Luigi was a nervous wreck as he flew towards Evershade Valley using his Kitsune* Suit. He was nervous about a lot of things, such as: Will he have the guts to do this? Will he still be in the ghost containment unit in the vault? He knew that E. Gadd liked to travel a lot and never stayed in one place for more than a couple of years. His fears about the latter were calmed when he saw E. Gadds Bunker in the distance. He finally landed outside the bunker, took off the suit, folded it, and put it in the dark green backpack he had on. (You could tell it was his due to the L patch on it) Before knocking on the door to the bunker he did a quick check of the contents of his backpack.

'O.K' Thought Luigi. 'Kitsune suit, check. Mini Ghost Containment unit, check. Water bottle and snacks, check. (Luigi likes to be prepared) Super Crown, check. D.S to contact people, check. O.K all set.'

Luigi paused to look at the Super Crown for a minute. It still had a bit of frost on it. It took him two hours to get it from the Frosted Glaciers as they were rarer than the typical mushroom and fire flower.

With everything all set Luigi took a deep breath and knocked. After a minute or two, the Professor answered.

"Ah! Luigi!" Said E. Gadd "What are you doing here my boy?"

"Well," Said Luigi, "I'm here to talk with a ghost."

"Really?" Said E. Gadd. "Well all the ghosts you captured have been let out of the vault ever since you restored the Dark Moon, so could you possibly want to se-" And that's when E. Gadd put two and two together. "Are sure you want to talk to...him?" Asked E. Gadd

"Yes." Replied Luigi.

"Well come on in, Posthaste!" Said E. Gadd. When Luigi walked in the bunker he noticed there were boxes everywhere. "Are you moving?" asked Luigi.

"Hm? Oh yes! Well, I have found a new location to study brand new specters, my boy!" Replied E. Gadd. "I'm already hard at work to construct a new bunker there!"

"When are you moving?"

"It's still far off, though a good estimate will be next year. Now, get ready!" said E. Gadd as he activated the elevator to the vault below. When Luigi got down into the vault he got a message from E. Gadd on his D.S.

"Be careful." It read. "He still has a grudge against you."

"I'll be careful." Luigi Messaged back. Once he put the D.S back in his backpack he looked around the room for a bit. The coin vault was empty as Luigi split the profits 50-50 with . (Luigi, using it to upgrade his D ranked house into a B class mansion. E. Gadd presumably used his share to establish a new Bunker in parts unknown.) The entire room was empty aside from a few boxes and the ghost containment unit. Luigi tapped on the little window.

"Hello?" He said. No answer. Luigi was about to tap again, but all of the sudden King Boo appeared and scared Luigi! After letting out a scream King Boo chuckled.

"Still the scaredy cat aren't you?" He taunted. Luigi got up off the floor and looked King Boo in the eyes. King Boo was still the same, the only thing that was different was his missing crown. (Which Luigi was still in possession of.)

"King Boo? I have a d-deal for y-you." Luigi said, trying his best to steady his nerves.

"Yeah?" Replied King Boo. "Well get lost! Cause I ain't interested. I don't want anything to do with you ever since you used that damn house-cleaning device on me!" Said King Boo as he turned invisible once more. Luigi sighed, knowing he would have to pull out his trump card.

"It involves your freedom," Said Luigi. King Boo became visible again and turned around to face Luigi.

"I'm listening."

"The deal is this," Luigi started. "I will let you out of this device, but in return," Luigi pulled out the super crown from his backpack and held it so King Boo could see. "You will trouble Evershade Valley no more." Said Luigi.

"That's it? Sure I acce-"

"AND" interrupted Luigi "You will go out to d-dinner with me." King Boo looked at Luigi as if he just turned into a horse.

"Luigi...I'm not gay." King Boo replied.

"That's OK," said Luigi. He pointed to the super crown. "That's why you are going to wear this."

"What is that and what'll do to me?" King Boo asked.

"It's a Super Crown." Luigi said.

"It's a new power-up that's been popping up lately. As for what it does? Long story short...It-a-transforms you into a princess like Peach." King Boo stared at Luigi for a minute.

"Why do you want me to do this? Oh wait, let me guess it's 'cause you aren't man enough to ask that orange chick you play with during sports." King Boo asked. The look on Luigi's face made King Boo howl with laughter.

"C-C'mon," Luigi said. "That's not funny." Once King Boo stopped laughing (which took quite a bit) He looked at Luigi.

"Only ONE dinner?" He asked.

"One dinner and you will have your freedom." Said Luigi.

King Boo weighed his options. To him, it was either this or be stuck in a cylinder forever. He groaned.

"Fine, Deal."

Luigi smiled and pulled out the mini ghost containment unit out of his backpack.

"What is that?" King Boo asked.

"It's a prototype I found at E. Gadd's Lab at gloomy manor." Explained Luigi. "It's basically a portable version of the Containment unit you're in now." Luigi unlocked the hatch and opened the Mini ghost containment unit. "O.K Now fly in." After King Boo did so, Luigi closed the hatch, put the container back in his backpack, and with a small goodbye wave to E. Gadd left the bunker to fly back to his house.

Two Hours Later...

"Now where did I put that notebook?" E. Gadd thought aloud. 'I must have left it in the vault.'

After digging around some boxes in the vault E. Gadd found the notebook he was looking for.

'Ah! Here you are.' He turned around to step on the elevator platform but tripped and fell face first on the cold metallic floor. E. Gadd braced himself for King Boo's chilling laugh, knowing that the King of Specters would always find a joke at someone else's expense hilarious, but….nothing. An eerie silence came from the ghost containment unit. E. Gadd stood up and went to the Ghost Containment Device to inspect it. And noticed the hatch was unlocked.

'Luigi, what have you done?'

To Be Continued...

(*As the tanooki is an animal of Japanese folklore, a kitsune is a fox with powers that is also popular in Japanese Folklore. Luigi started wearing the Kitsune suit since Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS.)

Authors note: WHOA! Did NOT expect this to get so popular so quick, but thanks! It really means a lot that so many of you are reading this! Anyway it's gonna be a bit before chapter 2 comes out, (school, home life and I wanna make each chapter long so you guys have more reading material!) so bear with me on this! If you have any constructive criticism or you just have something to say about this fanfic leave in the reviews! (They are GREATLY appreciated.) See you next Chapter!