Ikuya tends to wander off during the restless, night hours. Hiyori glances frequently at his watch.

He tries not to think — dark red blood seeps out of Ikuya's mouth hanging open, his molars elongated and pearly white, his sweater ripped apart and the jugular of his neck gored, exposed beneath the streetlamp and a wide-eyed Hiyori nearly collapses to the blacktop and gasps, as Ikuya's eyes turn dark red too

The university has lengthened their curfew, not because of Ikuya getting attacked by a large and monstrous stranger. But rather, the police have discovered a new, infrequent string of young, ghastly pale victims.

Hiyori's teeth drag over his bottom lip. It's not Ikuya's fault.

"Need you," Ikuya mumbles, pressing their faces together as they stand chest-to-chest in the hallway, kissing desperately, his ragged, broken nails scraping over Hiyori's naked back. He doesn't feel like solid ice anymore, and Ikuya's cheeks and mouth have already turned a rosy-red. Hiyori shivers when his boyfriend's glass-sharp nails dig in, drawing a thin crest of crimson to the surface. "Hiyori…"

He doesn't even think about refusing him, unbuttoning Ikuya's featureless track-pants, kneeling and nuzzling against his cock. Hiyori lowers his tongue down, swallowing him to the root, feeling the spongy tip press against the back of his mouth. Ikuya's cock feels firm and warm, swollen, but dry.

There's no slickness or pulse associated with him anymore.

Ikuya flutters his eyes shut, letting out a quiet moan. He holds onto the sides of Hiyori's skull and fucks him ruthlessly, inhumanly fast, ramming his hips up, deep-throating him until Hiyori chokes slightly for air. Tears well up, traveling down his cheeks in paths and flecking against his glasses.

It's not his fault.

Hiyori knows this.



Free! is not mine. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, ER... HAPPY OCTOBER... HAPPY KINKTOBER? LMAO. It's now Day 1 of Kinktober 2018 (prompt: deep-throating) and I'm so ready for this. I also ended up seeing something called 30 Days of Dark Fandom OTP Challenge so I'm combining this into"31 Days of Horror/Halloween OTP Challenge" yayyy! Please enjoy the festivities! I wanted to do a Triple Drabble (300 words) because 3 was always used for demonic hours and mocks the Holy Trinity. Bwahahaha. I also decided to do this ship because A) we need more content and B) I wanted to play on Hiyori's worship for Ikuya. He could easily blame himself in this situation for never protecting Ikuya from a vampiric creature and this is how he needs to help him. Keeping the secret about Ikuya feeding. Doing things sexually with his boyfriend even if they're too rough and Hiyori is too busy feeling guilty. EMOTIONALLY COMPLEX. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.