." Clarke said "What do you suggest?"

Before Maverick could suggest anything, the last few cops came up from behind the hitmen and fired at them, taking a few out before the other hitmen lit them up, killing the last of the police in the area. Maverick and Clarke killed the remaining hitmen with the last of their ammunition.

They ran to the contractor's office. "Elena we're coming in don't shoot me this time."

The door opened just as they reached it and Mira pulled them inside before blocking the door with a desk. She pulled Maverick in for a kiss. "Thank god you're alive. I saw the grenade and I thought I was all that was left."

More unmarked cars filled with hitmen rolled into the construction site. "We have to go. You sent the message yet?" Maverick asked and Olivia nodded. The four of them ran out of the office and soon they had cars chasing them.

"Isabel we're making our way to you, get ready!" Clarke yelled into his comms and just as a car was about to hit them, a wrecking ball swung and hit the car's side, sending it flying into a pile of rebar. Ramirez swung the ball again and sent another car flying. The other hitmen stopped and fired at the cockpit of the crane making Ramirez run behind it, bullets whizzing past her head.

The hitmen approached the crane while still firing, pinning her down. While the others were running, Clarke stopped. "We have to help her!" he yelled.

"I have an idea." Maverick said, grabbing a propane tank for one of the welders. He grabbed a flare from an emegency kit nearby, lit it and taped it to the tank. He then rolled it towards them and once it was close enough he shot it, the blast sending every hitman into the air.

Clarke ran to Ramirez while the others picked up all the guns they can carry. They ran through the tconstruction site when Maverick spotted the highest accessible point in one of the buildings. "Go there, we can take them out as they come up."

They cut through an open area when Clarke noticed the red dot on Ramirez too little too late. A shot rang out and hit Ramirez, tearing her arm clean off. She fell to the ground, blood gushing out of her stump while the others fired at where they heard the shot from.

"Sniper!" Clarke yelled as he dragged Ramirez into cover. He looked at the others who hid as well. They were too far to reach them. He knew what needed to be done "Go, get out of here!"

"We're not leaving you!" Mira yelled back.

"That wasn't a request! Get the kid out of here now!"

Reluctantly, Maverick, Mira and Olivia ran to the inside of the building where the sniper could no longer see them so he turned his attention back to Clarke and Ramirez. Bits of concrete rained on them as the sniper slowly took apart their cover.

"Don't worry Isabel," Clarke said "I'm getting you out of here."

Ramirez weakly shook her head. "You have to leave me Franklin. Go with them, there's still time."

"No. We're either walking out of here or we'll be brought home in body bags. Either way, we're doing it together."

Ramirez grabbed him with her remaining arm and pulled him in for a kiss. "Promise me you'll get out of here." She said before pulling him out of the way and grabbing the grenade from his vest. She ran out of cover where the sniper then took her head off, but not before she got the grenade at his feet.

Clarke saw her headless body drop to the ground while the sniper exploded in the background. He didn't have much time to grieve her death when more hitmen began to push his position, forcing him to run back to the side of the unfinished building.

Maverick, Mira and Olivia reached the top floor when they got spotted by more hitmen from across the floor. They barely made it to cover when they began to fire at them. Maverick fired a few rounds with his rifle before ducking behind cover again.

"I'm down to my pistol Elena, how much ammo do you have left?"

"I'm almost out too." Mira said, loading her last few shells in her shotgun. She was about to re-peek when Olivia stopped her.

"I have an idea, just wait for them to get closer." Olivia said as she pulled her laptop out.

Bullets whizzed past them as the hitmen approached, getting closer and closer to doming one of them. "Any day now kid!"

Olivia was staring at the screen of her laptop. "A little bit closer." She said before typing furiously on her keyboard. A second later, they heard a beep and the claw holding the rebar on top of the hitmen opened, crushing all of them into the ground.

The three of them kicked the door to the roof open and Maverick blocked it with a cement mixer while Mira blasted the hitmen on the roof with her shotgun.

"That's it Erik. I'm completely empty."

Maverick loaded a mag into his pistol and pulled the slide back. "This is my last one."

"Nine rounds?"

Maverick smirked. "And a dream."

The hitmen wasted no time, already trying to break down the door as the three of them got into cover. Maverick aimed his pistol at the door when someone began to shoot them from behind. He ducked before looking at the unfinished building next to them where more hitmen had arrived.

He was about to shoot back when Clarke came up from behind the hitmen and kicked them both down the building before picking up one of their rifles and shooting the hitmen that just managed to break through the door to the roof. More hitmen arrived to swarm him and he ran to the platform that connected the two building where Maverick took them out once they were in his sight.

They heard more gunshots then Clarke emerged through the door, wiping the blood from his face as he tossed his empty rifle aside.

"How much longer?" Clarke asked.

"I don't know."

Clarke cussed as he picked up a rifle and threw it to Mira. "Anyone that gets past us kill them, you understand?"

Maverick and Clarke aimed at the door as more footsteps signaled a new batch of hitmen coming their way.

"No matter what happens, don't let them get to the kid."

They fired the second they saw a hostile and didn't stop firing until they had retreated. Just as they thought they finally had a break a grenade landed at their feet and blew the doorway up. Maverick landed flat on his back with some concrete pinning his leg down. Clarke went to help him up when he heard the hitmen going through the rubble then he stopped.

"What are you doing? Help me up."

"They're going to get through that and Alvarez won't have enough bullets." Clarke said "If they get to the kid Isabel would've died for nothing. I can't let that happen."

"I understand now get me up so we can take them on together."

Clarke shook his head. "No. You still have someone left to live for."

The hitmen got through the ruble and before Maverick could object, Clarke ran into the crowd of hitmen and threw them all off the roof, taking himself with them. Maverick managed to lift the concrete enough for him to slide his leg out. He grabbed his pistol just in time to shoot the hitman that went through the door and he saw Mira fire her rifle as well, taking out any hitmen that even tried to go through.

Mira stopped shooting and ran over to Maverick to help him get up. He put his arm around her and they limped back to Olivia when a helicopter flew overhead and shone a spotlight on them. They stood still under it.

"Erik I'm out. What do we do?"

"There's nothing we can do." Maverick said as he let go of her and got to his knees. Mira did so as well, mouthing a sorry to Olivia. Sorry that they couldn't protect her. That they couldn't save her. Maverick closed his eyes as the people in the helicopter rappelled down. He heard a few gunshots and hoped that they would at least make it quick.

But he was never shot.

"Jesus man your leg's all kinds of fucked up."

Maverick knew that voice anywhere. He opened his eyes and saw Buck, standing over him and offering his hand.

"You got the message." He said as he took his hand and they entered the helicopter where Olivia and Mira were being checked for injuries. Once they were set, Jager flew them out of the construction site. Maverick couldn't help but look down at the warzone that they had been in only minutes before.

He slept on the way back, waking up in the medbay for treatment of his leg. On the chair next to his bed was Mira, who got up the second he was awake.

"Elena? What happened?"

"Once we got back Doc and the other medical staff took you here to take a look at your leg." Mira said "I took Olivia to Six and she said she'll take care of her from there. She also informed the FBI about the death's of Clarke and Ramirez."

Maverick's expression turned serious. "It was just supposed to be an extraction. They were dragged into all this and they paid the price for it."

Mira nodded. "Their sacrifices will be honored."

Maverick held Mira's hand and pulled her in for a kiss. "You said Six will take care of Olivia once you got back. Where is she now?"

"Six didn't say anything, for security reasons according to her. I can only hope its somewhere safe."

"Me too."


Olivia's helicopter landed on a remote area where multiple Team Rainbow operatives had escorted her to the house near the base. Once they helped her settle in, they greeted her before leaving, although Olivia knew she'd never really be left alone, and with all that she'd gone through, that didn't sound so bad.

She looked around. The house itself was nice enough, hot showers and three meals a day, not to mentions the whole security team that focuses on nothing but her safety. Hell, they even gave her access to the internet. And yet, despite finally having all the luxuries she'd never had before, there was something missing. She didn't feel complete.

Olivia had no idea what was in store for her, but she did know one thing.

She felt more at home when she was with Mira.




So yeah, the end. This wasn't as long as the first one, mainly because this is just a Mira x Maverick fanfic with a little plot sprinkled on top so once they got together there was not much left to do but finish the story and that's what I did. I'm on break from school at the moment so I have more time to write and I already have something planned. It should be up in a week or two.